Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Outlasting the Tsunami

An artificially created but nevertheless powerful antiConfederate tidal wave of the magnitude of Indonesia's 2004 tsunami, is crashing across the country, and Simpson thinks I should have stopped it in Pensacola. Wish I'd known I had such power. I would have halted Hurricane Ivan a hundred miles out in the Gulf.

Well, no, Simpson really doesn't think that. He knows better. He's just being his usual slimy self. I wonder what such utter meanness does for him.

But on to what really matters. Southerners survived the war, reconstruction, and several generations of deliberately imposed economic oppression resulting in widespread poverty with associated  nutritional deficiency diseases (including but not limited to pellagra and hookworm) and early death. We will survive this war on our heritage, and we will bring it back. It may take years, decades, even generations, but we will. 

We will do on the intangible level of cultural heritage what physically destroyed places have done -- rebuild. We will work to bring it back and the effort will grow easier with time, because the larger culture that surrounds and opposes us will further weaken from the cultural rot of its own making.

The decline and crumpling of the USA would have made me sad, once upon a time....

But that was then. This is now.

Stunning images of places destroyed and rebuilt

Indonesia ten years after the 2004 tsunami

Hiroshima, Then and Now

Monday, June 29, 2015

Perversion Wins

Debasement wins.
Decadence wins.
Depravity wins.

Decency loses.
Family loses.

America loses.

It's Gonna Take More Than This....

The cultural fascists on the left have really stepped in it this time. They hate traditional Southerners, they hate our love of our region and culture, and especially our affection and respect for the symbol of our region, the Confederate battle flag.

They plan things, of course -- planned the Gramscian march through our western institutions to dismantle our larger culture, and carried out their plans methodically over a period of time.

But they are also reactionaries and opportunists.

They thought that exploiting Dylann Roof's connection to the battle flag would end its public acknowledgement once and for all. And at first, it looked like they could be right. Gov. Haley agreed the flag should come down from the soldier's memorial in Columbia. That was followed by a wave of eager battle flag erasures in public places and private commerce...

The leftist culture manipulators must have been ecstatic ... until flags started blanketing the South, and demonstrations of support and patrols to protect monuments cropped up from one corner of Dixie to the other.  The lefties might well be hearing a voice echoing in their minds, just beneath the cheering -- "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." -- attributed to Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto

These aren't created, professional agitators, like the left has to rely on for their demonstrations, bought with cigarettes and free transportation. These are ordinary Southerners speaking from their heart. The leftwingers had no idea what they would awaken. They don't understand motivation from the heart; they only understand foisting their worldview off on everyone; they understand only their own desire to tell others what they can and cannot do, think, believe.

The subculture of the South -- along with its own subcultures -- has been around for centuries. If it didn't go away during the union's struggle to erase it in the civil war and reconstruction, it's going to take more than censoring the battle flag to do it. A LOT more. Frankly, I don't think they have what it takes.

Thus, considering their true goal, they have stepped in failure, bigtime. It's gonna take a while to scrape it off the bottom of their shoes...

So for the messy-shod leftist culture warriors, it's a good thing the Supremes ruled as they did on homosex marriage. They can run to that and dive in, to save face.... Run in their stench-of-failure shoes to stink up their rainbow victory. cuz...


Pensacola News Journal Cartoonist, um, Editorial Writer Hears from Me

Comment I left yesterday ....

The Confederate flag as a symbol hasn't fallen. It was torn down in an epic display of exploitation and deliberate manipulation. Dylann Roof has emphatically NOT defined it once and for all, and the people saying so are attempting to characterize as evil-by-association an uncountable multitude of decent people who respect and honor this symbol of their heritage and region.

Fundamentally good human beings do not try to paint other good human beings with the evilization brush.

The collapse was swift because it was orchestrated, likely planned in advance, and just awaiting a trigger. That's how our cultural manipulators work.

