Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Gleefully Approving of Annihilation

What kind of civil war historian, or any other kind of historian, occupies himself with monitoring and trashing currently existing heritage organizations, and plasters his blog with gleeful disparagement of them?

Well, one example is a man who crafts a mission for his civil war blog that far exceeds history. Indeed, instead of naming his blog Civil War History, he names it Civil War Memory. Thus, if there is something he wishes to discuss (or "discuss") on his blog, all he has to do is find or fabricate some connection between it and "how the civil war is remembered."

Since January 14, Flogger Kevin Levin has posted no less than three blog entries with "Virginia Flaggers" in the title. In one of them, he cites a hate piece he wrote about the Flaggers for the ultra-leftist e-mag, The Daily Beast. I pretty much tore up that piece, examining his methods and the motives behind what he wrote, and you can read it here:

On January 16, his most morbidly gleeful headline is posted, which reads, Virginia Flaggers Outflanked and Annihilated. It is interesting that he uses far less inflammatory words in the post itself -- upstaged and defeated, which hardly means "annihilated" -- and the post actually acknowledges two Flagger victories, positive coverage by the press and the raising of another immense Confederate Memorial Flag in Lexington (the fourth in that significant Confederate town). I wonder how much this confused his readers....

But I find his use of "annihilate" in the headline the most interesting, and telling. Some synonyms for "annihilate" at are: eradicate, exterminate, obliterate, liquidate, massacre, slaughter. If asked, he would probably say he meant the Flagger organization. But just as he interprets big flags by the highway to be defeat for the Flaggers (it isn't), I interpret his use of these words to reveal his agreement with the hatred for white Southerners that has characterized the USA on some level, for generations, and his latent approval of the union's desire to utterly destroy the white South.

I can't help but be reminded of Mrs. Kevin's wishing early death for heritage people (or maybe all white Southerner?) from unhealthy diets, because some people -- including herself and her husband -- misconstrued a meme about an Obama.

Annihilate... very tolerant and inclusive word, is it not?

Hate and Bigotry Warming Up at XRoads.

There's a new online dating service called "For Confederates Only" that Simpson has featured on is hate blog. I know nothing about the service; had never heard of it until Simpson posted a link to it at XRoads to encourage hatred and ridicule of heritage folks in his readers.

But the gust of hate and ridicule coming from his comment thread doesn't hold a candle to the paroxysm gushing forth from the hate blogs of Levin and DeStroy, and from Comment-Thread Hate Jockey Andy Hall, who, for some reason, apparently prefers to display his hatred on other people's blogs instead of his own.

According to Wikipedia's entry on online dating services, "Successful niche sites pair people by race, sexual orientation or religion. The 20 most popular dating sites in 2006 as ranked by Hitwise include (for Jewish singles),,, (same sex introductions), LoveFromIndia.ini,, (for Latino singles),, and (for Indian singles)..."

Would these people ridicule and foment hate for people who use these services as they do "For Confederates Only"? Of course not.

This is just more confirmation of my claim that hating white Southerners (and fomenting hatred of us in others) is an agenda that has preoccupied the country since the civil war, and most especially has preoccupied leftists since WWII.

I could make some observations on several comments following that thread, but I'll choose just one:
Scott Ledridge   
January 11, 2017 / 1:25 pm

In a surprising bout of honesty from neo-Confederates, it seems they’ve used “actual photos of actual members” rather than the normal stock photos of models route.
The normal stock photos of models route? Normal for who, dating sites? Or normal for "neo-Confederates"? If you mean the latter, I'm calling you out, Sledge. Come here and provide a link substantiating that using stock photos of models is the "normal route" for "neoConfederates," which, presumably includes Confederate heritage folks.

Perhaps some heritage folks have used stock images or other fake photos for satire, but I'm not aware of it. The only person I'm aware of who uses fake photos is Corey Meyer, and he is a hater, a slimy, smelly deliberate deceiver -- not a Confederate....

Your turn, Scott. Link to stock photos of models used by "neo-Confederates" instead of actual photos of themselves. Make sure their motives are as disgusting and putrid as Corey's -- and a host of other anti-Confederate haters.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Believe It

If the Virginia Flaggers and other Confederate groups announced that from here on, they would no longer commemorate Lee-Jackson Day, or any other public event, in Lexington, CARE would vanish into thin air. Anyone who thinks they marched in Lexington to "honor King" is seriously, deeply hoodwinked.