Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More This 'n' That

 Go To It, Hank!

Some floggerette in Simpson's peanut gallery going by the handle hankc9174, comments, in response to a post about Weary Clyburn "...equal effort should be spent at the graves of the other 402,405 enslaved South Carolinians…"

Well, the person whose passing was recently commemorated and noted online was never a slave. The memorial was for Mattie Clyburn Rice, Weary's daughter. There seems to have been some confusion about that in the floggosphere (but then, when have facts and reality mattered to them?)

Be that as it may, Mr. hankc9174, why don't you start that equal effort? I mean, if it's something important to you, why don't you spearhead it? I personally think it's a good idea. I have no problem at all honoring America's slaves for their contribution to this country, and I think the slavery museum's financial difficulties are most unfortunate.  Maybe you could could step up and offer to help with that project, hankc9174.

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Rich, Rich Irony
Another perfect example of allowing a political agenda to influence one’s interpretation of historical events.  -- Al Mackey, Oct 28, 2014
And that, my friends, is a perfect description of  civil war "memory" and civil war "era" and civil war "other stuff" floggers (and their satellites and sycophants) whose dedication to their leftist ideology forms the basis of, and motive for, their interpretation of historical events. (But, of course, that was not who Al was referring to. I guess they sincerely believe people can't see through their pseudo-dedication to "history" to their true agenda....)

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Feel the (Leftist) Love 

Comment left following the Style Weekly report on the VaFlaggers new picture-takin' drone:

A bunch of crackers who act like fools and display the same stubborn pride that started the civil war in the first place. A hundred and fifty years after the war, and these goofs are still trying to fight. Not only should they not be flying confederate flags, the city at some point should take down those absurd monuments on Monument Avenue. A reasonably sized statute of Lee or Jackson at a Civil War museum of some kind could certainly be justified--but the massive statues that deify war generals on the losing side have long since served their purpose. They are like statues found in Russia and Serbia. I'm surprised they don't have halos over their heads. It's hard to become a modern, dynamic city when you've got ginormous statues of losing generals who fought against the United States on a main avenue. The Confederacy should be remembered but not celebrated, though I know there are those who still wear their Jeb Stuart woolies to bed and miss those good 'ole days of slavery and plantation life. I'm sorry to mention it, but it's 2014--time to move on.
Left by someone with the handle "Kazoo." You reckon this is the poster's real name, or is it a coward-handle to hide behind?

Monday, October 27, 2014

It Couldn't Have Happened!

It Was Against the Law!!!

From a comment thread at the X-Roads Flog (click to see full-size):

LOL! (Pssst... it's "if-then," perfesser, not "if-than." And btw, the other floggers don't "write about the Civil War full-time," either. They write about "memory" and "era" and "other stuff"; but they spend an inordinate amount of time writing about Confederate heritage, and the SCV and the UDC and the Virginia Flaggers and the SHPG, and hot-headed kids who post on Facebook.)

Do y'all suppose Mr. Historian Ruminski believes that there was no drinkin' during Prohibition because there was AN ACTUAL US LAW -- indeed, AN ACTUAL US CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT -- against it?

Does he imagine there were no abortions performed in the United States before January 22, 1973 because they were PROHIBITED BY LAW?

Does he believe there are no foreigners illegally in the US of A because there are LAWS AGAINST it?

Does he think that nobody in the US of A smoked marijuana before it got  legitified (for medicinal purposes, don'tcha know)  in some states?

Detail of Confederate Memorial
Arlington National Cemetery
License: Creative Commons
Does he believe nobody ever drives faster than the speed limit because those limits are AUTHORIZED BY LAW?

I'll bet he believes there's no rampant voter fraud, either, since it's PROHIBITED by LAW.  No rippin' off Medicare. Nobody drives drunk. Nobody commits kidnapping, theft, rape or murder because there are ACTUAL US AND STATE LAWS against these things....

If you're going to make the case that no blacks served the Confederacy in war, you're going to have to do it on some other basis than there was AN ACTUAL CONFEDERATE LAW prohibiting it....

For those who are interested, here is my position on black Confederates, dating back to June and July 2011 (it is patently NOT what floggers say the "heritage" position is):

The Black Confederates Controversy
Black Confederates Redux

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Of Windshields and Bugs....