And the resistance is forming up and taking shape. Already, defense of the flag from people like rocker Charlie Daniels to presidential candidate Jim Webb has circulated online and in social media. Parades, rallies, patrols to protect monuments from desecration and other displays of pride in heritage have appeared. One flag eraser, Apple, has already reversed its decision to remove an app that featured the flag. Expect more retailers to quietly return the flag to retail shelves and online sales outlets in the future.

The multitudes to come out in support of the flag since the manipulation began are not the usual Confederate heritage advocates. For the most part they are simply good, decent Southerners who have been silent for too long, fearing the false but powerfully damaging label, "Racist." Well, now that they are being equated with a mass murderer (by people like you), because he misused a symbol they do not misuse but honor for its genuine meaning, they have, frankly, had enough.

This is not over. It is far from over. Lord, forgive those attempting to drum up hatred and harm on the basis of false association and false interpretation of a symbol -- if and when they repent. They know exactly what they're doing

Saturday, June 27, 2015


Since Gov. Nikki Haley's announcement that she supports removing the Confederate battle flag from the soldier's monument in South Carolina, a sort of mass insanity has gripped the country, but so far, this tops all the rest. The NAACP is gathering signatures on a petition to get the Virginia Flaggers' I-95 battle flag near Fredericksburg removed.

The Washington Post reports that the petition will be presented the Virginia state House and Senate, Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Congress and President Obama.  Man, they want the full force of the law to land on the Virginia Flaggers, don't they?

But this flag is on private property.

This isn't the first time flag-haters have attempted to get the flag off private property. Kristin Konate collected signatures via an online petition to keep the first flag from going up near Richmond, in Chester. She gathered 20,000 signatures. The flag went up anyway and is still there, unless it has fallen prey to vandalism and/or theft the past few hours.

What this illustrates is the leftist's disregard for the rule of law. The flag is on private property and the government has no authority to tell people what flags they cannot fly on their property. Doesn't matter. Leftists see government as their Big Mama to comfort and soothe them when something happens they don't like, and, paradoxically, their personal thumb-breaker to coerce those who do something they don't like.  Doesn't matter if its legal and protected by law. What matter to them is how they feel and what they want.

It wasn't long ago that the flag on private property would be protected by law -- but now that's questionable. Considering the recent Supreme Court decisions, we can no longer expect Constitutional norms to be respected. Laws and rulings will be subjected to the force of whim.

The court showed us long ago that it does not hold human life sacred. These most recent cases show that the court no longer rules on the basis of the Constitution, but on the personal whim and the ideological beliefs of the individual justices. Perhaps it isn't likely, but it is very possible that the SCOTUS will abolish private property rights to appease the whim of the NAACP, which will be the end of the rule of law and the end of Constitutional protection ... of anything.

Clickable link: http://www.washingtonpost.com/news/local/wp/2015/06/26/naacp-petitions-to-remove-a-large-confederate-flag-flying-over-i-95/

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Message from the Virginia Flaggers

June 25, 2015 -- The onslaught of attacks against our flags, our Veterans, and our heritage in recent days is unprecedented. While we have obviously suffered setbacks, we are encouraged by what appears to be the beginning of an outcry and push back from Southerners across the country. Over the course of two days, we have seen an increase of fans on our Facebook page by over 1,000 NEW followers. Our email, messaging, and phone messages are swamped with requests for assistance, offers of support, and folks wanting to know what they can do to get involved. We believe that this is a crucial time and we must find a way to engage EVERYONE who is ready to stand and fight for our heritage.
The Virginia Flaggers have for some time advocated for a shift of responsibility of honoring our ancestors from municipalities to individuals and heritage groups. The Interstate Flag projects, patterned after the Georgia SCV Division's "Project Wave" initiative are one offshoot of this. We also encourage ALL supporters of Confederate heritage to fly a Confederate flag on your personal property and would like to call EVERYONE to put up a flag and have it flying by Sunday, June 28th, in a show of solidarity of the Southern people, to take a stand against the tide of hate and misinformation, and in honor and memory of the CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS who fought and died in the War Between the States.

