Friday, July 31, 2015

Confederate Memorial in Pensacola Vandalized...

...Celebrations Underway at XRoads?

The Confederate Memorial in Lee Square, Pensacola, was vandalized overnight. Spray painted with "Confed Lives Don't Matter". Whoever did it at least spelled "matter" right, and knew to put an apostrophe in "don't".

Tony and Dorrian Vance, who've been at the forefront of heritage defense in Pensacola, discovered the vandalism this morning and called the city to report. Parks and Recreation Department were johnny-on-the-spot and got most of the paint off. I think removing the rest will be a delicate operation to keep from damaging the granite.

The quick response makes me wonder if Parks and Recreation has more than a little experience with vandalism and with removing spray paint from granite and marble... Presumably,the sooner the paint is cleaned off, the better the cleaning job will be. Now it's time for the city to invest in a couple of cameras for 24-hour surveillance of the monument. You think they will? Ha...

In any case, a big thank you to the Vances and to the City of Pensacola Parks and Recreation Department.

Confederate Heritage matters.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Silent Simpson

I haven't seen where Simpson condemned or disapproved of threats to people and damage to property connected with the war on Confederate heritage. That means he supports threats and damage like the ones below. I will be updating this post with more accounts of attacks on people and vandalism to private property as reports reach me. We will see if Simpson maintains silence, and thus his tacit approval of physical attacks and property damage/vandalism, or whether he will speak out against them.

Click the links below images to see videos they were taken from.  Documented theft and confessed (bragged about) theft. Reports, images and videos such as these are increasingly showing up on Facebook and elsewhere.
Blatant theft from a private residence
Update: Reports indicate that likely this incident occurred in Sarasota, Florida. It has been called into the police there hundreds of times and the video has been viewed 5 million times.

Blatant theft from a vehicle (thief was lucky there weren't any traffic accidents)
Thiefs are heroes now. Who will be the next heroes? Rapists? Murderers?

Bragging on theft of flag from vehicle 
Pascagoula, Mississippi -- arson and spray-paint vandalism reported by WXXV Channel 23.
Group who vandalized Nathan Bedford Forrest's grave in Memphis says they will bring a backhoe and dig up his remains themselves.
And Simpson remains silent. That means he approves of violent physical attacks (including multiple attackers on one person) just for carrying a Confederate flag, and vandalism/property damage to both public and private property.

But then, we know he loves stories of violence and rape, especially involving slaves (or just blacks?), from his "review" of some preliminary notes for a novel I'm considering writing. Read about it in the right sidebar. ====>

If he disapproved, he has the perfect vehicle for saying so ... his own blog. So far, nothing. 

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Hatin', Harassin' and Persecutin' at XRoads Continues Unabated

Simpson's keeping up a steady drum beat of hate for Susan and the VaFlaggers. Two posts in a row full of lies about "silence."  Sez he: The silence from Susan Hathaway and the Virginia Flaggers about their association with Raymond Agnor and about speculation about the identity of Anonymous CSA is deafening.

But she's not silent about it, Simp. Just because you're DYING to know more about it, and nobody's telling you doesn't mean there is silence about it.

We know that Susan Hathaway and Connie Chastain are friends. Heck, Connie’s posted evidence of their exchanges on her blog, where they were agreeing on strategy in light of the death of Anthony Hervey.

Strategy? I simply noted that people needed to wait for the official investigation's findings before making assumptions, a position (not a strategy; good lord) that Susan happened to agree with. Simpson is such a conspiracy theorist in reverse.  He's probably overjoyed with Jade Helm, can't WAIT for Obama's third term, and wonders eagerly when he'll get microchipped.....

So we know that if we were off base about either Agnor or Anonymous CSA, we’d hear about it in a series of cackling screeching posts, much like this...

Poor Simp. He's so desperate for attention he's willingly making a fool of himself.  Simp, ol' buddy,  you're so far off base, you're not on the field. Not in the ballpark, really... actually, not even on the flippin' planet.

But what has Chastain said about Anonymous CSA?

I have said that law enforcement found that no laws were violated and no threats were made. That being the case, I basically don't CARE who it is.

And what has she said about Raymond Agnor’s association with the Virginia Flaggers?

I have said he agreed to let them put a flag up on his property.

It appears that Susan Hathaway wants to remain silent in the face of evidence of discrimination against her fellow Virginia Flagger, Karen Cooper.

It appears that way to you because you don't have access to what Susan says. Oh, and actually, there's a really good chance that Karen (1) would not be discriminated against by Mr. Agnor, or excluded from any Flagger events on his property and (2) judging by her views she's posted on Facebook, she probably agrees with him about the Ferguson and Baltimore rioters....

Why she would choose to involve the Flaggers with someone with Mr. Agnor’s views is best left for her to explain.

So he doesn't want racial violence and property damage on his land. What awful views to have. Everyone knows if minorities rioted in Gilbert, Arizona, Simp would be standing in front of his house, saying, "Please, please, come burn my house and car, so the world will know I'm not racist!"

I suspect Susan knows a lot more about his views than y-o-u do, and she isn't using him to drum up hate for anybody the way you are.

Then again, we know two ways in which the Virginia Flaggers and the Sons of Confederate Veterans are one and the same: [1] They both claim they don’t tolerate racism and discrimination based on race. [2] Neither is telling the truth.