Confederate heritage (especially the Virginia Flaggers)  just keeps rolling on, despite everything the floggers try to throw at it -- including themselves!

Friday, October 24, 2014

This 'n' That

Leftist/atheistic hatred of Nina Pham and her faith on display in the Twitterverse: 

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Hey, BParks, it's October ... and we're still HEE--ERE.

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Confederate drones? Watch the skies...

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I'm a smooth jazz fan, but now and then traditional jazz rocks! Pete Fountain ain't got nothin' on this lady!

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Finally, finally at long last! Love in Smallfoot Alley is done! Stick a fork in it and send it to the beta readers. Depending on how fast they read and get comments back to me, I would love to get this puppy published by Halloween!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Callous Flogger Contempt on Display

Sometimes, all you can do is shake your head. Kevin Levin belongs to a batch of civil war "interpreters" who are enslaved to their post-civil rights agenda of demonizing white Southerners, past and present. I don't call such "interpreters" historians because they have no respect for, or even concept of, actual history. For them, history is nothing but a tool to be used in their pursuit of advancing their ideology, leftism, and their agenda, demonization of Southern whites.

And as I have stated here before, for them, antebellum Southern white evil exists in direct inverse proportion to black/slave misery. Slaves must be portrayed as as utterly miserable in order to portray slave owners as utterly evil. The occasional disclaimer, issued for the purpose of seeding "plausible deniability" doesn't change this.

Not only is history a tool (or a weapon) for these "interpreters"; black folks, past and present, free and slaves (especially slaves) are objects to them. Cardboard cutouts from whom all humanity has been removed, who could not experience human emotions, (beyond pain and fear) or relationships, loyalty, affection, community, responsibility, humor, and, yes, joy.

The stakes of white evil and black misery rise considerably when it comes to the Confederacy. Nothing alarms and enrages "interpreter"/floggers like the subject of "black Confederates." They say black Confederates were "made up" by heritage folks to "prove" the South wasn't fighting to keep their slaves. They repeat, ad nauseum, that slaves could not be soldiers. They say slaves who accompanied their masters to war did so not out of loyalty but because they were slaves and had no choice. They say such slaves served their masters, not the Confederate army.

In other words, these slaves in the camps of the rebel army, who were cardboard cut outs in every other aspect of life (except in their ability to experience pain and fear) were suddenly keenly astute in understanding that the Confederacy was fighting to keep them in chains, and would not willingly have fought for it....

On his blog over the past several days, Levin has shown utter and brutal disrespect to the late Mattie Clyburn Rice, her father and her family. Mrs Rice, who passed away September 1 at 91, was the daughter of Weary Clyburn, who is accepted by many as a black Confederate soldier, a circumstance that enrages Levin, because it lifts Clyburn from his status of cardboard cutout slave and gives him human qualities of loyalty, bravery and so many others that slaves are not supposed to have, according to "interpreters."

Nevertheless, on the strength of his service to the Confederate army, Mrs. Rice was a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy

Reading Levin's blog posts, if one wishes to choose some examples of the callous disrespect for the descendants of Weary Clyburn, one is frustrated by the sheer magnitude of the opportunity. I have had to choose something at random. Says Levin,
"Regardless of the nature of the relationship that the family has forged with descendants of Confederate soldiers, we should never forget that it was the defeat of the Confederacy that made Weary Clyburn free. It allowed him to build a family that no longer ran the risk of being forcibly separated."
In fact, most slave families -- a great majority of them -- did not run that risk. Digital History.com notes: "The most conservative estimates indicate that at least 10 to 20 percent of slave marriages were destroyed by sale. The sale of children from parents was even more common. As a result of the sale or death of a father or mother, over a third of all slave children grew up in households from which one or both parents were absent."

Turn the numbers around and what you see is that 80 to 90 percent of slave marriages were NOT destroyed and basically two-thirds of slave children grew up in a household with one or both parents.

To hear critics of the Confederacy tell it, basically ALL slave families were broken up by cruel masters. These numbers -- virtually never acknowledged by "interpreters" -- say otherwise.

