Monday, December 29, 2014

Thinkin' and Sayin'

Simpson quotes Jerry Dunford...
You use history as your vehicle to blog and to spread the mistrusts about the flaggers and Southern heritage groups and history.
...and then replies....
Absolutely. Several bloggers have been very active in sharing their understanding of history through their blogs (as well as through other venues).
Ah, no. Both of these statements are incorrect. 

The floggers don't use history as their "vehicle" and they don't "share their understanding of history" -- they use history and their blogs as  WEAPONS.

They don't just "spread mistrust" about the Flaggers and Southern heritage groups. They (especially Simpson) LIE about them, attack, denigrate, harass and attempt to persecute them.

In fact, there's a typical Simpson lie in this very post: "This, of course, is why Confederate heritage apologists advocates spend so much time telling us that they don’t care what their critics say."

This is in response to something I wrote -- only I didn't write "what our critics say about us." I plainly, clearly said we don't care "what they think of us."

Do you suppose somebody with all of Simpson's edumucation doesn't know the difference between THINK and SAY? (See, Jacobson? THIS is why dictionary definitions are necessary.)

And in this case, online writing (i.e., blogging)  is a form of saying.

So, yes, I take great interest in what they say -- in the lies, the denigration, the harassment and attempted persecution. And THAT is what I monitor their blogs for (especially XRoads).

But me care what Simpson thinks of us? It'll be a cold day in hell before that happens.

Eric Jacobson Has a Nervous Breakdown

Over at XRoads, Jacobson posts:
I have tried to stay out of this, but I can’t help myself any longer. What I find particularly galling is Chastain’s absolute ineptitude when it comes to the Confederate military and its history. She blathers on about the flag, but I highly doubt that she can carry on any substantive conversation that doesn’t involve some long post-war application of it. In that sense, it is all about heritage (her skewed version of it). Note her bloviating about how the South was screwed by intestinal bugs, railroad scams, price manipulations, and the like until well into the 20th century as prime examples. Funny how that sounds like the very kind of victimhood she usually rails against.
Now she also likes to talk about rape and fire (especially as it relates to Sherman and his troops), but that is also mostly post-war poppycock nonsense that was the ultimate creation of the Lost Cause movement. Chastain would throw her walker into the street if she knew how former Confederate AND Southern civilians who had lived through the oft-repeated barbarity of Sherman’s movements actually lauded and celebrated his return to Atlanta in the early 1880s. But, of course, its all about her view of heritage – facts be damned.
Also, most people like Chastain conveniently forget that schools and highways were named for Forrest, Lee, et al, almost 100 years AFTER the war, and as a show of defiance against the winds of change that were blowing in the mid-20th century. Same with the battle flag and battle flag displays that went up and then inevitably came down. They can scream “heritage” violations all they want, but that is false. It’s called time moves on and things change. And sometimes, things just change.

Some folks in Brooklyn and Baltimore have never gotten over their teams leaving them. Same with marriages, and Presidents, and friends, and on and on. Yes, it seems Chastain has a hard time with the ol’ life sometimes sucks mantra.


I can provide endless quotes about how Confederate soldiers viewed the battle flag, and how in the post-war years they were very particular about how it should be displayed and by whom. I doubt they would agree with this bantering, and bickering, and fussing about the flag going up and the flag going down and the lack of the flag being flagged because they didn’t see it as a necessary public display. I’m sure Chastain and others will claim to speak for the veterans, but they have about as much right to that as I do, or anyone else.

I say let her flag away. It won’t accomplish a thing, except to make her feel good, and if that works for her then so be it. I’ll send her new tennis balls if she needs them in 2015.

P. S. – In closing, no sensible person repeatedly quotes the meaning of words from the dictionary. It such a sign of someone who really doesn’t understand the meaning of droll, even if its meaning was quoted from said online dictionary (or an old fashioned printed one).
Goodness gracious sakes alive. One hardly knows where to begin....

Well, that's a joke. I know exactly where to begin....

First, to clarify, when I discuss what Southerners endured after the war (and during it), it's not to showcase victimhood. It's to show (1) what they stoically bore largely without resorting victimhood and (2) who perpetrated it against them.

In typical yankee fashion, Jacobson minimizes the horrors Southerners lived with after the war (as he has in the past minimized what they endured during it). He calls pellagra and hookwork an "intestinal bug"-- and he rails against MY ignorance? Pellagra is a horrific disease with devastating mental and physical manifestations caused by a nutritional deficiency -- said nutritional deficiency caused by poverty-stricken diets. Hookworm was caused by a parasite (hardly a bug)  that plagued people who went barefoot -- BECAUSE THEY WERE TOO POOR TO BUY SHOES. Both were very widespread in the South in the generations following the war.

Apparently, Jacobson doesn't like acknowledging what the greedy union and its diabolical military did to the South and the aftermath of their devastation and ruin...bless his heart...

He sez, "Chastain would throw her walker into the street if she knew how former Confederate AND Southern civilians who had lived through the oft-repeated barbarity of Sherman’s movements actually lauded and celebrated his return to Atlanta in the early 1880s."

Yup, I don't know that they did that, and Jacobson didn't offer any substantiation. I do know that when I was growing up in Georgia I never heard anyone say a nice thing about Sherman. I'd have to see proof that people who lived through Sherman's barbarity lauded and celebrated the thieving, murdering arsonist's return to Atlanta. Interesting that the folks who criticize me for not offering PROOF (when I'm simply expressing an opinion or making a suggestion) let their own off the hook when it comes to substantiating their claims about history.

"Chastain conveniently forget that schools and highways were named for Forrest, Lee, et al, almost 100 years AFTER the war, and as a show of defiance against the winds of change that were blowing in the mid-20th century." It's not forgetting, conveniently or otherwise. It is knowledge that there was not much opportunity to name schools, roads, etc., after ANYBODY in the South until the mid-20th century because the region was still mired in poverty (much of it externally imposed) before then.

I also note that the flippin' CENTENNIAL of the war occurred 100 years after the war (amazing, huh) and that likely accounts for some naming streets, schools, parks, even private businesses, after Confederate heroes.

He can provide endless quotes?  Somehow, I doubt that. And I don't care what HE doubts. I am convinced, though, that Confederate soldiers would know who loves and reveres their memory and honors their sacrifices, and who hates their memory and slanders them as traitors, backward hicks, barbaric racists and slavers.... Moreover, I think if they knew what was going on in our culture and nation today, they'd not only agree with our side of the bantering, bickering and fussing, they'd join in (and they might even take up arms again to defend what's left of the republic).

Jacobson, my appeals to the dictionary for objective word meanings is to showcase the leftists' deliberate, muddle-headed crusade  -- aka, political correctness --  to make words subjective (at best) or meaningless (the extreme) to weaken our communication and thus our cultural cohesiveness and, on a personal level, so they won't have to be held accountable for things they say.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Pullin' Simpson's Strings....

So, Simpson is posting what he thinks (I guess) is really bad stuff about me and flagging in West Florida. He made a big deal out of my protecting the identity of a guest flagger in my last WFF report.

Sez he, "Of course, this is because the 'Flagger' in question at best does not want to reveal his identity..."

Not true. A lot of people know his identity. This is Simpson's oft-displayed three-year-old mentality ... if he doesn't know about it, nobody does. LOL!!!

He notes, "However, he is wearing a jacket with the logo of 'The North Face.' Oops."

Well, boy, that really narrows it down, don't it?

So then he sez, "... come to think of it, there are no pictures of the Pensacola Flagger actually flagging, either … just pictures of her walker..."

Here's a pic. No, I didn't get the name of the hunk who helped old folks down the sidewalk. Yes, if he's there next time, you BET I'll remember to ask!