Nah, we just don't buy into your false, fabricated, means-whatever-you-want-it-to concept of racism.

 Simp continues, Susan Hathaway may be silent when it comes to Raymond Agnor or Anonymous CSA... But she isn't silent. He just doesn't have access to what she says.

He berates her for singing the Virginia State Song, which was written by a black man. Sez he:
We appreciate that Susan likes to identify with “darkeys,” as people once called African Americans. We hope that she still identifies with African Americans as she addresses Mr. Agnor’s restrictions barring black people from his land (although Connie Chastain seems just fine with such exclusions). After all, the Flaggers owe that respect to their colleague, Karen Cooper.

Simpson wants to see Mr. Agnor's property overrun, his home burned, maybe Mr. Agnor himself injured or killed, because he disapproves of Mr. Agnor's disapproval of mob riots in Ferguson and Baltimore, and wishes to avoid the same destruction where he lives.

Karen told us that slavery’s a choice, Susan. So’s your silence. But she's not silent, Simp. Just because you don't have access to what she says, that doesn't mean she's silent.

So’s your song and lyrics choice. (State song ... written by a black man).

We know people by the choices they make.

We know some people by more than their choices. We know you, for example, by your (1) hate (295 posts or comments about the VaFlaggers in three and a half years) and (2) lies and (3) denigration, harassment and persecution and (4) desire to see people you don't like come to harm.
  Simpson's Theme Song
Dedicated to Susan, the Virgina Flaggers and heritage folks across the country
 (Too bad there aren't any Spocks in Gilbert to pinch his chubby little shoulder....)

Monday, July 27, 2015

The Double Standards of the Hate-and-Destroy Crowd

The hate-blogger at "Destroy the Honor" blog has compared various proConfederate flag rallies with a Greek Neo-Nazi group Golden Dawn because they have all had food drives in conjunction with their rallies.

What the hate-blogger doesn't tell you is that the non-perishables collected by proflag groups will be going to existing local food pantries which provide the food to whoever needs it, while Golden Dawn's food collections were distributed to Greeks only.

This shouldn't be too hard for the hate-blogger to find out because I found info about it in a few moments of internet searching, and I had never heard of Golden Dawn before that race-obsessed blogger mentioned it.

Amazing how he can constantly comb social media looking for the SPLC-like "links and ties" he believes proves "racism" and "white supremacy" in people he doesn't like because they honor Confederate heritage, but he couldn't find (or did find but dishonestly refused to mention) this yawning gulf of difference between the Greeks and the Southerners...

In other news, maybe this is what Mr. Agnor was hoping to prevent with his "racist" ad? 

How is his attempt to protect his property somehow worse than what actually happened in Pascagoula, shown above -- arson and spray-paint vandalism reported by WXXV Channel 23.

And will we see ANYbody at any of the hate-and-destroy flogger flogs condemn this sort of destruction? What would it take to get these people to see -- and admit -- that there are things worse than racism?

More specifically, has anybody seen Brooks Simpson condemn or repudiate the #noflaggingcampaign thugs for destroying property and beating people up just for displaying Confederate flags? I sure haven't so I guess that means he hasn't done so, and that means he approves of the destroying and beating.

After all, it is a long-standing position at his hate blog that if you don't say you are against something, that means you are for it. I haven't seen where he has said he's against the mostly black thuggery aimed at mostly white Confederate heritage supporters, so I guess that means he's for it.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Tempest In a Tea Pot

MConnor, Morguefile
Well, no. More like tempest in a tea cup.

Fellow by the name of Ray Agnor owns some land near Lexington, Virginia. Some months ago, he agreed to have the Virginia Flaggers raise a large battle flag on the land, visible from a busy highway.

Several days ago, an ad purchased by Mr. Agnor ran in the Lexington News-Gazette. In part, the ad prohibited blacks and democrats from entering his property "because of all the trouble" they are causing.

Well, as you can imagine, Confederacy haters and destroyers had a field day with the ad, screeching that Mr. Agnor was a racist, yadda yadda yadda. The usual suspects -- the floggers and their sick-o-fants --  got even more ridiculous, claiming that Virginia Flagger Karen Cooper was being singled out for discrimination and none of her Flagger friends was sticking up for her.

I don't know the landowners who the Virginia Flaggers lease their Interstate Flag sites from. I've seen a couple of them identified by name in Facebook posts, but I don't remember their names now. I had never heard Mr. Agnor's name until the ludicrous furor over the ad erupted in the hate-and-destroy sector of the Floggosphere.

Nor do I know why he ran the ad, but some speculation has occurred to me, based on what's been happening recently. And I have no doubt why Simpson pounced on it and blogged about it and then tweeted this:
Since he seems to be unaware of what's been happening since Nikki Haley started the most recent anti-Confederate hate-and-destroy campaign, I tweeted a response to his ridiculous tweet and 'splained it to him.
In a report in the Richmond Times-Disgrace, Mr. Agnor also cites the recent Ferguson and Baltimore riots. I don't know if his running the ad was prompted by actual threats of property damage, re: the #noflaggingcampaign but at this point, very little would surprise me. I've already blogged about the property damage the #noflaggingcampaign is perpetrating and encouraging, here.

Here are a couple more videos showing the #noflagging challenge. (Note: despite the title of the video, there's no indication  that the driver of the  black pickup truck is a KKK member.) THIS is the real story the denizens of the floggosphere are determined to ignore, preferring to focus on a flippin' newspaper ad that's basically harmless.  You will NOT see them address this lawlessness ... or, if they do, they will blame the victims and make excuses for the perps.

