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Been A While Since I Posted This

It's one of my favorite commercials! Fuh-huh-hun-neeee.

Love the look on the guy's face at the end... that little grin....

How a Liar Lies, Part ... I've Lost Count

De'Stroy has written an entire post about little ol' moi... What it's about and why s/he is paying attention to me isn't really important (except to say that I'm one of his/her few targets who pays any attention to him/her). I just want to point out the manipulative language this propagandist uses ... for your education. Sez he (or she, as the case may be):
This is quite possibly the first time many people will have read this thread. It's no secret that Connie Chastain was at different times a full fledged member of the hate group the League of the South.
I've never been a member of any hate group. The League of the South was not a hate group when I was a member, and the jury is still out on whether it a hate group now. The entity who gave it that label, the Southern Poverty Law Center, is more like a hate group than the League was.
Chastain has admitted that she was once a member of the group.
Ah, no. I have acknowledged it. "Admitted" carries the idea that it is something one would rather not acknowledge but must. I have no problem acknowledging that I was a member of the League -- twice.
She is quick however to point out that she is no longer a member,
More manipulative language. "Quick to point out..." implies I'm eager to get the information out. This, of course, is not true. I have never been "quick to point out" that I'm no longer a member. I have just stated I'm not a member.
...and at different times will say that she does not support their White Supremacist ideology, sometimes.
What I have said is, "... I have watched from a distance as the League has continued to radicalize, to accept the influence of white nationalists masquerading as Southern nationalists and to slowly develop a an indifference to Southern tradition and Christianity....Basically, what you have here is people who claim to love the South and its people and want to see them free -- or preserved, depending on who's talkin'. But what they really love is whiteness, which includes a built-in aversion to non-whiteness ...  and any Southerners who don't share their dedication to whiteness are heaped with scorn and derision.....
 At some point, the two "parted ways". You may not know that Chastain and White Nationalist Brad Griffin have also had what would seem to be a rather contentious relationship through the years as well.
We have no relationship at all.
This chat is part of the reason why. Without further ado, for your reading enjoyment, the birth of the modern day Cuckfederate movement:
There is no Cuckfederate movement. That term is the concoction of people who have to put others down -- like you and Simpson -- to try to make their own positions feel more secure, more right.

Now, I need to explain a couple of other things to De'Stroy that s/he apparently doesn't know and can't figure out ... Of course, I don't expect De'Stroy to understand any of this. Floggers, anti-Confederates, self-styled "anti-racists" and so forth do not understand that how they define certain words and terms, like racism/racist, hate, etc., is very different from how conservatives and heritage folks define them. Thus, when I say "racism" and when De'Stroy says "racism" its a safe bet that we aren't talking about the same thing.

In any case, in my view, hate is not an emotion, like strong dislike or anger, but an attitude of wishing harm upon someone, and includes a willingness to bring about that harm if the opportunity arises.  Thus, a hate group exists to be AGAINST someone or members of some group, to wish harm to come to them, and to be willing to bring harm to them, if possible.

To be FOR someone or some group -- to be an advocacy force for them -- is not hate. If it was, the NAACP would be a hate group.

Unless things have changed since the last I knew of it, even after it radicalized, the League was FOR white people (they say for white Southerners), not against others. Even the "built-in aversion to non-whites" that was exhibited by the new white nationalist "youth brigade" invading the League is not automatically a desire for harm to come to non-whites, or a willingness to bring it about.

There may be some individual members who have this attitude, but as far as I can tell, it is not an official League position. Granted, I haven't paid a lot of attention to the League since its radicalization -- unlike De'Stroy, I don't obsessively comb the Internet looking for information about the League -- but if the League ever shifts its emphasis from independence for the South and advocacy for white Southerners to enmity for other groups, including actively working for their harm, then I will consider them a hate group and censure them accordingly.

Some patriotic folks in Southern heritage vehemently denounce the League because of its disapproval of the US military's missions abroad, or because of the government's corruption, or because of society's degeneracy (think Hollywood filth, the worship of death in popular music, Planned Parenthood selling body parts of aborted babies, the sexualizing of children, the abandonment of education in our schools for the purpose of embracing social manipulation, the hostility toward Christianity, the flouting of law by favored groups or individuals). Unfortunately, the League is right about many of these things, and a day is rapidly approaching when patriotism will be a vain and empty emotion; and in any case, the League's disapproval of the country's deterioration is not a hate-group characteristic.

Remember, De'Stroy defines certain words and phrases very differently than I do. Thus, when I say "hate" and when De'Stroy says "hate" its a safe bet that we aren't talking about the same thing.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Congrats to the Southern Strong Group

Reports and pics of Saturday's 100-mile run are starting to show up on the group's Facebook page. I wasn't able to make the run, but I was there in spirit.