Do you suppose Simpson and the navel-gazing academic "civil war blogging" circle will ever catch on that we don't care what they think of us?

More Machiavellianism at Xroads

Simpson sez, "A few days ago the Pensacola Flagger decided to lecture Jimmy Dick on Confederate history and heritage by telling him about the Confederate Battle Flag that used to fly at the Pensacola Bay Center."

(Simp's authoritarian mentality coming out here. I didn't lecture Mr. Dick. He asked questions, I answered them; and I plainly said I was ANSWERING them.)

Without benefit of historical documentation, the Pensacola Flagger claimed that the flag might have flown to honor the service of the 2nd Florida Infantry and its colonel, George T. Ward. Readers will recall that at times the Pensacola Flagger goes by the names of C. L. Ward and Connie Chastain Ward, which might help explain why she selected this particular regiment and its commander while giving short shrift to the service of other Florida units in the Army of Northern Virginia. Apparently their service and sacrifice doesn’t count in the mind or heart of the Pensacola Flagger.

(Another typical leftist viewpoint -- if you praise one thing, you are denigrating others.)

This, folks, is from a person who brags about her literary skills and how hard she finds it to write. How hard is it to cut ‘n’ paste from Wikipedia?

(Challenge: Somebody, anybody, link to any "bragging" I've done on my literary skills, and I'll post it on Backsass. Showcase it. Bigtime.  Actually, though, quite the opposite is true. In numerous places online, I have attributed my ability to write to Rudolf Flesch's How to Write, Speak and Think More Effectively -- and freely admitted (to use an overused Simpsonism) that I couldn't have written anything without that book. I have said that writing dialog is my greatest ability as a writer, but that's hardly bragging.)

So much for “honor” when it comes to celebrating Confederate heritage.

Mr. Dick asked some stupid questions. I chose a few items that might enlighten him. It wasn't intended to be a comprehensive, 4-volume set of The History of the War in Florida. Sheesh... This IS the Internet, after all.

Is this what they taught at Connie Chastain’s undergraduate institution, Alabama Christian College, now known as Faulkner University, “where students are encouraged to grow in intellect, character and service”?  By the terms of Connie Chastain’s own undergraduate institution, she stands before us as having committed intentional plagiarism.

Ah, now we see Simpson's true, leftist ugliness coming out. My oversight on a blog post is somehow the fault of Faulkner University?

So much for Confederate history, heritage, or honor, at least as practiced by the Pensacola Flagger. We expect that Chastain’s supporters will promptly rush to excuse her actions.

There's nothing to excuse. I left off an attribution through oversight. It's interesting that he lives up to the leftist/flogger habit of straining out gnats and swallowing camels. I have a long history of attribution, both text and images:

I even attribute things in the public domain, which isn't required:

Perhaps they will also defend her sensahuma: That’s right. Jokes about rape. (Yes, I know, she’ll say it’s a joke about feminists. She’ll just ignore why she chose this particular subject.) Capisce?

Well, I chose it because (1) I recently ran across this meme on Facebook and thought it was funny (and appropriate), and because of the recent headlines of false rape accusations showcasing the feminist fantasy of rape epidemics and rape culture.

Liberty Lamp/Hecate Crowley/ Mousy Tongue sez:

How is rape funny? How does a woman find rape funny?

Simpson replies:

Rape isn’t funny. Connie Chastain thinks it is. It’s what she calls a sensahuma. So much for southern womanhood (or complaints about Yankee soldiers). Capisce?

All these edumuhcated leftists can't tell the difference between (1) mocking goofy (or dangerous) feminist claims and (2) thinking rape is funny?

The difference between me and rabid leftists like the Lamprey is that I don't judge right and wrong based on gender. To feminists, women are wholly innocent; and with very few exceptions, men are uniformly evil. I don't believe that for a moment. There are good and bad men, good and bad women.

As I noted in the comments of my earlier post...despite idiotic claims by floggerettes like LibertyLamprey, I do not take REAL rape lightly. It's both a crime and a sin. However, the feminist crusade against "rape culture" and "rape epidemic" is simply a manifestation of what feminism actually is -- misandry. Hatred of men.

I think sex before or outside of marriage is wrong, sinful, for both men and women. But the reality is that it's very widespread, and in the culture we're living in, feminism's screeching about rape, rape culture, etc., is simply a crusade to criminalize male sexuality.

Female regret afterward does not make consensual sex rape, and that is a LOT of what feminists are trying to palm off as rape. And some rape accusations are just out-and-out lies...

So, is a woman "traumatized" by consensual sex she calls "rape" after the fact any more traumatized than a falsely accused man whose entire life is ruined -- for no good reason?

And I note that Simpson, being a man, a member of the patriarchy, whether he wants to be or not, on a university campus (which are, according to feminist activists, the epi-center of rape and rape culture) better hope he never finds himself on the wrong end of a false rape accusation...

Lamprey continues, "The MRA movement is very tied in with other nefarious movements. They are the main proponents of demonizing rape victims.  They are usually unattractive socially inept males who live in their parent’s basements and cannot get dates and have fantasies about raping women sans any consequences. They are by far, some of the worst dregs of our society.  Why an older woman in her 60’s would take up as a MRA cheerleader is beyond me.

What a marvelous look at man-hatred Lamprey has given us here!

Oh, and BTW, I'm not an MRA cheerleader. I simply don't share in the feminist hatred of men, and I believe they are the wrongful targets of rabid feminist hatred way too often.  I learned a lot from MRA sites and blogs when I was researching false sexual harassment accusations for Southern Man, but my opposition to feminism began far, far earlier than that, when I was in college -- long before there even WAS a men's rights movement.

To J. Pei -- Naw, I've never written anything for Wikipedia.

Simpson's response to J. Pei is yet another marvelous look --m this one into the flogger mentality.

Wow. Is this the best you can do? After all, that’s why she kept the [3] in … because it was really her work all along. Sure. A bright person who actually knew what they were talking about would have checked the revision notes to the article, and discovered that it was composed by Noles1984, whose history of contributions to Wikipedia is easily available. But you are not a bright person. In fact, you’re rather inept. Your desperate defense of dishonesty is noted. Hope you’re proud of yourself. How pathetic.

See how his lust for denigration comes crashing through again? Like most floggers, he can't just correct an error. He has to shame, denigrate, and ridicule the error maker. Gosh, I feel sorry for his students.

Andy Hall chimes in:  The suggestion that the Confederate Battle Flag was included in that grouping of national flags to celebrate some specific Florida regiment is a bizarre bit of retroactive rationalization for a flag design that should not have been included in that display in the first place. The more common use of the First National is such displays is (to borrow a phrase from Larry Wilmore) “not politically correct, it’s correct-correct.”

Well, Andy, maybe you can mind-read why the Chamber of Commerce chose the battle flag for their displays almost 70 years ago, and know it without a doubt -- but all I can do is guess, and my guess is that they chose that flag because they thought it was most representative of the Confederacy.

Jimmy Dick weighs in with: Looks like I missed her reply. Then again, ignoring Chastain is a good habit to have. It is a waste of time to argue with ignorant people who ignore facts in favor of fiction. I just feel sorry for her and anyone that believes what she writes.

And it's a habit Jimmy Dick is yet to develop, considering that he refers to me, or to what I write, in various flogger comment threads.

Simpson again: It’s not clear that she writes so much as practices cut ‘n’ paste.

Yes, it is clear to anybody who isn't in love with their own Machiavellianism, as Simpson is. Stack up one instance of overlooking an attribution against four novels, two short stories, four blogs, numerous Facebook posts and even a few Tweets... Folks, does Simpson's insidiousness begin to dawn now?