We are entering a period of increasing lawlessness, aided and abetted by the government at all levels, up to and including the White House.  I hope I'm wrong and Mr. Agnor -- and all those engaged in the fight to save Confederate heritage -- will be safe from harm, but things aren't looking too great right now.


Simpson thinks he needs to 'splain it to me.... "Mr. Agnor specifically bars black people from his property, and Karen Cooper is African America ..."

No! Really????

" ... the Virginia Flaggers have remained silent, and they have not defended Cooper ... "

Karen hasn't been attacked, and the Virginia Flaggers have been far, far to busy to pay attention to this, the latest failure in Simpson's long trail of failed smear campaigns.

"... we suspect that if we were wrong, Hathaway would tell Chastain immediately, and let Chastain do the heavy hitting..."  Doubtful. My observation is that Susan has to think something is important before she spends time on it. And Simpson just isn't important. Besides, these days, she's just too busy to pay attention -- meeting  herself coming and going up there in Virginia....

Oh, and Simpson, if the Virginia Flaggers were to hold an event/gathering around the flag on Mr. Agnor's property, I have no doubt that Karen would be as welcome there as any other Virginia Flaggers.

See, this is what happens when you make huge, sweeping, all-encompassing smear-judgments about people you don't know based on a few lines of text.

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Simpson Hypocrisy Just Keeps On Coming

Over at his hate'n'denigrate blog, XRoads, Brooks Simpson asks, "Does Ben Jones Respect the Confederate Flag?"
Most people familiar with American popular culture as rendered through television know something about “The Dukes of Hazzard.” That show has been in the news in recent weeks, when a television network specializing in reruns decided not to air it any more.

That sparked some controversy. Leading the charge was someone near and dear to readers of this blog, Ben Jones, who played “Cooter” the mechanic in the show. Ben’s had a colorful career since then, including serving in the United Sates House of Representatives. He’s currently the chief of heritage operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, coming aboard just as the SCV had to confront the removal of replica Confederate flags from Lee Chapel at Washington and Lee University.I also know that he continues to be proud of his work on “The Dukes of Hazzard,” including lending the name of his character to a string of stores known as “Cooter’s Place.” These stores are owned by Ben and his wife, so he ought to know what they sell.

Thus it occurred to me to find out what sort of Confederate flags are sold by the store owned by the man who is the chief of heritage operations for the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Simpson' then posts a bunch of Confederate flags images with deer and an Indian and the word "Redneck" and other motifs I mentioned in this post, The  Confederate Flag -- the Symbol of the South

In the comments at XRoads, he sez,
"I note that Connie Chastain has decided to share her opinion, for what it’s worth. She has no problem with the chief of heritage operations for the SCV selling these sorts of flags..."
Bald. Faced. Lie

Read my post I've linked to above and and try to find where I have said I have "no problem with the chief of heritage operations for the SCV selling these sorts of flags." You can't because I didn't say it. I didn't mention Mr. Jones at all.

Simpson continues,
"She points out that there are US national color equivalents (in a desperate effort to screech and whine about hypocrisy, the usual Chastain way).  I don’t think either the US flag or the CSA flag should be treated this way
But he didn't say so until I pointed out the same motifs on the US flag. Ooopsie!
"Apparently Chastain does."
Does what?  Think either flag should be treated this way? Well, if HE didn't say it before I posted those flag images, why should I?  Besides, I DID say I disapproved of those motifs being on Confederate flags.
(I don’t see how that’s hypocritical).
It's hypocritical because he ignored how the US flag is besmirched with these motifs -- didn't mention a syllable about it, until I brought it up. Besides, his purpose wasn't to defend Confederate flags but to denigrate Ben Jones, the SCV, Confederate heritage, the Confederacy and everyone in it and the whole flippin' South, past and present (except for protected minorities).

He continues,
" Otherwise she’d take Jones on."
I would? Why? I don't have the typical flogger thought-cop/police-state mentality Simpson does.  I may not like how the flags are dishonored by those motifs, but that's the sort of thing you have to put up with if you live in a country that protects free expression -- and our country, which does that, hasn't completely collapsed yet. It's close and our constitutional freedoms are eroded more all the time, but that one is still in effect.

Besides, why doesn't Simpson take Jones on? He says he doesn't think either flag should be treated that way ... so if he hasn't contacted Mr. Jones about selling that stuff, why not?  Why is it more my responsibility than his?
"Guess she’s skeered …"
I guess he is. But more than likely, he hates the Confederate flag and doesn't care whether it's dishonored.
"...just like she continues to be skeered about suggestions that Tripp Lewis is Anonymous CSA. The silence of the Virginia Flaggers and their screeching mouthpiece on this issue is telling. They must be skeered indeed."
Why should I be skeered of that? If it IS Tripp, I have a suggestion for him. In the couple of videos I've seen, the mask or whatever it is appears to be turned slightly to its left.  Point the mask directly toward the camera. Also, keep it still, it doesn't need to "float." The only movement needed is for the camera  to slooooowly zoom in and then to sloooowly zoom back out. 
Reports out of Virginia (here and here) suggest that somebody claiming to act on behalf of Confederate heritage has decided that the best way to do it is by terrorizing others. Apparently someone or some group, styling themselves “Anonymous CSA,” used social media to threaten three people in Virginia targeted for their supposed hostility to Confederate heritage.
Terrorizing? Threaten? And yet reported that state police spokeswoman Corinne Geller said the video ... did not violate any laws. “No direct or immediate threat was made,” she said.

