Sunday, September 7, 2014

Thanks, Spe-LUNK-er....

... ya Big LUNK, for helping to get the word out about how petty and childish your low-ethics pal, Brooks Simpson, is.

Y'all, Spe-LUNK-er has designated me a P.I -- presumably he means Private Investigator -- for posting about Simpson's anonymous reviews of my books, which are a thinly veiled excuse for attacking me personally. Apparently, the Big Lunk thinks it takes some kind of sneaky snooping for authors to keep up with the reviews of their books.

In fact, I don't do it nearly as much as some authors -- both trad- and self-published. They not only check their reviews, they delve into Amazon algorithms, also-reads and other marketing and promo items and processes...

Being as how these two reviews are the first low-star ones I've gotten, I wuz curious. I followed the reviewer's name link and made some discoveries that were not at all surprising. It doesn't take a private investigator to click links, ya know?

Back in January, when the first one was posted, I followed the reviewer's name link, and found that he had reviewed some civil war book, and a pen and pencil set, or some such item. Those reviews have been removed now.

In any case, the "reviewer" has gotten more honest, and removed those fake reviews, and now reveals that he created the profile solely to review -- i.e., trash -- my novels. And me.

Another tale-tell sign. Southern Man and Sweet Southern Boys are self-published, and I have posted lengthy excerpts at various places on the Internet. The "reviewer" didn't have to read the books to give the impression he had read them. Storm Surge, however, is not self-published, I do not own the rights, so I have posted very few, very short excerpts online. He doesn't know enough about that story to trash it -- so, no review.

Transparent as glass....

Anyhoo, much obliged. Spe-LUNK-er... lot more people will know about this now, thanks to your link.


Simpson continues to show his ethical depletion, and it's fun (and funny) to watch. After mentioning Storm Surge in this blog post, he posted a fraudulent "review" of it at Amazon under his fraudulent handle, None of your business. Thus....

Somewhere in Arizona
The first time I posted this picture, a series of comments followed, in which I said the following in reply to an idiotic comment by Kristen "Wonder Woman" Konate (using the hilarious handle, "Unity"):
Unity, my problem is that Simpson likes to hurt people. He enjoys doing things that he thinks will hurt them, like ridiculing them or their pursuits, or lying about them. Currently, re: the VaFlaggers, he's doing his dead-level best to hurt people I've grown to have a lot of admiration and affection for.

And for what? Because it sticks in his craw that a piece of cloth he doesn't like is going to fly from a pole in a city TWO- FREAKING- THOUSAND- MILES from where he lives?

How would YOU like it if somebody tried continuously to hurt people YOU care about?
So far, all his attempts have been to hurt people verbally (at least, as far as we know). Fortunately, for all his trying, he has not been able to hurt me. I would have to care about his opinion for his verbal assaults to have any impact. I don't, so they don't. It is just find it interesting to see how petty, childish, and unethical a man in such a responsible academic position can be.


  1. Spelunker's an idiot who lies about the League of the South to the SPLC. He pretends he's "spelunking into the deepest and darkest parts of the internet", but all he does is troll (if you can call it that) and probably other sites that aren't really has "horrible" as his liberal mind perceives it to be.

    If you can, ban him from your website, and ignore him.

  2. I don't know about your lies about the League of the South to the SPLC. I have no reason to question Mr. Smith. I do know the SPLC has lied about the League in the past.

    And I do know Simpson lied about me. You can read about the lies HERE.


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