Never a need to argue with someone you can demonstrate is wrong, period.

And yet Simpson does it all the time on his blog -- he just fixes it so nobody can argue back. He's cowardly that way.

“That’s right. Jokes about rape. (Yes, I know, she’ll say it’s a joke about feminists. She’ll just ignore why she chose this particular subject.)” Prediction fulfilled. No denial of plagiarism, however.

Yet another lie and more Simpson insidiousness. Denied on Twitter. Twice.


Just for Yuks

Friday, December 26, 2014

Answering Jimmy Dick's Dumb Questions

Jessie Sanford posted this in the comment thread following the Backsass blog post, For the Geography Impaired....
Another gem from Jimmy Dick
 "Why would the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia be flying in Florida? Why does someone want to flag anything in Florida? What is the point of flagging? If it is to prove one’s lack of historical knowledge, then she proved it in spades, but she does that via her blog all the time.
If she wants to educate people on the purpose of the confederacy she should have been out with shackles and chains and offered to put them on black people to demonstrate what the confederacy was about."

Ole Jimmy sure is a knucklehead.His grasp of history is real shaky at best.
Mr. Sanford, I believe Mr. Dick's tunnel vision has kept him from developing a wholistic view of history. I further believe he's loyal to his leftist agenda and its interpretation of history far, far, far more than he is loyal to history itself.

Since he asked questions, though, I thought I'd answer them. Not that he's interested in answers, especially in areas where his mind is already made up. As is often the case, I'm answering more for other readers than for Mr. Dick. He begins:
"Why would the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia be flying in Florida?"
I can't speak for all of Florida, but in Pensacola, in 1949, the Chamber of Commerce developed the Fiesta of Five Flags, based on the idea of combining tourism and history. The five flags were those of the countries Pensacola had been governed by since European colonization. They chose the battle flag to represent the Confederacy.  From the Fiesta website:
Calvin Todd, President of the Pensacola Chamber of Commerce in 1949, proposed the concept of combining a historical theme with tourism promotion. Thus, the focus of Fiesta was based upon the founding of Pensacola, America's oldest city, by Don Tristan de Luna in 1559. It would also be a salute to our history under the flags of five governments that have flown over our city: Spain, France, England, the Confederacy and the United States.


Throughout the 64 years of the Fiesta’s history, the mission has remained the same: "To celebrate our heritage, promote tourism and build pride in Pensacola through festive activities which enhance the quality of life in our Community."
If Jimmy has a beef with that, perhaps he should find any surviving members of the Chamber of Commerce from that era and take it up with them. (Note: the Battleflag was replaced by the First National in city flag displays in 2000 by City Manager Tom Bonfield. At the time, the county chose not to replace the battle flag in the only Five Flags display on county property at the Pensacola Bay (civic) Center.)

As for history, one reason a battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia (in one or more of its many renditions) might fly in Florida would be to honor the 2nd Florida Infantry.  George T. Ward's 2nd Florida Infantry was sent to Virginia. Ward participated at the Yorktown Siege but lost his life to a gunshot wound at the Battle of Williamsburg. In 1862 the Ward family was presented the Confederate Battleflag.[3]

Another reason a battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia might fly in Pensacola would be to honor the Pensacola Rifle Rangers which became part of Ward's 2nd Florida Infantry, fought in the 1862 Peninsular Campaign, defending Yorktown, Virginia, the Seven Days' Battles in June 1862, the Battle of Antietam in Maryland, at Fredericksburg and Chancelorsville, and the Battle of the Wilderness.

While I don't have a problem with exchanging the battle flag for one of the Confederacy's national flags in the Five Flags displays, it is certainly historically appropriate to fly a Confederate battle flag in the city and in Escambia County.
Why does someone want to flag anything in Florida? What is the point of flagging?
Flagging is a specific form of picketing the government, a form of citizen protest in the USA, which is not only time-honored, but protected by the First Amendment (right to free speech, right to peaceably assemble).

Look up "picketing" and "protest" in the USA sometime, Mr. Jimmy "Historian" Dick, and read up on it.

The form of picketing/protest called "flagging" usually occurs to protest removal of some aspect of Confederate heritage.

Currently, in Pensacola, flagging is occurring to protest the recent vote of the Escambia County Board of Commissioners that removed the historic flags, including the Confederate flag,  from a county-owned Five Flags display at the Pensacola Bay Center (civic center).

There are other aspects to flagging that could be part of the point...

Flagging is also a way to honor our Confederate ancestors, to educate the the public about our beliefs and positions about Confederate history and heritage.

Flagging is a way to connect with other heritage folks for fellowship and fun. The Virginia Flaggers, remember, started with one woman and a flag, and has grown to a core group of dozens and an extended group of hundreds, with the support of thousands across the South and the nation.
If it is to prove one’s lack of historical knowledge, then she proved it in spades, but she does that via her blog all the time.
My blog, as the header clearly states, is to discuss much more than just history.  "Defending Dixie -- Commentary on pro-Southernism and Southern Culture, Confederate history, heritage and activism, religion, politics and whatever else I feel like witing about." As most people familiar with Backsass realize, my blog exists primarily to monitor anti-Confederate sites and blogs and to defend against their attacks, or to counter-attack.
"If she wants to educate people on the purpose of the confederacy she should have been out with shackles and chains and offered to put them on black people to demonstrate what the confederacy was about."
My primary concern is to educate people about the valor, honor and sacrifice of the Confederate soldier, but also to acquaint people with the Confederacy as a whole, and to promote and defend the traditional culture of the South. (Psssst, Mr. Jimmy "Historian" Dick -- most slaves in the South were not kept in chains and shackles. You're a historian and didn't know this?)

You make a lot of ridiculous statements, Mr. Dick -- most of them supremely worthy of being ignored. However, this last one deserves to be dealt with, and I hope to do that as time allows.

Also in a comment in the same thread, James Owen makes this extremely astute observation:
The Slavery thing is the moral straw they grab at to justify their aggression. Otherwise, their argument is lame and specious, given the North's political/cultural history up to 1860.
You are precisely right, Mr. Owen.  And in the future, I want to give that subject a blog post of its own, as well.

Encapsulation of the War on Christmas

Guess he didn't make it back up to the North Pole....

Sunday, December 21, 2014

For the Geography Impaired....

Found on Twitter:

No Susan Hathaway on the sidewalk in Pensacola? It's hard to be on the sidewalk in Pensacola when you're in Virginia. Impossible, in fact...

Happy Holidays? Um, Happy Holy Days. Yeah

Check Out the Report on Pensacola's First Flagging

Me and Bernie -- Yo Solo ... I Alone

Expect howls of derision** from ... certain ... quarters ... over my solitary venture, the weather, my walker (complete with neon-yellow tennis-ball shoes on the back feet -- hey, it came that way; $4.50 bucks at the mission store), and stuff  to ridicule that their mentality makes them notice, things that ordinary folks likely aren't even aware of.

Achy knees, cold hands, rain-frizzled hair, solo ventures, dirty dishes -- these are nothing, absolutely nothing, compared to the horrors and sacrifices our Confederate ancestors -- civilians, servants, and most especially the soldiers -- endured. Nothing.

(For the full report, click the link above or the photo below to go to the West Florida Flaggers blog.)

My Rig

**(Alternately, expect dead, ringing silence -- an attempt to ignore in the hope that we will disappear.)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wallowing In It at XRoads

Mousy Tongue
December 18, 2014 at 10:53 am

Chastain is actively trivializing Lilly Baumann’s tragedy, using poor arguments to claim she is presumably safe.
She must be using the liberal concept of trivializing. What the rest of the world understands as trivializing is this:

to make trivial; cause to appear trifling, of very little importance or value; insignificant.