Hmmm.... did not violate any laws ... and ... no direct or immediate threat was made... Hmmmm....

Doesn't look like there's anything to be skeered of, to me.


Simpson sez, "Connie Chastain doesn’t think that releasing personal information constitutes a threat. Good to know."

He should know. He released personal information about Susan Hathaway....

Actually what I think is what I said -- that it doesn't look like there's anything to be scared of regarding the Anonymous CSA video.  And the reason it looks that way is because the state police -- not I but the  FLIPPIN' STATE POLICE IN VIRGINIA -- SAID THERE WERE NO LAWS VIOLATED AND NO THREATS MADE.

Besides, as far as I know, no personal information was actually released.

Maybe Simpson knows different. If he does, perhaps he should notify the authorities in Virginia. But of course, that isn't what really concerns him. Smearing people he doesn't like is what he focuses on....

Did the Civil War REALLY Happen?

The way everything Confederate is being wiped out and erased, even at battlefields, pretty soon people will be hard-pressed to explain the damnyankee army's presence in the Southern states.

What did they come down here to shoot at? Each other? The trees?

Without an opposition army, there can be no war.

And without a war, a lot of civil war history perfessers are gonna be out of  a job....



Except for, you know, when I'm not.

Somebody on FB linked to a cockamamie YouTube video claiming the Chattanooga shooting was a hoax. Showed two photos of a Marine killed in Iraq or Afghanistan or some place several years ago, and is now being palmed of as one of the victims in Chattanooga, Cprl Skip Wells.  Problem is, it ain't the same guy. Not even close....
What's the same is the expression on the face. You see that same expression in countless other portraits of marines in uniform.

Generally speaking, I don't believe most conspiracy theories. Sure, conspiracy happens -- it only takes two people, at minimum, and a plan to do something wrong, and voila! you have a conspiracy. But I reject most of the black helicopter-type conspiracies that have been floating around the Internet since I first got online with my WebTV unit back in 1999....

Except Jade Helm. That's an eeee-ville government conspiracy that I've written about EXTENSIVELY on this blog. If you don't believe me, follow this link to a Google index of all my posts about it:

Here's what I have said about other conspiracy theories....
I'm truly amazed at how people of seeming normal intelligence are so easily duped by something on the Internet. When did Americans get so gullible? I don't know how many times I've had to post to Facebook threads proving that the Dearborn MI city council did NOT vote to "fully implement" Sharia law ... that people in Hannah, Wyoming have NOT been microchipped for Obamacare implementation ... that Gen. Petraeus did NOT stage a coup in D.C. ... that a horrifying photo of a screaming man being tortured with a cattle prod is NOT Ambassador Chris Stevens ... that Florida's four "FEMA Camps" (on the infamous list of 800 FEMA camps nationwide) do NOT exist ...

Makes you wonder how many of the floggers get their news from the National Report. I mean, if they'll believe Kat and Spe-lunk-ing, there's no reason for them to NOT believe Nigel J. Covington III at the National Report....

I'm also dismayed by people's willingness to swallow, and then spew anger about, what they see on Facebook and elsewhere ... without even attempting to verify it. Most of the time, I keep my thoughts to myself, but sometimes I have to speak... for example when people post a horrific photo purportedly of Ambassador Chris Stevens being tortured that's actually from Argentina's Dirty War (blogged about that here)...  Or when they post pictures of charred bodies in an African village, claiming they are Christians "burned alive by Muslims" -- when, in fact, they could be from one of several accidental  fires that occurred when gasoline tanker truck wrecked and exploded.  Several of these tragedies have been reported in various African countries, with the dead numbering from the teens to the hundreds. Or when they post photos of Obama's Youth Army and compare them to "Hitler Youth" when, in fact, they are photos of Eagle Scouts participating in programs for law enforcement careers.... And I periodically have to post my research that found there are no FEMA camps in Florida, thus making the entire list of "800 FEMA camps" highly suspect.

So it's not like my suggesting to people that they verify before commenting is something new.
 Of course,  you wont find this truth at a flogger flog. Truth is the last thing they care about, particularly when it comes to Southern heritage folks. That's why they take one negative comment or incident involving one or a handful of heritage supporters and attribute it to tens of thousands (perhaps, by now, hundreds of thousands) in the heritage community.

I might revisit this odious leftist habit of smearing all with a tiny minority (also known as stereotyping or bigotry) sometime soon. We'll see....

The Confederate Flag -- the Symbol of the South

The following post grew out of a comment made to a yankee on a news report comment thread

The Confederate Flag, which originally symbolized the soldiers who fought and died beneath it, acquired more history and culture, and thus more meaning, with each generation.  Thus, the five or six generations of Southerners following the civil war, and their culture, and the events they lived, contributed to the growing, deepening meaning of the flag.

For example the seven decades or so of grinding poverty endured by huge numbers of Southerners after the war because northern money and industrialists deliberately prevented industry from developing in the South. After the war, carpetbaggers came south and bought miles of virgin timber land and paid Southerners, black and white, slave wages to work in their sawmills, and kept them in perpetual debt with their "company stores."