“National Raise Your Battle Flag Day”, SUNDAY, JUNE 28th! Fly a Confederate flag, take a photo and post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…across social media, with the hashtag #RaiseYourBattleFlag, and post the photos to our Facebook page.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Not Even Tragedy Stops His Lies

Comments by Simpson at his slimy blog:

I find Connie Chastain’s ranting on this topic to be most amusing. After all, she runs a hate blog of the sort that would inspire someone to take violent action given her rabid intolerance.

What utter tripe, coming from somebody who has been trying for years to drum up hatred for Southern heritage folks in general, the Virginia Flaggers in particular, and most especiall Susan Hathaway.

She’s even endorsed the threat of violence against anti-Flagger protesters as self defence

Have no idea what he's talking about, but he lies all the time, so there's no telling. Interesting, though, that he reveals himself to be against self-defense.

...and we all remember how she poo-pooed Pat Hines’s threats of violence.

I said it wasn't a credible threat. Facebook agreed with me. The FBI agreed with me.

Meanwhile she continues to entertain thoughts of violence against Confederate heritage advocates as a form of literary inspiration.

Yes, the way Alex Haley did -- don't see Simpson complaining about that. And look at all these novelists who've written about violent stalkers. Don't hear him complaining about that. Obviously, he's just evilizing somebody he doesn't like. It's what he does.  http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/?aref=1518&dref=9%2C1740%2C3035

We’ve already seen the Virginia Flaggers counterattack: they have even complained about people protesting their events.

Sometimes, Simpson's lies are just revolting -- and this just just another lie designed to drum up hatred for the VaFlaggers. Here's their "counterattack" and "complaint":
We obviously support their right to assemble peacefully and make their "points", and hope they appreciate that adding folks to the sidewalk, even if they are not working with us, draws more attention to our Cause, and increases the spotlight on the VMFA...and all the while we don't have to do anything except continue to stand, which we will do.
See, here is another attempt to associate the VaFlaggers with white supremacy, and perhaps make them the target of a crazed "antiracist."

Remember, their webmaster already excuses kidnapping children as a simple domestic dispute.

In the one case he's talking about (one child, "children") it is a domestic dispute. Unless he think the mother is a stranger who slipped in a window and took the child, Hauptmann-style? 

When will she explain away murder?

Never. When will you stop lying and stop drumming up hatred for Susan and the VaFlaggers?

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kevin Levin Appears Positively Giddy....

...in the wake of the brutal murders in South Carolina. Why? Apparently he thinks it will accelerate the agenda of wiping out Confederate heritage forever, one of his greatest wishes and fondest dreams. His post about it is astonishingly hyper.

Among other things, in typical thought-cop fashion, he says, "The fact that individuals may have different interpretations of the Confederate flag is irrelevant in this situation," (this situation being, among other things, the Confederate flag on the soldier's monument in Columbia).

Ah, no it's not irrelevant. In fact, it is more relevant than ever. The right of people to their interpretations must be protected -- about that flag and everything else about our heritage -- and it is more than arrogant, it's unconscionable, for Kevin Levin to declare that our right to our interpretations must be subject to his human, fallible and extremely prejudiced and bigoted judgment.

But there's more.

Attempts to portray heritage folks as white supremacists, to define their affinity for the Confederate flag with racism rather than honoring soldiers, has always been annoying and infuriating. But now we see that it could also turn out to be very dangerous.

Thanks to leftist encroachment on our educational institutions, especially since the civil rights movement, masses of Americans are completely irrational about race relations, totally focused on the narrowest interpretation of the civil war (with Confederates as total evil with no redeeming characteristics, indeed, no human-ness at all), and utterly and dangerously brainwashed about the Confederate flag -- as dangerously brainwashed as Dylann Roof. Haters will double down their attempts to equate heritage folks with lunatics like Roof and incite hatred for us in the dangerously brainwashed.

