Monday, September 28, 2015

Speaking of Charles Manson Qualities....

Sez "Lamp" (aka "Liberty Lamp" aka "LibertyLip" aka "Lamprey") in a recent comment thread at XRoads....
Both Hines and Hill are off their gourd.

Hines is very much like the Connie for the LOSers, while Hill babbles racist overly dramatic cheerleading nonsense at his half witted followers all day, much like “red shirt Susie”.

I agree, he has a Charles Manson quality to him. Crazy-ass and conman all rolled into one.

They must all be following the same lunatic fringe guide book…

It’s where misfits can find other misfits to mumble with about their racist ideas.

Pretty interesting, coming from a demented, self-style "anti-racist" with a death fetish  -- as found on his/her Twitter account....

In the "Nazi-killin' bizznizz..."


From Nazi-killin' to kill whitey....  Why would anybody in their right mind think this is okay?

Tarot death card ... just lovely.

Dead body-style chalk outline photoshopped into a blowup of its own head.  Talk about outta his/her gourd....

God is a myth for weak-minded morons who cannot think for themselves... Yet atheism, in just one century, was responsible for murdering more human beings than any other ideology or religion ...  Murderous atheistic communism --  "strong-minded homicidal maniacs thinking for themselves...."

This is the kind of people who oppose Confederate heritage, much like the guttersnipes who carried profane signs, screamed and threatened at the Confederate rally in DC and stole and destroyed property (keyed cars, stole and ripped apart a flag).

These amoral "anti-racist" haters can make some white supremacists look lofty by comparison.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Congrats to the Virginia Flaggers on the Big Twelfth!

(Click pic to see the breathtaking image full size. Via Tredegar Droneworks)
The I-64 Savage's Station, Kershaw's Brigade Memorial Battle Flag

Rules and Exceptions in the Simpson Floggosphere

Remember this? Back in January, Simpson said he was gonna "confine" his commentary on Confederate heritage advocates to a weekly column for "run-of-the-mill" items?  Well, we knew, and he knew, he couldn't do it -- he's too obsessed -- so he gave himself some wiggle room with this: "Of course, there will be exceptions to the rule, but only in cases I find particularly interesting."


So, we're up to week 38 of the 52-week year. There should be 38 weekly columns and some ... number of ... exceptions to the rule.

Thus far in 2015, Simpson has uploaded to XRoads 84 posts and/or comments about Confederate heritage. That would be ... lessee... 38 "weekly columns" and ... a whopping 46 "exceptions to the rule" that he found "particularly interesting."

Talk about yer wiggle room... It's bigger than the whole house.

Most of the 84 posts/comments are about the Virginia Flaggers....

And there are fourteen weeks left in the year.

The little man from sunny Arizona, home of grammar deficient universities ... a man of his word? Or a little man with a big obsession?

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Well, Can You Read It Now?

More proof that certain heritage haters have no use for the truth.

One of my comments at XRoads, about this photo of the plane banner taken by Judy Smith:
You can see I'm right, just from looking at the image. The letters are lying flat on the ground and so you can't read the words.  I'm sure Simpson can see that, too.  Nevertheless, he says:

Well, duh. What did I say? " can't read the words with the letters lying flat on the ground."

You can read part of the word Confederate, but not the whole word, and none of the other words.

So what it proves of what he said is that she was there and saw the banner before it flew, and that it was laid out on the ground before her. And it proves what I said.

Can YOU read this? The words down at the end of the banner OPPOSITE from where Judy snapped the photo? Look, I enlarged it some, to help out:

Nope. Can't read it.

I even outlined those letters of the banner that are readable in the photo... Well, some of the outlined letters are readable, anyway.

Past the first E in Confederate, the letters start distorting too badly for you to make them out. Most of the D disappears. From the R onward, the word Confederate is completely unreadable. Only the cross pieces of the T and last E are distinguishable from the shadows of the upright sections on the ground.

And beyond that, no words can be made out. The letters of the last two words are completely indistinguishable as letters, and thus the words they form are totally illegible.

If you didn't already know what the banner read, you might not even be able to make out Confederate in this photo.

Judy's vantage point was the same as her camera's. She saw what the camera saw, and the camera proves she couldn't read the banner -- only part of one word, Confederate, which is not the word being made much of.