Discriminatory freight rates deliberately kept industry from developing in the South, and kept a huge percentage of the Southern population in poverty. For those who've never heard of discriminatory freight rates, or their impact on the South, here's an introduction....

In any case, while Cornelius Vanderbilt II and other wealthy northern industrialists were building 100-room "cottages" in Newport, Southerners were dying in epidemics of pellagra and hookworm, thanks to their poverty diets of fatback and cornbread...

Senator Jim Webb's book Born Fighting gives a stark look at what the deliberate suppression of industry in the south resulted in, that continued well into the 20th century:
In 1937 13 southern states had 36 million people, 97% of whom were native born. With 28% of the country's population, it had in the words of the report [commissioned by FDR], only 16% of the tangible assets, including factories, machines and the tools with which people make a living. With more than half the country's farmers the South had less than 1/5th of the farm implements. In 1930 there were nearly twice as many Southern farms of less than 20 acres as in 1880. (It was being carved up into smaller and smaller portions).

Of vital importance, the educational base of the South had been decimated. Illiteracy in the South was almost 5 times as high as in the north central states, and more than double the rate in New England and the mid-Atlantic states. In 1936 the Southern states spent an average of $25.11 per child in schools, at the same time the average child enrolled in New York state had $141 spent on his education.

In 1937 the average annual income in the South was only 314 while the rest of the country averaged 604, nearly twice as much, even in the middle of a depression. An actual majority of the farmers in the South did not own their own land, instead having to operate as tenant farmers or sharecroppers. Tenant farmers averaged $73 for a years work. Sharecroppers varied from $38 a year (a dime a day) to $87, depending on the state. While few black families were on the high end of the economic scale, it would be wrong to assume, as so many social scientists of today immediately do, that they alone dominated the low end. As the report mentioned, white and negroes have suffered alike. Of the 1,000,831 tenant families in the region, about 66% were white. The white south's population at that time was 71%. Approximately half the sharecroppers were white, living under conditions almost identical with those of negro sharecroppers.

Tenant farming and sharecropping had evolved from two post-civil war realities -- the first that many large plantation owners were left with plenty of land but no capital or labor to work it. Hundreds of thousands of former slaves and impoverished white were willing to work but had no land. The result was the crop sharing system. These practices fell even harder on tenant farmers and sharecroppers due to the fragility of the Southern banking system. As the report indicated, lacking capital of its own, the South had been forced to borrow from outside financiers who have reaped a rich harvest in the form of interest and dividends. At the same time, it has had to hand over the control of much of its business and industry to investors from wealthier sections. Although the region contained 28% of the country's population in July 1937, its banks held less than 11% of the nation's bank deposits.

Born Fighting by Jim Webb,
Broadway Books; 1st edition (October 5, 2004)
Our pride in our ancestors for surviving not only the war, but what followed in the subsequent generations, is just one of the many circumstances of Southern history, heritage and culture bound up into the meaning of the flag.

I thoroughly dislike and disapprove of embellishments on the Confederate flag associated with biker-gang culture, for which the flag symbolizes meaningless rebellion. These embellishments include marijuana leaves, skulls, grim reaper figures and such.

I also don't like the word "Redneck" or an eighteen wheeler, a jumping fish or white tailed deer, etc., but at least these symbols have a connection to the history and culture of the South. People may hunt and fish for sport and leisure today, but it wasn't that long ago that large numbers of Southerners did that to survive.  The eighteen wheeler symbolizes the working man and the term redneck, which just means "country" to a lot of people today, harkens back to the days of sharecropping.
The term characterized farmers having a red neck caused by sunburn from hours working in the fields. A citation from 1893 provides a definition as "poorer inhabitants of the rural who work in the field, as a matter of course, generally have their skin stained red and burnt by the sun, and especially is this true of the back of their necks."  Frederic Gomes Cassidy & Joan Houston Hall, Dictionary of American Regional English (2002) p. 531, per Wikipedia.
So these symbols, objectionable though they may be as embellishments on the flag of the Confederate soldier, have historic connections to the South, and symbolize the tenacity and survivability of the Southern people, which are apt reasons for Southern pride.

And there is another huge reason for Southern pride -- our sense of difference.
For the South and its people are profoundly marked by a sense of difference from the rest of the United States and, again if they are white Southerners, by a pride in that difference. John Osborne, The Old South, Time-Life Library of America
Of course, not all the things that gave added meaning to the flag through the generations were positive but it is wrong to say only the negative defines it, and totally defines it, which is what critics are trying to do, and what so many of us are fighting against.

Recently, Brooks Simpson made a big deal out of the flag embellishments I've discussed above, and attempted to pin responsibility for them on all of Southern heritage. Not that his opinion matters, but I note that, with some exceptions, the same embellishments he mentions also appear on the US flag.  He should be upset about that -- after all, THAT flag is a flag of sovereignty. But do you think he cares about that? I've had one flogger tell me flat out he didn't care whether the US flag was shamed and dishonored.

Nope, what we have here is another example of Simpson's ugly hypocrisy and double standards...

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Floggers, Haters and Destroyers Gotta Hate This!

We asked people at a nearby gas station what they thought, but out of all the locals and people passing through, we couldn't find anyone with something negative to say about it."   Dante Renzulli, CBS-46 News
Story with Video

Spotted in Wyoming


Especially for Facebookers....