Well, of course, my pointing out the fact that the media reported that the little girl is with her mother doesn't trivialize anything. It is simply the truth. Would Mousy have us believe Lilly would be just as safe if she'd been kidnapped by a modern day Richard Hauptmann? Is she for real?
She is in fact campaigning against concern for the missing girl.
Ah, no. I'm rejecting the despicable implication that the Virginia Flaggers are involved in, associated with, have knowledge of (beyond news reports) or are in some way responsible for the kidnapping.
Brooks D. Simpson
December 18, 2014 at 11:51 am
 Chastain simply doesn’t give a damn about Lilly Baumann.
First, my understanding is that the little girl's name is Lilly Everett. I could be wrong, but that's my understanding.

Second, I give as much d--- about her as I do the 260,000+ OTHER kids who are abducted every year in the US. Obviously, she is the only one Simpson gives a d--- about.
Neither do the Virginia Flaggers.
Which brings us to the reason why Brooks Simpson, hypocritus monumentalus, gives a d--- about Lilly... She is a weapon to use against the VaFlaggers. Beyond that, what evidence to we have that he gives a d--- about her? Have you ever seen him express his "concern" about her in a post that doesn't attack the Flaggers and imply that they are involved in, associated with, have knowledge of the kidnapping?

A Challenge for Ohioguy

As I noted yesterday, Simpson's carping about the dead-as-a-doornail Pat Hines issue. I guess his floggerettes need some stirring up.

Anyhoo,  OhioGuy sez:
Well, when Connie says you’re nuts, you are a certified screewball! I believe this guy is all bluster. But, to even talk about committing such heinous acts deserves condemnation, and I’m glad you put the spotlight on him. While he is not inciting to immediate action and, thus, his speech is protected, he does bear watching by the FBI in case I’m wrong about him being all bluster.
Once again, it happened over two years ago, Mr. Guy. There have been some attacks on schools since then, but none by Southern nationalists. To get an overview of the Hines issue, read these --

My blog posts about this issue:
Simpson's distortions:
Read all that and get back with me. You can post in my comments. I won't hex a spell on you, and you'll find a lot more respect from me here, than I find in the comment threads of your flogger buddies.

By the way, here are lists of school shootings, attacks and other violence. Why don't you skim them and see which incidents (if any) were perpetrated by Southern nationalists or Confederate heritage folks....


Ohioguy also sez, Thanks, Andy and Brooks, for further clarification of the tangled web that is the heritage movement of the unreconstructed rebels of the late insurrection. As “luck” would have it, I will be in Pensacola early in the new year. What specifically should I check out? I wouldn’t want to miss out on any CSA heritage tourist attractions. ;-)

P.S. This will be my first time back to Pensacola since I was stationed there when on active duty in the U.S. Navy.

Here are some things to see in Pensacola
Naval Aviation Museum
NAS Pensacola

Ft. Barrancas
NAS Pensacola

Pensacola Lighthouse
NAS Pensacola
Working lighthouse with a first-order Fresnel lens installed in 1869

Barrancas National Cemetery
NAS Pensacola
T.T. Wentworth Museum
Downtown Pensacola
(why limit yourself to Confederate history? This is the City of Five Flags, remember?)
Seville Square and Plaza Ferdinand VII
Downtown Pensacola

Veterans Memorial Park
Bayfront Parkway
Home of The Wall South

The Hawkshaw Lagoon Missing Children Memorial, Inc.
Bayfront Parkway
Across from Veterans Memorial Park

St. Michael's Cemetery
Downtown Pensacola
Resting place of many Pensacola notables including
Stephen Russell Mallory, Secretary of the Navy, CSA
and Delity Powell Kelly, a CSA army nurse, and others

Ft. George and the bust of Bernardo de Galvez
Palafox St.
Downtown Pensacola

Lee Square & Confederate Memorial
Palafox Street
Downtown Pensacola

Old Chimney Park
Scenic Highway

Naval Live Oaks
Gulf Breeze

Ft. Pickens
Santa Rosa Island

The beach, the sound, the Gulf
Santa Rosa Island
Restaurants (all over the area), especially seafood
(Some people say the tarballs actually enhance the flavor)

Ice Flyers, Civic Center
(Hockey is a yankee sport, so you might like this; have no idea whether the team's any good or not.)
Diving locations, if you're a diver
(many shipwrecks and the USS Oriskany artificial reef).
The Flora-Bama Lounge
Perdido Key

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

See Simpson Lie! Lie, Simpson, Lie!

Dredging up a Facebook post from September 2012, Simpson is acting outraged again (how many times has he put on this song and dance?) over the totally non-credible "threat" against a school by Pat Hines -- a "threat" neither Facebook nor the FBI took seriously.

How do we know? Other outraged floggerettes at XRoads notified both, and received replies that the threats weren't credible.

Facebook and the FBI must know their stuff, as there have been no attacks against children at school by Southern heritage folks (though there have been by others, but don't expect Simpson to acknowledge that).

So he's running a pic of Hines with Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South. Now, I'm already on record being against the way the League has, IMO, radicalized. But I'm not ready to throw the organization and its members to the wolves.

Here's the lie:

Following the picture, Simp sez, "No word from Dr. Hill as to whether the League of the South endorses Mr. Hines’s proposal..."

Simpson knows it's a lie because he monitors my blog, so he certainly knows about this PM between me and Dr. Hill in the days after the threat was posted. So, yes, there is "word" from Dr. Hill that the League most certainly does not endorse Hines' "proposal" (which is was not; it was an example of spouting off).
Conversation started September 27, 2012

    9/27, 7:20am
    Connie Chastain

    Do you gentlemen agree with Pat Hines, who says: "The Beslan event was part of the war to rid Chechnya of the Russian hegemony. We Southrons will adopt exactly the same methods if the Untied (sic) States does not withdrawn (sic) from our lands. It is harsh, but will be done."
    Gentlemen, I'm asking again. Do you agree with Pat Hines' threat to destroy a "yankee" (i.e,. American) school and everyone in it? Why the silence? If you agree with him, you need to remove "by all honorable means" from your motto. Murdering school children -- or even threatening to -- is not honorable. If you don't agree with him, you need to establish that.

    10/1, 10:10pm
    Michael Hill
    In a word, Connie, no. We will sanction nothing of this sort. Non-combatants have never been a legitimate target.

    10/1, 10:14pm
    Connie Chastain
    Thank you, Dr. Hill. I was very concerned about that. It is not the Southern way....
    10/1, 10:14pm
    Michael Hill
    No, and it's not the Christian way, either.
    10/1, 10:16pm
    Connie Chastain
    Agreed. Thank you again.
My original blog post about this:

Run, Spot, Run! Lie, Simpson, Lie!

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The West Florida Flaggers now have a Facebook page and a blog. Should have a Twitter account soon -- tonight or tomorrow.

If you're on Facebook, drop by and like our page.

Visit our blog, too....

There isn't much on either one, but they're brand new, just created earlier this evening. It will be fun to watch them grow!  And hopefully, it won't be long before we can get a professionally designed header!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

My Hubs Sez....

...I hafta clean up the house before I can go flaggin'.... So today, I'm doing the dishes.

Dang. I just DID that five days ago! The man drives a hard bargain.

BUT...No sacrifice is too great for our ancestors....