Who doubts that there are brainwashed leftwing lunatics out there who need but a small push to send them over the edge, and create a Dylann Roof-in-reverse?

A horrific manmade storm has appeared on the horizon, aimed right at us. Let's be careful out there. Mourn for the victims in Charleston, but keep your eyes open, stay informed, and take no chances.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

True? Time Will Tell...

Museum of the Confederacy No Longer Exists

All the donations of artifacts and memories made to the Museum of the Confederacy are now in the possession of the usurping American Civil War Museum.

Thoroughly sickening.

And people say there is no war on Confederate history and heritage....

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Has the Virginia Division SCV Gone Psycho?

NOW we see why it's called the Virginia DIVISION...

The recent resolution of the Division's Executive Council is one of the most ham-fisted and puerile attempts at self-glorification and petty jealousy to come down the Southern heritage pike in ages. Looking at the pics of their officers on the Division website, you see mature males. But this resolution sounds like the work of a clique of high school girls who've  been shown up by a rival clique.

Yes, our movement, our Southern heritage community, is beset by squabbling, by turf wars, by my-way-or-the-highway thinking, but this resolution has to take the cake.

So you folks in the Virginia Division are part of a "gentleman's organization" charged with emulating the virtues of your forefathers? And  you conduct yourselves at all times as gentlemen? And you emulate the character and behavior of Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. Jackson, J. E. B. Stuart, et al.?

What a load of crap. Y'all don't throw your shoulders out of joint patting yourselves on your own backs. 

Tracy Clary, Commander, Va Division
Nice picture, Commander Clary -- General Lee would be sooooo proud.

So you condemn the actions of the Virginia Flaggers and the Mechanized Cavalry and call on them to cease and desist from all false, negative, petty, rude, damaging, and dishonorable public activities and pronouncements? I'll join you in your condemnation as soon as (1) you identify specifically the false, negative, petty, rude, damaging, and dishonorable public activities and pronouncements on the part of the Virginia Flaggers and (2) rescind your false, negative, petty, rude, damaging, and dishonorable resolution.

Cuz, see, I don't believe for a minute the Virginia Flaggers (especially Susan Hathaway, who apparently is especially being targeted by your pettiness) have done anything false, negative, petty, rude, or dishonorable -- and certainly nothing damaging to the Virginia Division SCV. Indeed, the only ones who CAN damage the reputation of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Confederate Veterans themselves, are y'all.

Your resolution is laced with malice. Have you been taking the online Bash-the-Flaggers correspondance course from the Blue Ribbon Susan-basher, Brooks Simpson? Your malice, of course, is the outgrowth of jealousy, and the jealousy is caused by Flagger success.

While you gentlemen -- and I use that term loosely -- have been sitting around either (1) issuing useless resolutions and (2) doing little or nothing to honor and defend the Confederate soldier and his memory, the VaFlaggers have awakened a renewal of pride in Confederate heritage in people not just in Virginia but across the Confederacy.

What started as a spark -- one woman in Virginia willing to take up a flag and stand to honor the Confederate soldier in the face of those determined to dishonor him -- has inspired sparks of the same determination in people who were once cowed and silent. The sparks are now becoming brush fires, and as far as I can tell, the Virginia Division hasn't done a thing to help. And, in fact, has tried to hinder this awakening.

Too late, gentlemen -- and, again, I use that term loosely. You had your chance and you preferred to spend your time and effort tip-toeing around the the Commonwealth, striving to not offend those who would spit on Confederate graves, and, indeed, sucking up to people determined to dishonor the memory of our brave Confederate ancestors. So someone else has filled the vacuum, doing your job and doing it well.

It was bad enough when you did nothing -- just abrogated your responsibilities to your ancestors -- but when you actively attempt to cause division and strife, when you arrogantly behave as if others may honor their Confederate ancestors only with your permission and tutoring ... well, what that means is not just that you've rendered yourselves irrelevant -- you have joined the ranks of those who attack Confederate heritage and denigrate, harass and persecute those who defend the Confederate soldier.

Congratulations. You've made yourselves fit right in with the Topsy-turvy culture liberals have foisted off on us ....

Friday, June 5, 2015

Lying to Cause Harm...

"As I’ve said before, the racial beliefs of the Virginia Flaggers and their supporters, with a handful of exceptions, are not all that different from these particular critics." Brooks D. Simpson

(Note: the critics he's talking about are Matt Heimbach and Brad Griffin.)

For those interested in truth, compare Brad Griffin's blog and Matt Heimbach's blog to the Virginia Flaggers' blog and just see how drastically Brooks Simpson lies in his obsessive quest to bring harm to the Virginia Flaggers.
Over on his blawg, Simpson sez:
You knew Connie Chastain had to pipe up on this:

“For those interested in truth, compare Brad Griffin’s blog and Matt Heimbach’s blog to the Virginia Flaggers’ blog and just see how drastically Brooks Simpson lies in his obsessive quest to bring harm to the Virginia Flaggers.”

First, compare Connie Chastain’s blog to these blogs. Not a lot of difference when it comes to racial attitudes and matters of tolerance.
Yes, plenty of difference, but of course, Simpson doesn't look for difference, he looks for similarity, and if he finds the slightest bit of similarity, he quits looking and declares what he's found as evidence of mental clone-hood (in a manner of speaking). It's possible he holds some attitudes and beliefs similiar to those of Griffin, Heimbach, etc. But what he never acknowledges is that how/where people differ is just as important as how/where  they are similar. We've already seen how Simpson's lily-white life is not a lot different from the racial attitudes of Griffin, Heimbach, et. al.
Second, Connie claims she’s not a spokesperson for the Virginia Flaggers.
I'm not.
So she doesn’t really know what she’s talking about, and we can dismiss her prattle.
Actually, I am in contact with various VaFlaggers via the Internet, so I know quite a bit; I'm just not an official of the group, and have no authority to speak for them. But I know most of what I know from observation, same as Simpson; thus, if I don't know what I'm talking about, he doesn't know what he's talking about, either, so what he says about them can be dismissed as so much prattle -- but, frankly, I consider what he says to be more hate-mongering than prattle.
The point remains: the Virginia Flaggers don’t distance themselves from these folks.
Actually, that's not the point. Oh, that may be Simpson's point in his desire to stir up hatred for the Flaggers and bring harm to them, but it's not reality's point. Reality's point that they cannot distance themselves from something they've never been close to.
We see that here, here, here, and here.
All those "here's" are links. Know what they go to? Posts on Simpson's blog. That's right, he is using his own blog posts, his own writings, his own claims, as proof of what he's claiming. Worse than circular reasoning, it's outright deceit. Also guffaw-worthy.
Virginia Flagger Tripp Lewis has spoken favorably of Matt Heimbach...
Regarding Heimbach's honoring his Confederate ancestors only. Never about anything else that I've been able to determine. And Simpson hasn't posted anything else, which he certainly would, if there was anything more to post. He can't resist posting what he thinks will stir up hatred for the Flaggers.
...and the Flaggers themselves counted Matt among their number.
One instance, by one person, where he was mis-identifed as a Flagger, this mistake was verified by me and explained numerous times.
Matt even won an award from the SCV.
The SCV is not the Flaggers.
When confronted directly with some of this evidence, Chastain turtled.
Actually, no, I refuted it. Re-fu-ted it.
The Virginia Flaggers are too skeered to lose the support of white nationalists and white supremacists, so they remain silent on this issue.
From my observation they don't have a lot of support from white nationalists and white supremacists. Those are enormous groups, spread across the country from coast to coast, and the handful of individuals who have appeared to offer off-again, on-again support to the Flaggers are those very few with Confederate heritage. (And they've also offered criticism and put downs of the Flaggers, too.) Good, decent folks genuinely interested in Confederate heritage and its preservation make up the vast majority of Flagger supporters.
Chastain’s whining is easy to dismiss, because, by her own claim, she doesn’t speak for the Flaggers.
Easy to dismiss, yet, he doesn't dismiss what I say, he showcases it on his blog because (1) he knows it is not whining and (2) while I'm not speaking FOR the Flaggers, I am speaking ABOUT them ... and I'm also showcasing his denigration harassment, persecution of them. He can't stand criticism, even from somebody he says is "dismissable", and he knows what I say is true, so he lashes out. It has happened over and over...
They are too skeered to speak for themselves.
As far as I can tell, they speak for themselves all the time. If Simpson means they don't answer his ridiculous, hate-mongering accusations, my assumption is that they don't consider him and his lies important enough to waste time and bandwidth on.
As for Chastain’s own bigotry, that’s been documented here. Recall her own silence when I asked her if the college she attended in Alabama admitted blacks while she was there.
And Simpson's hatred, bigotry and hypocrisy has been documented on Backsass.