Toldja It Was Coming....

Democrats drop Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson names from annual fundraising dinner
Thomas Jefferson ..... What a guy!!!

Just Sayin'

Yeah, Change Stone Mountain

Believe it or not, I'm not unalterably opposed to altering the carving at Stone Mountain in Georgia. In fact, I think it's a good idea, using this as the design...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mt. Rushmore's Faces Are a Scream, Aren't They?

All 'cept Teddy Roosevelt's.

Why? Cuz none of the others ever visited the state. Or the territory. Or what became the territory.

From a quick Internet search (not an exhaustive study) I can find no records that indicate George Washington, Thomas Jefferson or Aby-Baby Lincoln ever visited the place that is now the state where their giant likenesses are carved into a granite mountain...   Only Teddy Roosevelt visited South Dakota in 1903.

Thus, if it's "amusing" that Lee, Jackson and Davis are memorialized on Stone Mountain because they had a minimal presence in Georgia during the war, it is an absolute KNEE-SLAPPER that Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln are memorialized on Mt. Rushmore, a state/territory/place none of them ever visited, ever. No visits. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.

Of course, most people have sense enough to know that a person memorized with a monument need not have lived in or even visited the place where the  monument is located.  In Pensacola, f'rinstance, on Palafox Street downtown, there is a bust of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I don't believe he ever visited here. Presumably, then, we should find it hilarious, or at least "amusing" that the bust stands in the median of Palafox Street in "MLK Plaza."

But of course, we know what Simpson's doing -- what he always does -- he's throwing crap.  Too bad they don't make crap-throwing an Olympic sport. He'd have no problem qualifying for the team.

F**k Yo' Flag, Black Powah!!

Warning: Filthy language throughout video.

Bible-burning starts at 4:17.

How 'bout this, Sandi Saunders? Please you? How about you, Leo? Liberty Lamprey? Ohioboi? LaSquisha? How about it, Jimmy Dick? Is this what turns you Confederacy haters on?

How about you, RbLee? Does this look like restoring the honor? Or perpetrating hate?

Kevin Levin's White Dreams-- er, Nightmares

The history of Confederate monuments are (sic) wrapped up in the desire to establish and maintain political control for white Americans. White supremacy is what made the monuments possible to begin with and it is the monuments, that, in turn, would help play a role in solidifying white political control for future generations.  ~Kevin Levin
Monuments to soldiers have been erected since time immemorial by people around the world, but all of a sudden, in one time and place in history, they had nothing to do with soldiers who endured unimaginable suffering and death defending their loved ones, homes and communities, but with white supremacy and political control.....

These Confederacy bashers and white-Southerner-haters, of which Levin is such a splendid example, have just gone crazy from their hate... Bonkers. Nutzoid. Bananas. Loony.  And they can't even see it.

What You WON'T See at XRoads or Restore Honor

...or any other hate blogs...


Over on his hate blog, Simpson sez, "Screeching Connie Chastain said on her hate blog that we would not cover this story." Well, no, what I was talking about was my FB comments (which I brought here to Backsass so the floggers could see them) urging heritage folks to wait for the investigation results. People were claiming all sorts of things based on a couple of very short tweets from a woman who had just been in a horrible vehicle accident.

Simpson, of course, would likely have covered the accident, but he wouldn't have mentioned my urging people to wait for the results of the investigation if I hadn't predicted that he wouldn't. He has a history of posting what I predict he won't post -- after my prediction, so he can falsely claim I "lied." So, as is his perverse nature, he took the screenshot of my FB comments to his blog.

It is as plain as day that I was talking about my comments, not the news story, because I truncated the story. If I had been talking about that, I would have posted the entire thing, plus a link.

He is soooooooo transparent.

And I was right. None of the other flogger hate blogs I monitor has mentioned my urging caution and waiting for the investigation's findings. 


 He's gone absolutely berserk now, saying I bragged about blocking him on FB so he can't see what I post there, but then chiding him for not commenting on them... at least, I think that's the discombobulated story he's trying to get across.

I brought the above screenshot to Backsass so the floggers could see my comments, and then I predicted Simpson would ignore the screenshot because my comments do not fit with his longstanding lying and mischaracterizing me. And, just because he's perverse that way, he did mention them, and has proceeded to lie about me because he can't stand the truth showing his lies to be lies.

Also, note how quickly he lapses into glib, fluent denigration of my intelligence, one of his hallmark methods of attacking Southern heritage folks. I just note that the kind of marginalizing he's attempting with such attacks (falsely demeaning intelligence) is one of the commonest ways a dominant or power-holding group sets up another group for oppression, ostracization, mistreatment and, in some cases, extinction.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

More Memes... make Simpson and his lemmings flip their lids....
 Did y'all see all the hordes of white folks rioting, burning, looting over this racist insult and others like it that cause open season on whites? Gets them victimized in the "knockout" game? Gets white babies shot in the face?  Yep, mindless whites burned whole towns, overturned and burned cars, cleaned out stores...  Y'all didn't see that?

Me neither.

True, dis.

Ya think?

Left/lib priorities:

Monday, July 20, 2015

The Pensacola Southern Pride Ride and Flag Rally

Heritage supporters in Pensacola had been planning a flag rally for Lee Square, and invited me to join their FB group. At the time, I was greatly impressed with all the rolling rallies, rides and runs around the South, and wondered if we might duplicate that, on a small scale in Pensacola.

