Thursday, July 12, 2018

Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead

Joy is ringing out in Dixie's corner of cyberspace today. The blogger who lied and called himself RBLee, titled his attack blog ( of them) after the Virginia Flaggers motto, has disappeared. The blog was titled Restoring the Honor, but I called it Destroying the Honor, because that was his purpose. My nickname for him was DeStroy

Well, the blog is no longer there and his twitter account (or one of them) , Don Chump, has vanished.

See, what happened is that *Brad Griffin of the League of the South finally had enough and turned into an internet Super Sleuth, and found a page online where this chump, who had successfully hidden behind anonimity for years, slipped up and used his actual name, which is (drum roll)....

And here he is.

This man has the voice of the classic Trickster. He was clever with the language, and if you didn't know the people he was talking about -- if you didn't know he was lying egregiously -- you might be tempted to believe. He combed the internet constantly for comments, events and photos he could misrepresent on his blog. One wonders how he could have held down a job when he spent so much time online ... but maybe he didn't work...

He was obsessed with race, racial matters and racism. He focused on white nationalists, the alt-right, conservatives and Confederate heritage, particularly the Virginia Flaggers. He strove mightily to show the Flaggers as the equivalent of racist groups, or connected to them. He never proved it, because you can't prove what ain't so.

One of his activities was to urge the media to look into these groups, particularly the Flaggers, and he expressed disappointment several times that the press didn't ask them the "hard questions." If memory serves, I posted a comment at his blog once explaining that the press in Virginia likely knew the Flaggers much better than he did, and knew there was nothing to question. But his animosity for the Flaggers could not be dissuaded.

But with the rise of the alt.right, his focus shifted. He was always quite unbalanced but after the Charlottesville brouhaha, he approached the edge of straitjacket territory. He filed FOIA requests, he reported on court procedings ... and was still at it when the blog disappeared.

I frequented his blog quite a bit when he was harassing the Flaggers but when he started focusing on white nationalism, I lost interest. It's a boring subject and has nothing to do with Confederate heritage support. Nevertheless, I am delighted that the blog and Twitter accounts have >poofed< into nothingness.  For one thing, it proves what we always knew about him, from his hunkering down behind anonimity -- he's a colossal coward.

But I don't think for a minute we've heard the last of him. He gets too much of his identity from harassing and bullying others. He is the kind of person who, given the slightest bit of power, would cause as much trouble, distress and pain as he possibly could. For no reason.

So we will celebrate and rejoice that this wicked witch -- at least, its blog and twitter feed -- has gone where the goblins go, below, below, below ... and pray it stays that way.
*I have made it clear how I feel about the League since it radicalized and abandoned Southern nationalism for white nationalism -- but for this accomplishment, Griffin deserves kudos.
** Breen's photo courtesy Occidental Dissent, via Fair Use Doctrine.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Abstract Andy

Andy doesn't display his animosity for the heritage community on his own blog the way he does on the comment threads of other Flogger blogs.  It might be interesting to know why.... Nah, strike that. I don't think examining Andy's motives would be interesting at all, since they mirror the motives of other floggers, and have done so for years. It would just be boring repetition.

But it can be instructive to examine his digs and smears, like the one below. Not sure why he uses the "trademark" superscript after the words Confederate Heritage. He's done it for years. I'm sure he means for it to convey ridicule.  But that little mystery is as boring as why he doesn't use his own blog for his hatemongering.
In any case, in the comment, which came from Levin's Flog (if memory serves) he says heritage folks "set there hair on fire" over the possibility that Tim Kaine might become vice president in the last election. Well, of course that's not true. Despite Kaine's loathing of decent Americans and Virginians and his delusional approbation of socialism, one of the most destructive ideologies to come from the mind of man, Kaine and his possible effects paled to nothing compared to the possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming president.

Andy sez the heritage folks circulated a meme blaming Kaine for removal of the flags from the VMFA, "even though," he further sez, "he'd left the governor's office months before."

Andy, Andy, Andy, are you playing dumb, or do you really not know that an elected official's political influence and power doesn't all magically dissipate just because a term  in office ends?

No, Randy-Andy, they don't wonder why they're not taken more seriously than they are, because the only people who don't take them seriously are people like you -- haters and slanderers, whose opinions don't matter to them.

I guess you haven't notice but the Virginia Flaggers are becoming the go-to group for the media regarding heritage issues.

Confederate Heritage consists mostly of memes, these days? Only to people like you, who see the memes and think that's all their is.

I make a lot of memes. I post them on Facebook and here on my blog. Now and then, one of them will strike a chord, and they get widely shared. But there is no shortage of text on my Facebook page. I'm sure you slink and slime around the heritage corner of Facebook enough to know that. But why let truth and fact get in the way if your aim is to smear and trash?

