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Sunday, August 23, 2015

If True, This Is Veddy Interesting...

And something De'Stroy, Simpson and the whole flogger clue would probably rather not acknowledge. These are government-lovers (at least, leftist government lovers) who really aren't excited about things that make the feds look bad.

Be that as it may, it appears the organizer of the recent KKK rally in Columbia, SC is an FBI asset... So sez a blog titled Stop Hate Crimes,  which is not a reliable source. It is anonymous. The owner and publisher are not identified, and neither are contributors. No masthead, no statement of purpose, no location, no staff....

However, "not reliable" doesn't necessarily mean "all info at the site is false."

The Stop Hate Crimes article does reference a presumably reliable source, The Albany (NY) Times Union, which is a Hearst newspaper.

The Times Union reports that KKK leader Chris Barker wore a wire for the FBI in a somewhat bizarre New York  weapons case.

The purported organizer of the Columbia KKK rally is identified as Chris Barker.

Hmmmm.... Would love to see more info on this from reliable sources....

1 comment:

  1. Yes, hmmmmm...

    Of all the Klan groups in the region (15-20 according to the SPLC "Hate Map") the one headed by Barker (from Eden, NC) demonstrates in Columbia.

    * Why would the State of SC think it wise to approve such a demonstration?

    * Did the Barker Klan have any difficulty getting the state's approval?...or was it real, real easy?


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