What this also  proves is that the rest of Simpson's comment is steeped in his usual hate and lying.

Sure you could ...  You do it all the time, Simpson. You fabricate or hallucinate nearly everything you call Flagger dishonesty and stupidity.

The photographic evidence proves what I've said -- Judy couldn't see, let alone spell check, the last two words in the banner when she photographed them.  It disproves what Simpson claims.

But what does he care for truth and proof? When it comes to the Virginia Flaggers -- nothing.

(P.S., um "professor" -- it's Fuh-huh-hun-nee, not Fun-hun-hun-nee. Um, just as a reminder, you're employed by Arizona State University, right?)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

How Liars Lie.... Again.

The recent quivering hate-denigrate-and-persecutefests at Simpson's and DeStroy's flogs have been fascinating to watch. Simpson, of course, can't post about the Virginia Flaggers without hatin' and denigratin' .... and DeStroy, who appears to be bucking for a job at the Southern Pecunious Lawyer Center, (watch out Mark Potok -- s/he's coming for your job!) gets quite a bit of hate on himself (or herself, as the case may be).

So I made a comment at XRoads about the recent plane banner-gate issue, truncated here to the salient points:

Notice I didn't say this was what happened. I simply said it was the simplest explanation for the banner misspelling. Note I also said, "the simplest explanation is usually the correct one" (emphasis added). I didn't say always the correct one, or the only correct one. Anybody that's edumuhcated and has reasonable reading comprehension skills ought to not need to have these things explained.

So look at DeStroy's blatant lie: 

Keep stories straight? There was no "story" to keep straight. I had seen no mention of it on any of my VaFlagger info feeds, so I surmised what might have happened and offered that surmise as an observation in my XRoads comment. My comment clearly indicated that I was offering a conjecture, not the stating exactly what happened. 

But DeStroy says "Con-job says on your post yesterday by phone." Nope. Ah, no, that's not what I said, DeStroy. I said, "...the simplest explanation is usually the correct one... Simplest explanation ... Whoever hired the plane/banner company did so by phone, stated what they wanted the banner to say, and assumed the banner people knew how to spell..."

But Simpson falls right into line....

How can one be caught in a Flagger lie when there was no lying, just a conjecture indicated by the phrase, "simplest explanation"? You'd think that, being a college professor (albeit at a University that gets their billboards wrong) Simpson would have enough on the ball upstairs ... um ... have enough on the ... um, be smart enough to distinguish between the two.

You know what? I believe he does. I believe he knows he was perpetrating a lie, pretending I had offered THE explanation, which contradicted Susan's, when I was simply surmising and suggesting.

Oh, and no, Simpson, I didn't write what DeStroy is implying. I wrote a suggestion, as you well know, or should know.

It's all another lesson in the blatant dishonesty and lack of integrity on the part of certain critics of Confederate heritage. As to why they do it, we'll leave that for later.

My YouTube Comment to the Young Jerks....

A group has made A FOOL out of themselves? How can that happen? You are too IGNORANT to do proper syntax and grammar (not to mention ARITHMETIC), and you're complaining about a flippin' TYPO?

You can't even get your flippin' FACTS straight. It was not a Black Lives Matter protest, dipsticks. It was a group that pompously calls itself Defenders for Freedom, Justice and Equality (its members obviously can't do proper grammar any more than YOU can). You ignoramuses, you don't even know what the flippin' group was PROTESTING. And this is supposed to be a NEWS group? The Young Turks? The Young Jerks is more like it. Maybe you need to learn some flippin' JOURNALISM and check your flippin' SOURCES for accuracy instead of getting in front of a camera and GUESSING, bimbo.

And what does your flippin' error after error prove? That pretend-journalism and TRUTH are INCOMPATIBLE? Did you even CALL anybody in VIRGINIA to get the FACTS? The grammar deficient Defenders of Freedom, Justice and Equality were protesting the VETERANS MEMORIALS on Monument Avenue, and the banner was to counter their idiocy. So if y'all aren't racists, what do you attribute your stupidity and IGNORANCE to?

All this has been covered and it is easily researched. The Virginia Flaggers paid for the plane and banner -- they didn't put it together themselves, dipsticks. The banner plane company did that. I don't know why -- but then, you don't either. Maybe they ran out of E's. But the point is, you are talking about something you know NOTHING about. You are passing judgment on people and events you know nothing about. You know what that makes you, aside from ignorant? It makes you HATEFUL BIGOTS. Congrats. You're worse than ANYBODY you're complaining about. 
My parting shot to the Young Jerks, whose video is titled, "Misspelling Confederates Prove How Dumb Racists Are" --  "So, when criminal punks vandalize monuments with misspelled grafitti -- Black Lives Mater -- what do you attribute their dumbness and ignorance to?"

Monday, September 21, 2015

Beware of Schadenfreude

Thanks to Border Ruffian for bringing this to our attention....

I guess Simpson works for a substandard university that can't use proper grammar on a flippin' BILLboard...

And he made fun of the spelling on a VaFlagger plane banner, and he quivered his extreme ridicule of the VaFlaggers themselves, because quivering, extreme ridicule is something he loves.... and here  he works for this haha top 100 idiotic university that can't even put a correct sentence together for a BILLboard seen by tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands ... and it appears it was botched that way on several billboards.

I guess if the VaFlaggers are responsible for pilot error when ordering an airplane banner, Simpson is responsible when HIS flippin' university makes this kind of idiotic error. If not, why not? Why does he work with such inept people? Why doesn't he make certain they at least use correct grammar in their flippin' BILLboards? Does he not CARE how moronic his employer looks? Does he not care that an INSTITUTION of flippin' LEARNING can't use proper grammar in such a PUBLIC VENUE?

Pathetic. Just pathetic.

But that's what you court when you quiver and dance and joy in schadenfreude.

Can You Read This?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Proof Positive Simpson Hates the Virginia Flaggers

He says he doesn't hate them -- he just finds them amusing. Actually, what he means by that (judging by the reality of his blog) it that he finds them to be fodder for his visceral lust to ridicule.

Of course, when you have to twist, distort, and sometimes outright lie about events and circumstances in order to make them ridicule-able, the claim that he finds them amusing shows itself to be a lie, and him a liar.

Take the latest gust of hate-ridicule at XRoads, over a misspelled airplane banner.

What the floggers desire most in their hearts is to paint heritage folks to be the most heinously evil people on earth. And what makes one heinously evil to these folks? Racism. Never mind that today, the word no longer has an objective definition -- everything from sandwiches to brassieres have been called racist in Obama's PC America. But specifics don't matter to these people, anyway. All that matters is evilizing people they don't like (partly because those people see history differently -- can you believe it? Hating somebody and trying to get others to hate them because you don't approve of their views of history?)

But anyway, the Virginia Flaggers have become a beloved force in Confederate heritage, and this, on top of the fact that they are ordinary, decent human beings and make the most minor, harmless mistakes and infractions, because nobody's perfect, infuriates Simpson and his like-minded friends and followers.

What's left? When school age kids from other groups are rioting, burning, stealing, vandalizing, these floggers lose their minds because some kids wear Confederate clothing to school and are "uncooperative" when school officials try to bully them about it. Never mind that they didn't then burn the schoolhouse down or bring a fake bomb/clock to school ... these kids are nevertheless the most evil school kids on earth, to observe the reaction of flogger-types.

Ditto the VaFlaggers. What's the WORST thing Simpson and Co. could get on them this weekend? A misspelling. A typo in an airplane banner.

The hurricane of ridicule from XRoads bespeaks the barely hidden rage of haters. Who flippin' cares if heroes is misspelled? Besides, how do they know the Flaggers were responsible for the misspelling?

I left a comment at XRoads that, applying Occam's Razor (the simplest explanation is probably the correct one), the VaFlaggers probably contracted for the banner flight by phone, told the banner folks what they wanted it to say, and assumed they knew how to spell heroes.

It turns out I was wrong. Susan posted on Facebook that she did tell the banner guy the correct spelling.

Maybe he couldn't find another E. But whatever the reason, he got it wrong, not the VaFlaggers.

But why should Simpson and the rest of the flogger hate-band let a little thing like truth deprive them of a pleasurable, gut-quivering session of hate? With people like that, judging by their responses, truth takes a very distant second place to hate.