Did he ask whether the college I attended in Alabama admitted blacks while I was there? I must've missed that. But the answer is, yes, they did.  A black girl was my roommate on chorus trips...
Chastain finds it difficult to defend herself.
I do? From what?

Nah, it's just that defending myself from Simpson's hate-filled attacks isn't worth putting a whole lot of effort into.  First, people who know me don't believe him, and people who share his hate won't believe anything I say, anyway.  I do defend Confederate heritage and some individuals involved in it from time to time, but mostly I counter-attack and show Simpson to be the attacker he is. Then, too, if/when I attempt to answer his claims in comments at his flog, he often simply refuses to post them.  He has a long, long history of sending my comments to the cornfield -- even when I'm answering something he asked me. He's exhibits capriciousness like that a lot.
The same goes for the Virginia Flaggers.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hate for the South and Southerners

Flogger types and their followers express skepticism that there is hatred for the South and Southerners, but they willingly wear blinders. In almost any discussion of Confederate Anything on leftwing sites and blogs, you find sheer hatred in the comments, and frequently in the articles themselves. The two comments below are typical -- these are Facebook comments following a hate-filled opinion piece....
Of course you'd be from cracker land. I'll bet you're a devout christer too, aren't you? F--k off. Repeat your lies as much as you want, it'll do no good. Everyone knows, and agrees, what an absolute sh------e the deep south is. I'll never, ever, set forth south of Iowa, East of California. I'd rather go visit Servia or Croatia. So enjoy living in your disease infested colon lining. And by the way, we celebrate the birthday of the great hero, William Tecumseh Sherman every year. Fu--k off.

S---- H-------- has so eloquently put you in your place, but I want to add on that the southern economy was based on SLAVERY. You f--king southern whites will do anything to avoid taking responsibility for attempting, through ARMED CONFLICT, TO CONTINUE THE GREATEST CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY IN RECORDED HISTORY.

...If the North had lost, I wouldn't be writing this, so I'm going to forever be glad of that victory no matter the reason. People like you would prefer people like me to be enslaved with no rights and serving you. You sound like one of the Koch a--holes. You want me to shine your shoes for you? How about I dance a jig for you? Racist f--ker.

And of course you are in Florida. You probably voted for that dumb f--ker Penis Head for governor. Since you love the KKKonfederacy so much, why don't you move to Georgia, South Carolina or Mississippi which either have KKKonfederate flags on their state flags or display at ground level?
 Obviously, a lot of hatred for the South is rooted in current politics... Wonder what Andy Hall would say about that.  In any case, this sort of comment is extremely common following leftwing articles or opinions about the Civil War or the Confederacy.  So the floggers are wrong .... again.