What's supremely ironic is that these critics of the Confederacy, with their devotion to their ideology, glowingly approve of government poverty programs and entitlements to the descendants of slaves -- which has achieved the dissolution of the black family with a success rate slave masters couldn't begin to approximate (and who likely didn't want to). Today, 75 percent of black children (and in some cities, 90 percent) are separated from their fathers by government programs before they are even born.

Does that bother the civil war interpreters whose blogs I follow? I've never seen them complain about it, but then, they have a built in excuse -- their blogs are about the civil war (or its "memory" or its "era" or its "other stuff").  So, basically, Levin can show coldblooded contempt for Weary Clyburn, Mattie Clyburn Rice and their entire family, and come across to his colleagues, supporters and admirers as a champion of the ideology he worships, and a victorious promoter of its agenda...


Over on Levin's flog, somebody left a comment that included this:
In essence, it really doesn’t matter what Levin’s views are when the core of this matter is addressed: whether Clyburn was a slave or a soldier during the Civil War.

As if they're mutually exclusive.  They're not. Slaves have been serving as soldiers since ancient Rome, maybe before.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Toldja, Part Deux

Florida man ordered to remove American flag display 
Residents of a Florida city covered their neighborhood with hundreds of American flags Monday in support of a local hardware store told to remove six American flags from its property.   Story and video here
As I've noted before ... what goes around, comes around.  Or ... paybacks are H-E- double hockey sticks and karma's a be-yotch.

Hey, good, loyal, leftist American starzinstripe-lovin' statists -- how does it feel to have your own methods turned on you? And remember -- it's only gonna get worse.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Whittle Nails It ... Again

A number of things concern me ... there are even a few things I fear. But ebola fever isn't one of them -- and Whittle does a fine job of presenting the reasons why I ain't skeered of coming down with it. What's interesting about ebola to me is the reaction to it in this country and what it says about us -- and about our government and its meddling and intrusion into health care.

What it says about the government is that it is either (a) astonishingly inept or (b) astonishingly uncaring about the population it is supposed to represent. Personally, I think it's a little of both. (You can see this starkly in the government's illegal importation of multitudes of kids from Central America, with basically no health screening or precautions.)

The dumbing down of American kids, starting with the baby boomer generation (talkin' 'bout MY generation) in our elementary school years, has now been increasingly implemented for three generations. Americans have been indoctrinated by the  leftist-run school system to see themselves as incompetent and government as the answer -- the caretaker. The problem is, officials in government come from the same pool of dumbed down people, and instances of  government incompetence that have resulted are paraded before us in the news, day after day.

As low as we have fallen, we still haven't reached the point where we hack to death people (unless, of course, we are Muslim converts) who are trying to help us; but I have seen on Facebook comments by people who suspect, like the Africans Whittle mentions, that efforts to combat the problem are actually efforts to spread it, in disguise.

We are the nation that basically won a global war and put men on the moon... But that was accomplished by the final un-dumbed down generation. By now, the USA has become a parody of itself...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Quote of the Week ... or Month ... or Whatever

I think the Virginia Flaggers err when they fly the CSA navy jack/Army of Tennessee flag as a salute to the soldiers of the Army of Northern Virginia. Not only do they fly a flag with no context, but the flag they fly violates any sort of historical context.

After all, it’s not history, but heritage, with these folks, and we know that it’s a heritage of hate, judging from the bitterness spewed by their spokespeople and supporters.

Your job, dear readers, should you accept it, is to --

(1) advise who should get to decide when flying a flag "errs" and what the criteria  for their decision should be; and what qualifications they should have to make such decisions for anyone but themselves.

(2) Identify spokespeople for the Virginia Flaggers.

(3) Identify any instances of hate and bitterness "spewed" by them at the VaFlaggers blog, Facebook group, or other venues. (Provide links.)

Personally, I think the Virginia Flaggers are doing a great job of keeping the Confederate battle flag visible, and people who are upset about it are those who wish to remove Confederate flags from public view and hide them in a basement somewhere, if not actually destroy them. This certainly includes the people who mouth off about "context".

The flippin' context for the Virginia Flaggers memorial flags is that they are Confederate battle flags flying in a Confederate state where battles were fought, for the purpose of commemorating the Confederate soldiers who fought those battles. How hard is that to comprehend?