Staging the run at the old Food World.
On July 14th, I made a post to the group to see if there might be interest in a local run, and people liked the idea, especially holding it in conjunction with the rally, planned for Sunday, July 19. We could make the run/rally do double duty by collecting nonperishable food items for a local food pantry.

Little brown Blazer getting ready to lead the pack
Getting ready to rumble! These guys can be loud! (Photo from video by S. Tedder.)
So the next five days were a whirlwind of planning and low-key publicizing (to hopefully avoid the attention of folks who might ... disapprove ... of the run and rally).  Plans included meeting at the parking lot of a closed supermarket, winding through town to pass by all four of the city-owned five flags displays (the flags of the nations that have governed Pensacola, minus one, and plus a state flag, which makes absolutely no sense), traveling under the 17th Street Trestle, aka the Graffiti Bridge where a huge, painted battle flag made local news shortly after the mayor's ill advised flag attack, and back to Palafox Street and Lee Square.

Soggy flags, but rain no deterrant. (Photo by S. Tedder)
We were expecting maybe twenty-five vehicles. About sixty five showed up, and we organizers were delighted! It rained on our parade here and there, and at the last minute, we decided to bypass the municipal golf course -- the jog through a residential area might have bottlenecked our convoy -- and I regretted that. We had promised to hit all four of the displays, but circumstances suggested a change of plans. 

It wasn't raining the whole way. (Photo by S. Tedder)
I had planned the route and made maps in pdf form for people to download and print out so if we got separated by traffic lights, everyone would know where to go. Facebook doesn't have a very good way to share pdfs, though, so not everyone got the maps.

At the rally after the run, people pose in front of the Confederate
Memorial to the "uncrowned heroes of the Southern Confederacy..."
Since the route was my "baby" I was asked to lead the run. Although he isn't "into" Confederate heritage, my hubs was with me this day, and he drove the route.  A little too fast! My battle flag, rising up through the moon roof of my vehicle, broke free of its pole at the bottom. I hauled it in, got pelted by rain, and put thicker tie-wraps through the grommets. Back up she went.

Rally-goers -- three of probably 100 attendees
At one point, some folks got separated from the "pack," missed a turn, and took a different route downtown. But it was great! At Pensacola's "ground zero" -- Garden at Palafox -- vehicles with flags whipping in the wind were coming and going, north, south, east, and west! That little snafu turned out to be one of the highlights of the day.

Special guests from Crestview (L) and rally organizers
About a hundred people comprised the gathering at Lee Square where we met and networked, made pics, and collected the canned goods. The primary organizer made a short speech, introduced special guests, two members of the Lundy family from Crestview, and made a couple of exciting announcements. (More on this in the future!)  After a moment of silence for our Confederate ancestors, the rally came to a close.

. A band of brothers ... and sisters. Southern family.
The event was a learning experience and there was already talk of holding another Pensacola run and rally in the not-to-distant future. The next one, however, will be in Crestview, in support of retuning the flag to the "Uncle Bill" Lundy memorial there. 

 Heading home after a wonderful day celebrating our heritage.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Looking Forward to This Tomorrow!

Southern Pride!

According to a CNN poll, 57 percent of respondents in a recent poll said the Confederate flag symbolizes Southern pride, not racism.** Simpson thinks my meme about Nick Saban is "hate" but it is actually about the response to Saban's insult to Southern pride.

You can hear the gears turning in Simpson's head, coming up with what he imagines to be a "Gotcha!"

"But it's supposed to be about honoring soldiers, not Southern pride."

Oh, but Southern pride is rooted in our respect for and honor of Confederate soldiers. After the war, when the South was an isolated and despised sub-culture, that respect and honor for the soldiers expanded to include the region and its culture that they fought for. By the time my generation came along, it was a deeply embedded facet of Southern identity.

That's why there has been such an outpouring of support for the flag since the most recent phase of the hate-and-destroy campaign against it following the tragic shooting in Charleston.

Despite the decades of effort to smear the Confederacy and turn people against its best-known flag, the response to the hate-and-destroy campaign shows just how deep the love for the South's heritage runs,  and just how tenacious is Southern pride.

You can see it in the spontaneous demonstrations -- rallies, rides and other events -- that have sprung up across the South. I've collected just a few video links...(There are lots more than this. LOTS more.)  I know this has to be distressing to the floggers and their followers who despise the Confederacy and everyone who remembers and honors it. Too bad...

Everybody else, enjoy!

Ocala, Florida

Ellijay, Georgia

Chesterfield County, Virginia

Florence, Alabama

Kingsport, Tennessee

Loxahatchee, Florida

Gainesville, Texas

Dalton, Georgia

Ft. Oglethorpe, GA Pt 1

Ft. Oglethorpe, GA Pt 2


Northwest Arkansas

**In the early 2000s, polls consistently found a 60 to 70 percent favorable rating for the flag. The current 57% figure comes after a constant, down-and-dirty, decades-long campaign of smearing the flag and denigrating everything to do with it by the NAACP, assorted leftists and a complicit media.  All that work, effort, lying for a 3% drop... ha.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Recent Headlines...

... from an insane and dying country....

Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Kuwait, murders four U.S. Marines and wounds a policeman in Tennessee in another stunning case of "workplace violence."

Planned Parenthood official talks up the selling of baby body parts over salad and wine...