Andy, stop embarrassing yourself. I'm sure you know, everyone uses memes these days. The heritage community is hardly unique in that manner. Graphic memes have become a huge part of cyberspace.

Let me suggest you stick with your maritime mem-- photos and leave off your petty attempts to embarrass and ridicule heritage folks. You evidently don't know how it makes you look so I'll tell you. It makes you look no better than your distorted view of those you are attempting to smear. Get it?

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rest In Peace

Charles Krauthammer. I didn't agree with you about everything, but you were right about so many things. You will be missed.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

No Such Thing As Equality

Objective, natural equality does not exist. It cannot exist. That would require identicality.

Everyone would have exactly the same color and texture of skin -- the same number of skin cells, pores, hair follicles. The exact came hair color, the same number of strands, the same amount of straightness or curliness. Same height, weight, same muscle strength (or weakness). The same mental capacity. The same level of immunity, the same level of susceptibility. Same genes and chromosomes, same organs. That means everyone would be either male or female, because male AND female would mean differences and that is unequal.

Objective, natural equality is impossible. And that is a wonderful thing... Because equality/identicality is horrifying. Everyone else is exactly like you... You are exactly like everyone else -- because you MUST be. You can't be anything else.

Inequality is freedom. It is being different. It is being you -- unique. And we are all free and unique because of our inequality -- our un-identicality.

Isn't it ironic that the people who carp on equality also carp on diversity? But diversity is what makes equality impossible. And equality (if it could exist, which it can't) would make diversity impossible.

Then there is equality under law ... but that is a totally different subject.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Levin's Ongoing Lie

He contends that support for the Confederate flag is "eroding" in the South. defines erode thusly:

verb (used with object), e·rod·ed, e·rod·ing.
    to eat into or away; destroy by slow consumption or disintegration:
    to form (a gully, butte, or the like) by erosion.

That makes erosion sound like a natural physical process. In school, we learned that rain on soil where there was little vegetation would erode the land, wash it away.

But Levin's choice of words is wrong, like so many of his other claims.  If someone takes an excavator and digs a trench, that is not erosion.  If they take a bulldozer and scrape the soil away, that is not erosion.

He contends that the Virginia Flagger track record of placing Confederate battleflags beside busy thoroughfares is somehow a failure, because flags are still being removed from public locations. He passes off the private-property flags with a forced laugh.  In fact, the people who get enraged about flags on  public property are also enraged about flags on private property.

Levin can interpret it as failure if he wishes. But a lot of nutcases in Virginia are so enraged they are apparently willing to jettison America's bedrock belief in private property to assuage their steaming hatred.

The equivalent of excavators tearing up the land is what's happening with the Confederate flag in particular and Southern heritage in general. It is deliberate.  The destruction is coming from Levin, who then lies about it and claims it's "just happening" -- and others join him; the usual flogger suspects plus the creaky denizens of the decayed halls of academia. It is orchestrated by the leftist Southern Poverty Law Center. Their "Whose Heritage" campaign provides bulldozers and excavators used in the attacks.

If they weren't attacking, flags and monuments would not be targeted for removal. It is that simple. The public would not be working to remove the artifacts of the Confederacy. Sixty-two percent of Americans polled want Confederate monuments left alone. It is leftist activists who are running this show, not the people. Ordinary people may be hesitant to protest the removals because they fear being called racists -- even though they aren't racists -- because a charge of racism doesn't have to be true or proven these days in order to lose your job or get expelled from school.

But they surely aren't behind it and they are getting tired of the left's bulldozing of Confederate heritage, a precursor to bulldozing U.S. heritage. Already statues of  George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, even Teddy Roosevelt, have been caught in the left's crosshairs because ... white supremacy -- as looney as that is.  And Americans who admire and honor their country, its history and its heroes grow sicker of it every day.

One outcome of that disgust with the left's hatred and destruction of America is -- the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency.  Unsurprisingly, all the leftists, the floggers and other Confederacy haters also viscerally hate Trump.

When you have Antifa rioting, arsoning, and pepper spraying old people, but the media and leftist commentators pretend they played no role at Charlottesville, only the alt-right and white supes deserve the blame -- well, don't be surprised when the people elect Corey Stewart... 

Enjoy your little fantasies that Confederate commemoration is "eroding," Levin. When the bulldozers and excavators are made to malfunction ... when they are destroyed and go still and silent, the "erosion" will stop, and the flags and monuments will return.

Waiting for Usefulness

Kevin Levin posts a historic photograph of Confederate soldiers on his flog. Sez people have always thought it was that, but now somebody has come along and sez it's this.

Sez Levin, "I am going to leave it to others to debate whether this new interpretation is valid."

Translation: "This is not yet useful to me for smearing Confederates and trashing heritage folks, so I'm putting it on the bottom shelf for the time being..."

I'm Thinking of Writing a Non-Fiction Book....

How do you like the tentative cover design?

Here's an illustration that might be used: