Saturday, August 16, 2014

New Floggerette Liar -- Goat Gatsby

Goat, get this through your head. No Virginia Flaggers are wanted for kidnapping -- or anything else.

Let me step you though it.

The child's mother disappeared with the little girl, and the authorities are calling it a kidnapping.

She is not a VaFlagger. She attended a couple of Flagger events.  But she is not a VaFlagger.

The mother's ex-boyfriend is a Virginia Flagger, but he didn't kidnap the little girl. He hasn't kidnapped anybody, and is not wanted for kidnapping. 
Let me say it again, so you have a better chance of grasping it.

The mother who disappeared with her little girl is not a Virginia Flagger.

The mother's ex-boyfriend is a Virginia Flagger, But he didn't kidnap the little girl.

Is that simple enough for you to understand? 


You owe the Virginia Flaggers a huge apology.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Nice Little Smooth Jazz Interlude

Cafe Reggio by Zachary Breaux.  Love the evocative opening chords...

Breaux died in Miami Beach in 1996 at age 36. He suffered a heart attack and drowned while trying to rescue a drowning man caught in a riptide. Can't help but wonder how much beautiful music the jazz world was deprived of by that tragic turn of events.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Brooks D. Simpson, Liar

Let’s set aside the fact that all reports mention the connection of Lilly’s mother to the Virginia Flaggers. (Emphasis mine. ~ccw)  Brooks D. Simpson, dabbler and babbler extraordinaire...

Izzat right? All reports, huh? ALL OF 'EM?

Florida mom on the run after 'kidnapping 2-year-old daughter'
*No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

Sunrise Police Searching For Missing Toddler 
No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

Have you seen this child? LILLY BAUMANN 
No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

FL - Lilly Abigail Everett, 2, Sunrise, May 2014 - Parental Kidnapping
No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

LILLY (EVERETT) BAUMANN - 2 yo (2014)/ Suspect: Mother; Megan Everett - Sunrise FL 
No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

Sunrise police seek woman accused of kidnapping 2-year-old girl 
No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

Lilly Abigail: Family Marks Two Months Since 2-Year-Old Was Kidnapped by Fugitive Mother 
No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

Missing Persons: A Voice for Missing and Abducted People 
No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

Anti-Vaccine Mom Kidnaps Daughter To Avoid Immunizations, Black History 
No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

No mention of the Virginia Flaggers.

I guess he let a few slip past him....

(Note: The mention of the person she was romantically involved with, who is a member of the VaFlaggers, is not the same as mentioning the VaFlaggers.  He is an individual. They are a group. If the mom had been involved with a lawyer, nobody would seriously consider saying she was a member of the bar association, by virtue of the relationship. Nor would anybody seriously consider saying or implying that the lawyer, a single individual, WAS the bar association.

If the mother was "connected" to the VaFlaggers by virtue of her boyfriend being a VaFlagger, then she is connected to any and all organizations he's a member of, or connected with. A ludicrous claim.)

*These articles were the subject of a browser "find on page" search using the search term "flaggers." It did not show up in any of them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Children As Weapons....

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children says that in 2013, there were 462,567 entries for missing children under the age of 18 in the FBI's National Crime Information Center, also called NCIC. There are undoubtedly considerably more that were not reported.

Hundreds of thousands of missing kids in the USA.

Why is Brooks Simpson obsessively posting about ONLY ONE of them? Why is he basically ignoring the OTHER hundreds of thousands?

Because none of the others can be used for smearing, attacking, denigrating, harassing and bullying Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers.

THAT is his primary interest in Lilly Baumann. He doesn't care about the wellbeing of the child. He only cares about her as a weapon to use against the VaFlaggers.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's Not History, It's Flogger Ideology

I've said it before. I'll say it again. Brooks Simpson is not going to be happy until some Southern heritage people come to harm, especially the Virginia Flaggers and most especially Susan Hathaway.

He has been on a campaign to smear, harass, bully and intimidate Susan for over two years. He tried to smear her with the Rob Walker incident. He compared her to criminal gang bosses by claiming, "Susan Hathaway’s henchmen are doing her dirty work..." He has repeatedly brought up her employer  -- for what purpose?

He is so eaten up with hate, he complains about the COLOR OF HER CLOTHES. He's been carping about that for a year...
August 2013

~ "The pictures are not about the flags or the issues of Confederate heritage, but of the Flaggers having fun (or the numerous images of Susan Hathaway in her red top)." B. Simpson

July 2014

~ "In the summer Susan Hathaway finds that it’s too hot to wear her favorite red tops." B. Simpson

August 2014

~ "Susan Hathaway on red, Red, RED!" B. Simpson
Yes, hate can be incredibly petty.

But now he's on a rampage. He's trying to pin a kidnapping on her...or accessory to kidnapping, or, at the very least, withholding information about it. And he has repeatedly accused Susan and the VaFlaggers of not caring about the issue because they haven't plastered their Facebook pages and blog with it, the way Simpson has. (Of course, we know if they HAD, he would have taken his verbal bullwhip to them over THAT. They can't escape his harassment, because that is what he intends to do, no matter what.)

He cloaks his accusations in plausible-deniability language -- he just "hopes" Susan and the VaFlaggers are helping to find the little girl. He has been very careful not to directly and specifically accuse her of participating in either the kidnapping, helping to hide the missing child, or withholding information.

That's because he's as slick as a rotten banana peel when it comes to crafty language. He carefully chooses what he will accuse her of, to plant a seed in people's minds, and then hopes they will embellish the accusation for themselves.

Some have.  Some floggers and flogger followers have flat out accused the Virginia Flaggers of kidnapping.  Others have accused the Virginia Flaggers of withholding information from the authorities.

My question is -- do these accusers KNOW this?

If they do, why have they not come forward, notified the authorities and provided proof?

That they haven't done so means these are false accusations.

And what THAT means is that these false accusers don't care one bit about the missing child -- they only want to harm the Virginia Flaggers.  She is simply another instrument of flogging in their hands.

They are crafting their fraudulent and hurtful claims based on some pictures on the internet. If that's the basis for suspicion, there are quite a few suspicious characters in the photo section of the family's hysterical Facebook page.

I'll say it again. Brooks Simpson doesn't give a rat's rear end about the little girl. He cares only about smearing, harassing, bullying and ultimately bringing harm to Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers.

Why? Why is that? Why has he written 200 blog posts (and numerous comments on other flogs) over the past three years smearing, attacking, denigrating, harassing and bullying the Virginia Flaggers and Susan Hathaway?

The floggers are fond of saying that for we who honor our Confederate ancestors, "It's not history, it's heritage."  But as I've noted, with them, it's not history, either. It's hate. But that's only part of it. With the floggers, "It's not history, it's ideology."

For them, history must comport with  their leftist ideology; and leftist ideology demands, among other things, that the Confederacy and white Southerners, past and present, must be trashed and dehumanized as evil racists and "white supremacists." That's why Simpson can trash somebody and accuse them of something based on who they have a picture made with, but exempts himself from the same standard.

Leftist ideology doesn't care about truth, standards, facts, objectivity and fairness, reason, and common sense, morality and integrity.  It cares only about triumphing over the right and all it stands for -- tradition, religion, family, culture. Like the horrific murderous totalitarian regimes it spawned around the world in the 20th Century, it cares only about silencing its critics and wiping out its enemies.

Anyone who does not fall in line with leftist ideology must be ridiculed. And if they go so far as to openly disagree or criticize, or worse, defy leftism, they must become targets of smears, harassment, denigration and bullying. They must be destroyed.

That is why Brooks Simpson and his flogger buddies cannot shut up and post about history. That is why they have to mess into things that are none of their business, smear groups they're not members of, pass judgments they are totally unqualified to make, and attempt to bring harm to those who flout the ideology they worship.

To them, the Virginia Flaggers must be destroyed. The Flaggers must disappear from the Boulevard, from Lexington, from Facebook, from everywhere.  They must go home, shut up, become invisible. Their flags beside the Interstate must be removed and destroyed.  Groups cropping up elsewhere, inspired by the Virginia  Flaggers, must also be trashed, ridiculed, and ultimately destroyed, their members sinking into obscurity.

To recap, for the floggers, it's not about Confederate flags, it's not about history, it's not even about heritage. It's about ideology. It's about people whose religious beliefs and and organic connection to their culture stand in defiant opposition to liberalism, socialism and any other ism connected to leftist ideology. 

Leftists worship their ideology above all else; that is why it caused untold human suffering, violence and death -- murders in the hundreds of millions -- in the 20th Century... and why certain leftists will not be satisfied until their godforsaken ideology triumphs and good people are rendered mute and made to suffer.

Just a Reminder Redux

I am an admirer and supporter of Southern/Confederate heritage in general, and the Virginia Flaggers specifically. I am not a Virginia Flagger. I am not a spokesperson for the Virginia Flaggers. They send me content via email for me to format and upload to their blog. I do not write any of it.

They have made me an honorary VaFlagger due to my voluntarily maintenance of their blog -- and due to my defense of them, on my own blogs and elsewhere, from lies, malicious attacks, harassment, hatred and persecution by floggers and their followers, primarily Brooks D. Simpson.

Most of my information about the VaFlaggers comes from Facebook -- from their group and individual pages -- and other sources on the net.  On a very few occasions, I have contacted members of the VaFlaggers to verify facts or obtain information before writing about it and posting it. But I keep such contact to a minimum, as I am well aware that the demands on their time -- particularly Susan's -- are great, and I am reluctant to encroach on it. I have access to very little information that is not available to the general public.

My writings, which appear on my blogs and elsewhere, are my thoughts, for which I am solely responsible. They originate with me. Simpson's odious attempts to smear the VaFlaggers by attributing my beliefs and writings to them is, in my opinion, a clear (but unsurprising) breach of ethics.

Posted for those who prefer truth to lies, malicious attacks, harassment and persecution.  C.Ward

Monday, August 11, 2014

Saturday, August 9, 2014

I'm Absolutely Blown Away... Hope Denney's review of Southern Man, published at her review site, Orchard Rest Writer's Loft.  Ms. Denney is a Southern writer as well as a great reviewer of Southern fiction, having published her first novel, Surrender at Orchard Rest, in February. Her affinity, both writing and reviewing, is 19th century Southern Gothic novels, so I am especially pleased that she chose to review my late 20th Century historical.

The whole review was great, but here are a few snippets that especially brought a smile to my face:
Ms. Chastain excels at penning a smoothly flowing, polished prose that is years ahead of first novel status.

 Despite this novel having a large cast of characters once you add in the cast of Troy’s workplace, I got to know each character well. They were powerfully and beautifully sketched.
Troy’s ... lingering guilt over a teen-aged drinking episode was exceptionally well done and poignant).
Ms. Chastain sketches a Christian but passionate marriage with all the prowess of an armchair psychologist.
Troy Stevenson is a well-crafted Southern hero that I believe encompasses the contemporary Southern man ... much better than any that I have read of late.
Needless to say, I am much obliged to Ms. Denney for not only penning a fantastic review, but tweeting links and helping to make my novel a bit more visible in the crowded and chaotic world of book promotion.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Is Brooks Simpson Anti-semitic? Homophobic? Anti-Italian?

After all, he DID have his picture made with Spike Lee. And his own standard, implied numerous times on his blog, is that if you have your picture made with somebody, that means you believe exactly what that person believes, you embrace what they embrace.

Spike Lee....

  • “the most anti-Italian director of all time,” has a “notorious track record of vile and negative portrayals of Italian Americans” in his films.
  • Lee ... proceeds to make statements filled to the brim with homoanxiety...
  • Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, says the Flatbush brothers ``dredge up an age-old and highly dangerous form of anti-Semitic stereotyping.``

What one sends around, comes back around....