Obama's deal would give nuke capability to Iran, the most volatile region of the world...

Bruce Jenner receives the ESPN Courage Award for wearing makeup and dresses....

Newly legitimized by the Supreme Court, the homosexual movement targets churches, Christians, which "gay" leaders say is their actual purpose

Boy Scouts destroy their organization, make it a haven for NAMBLA-types

Purple veins popping out on Republican and Democrat heads over Donald Trump

Obama and leftists ignore the murder of an innocent woman by multiple border crossing illegal alien Francisco Lopez-Sanchez in "Sanctuary City"

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

All You Flag Thiefs....

... don't say you weren't warned...


Simpson Believes...

..."If it's on the Internet, it must be true!" At least, he pretends to, but it's just an act, so he can fabricate some hate/denigrate/destroy material. It's been fun watching his blood-in-the-water, shark-style response to the anti-Confederate tsunami, and his approval of the lawlessness** that has resulted (stealing flags off private property, vandalizing monuments) but I'm way too busy to spend much time on it.

I have a growing list of things I want to do in response to the hate-and-destroy mission against Confederate history underway now. I've started a few of the items on it. I've made graphic memes -- one purpose of memes being to send a sometimes big message in few, and sometimes no, words -- and I plan to do many more. I've also edited a video for the VaFlaggers (Simp lies again and says they're "that group she has nothing to do with" implying I've said that, when my actual claim is that I'm not an official spokesperson for the group. As an aside, his followers know this; do none of them have enough integrity to call him out about lies like this?).

Another new project I've started is typesetting pdf handbills for people to print and hand out at rallies and such -- made available in groups on FB, for now. On my to-do-as-I-get-time list is buying a domain name and making a website where those and other files will be downloadable ('cuz I hate using/document sharing re: Google Docs).

After putting up an "avoid South Carolina" graphic at FB, in the discussion that followed, I posted on July 12th, "If the city council in Pensacola doesn't shape up, I'm going to mount a one-woman bad PR effort for this place aimed at tourists." Presumably Simpson didn't know about the graphic and discussion on Facebook, because they're on my timeline which he cannot see because I have blocked him. He didn't see the SC graphic until I posted it here on July 11, or my comment about Pensacola until I posted it here on July 12.

Last night (the 13th), as part of my ongoing meme project, I uploaded these to my Facebook wall:

 And Simpson, the college professor with the mind of a toddler, assumes the one on the left is my one-woman bad PR for Pensacola campaign....

LOL!!!  Ah, no, professor ... that's a message TO the city, not a message ABOUT the city TO tourists....

Ya know, y'all, it's really kind of sad to have to explain something so elementary and self-evident to a grown man, an EDUCTOR, at that....

Anyhoo, back to my projects, here's a pic of the first (hastily done) handbill. (Theft upload for reposting at XRoads to commence in 3-2-1....) They fit two to a letter-sized sheet. Y'all like it? It gives me an opportunity to typeset with QuarkXPress... I love typesetting with QuarkXpess!


Of course, now that I've predicted his reposting it on XRoads, he may not -- just so he can (wrongly) call me a liar. That's another way his toddler mentality works...

**I haven't seen where he has denounced it so, using the reasoning he has used so many times, if I haven't seen it, HE hasn't done it; he hasn't denounced the lawlessness, therefore he approves of it.

Monday, July 13, 2015

"Keep It On Private Property" They Said

"We don't care what you with it on your own private property...."

Click the links below images to see videos they were taken from.  Documented theft and confessed (bragged about) theft. Reports, images and videos such as these are increasingly showing up on Facebook and elsewhere.

Blatant theft from a private residence
Update: Reports indicate that likely this incident occurred in Sarasota, Florida. It has been called into the police there hundreds of times and the video has been viewed 5 million times.

Blatant theft from a vehicle (thief was lucky there weren't any traffic accidents)
Thiefs are heroes now. Who will be the next heroes? Rapists? Murderers?

Bragging on theft of flag from vehicle 

Obviously, claims of not caring what people did with the flag on private property were lies. What else is being lied about?

What I'm looking forward to seeing are the justifications for this kind of behavior, and whether such criminal behavior will be taken seriously, and the perps punished. If not, no private property is safe.


From The Blaze:
The New Social Media Campaign That’s Encouraging People
to Trespass on Private Property and Tear Down Confederate Flags

Expect more, and worse, lawlessness, folks.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Once Again, Simpson Shows How Puerile He Is

Like a three-year old, he  thinks if he doesn't know about it, it doesn't exist/hasn't happened.

Of course, one can hardly blame him for not knowing a lot of what's going on with me, since I have blocked his access to my Facebook timeline. He doesn't know, for example, a lot of my time last week, working with an impaired hand, was spent editing a heritage video, preparing to make remarks at the county commission meeting and networking (meeting lots of local folks on- and offline who are getting involved in heritage defense) and more.

And he doesn't know about this.

Already have some great ideas in mind and I hope to get to the bad PR for Pensacola this week (in between flagging, handbill creation, rally planning and much, much more). Can't wait for the mayor and city council to see it.

It is so much fun to watch Simpson make his big, really wrong pronouncements based on woefully inadequate information....

Hey, Sump -- I mean, Simp. Since you can't see most, if any, of my Facebook posts, keep an eye out here so you can see my bad PR for Pensacola memes when I get to them! I'll be sure and put them on Backsass.