Image: Pixabay

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Plans for Local Flagger Group in the Works

Upon learning (at Levin's flog) of my intention to organize a flagger group as a response to the Escambia County's removal of the area's historic flags from the civic center, which sits on county land, Simpson posts,
"We’ll be disappointed if we don’t see a website, a FaceBook page, a Twitter account, and five dust jacket designs up within a week, followed in a year by the dedication of a new really big CBF along the interstate."
Well, duh, yes, of course we will have a presence in social media. But you'll be disappointed, Simp, because setting up the website (plus blog), Facebook page, and Twitter feed will take longer than a week. I'm also looking into having a graphic artist design a logo for the group. But first, there is research -- sidewalk ordinances and other legalities -- to be done, hand-out literature to print up, banners and signs to create....

So you're just gonna have to wait, Simp. Maybe you can deal with your disappointment by directing some of your usual bilious denigration, harassment and persecution toward people who haven't done a thing to you.

I originally thought West Florida Flaggers would be an appropriate name, but after speaking with some other heritage folks here, we think Gulf Coast Flaggers will work even better.

Also, I don't do dust jackets. I do book covers. And while I expect to do five (and more) in the future, it won't be within a week, and they won't have anything to do with the GC Flaggers. They will be for my novels, novellas, novelettes and short stories, and for Word Slinger Boutique customers.

I've already thought of some great places for a giant CBF in or near Pensacola -- seven of them, to be exact, but I have no idea whether there is land to lease in those areas, how much it would cost, and how long it will take to raise the funds. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm learning OJT.

I expect to get a lot of valuable assistance from existing flagger organizations.

Curious Patrick

There's quite a discussion at Levin's flog about the recent action by the Escambia County (Florida) County Commission to remove the Five Flags displays on county property and fly only the American (sic) flag and maybe the Florida flag. 

A lot of the discussion is about ... MOI!

Imagine that.

I may get around to blogging about that thread (and about the county's action), but I've got too many irons in too many other fires to give it much time right now.

Until then, here's  a comment posted by Mr. Young at Levin's flog:
 Pat Young Dec 14, 2014

Yesterday I submitted a comment on her blog asking her to explain her inaction. Although she has posted a couple of things there subsequently, she has posted neither an explanation nor even my question.

Perhaps this reminder will spur her to action.
And here's my reply:
Mr. Young, first, what bizarre thought processes cause you to imagine I owe you, or any other flogger or floggerette, any explanation ... about anything?

Second, I have received no comment from you. It is not in the Awaiting Moderation queue. It's not in Spam.

Blogger notifies me by e-mail when comments are received, so just to be sure, I double checked the in-box and spam filter of my e-mail account. Nothing there, either.

If you like, you can try to submit it again, but of course, there is no guarantee I will allow it through, or answer it. However, if I receive it, I will acknowledge that, regardless of whether I respond or not.

Mousy Tongue's Taste Buds Find Truth, Facts and Reality Unpalatable

When I find ignorant (or dishonest) people on comment threads equating the Confederacy with the Third Reich, there's a pretty good chance I'll acquaint them with the stark differences between the two, thusly:
There were nine million Jews in Europe before the Third Reich -- three million afterward. By contrast, the black population in the United States, before the war, during it, and afterward -- both during slavery and after emancipation -- grew at basically the same rate as the USA's white population.
There were no concentration camps that slaves were herded into in the Confederate states. Inmates in death camps were worked to death and/or given rations scientifically calculated to starve them in three months. By constrast, American slaves ate much the same thing white people ate -- at least, in the South. What they ate is called "soul food" today and it's viewed very positively -- tasty and nutritious, if rather high in starch.

Laws in various states mandated that slaveowners support aged slaves who were no longer able to work and that pregnant slaves be given lighter duties.
Apparently Mousy follows me to these threads and reports back to her buddies at Simpson's flog.  If memory serves, she has mentioned this twice. "American slaves ate much the same thing white people ate -- at least, in the South. What they ate is called "soul food" today and it's viewed very positively -- tasty and nutritious, if rather high in starch."
Apparently she has a problem with the claim, although I don't know why. Maybe she doesn't believe it, or doesn't want to believe it. But the information certainly doesn't originate with me.

Some tidbits from the entry on Soul Food at Wikipedia

The term soul food became popular in the 1960s. The origins of soul food, however, are much older and can be traced back to Africa....Foods such as rice, sorghum (known by some Europeans as "guinea corn"), and okra — all common elements of West African cuisine — were introduced to the Americas as a result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. They became dietary staples among enslaved Africans. They also comprise an important part of the cuisine of the American south, in general.

Southern Native American culture is the cornerstone of the south's cuisine. From their cultures came one of the main staples of the Southern diet: corn (maize)...

Impoverished whites and blacks in the South prepared many of the same dishes stemming from the soul tradition, but styles of preparation sometimes varied. Traditionally-prepared soul foods tend to be very high in starch, fat, sodium, cholesterol, and calories.

Isolated ingredients of a soul food diet do have pronounced health benefits. Collard and other greens are rich sources of several vitamins , minerals fiber, and small amounts of omega-3 fatty acids.  Peas, rice, and legumes are excellent, inexpensive sources of protein; they also contain important vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Sweet potatoes are a tremendous source of beta carotene and trace minerals.

Of course, maybe she'll reject this information since it came from Wikipedia ... although the article is abundantly footnoted, if she's interested in sources. In any case, the article validates what I said.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Who Killed Jessica Chambers? Will We Ever Know?

The horrific report of the burning death of a Mississippi teenager on December 6 made a small splash in the media for a while, but has been overtaken by other news. Though I haven't followed it closely, I have read some of the reports, and it is both horrifying and mystifying. Who would commit such an atrocity? Why hasn't law enforcement made more progress in identifying and apprehending the murderer (or murderers)?

Some of my growing-up years were spent in small towns and rural communities in the South. They weren't the sort of places were horrifying murders happened, and I was shocked that such a crime occurred in rural Panola County, Mississippi.

Yesterday and today, I followed links on Facebook to a conservative blog titled The Last Refuge.  Among other news, they are reporting on the Chambers murder investigation day by day, and what they are reporting points out how very different our country and culture (including small towns and rural counties) are now than they were when I was growing up.

 Mississippi Burning – Day #6 – The Murder of Jessica Lane Chambers Exposes Massive Problems In Panola County Mississippi… reveals a number of shocking revelations -- that Jessica was in a shelter for battered women until a few months before her murder ... that the video footage of her at the convenience store where she stopped before she was murdered is not the raw footage, but is edited and shown on a monitor which was then recorded with another camera ...

Also learned that the convenience store is a front for drug trafficking by a gang likely imported to Panola County from Memphis ... and that the store is owned by a 19-year-old Muslim from Yemen who apparently supplies the gang with drugs.  We also learn that law enforcement in Panola County is pretty much paralyzed. And we -- or at least I -- am left with the suspicion that if this crime is to be solved, it won't be by the proper authorities ...

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Flagger Veterans and a Beautiful Gift

Check the Virginia Flaggers blog for the full story behind these wonderful photos.  The Flaggers donated a U.S. flag to the Virginia War Memorial in memory of Sgt. Cliff Troutman, and in honor of the Veterans in in the Flagger organization, pictured below.

Check out more of Judy Smith's photos of the beautiful Virginia War Memorial at the Virginia Flaggers blog, here.

Thanks to the Flaggers for making such a beautiful gift to the memorial, and thank you, Veterans, for your service.

RIP. Sgt. Troutman....

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Remember This From Kevin Levin?

Is This Image Really Controversial?
Generated quite a comment thread at his blog.

Since he is so, so, so focused on slavery (at least, as it is connected to the Confederacy and the South), I wonder if he'll blog about this.

‘New Age of Slavery’painting by Patrick Campbell

Nah. What a silly question. Of course he won't. First, although floggers can make nearly anything civil-war related, I suspect they won't try too hard with this. "It's not civil war related so we ain't touchin' it."

After all, it puts the flag of the floggers' glorious union in a really bad light.

It's a striking image but I suspect it won't resonate with floggers.

At all.

Just a Reminder....

The Things You Can Find on the Internet....

Some posts on an online forum/group....
Brooks D. Simpson --  FWIW, Ray O'Hara (who commented a great deal on Connie's blog and FB page after I booted him BEFORE those revelations, was arrested, but I have no record that he was convicted. Carl, of course, dabbles in kiddie porn ... as a writer.
(1) To the best of my memory,Ray O'Hara never commented on any of my blogs.
(2) Ray O'Hara was removed from my Facebook Group Due South at the request of several other members. I did a search of the group to pinpoint the date that I announced to the group that, due to their requests, he was being removed.  It's March 7, 2012. (This screenshot is of the search index; it does not show the entire post.)

(3) Several weeks after O'Hara was removed from Due South, I received a PM from a group member with a link to the news report of O'Hara's arrest for trafficking in child pornography, after it appeared in a Massachusetts newspaper That was the first I'd heard of it. Here's a screenshot of the PM, dated 5/3/2012.

(4) Carl, of course, does not "dabble in kiddie porn ... as a writer." And we shall see why, so keep reading.
Brooks D. Simpson -- Meanwhile, the Flaggers once celebrated someone who was later revealed as a sex offender as a gift from God. We chose not to highlight the details.
If it was "revealed later," how were the Flaggers supposed to know about it earlier?
(Simpson continues) -- Carl's a liddle sick puppy.
Well, no, he's not...keep reading.
Kat McNeal -- Wait, why are they mad that you kicked someone out because of kiddie porn? That is one of the most morally unimpeachable reasons to boot someone. Frankly you should be fucking applauded.
If this is about O'Hara and Confoy, after his arrest in Massachusetts for trafficking in child pornography, O'Hara was prohibited from using the Internet. Besides, Simpson says he booted O'Hara "before those revelations" so he can't take credit for booting O'Hara because of kiddie porn.

Confoy, on the other hand, enjoyed continued access to Simpson's blog comments until *I* posted a link to this:

So, Ms. McNeal, you can effing applaud ME since Simpson kicked that someone out because of information *I* posted here: 

Reluctantly kicked out, I might add.
He wasn't real happy about having to boot Confoy (see  and
Corey Meyer -- He is a walking piece of shit.

Brooks D. Simpson -- I think he staggers and waddles.

Kristen Schroeder Konaté -- Heavens...
I wonder how many of these hedonists who are impersonating self-righteous fundamentalists have even read Carl's fanfic. I have. That's how I know it's not "kiddie porn" -- not even close. It's not even erotica. It's not even "warm" or "spicy" romance.

You see, many firms that publish romances, and sites that review them, have heat ratings, and Carl's story falls at the "sweet" end on all the following:

Long and Short Romance Reviews
Review Heat Level Descriptions

SWEET: no visual love scenes and no descriptive kissing; (Carl's story would be compatible with SWEET.)
SENSUAL: Contains a high degree of sexual tension, steamy kisses and passionate clinches, but all fully consummated love scenes will be implied, not described, and with the bedroom door firmly closed.
SPICY: Contains actual love scenes and may include detailed descriptions of foreplay and consummation.
HOT: Contains sizzling and very detailed love scenes throughout and graphic, explicit content which may be offensive to some.

All About Romance
(Carl's story would be "kisses" or "subtle") 

According to RomCon's heat scale, Carl's story would be "Sweet" (No sex or scenes of physical intimacy except kissing. No profanity. No graphic violence. (e.g., Christian Fiction, Sweet Romance, Young Adult Romance...) The remaining levels --
3) Mild
4) Hot
5) Wild Ride
6) Blood Thirsty

Desert Breeze Publishing
These folks published my novel, Storm Surge. Here is their list of heat ratings.

Carl's would fall somewhere between Sweet/Blush and Warm

Sweet/Blush: Nothing more physical described in the book than handholding, brief kisses and embraces. Limited displays of affection. No discussion of arousal. If the characters are intimate, it is within the vows of marriage and only implied behind closed doors.

A step up from blush. Prolonged, sensual contact. Long, deep kisses. Touching. "Making Out." Sexual intimacy may occur, but description goes 'to the door' and stops. No details.
(They gave Storm Surge a "warm" rating.)

Carl's story can't be pornography because it has no sex scenes. Even if it did, it could not be child pornography because a child has to experience abuse in the making of it for it to be kiddie porn, which is what occurs when the abuse is photographed, filmed, videotaped, etc. Writing about underage sex doesn't qualify as it is not a visual depiction of actual child abuse...
"According to the Supreme Court case Ashcroft v. Free Speech Coalition (535 U.S. 234 (2002)), text alone is not illegal because it does not visually depict actual child sexual abuse."
These floggers and floggerettes are truly amazing -- addicted to denigration, dedicated to harassment and persecution, getting off on hurting people (or at least trying to), embracing the smear, the put-down, the lying -- all because somebody sees history differently than they do.

Carl knows that my only criticism of his fanfic story is that the characters are not married to each other, not that they are minors.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Kevin Levin's Ludicrous Blog Post

Titled "Same Flag: From Selma to Ferguson"

He doesn't say much in the blog post -- just puts up two photos, one of somebody holding a Confederate flag as the Selma marchers go by, and another one showing somebody in camo with his face covered, and a CBF nearby, on the protesters' route from Ferguson to Jefferson City, Missouri.

He's attempting to equate Ferguson riots with the Selma March. I lived in Alabama when that happened, and as far as I can remember, the Selma marchers didn't burn any towns or loot any stores...

But because somebody waved a Confederate flag at each event, that makes them the same in his mind, I guess.

Anyway, my blog post is in response to one of Levin's commenters as much as to Levin himself. Said the commenter:
I’m sure all of the southern heritage groups and flagger organizations will rush to denounce this racially charged abuse of the same Confederate flag which they all are so devoted to; or should I rephrase that as a question.
My comment, which I'm sure he will not let through:
Interesting  to see what disturbs you enough to focus on it on your blog, and what you are apparently comfortable disregarding. So you zoom in on one guy and the CBF, but you don't show the Ferguson rioters burning several US flags...  Am I to assume burning U.S. flags does not bother you enough to blog about it?  Shouldn't it? After all, it can fall under the rubric of "civil war memory" since the US was one side of that war, and the same flag being burned in Ferguson (with fewer stars) led the US armies into battle then...

Personally, seeing the CBF used this way galls me, but then, I'm still enough of an American that burning the US flag galls me, too. And I'm doing as much about the misuse of the CBF as you Confederacy haters are doing about the extreme dishonor frequently shown to the US flag. I also note that said dishonor to the US flag is a violation of federal law, while abusing  the CBF is simply an affront to the memory of Confederate soldiers.

Ferguson protesters burning US flags
 I would just ask Mr. J--- H----- what he imagines denunciation by heritage groups would accomplish.  Would the fellow in the photo, should he discover such denunciation, suddenly have a change of heart, acknowledge the error of his ways, and work atonement for his misdeed?

The difference between most heritage folks and most civil war memory/era/other stuff blogger-folks is the affinity for controlling others. The liberal mentality is all about controlling what other people say or do (that is the purpose of political correctness, to control speech); it's about silencing what you disagree with and stopping behavior you don't like, even if it is not unlawful.  OTOH, while not universal in the heritage community, the prevailing attitude of heritage folks is that people are free to say what they wish, even if we don't like it. That's why I may argue with what you bloggers say, but I've never advocated that you take down your blogs the way Levin ordered Ann Dewitt to take hers down.
See? He will never let that through moderation.  Regardless....

Obama's Black Skin Privilege

Bill Whittle nails it again....

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Floggerette Displays No Use for the Truth

At XRoads, Mousy Tongue sez:
Hey guys, big surprise: she’s falsely reporting success in that SC discussion. Furman faculty has been making short shrift of her smacking sounds. Meanwhile she digresses about honoring Erwin Rommel & the German soldiers of WWII.
The "she" referred to here is Yours Truly.... See for yourself who argued from emotion (liberals, "Furman faculty," and assorted anti-flaggers who respond with cascades of emotion and without a single neuron firing) and who dispassionately presented facts, and even rational, common-sense opinion ...

Also note that it wasn't I who "digressed" -- it was one of the ring-leaders of the hyper-emotional liberals, James Scott, who introduced the Nazis to the conversation with his totally irrelevant reference to the SS. (Anybody surprised Mousy Tongue  didn't mention that? I thought not.) I threw some facts about it at Ol' James and he responded soooo predictably.
Elizabeth Herring -- James Scott They are only championing honoring the war dead. This is only a debate over a flag that flies on the Civil War memorial.
James Scott -- Elizabeth Herring When do you plan on honoring the SS war dead?
Connie Chastain -- James Scott the SS was not the German Army. Many people DO honor the German Army of WWII and its war dead. Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was respected by both sides. I'm surprised you don't know this. But you have to be an objective and fairminded person to separate those fighting for their country from those oppressing others. You apparently haven't developed such a capacity. I have huge respect for U.S. armed services even when I scorn the unconstitutional missions their mutant government sends them on.
James Scott -- Connie Chastain So Hitler's army also comprises heroes of yours. This is not necessarily a revelation to me. However, I would point out that Field Marshal Rommel was implicated in the plot to assassinate Hitler and end the war, so at least he showed some integrity, albeit not until it was almost too late anyway.
Connie Chastain -- James Scott, sorry, no. I only recently learned about Rommel from a woman in a chatroom I was a member of. Sorry to burst your hate-bubble. BTW, Rommel also disobeyed orders to kill Jewish soldiers and civilians, and treated POWs humanely. He was never accused of war crimes. This info is easily available online, for people who can see past their hate enough to read it.

Now, lets look at this. Reporting what a former chat-room member said about Rommel, and what Wikipedia says about him, in the super-saturated, indoctrinated mind of James Scott equates to making heroes of Hitler's army? How does a reasonably knowledgeable person  come up with such nonsense?

It appears Ol' James scurried to look up Rommel and found out about his involvement in the plot to assassinate Hitler, and conceded that he "showed some integrity." I guess Rommel's earlier humanity in refusing to kill Jewish soldiers and civilians, though ordered to, and treating POWs humanely, do not add up to "showing some integrity" in the indoctrination-steeped mentality Scott clings to.

When confronted with this kind of sheer hallucination, I have to wonder.... Do the James Scotts of the world really not know they are lying? Or do they actually believe the garbage they spew? Watching Scott in action on that thread, one almost visualizes not a flesh and blood human person, but some computer algorithm popping up programmed responses, but for the mountain of emotionalism underlying their responses..

But Mousy Tongue / LibertyLamp / Hecate Crowley / Crowley Hecate / Inglourious Basterd / AnonBorg and (who knows how many other fraudulent profiles she goes by)) has no such excuse. She may be indoctrinated, but she's not so far gone that she can't tell when she's lying.

And she is lying. Of course, telling the truth ... lying ... it's all the same to leftists. Whatever serves their agenda of destruction....

Note: When I say I only recently learned about Rommel, what I mean is that for most of my life, until the last ten years or so, I had a view of him as a stereotypical Nazi, and nothing more. I was aware that he was involved in a plot to assassinate Hitler, but I knew little about it, nor did I know about his humanity as a soldier, until I learned things about him online. But you have to be devoid of integrity to equate learning a little about Rommel with making heroes of the German army.

Hope Y'all Have a ....


Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Great History Post at XRoads!

Simpson posts:
Projecting From Pensacola
Posted on November 25, 2014     
Sometimes it’s interesting to recall what someone says in consecutive days. Take this example:
Boy … we should really look down on people who behave that way, right? Well …
“Smacking people around”? That’s her idea of fun? A bit violent, don’t you think? “All a bunch of leftist ideologues?” Oh, no … denigration and put-downs all in the name of ideology. We should really look down on those sort of desperate, mean-spirited people.
Someone from Pensacola’s projecting again. That’s why she’s all about the hate. She’s a rather hateful person … just the right spokesperson/webmaster for a certain Confederate heritage group.
Once again, a man who is supposed to be sooo highly edumacated betrays his learning.

The "smacking" was violent? What does he think I did, reach through the internet and pop somebody's jaws? Obviously, the "smacking around" was verbal. He ought to be familiar with that concept. Verbal bludgeoning makes up a huge portion of his blog's content.

Also, I'm certain he's edumacated enough to tell the difference between namecalling that identifies people's behavior or criticizes their ideology, and namecalling that denigrates people's intelligence or things they have no control over. That's the difference between calling someone a "leftist ideologue," professor, and calling them "troglodyte, stupid, knuckledragger, idiot," etc., which is what you and your sycophants do. (And yes, sycophant relates to behavior, not what a person IS or their level of intelligence, which is what floggers and floggerettes [which also imply behavior] do most.)

But the best comments about history, not heritage, come in the comment thread.  Just look at all the respect for, and discussion of, history here:
Simpson: She threw a Twitter tantrum and claimed that I was “skeered” of linking to her blog. I prefer to think of it as good taste and polite restraint.

Either self-delusion or deliberate lying. There's as little good taste and restraint, polite or otherwise, at XRoads as there is history.
Her picture on Twitter looks like someone who arrived stoned at the DMV thinking she was Grace Slick.
LOL!  I was never much of a Jefferson Airplane/Starship fan, but Ol' Grace was a looker back in the day. And getting stoned was against my religion, but maybe he was stoned when he looked at my profile pic....

A "new" floggerette, "Mousy Tongue" (very likely LibertyLamp-slash-InglouriousBasterd) sez...
The queen of just tweeted “Racism = no objective definition”? 
 ...and she truncated the rest of my tweet:  Means whatever the accuser wishes. But since Mousy (she'd probably freak if she knew that was my clique's nickname for me in high school and college) doesn't grasp the concept of usage as opposed to dictionary definition, my comment means "Racism has no objective definition to most of the people who use it as an accusation." There. Get it now, shweetheart?

Simpson follows up with a typical lie:
"And therefore, she argues, it doesn’t exist. How white of her."
Ah, nope. No such argument. See for yourself:

Then we have this interesting exchange, wherein Simpson and a floggerette deliberately mangle their own historical mastery:
Andrew Raker: Was she talking about Andrew or Lyndon Johnson?   
Brooks D. Simpson: She’s fonder of Andrew.
I dunno. You'd think "... and people were sitting-in..." would give history experts a clue... Maybe I give them more credit than they deserve....

And speaking of clues, here's one for jclark82 -- Simpson is conflating two separate blog posts. The first was about flogger historians... the one about Johnson and sitting-in referred to someone else... the flag opponents on a comment thread following a news story.  Next time, don't take Simpson's word for it. Come to Backsass and see it what I actually said.

jclark82 concludes,
She’s a sadly delusional person, in a movement chock full of them. The only people she smacks around is in her mind, she gets pushed around on message boards.
He didn't see the comment thread I'm talking about or he'd know better than to say that. I'm the one who did the pushing and smacking....

Then we have this from Jimmy "Carnac the Magnificent" Dick --
Jerry just likes the fact that his ancestors were slave owners and fought for the right to own slaves. He wants to own slaves today. He thinks the Civil War was great in that the southern states were going to form their own country where whites would permanently be owners of any and all blacks. His version of history states that these wonderful white man’s paradise was invaded by a tyrannical northern government. He just omits all the parts that conflict with his fantasy.
Has Jerry said any of this on his blog? I'm asking because I don't know, I don't read his blog. But unless he has, what we have here is Mr. Dick thinking he can read minds (actually, what he's doing is projecting what he believes about someone he apparently doesn't know, has never met).  Presumably, Mr. Dick believes himself to be a history expert.

Hope y'all enjoyed this little excursion into flogger "history" -- lies, innuendo, namecalling, mysticism (mind reading), historical ambivalence and an utterly bizarre habit of mistaking ridicule for humor..... Although, it really isn't anything new....

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Talk About Yer Rich, Rich Irony....

On the Ferguson Grand Jury Decision...
"We are a nation built on the rule of law, so we need to
accept that this decision was the grand jury's to make."
This comes just days after he flouted the rule of law and made a decision that wasn't his to make...

Anybody wanna take any guesses whether or not his supporters will see the irony?

Monday, November 24, 2014

Been Having Fun...

...smacking people around on a comment thread following a news story about the Confederate flag. It's really too easy. The flag opponents are all a bunch of leftist ideologues who probably haven't  had an original thought since Johnson was president and people were sitting-in. They have the leftist talking points memorized really well, though.

Of course, indoctrinated people aren't going to be open-minded about anything, so I don't argue with them to convince them of anything, but to give readers and lurkers something to think about.

Here as sample of how it has gone....
KB --  the only reason the south survives today is because the northern states pay them welfare otherwise they would be just another third world country trying to sneak in. South Carolina gets over 40% of their budget from the more educated and well off northern states. You should be thanking them for having mercy on you. I wouldn't, I would let you rot in your racist stink.

Me -- You. Must. Be. Joking. The Southern ports on the Gulf of Mexico are among the busiest (and richest) in the world. There are over 4,000 oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, that keep refineries in the South busy producing fuel primary for the Southern states. The forests of the South are so productive that, even though they make up only two percent of forest cover worldwide, they produce 12 percent of the worlds industrial roundwood and 19 percent of its pulp and paper products—more than any other U.S. region or country in the world. The Northern states PAY???? The rust belt PAYS???? You're dreaming. Be careful when you talk about welfare and the South (don't look at the demographics, or you might find yourself criticizing those who are culturally supposed to be above criticism).

Sunday, November 23, 2014


...for flogger "historians"...

It's not about history.

It's about ideology.
It's about control.
It's about denigration
It's about the put-down.

For floggers, history is a weapon...

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Ignorant Update at XRoads

Apparently stung that I showcased his lies about my chat comments, Simpson has compounded the lies with this:
UPDATE: The author of the comments claims that these statements, especially the first, were taken out of context. That’s to be expected. But when someone says:
We live in a nation of dumbed down ignoramuses.
… one must conclude that the speaker also thinks “Americans are stupid.”
One MUST? Only if one believes stupid and ignorant are synonyms, which they emphatically are not -- as anyone who teaches at a major state university should be edumacated enough to know. Let's look at some definitions, shall we?
lacking in common sense, perception, or normal intelligence

an extremely ignorant person

lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned

Dumbed down:
To rewrite for a less educated or less sophisticated audience
Stupid implies impaired or limited intellectual capacity. All the rest -- ignoramus, ignorant, dumbed down -- deals with the lack of knowledge. It is possible to lack knowledge because one is intellectually impaired or deficient, but it is also possible to be highly intelligent and still lack knowledge. Thus, knowledge and intelligence are not the same thing.

It's hard to relate to a love of denigration so strong that someone would willingly compromise his level of education and his (purported) integrity by implying stupidity and ignorance are the same thing.

Friday, November 21, 2014

How a Liar Lies -- Part ...Too Many to Keep Up With

Over at XRoads, Simpson posts:

One way to lie, of course, is to report only part of what someone says. Known as "lying by omission," Simpson is a virtuoso at it...

Here are the entire statements, made across several posts in the Chat Box over there. -------------->
Anyone with the discernment and intelligence implied in holding a position at a major institute of, um, learning should be able to figure out that the entire thought was expressed over several postings. Especially somebody with an Internet tiptoe-savvy time-stamp obsession.

Do you suppose either he or any of his minions will point out his dishonest reporting? What a silly question. Of course not. Honesty doesn't appear to be highly valued among the civil war left.

(I would just point out here that Allah is the deity prayed to by terrorist beheaders posting their"talent" on Internet videos, their cohorts coming across our undefended borders, and the western copy-cat toadies that become radicalized in their mosques. If somebody doesn't believe that is diversity, and that sort of violence isn't shattering to our culture, what desert of sand do they have their head stuck in? What will it take to wake them to reality? Another 9-11 targeting the Sears tower? A suitcase nuke going off in a major US city? The hijacking of the Ferguson unrest? We'll see....)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Final Version of Smallfoot Book Trailer

As  usual, my characters are ordinary, decent Southerners from a Christian tradition and who hold a Christian world view, though my books aren't specifically Christian fiction. The characters are relistically flawed, not the stereotypical regional monstrosities Big Publishing (and comment-thread trash on sites like Raw Story, Media Matters, etc.) loves, but basically good people, as are the vast majority of Southerners I know in real life.

Comments at his flog that Simpson has made about my novels, without ever having read them, tell a lot about him. He gives the impression that he thinks white Southerners should not be portrayed as good and decent (unless their bleedin' heart leftists), certainly not as heroes, and never, ever as victimized. He appears to have the typical leftist mentality that only certain classes of folks can be victims....

As for the trailer, all of these microstock models look amazingly like my characters. It takes me a long time to make a trailer because I edit the images to make the people and places look like the ones in the story.  The young fellow who portrays Chris is from Eastern Europe (presumably, because that's where his photographer works), and his hair is rather dark (Chris has lighter hair, almost ash blond, and gray-blue eyes) but otherwise, he's a very credible Chris.

The woman who portrays Leslie is likely from the USA, as her photographer is. I found her at iStock when I first started writing the story, and she's been the inspiration for the heroine's appearance from the start. I was fortunate to find many pictures of these two models in different poses and clothing. Even that wasn't sufficient, and I had to photoshop Leslie's head onto different bodies in two of these images, and there were no images of her in profile, so I had to use a different model for that frame.

The Kindle Edition of the novel was published November 19. (Let's see how long it takes Simpson to write a trashy review.)

Got my proof copy of the paperback version. There are always errors to correct. For some reason, a number of times, the paragraph return in the Word document did not transfer to Quark, so I have a bunch of paragraphs all run together. I'll have to go in and add the returns manually, correct any other errors I find, and then re-upload the file to CreateSpace.

It finished up at about 51k words. I'm surprised I finished it at all. It started out as a joke, a lark, to see if I could pants it (writers who write by the seat of their pants are call pantsers) and write a paranormal. I couldn't.

I'm a plotter, bigtime, and I began to plot barely a chapter into the writing. I also can't suspend disbelief enough to read paranormal romances, let alone write one.  Vampires, shifters, aliens, faeries, demons... boring, one and all. I settled on a "paranormal" creature I thought  was plausible enough to write about -- cryptids, specifically, crypto-primates -- but, alas, I couldn't even do that. The story morphed from romantic suspense with paranormal elements to mad-scientist sci-fi. That, I can do!