Write up in the  Northwest Florida Daily News a few days before the run:

And a fantastic pic -- just one of many fantastic pics on  Facebook.

Shortly after the Pensacola run on July 19, people began asking when there would be another run.  And thanks to the success of that one, and this one, there will  no doubt be others. But hand in hand with runs and rallies goes the behind-the-scenes work of contacting elected officials and other community leaders to stress the importance of correctly understanding our heritage, and to stop the erasure of Confederate flags, monuments, street and park names, etc., because of a false, fabricated connection to a heinous crime.

Keep standing Southern Strong, Northwest Florida!

Flag #4 Goes Up in Danville

The peppering continues....

Video of WSET news report on flag dedication in Danville. Click the link below the image to see the video.

Congrats, Virginia Flaggers. And when sullen and disapproving naysayers claim they aren't impressed with your big memorial flags flying beside busy thoroughfares, don't you believe it.  If they didn't care, they wouldn't mention it.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015


From The Smoking Gun
Confederate Flag Thief Nabbed By Florida Police -- Video of heist was filmed by cohort, uploaded to Facebook

AUGUST 24--The man who was filmed tearing down a Confederate flag hanging outside a Florida residence has been arrested on theft charges, according to police who have yet to collar the alleged thief’s videographer/getaway driver.

Dejerrian Dequan Murray, 24, was busted last week in connection with the July 11 flag theft at the Bradenton home of Robin Eaker, a 57-year-old Tropicana employee. Murray was charged with misdemeanor theft and freed on $2000 bond, according to court records. Entire report here.

Since some of the floggers have professed to disapprove of this sort of behavior aimed at heritage symbols (and people), we know they'll find it just hunky dory that Dejerrian Dequan was caught ... and are eagerly awaiting news that his accomplice has been found and arrested.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

If True, This Is Veddy Interesting...

And something De'Stroy, Simpson and the whole flogger clue would probably rather not acknowledge. These are government-lovers (at least, leftist government lovers) who really aren't excited about things that make the feds look bad.

Be that as it may, it appears the organizer of the recent KKK rally in Columbia, SC is an FBI asset... So sez a blog titled Stop Hate Crimes,  which is not a reliable source. It is anonymous. The owner and publisher are not identified, and neither are contributors. No masthead, no statement of purpose, no location, no staff....

However, "not reliable" doesn't necessarily mean "all info at the site is false."

The Stop Hate Crimes article does reference a presumably reliable source, The Albany (NY) Times Union, which is a Hearst newspaper.

The Times Union reports that KKK leader Chris Barker wore a wire for the FBI in a somewhat bizarre New York  weapons case.

The purported organizer of the Columbia KKK rally is identified as Chris Barker.

Hmmmm.... Would love to see more info on this from reliable sources....

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Destroy Blogger Belatedly Graduates

I've decided to quit using the term, Destroy Blogger... It's so unimaginative. So I'm turning it into a name. De'Stroy. Moreover, I am waaaaay tardy in elevating him to flogger status and his blog to a hate-flog status (if I haven't already done so. I have to admit I could have, and forgot about it. De'Stroy's blog isn't real ... memorable, ya know?)

Tear yourself away from the sewage in your computer, De'Stroy, and go out and celebrate, have a drink... a crap cocktail. It's on me.

So De'Stroy posts a screenshot of my entire blog post and sez,
 "Connie Chastain is mad. She's real mad. She's mad because this blog is chock full of facts she can't dispute. The 'Pensacola Screecher', as she's known to many as, is really, really pissed off about our latest post, because it makes her "Heritage Movement" look like a total joke, and she's the punchline."
Welp, foist off,  I'm not mad. De'Stroy has never seen me mad. One has to wonder  -- as is the case with Simpson and some others -- whether they know they are lying and do so anyway, from a fine disdain for both truth and ethical behavior, or whether they're so deluded by their willing slavery to their ideology that they don't know they're lying....  Y'all's guess about that is as good as mine.

Second, his blog is not chock full of facts, and I have in the past disputed and disproved what he's artfully calling "facts." Yes, some of it is true probably, but it's, you know, irrelevant to Southern heritage.

So he digs up some info on some obscure white supe who was gonna march to Washington carrying a Confederate flag, but quit well ahead of reaching the District of Corruption. And De'Stroy sez his writing about that "...makes her 'Heritage Movement' look like a total joke, and she's the punchline."

See, what De'Stroy doesn't understand -- or understands but ignores -- is that I not only do not know and have never heard of most of the sewage he swims in and the supes he obsesses about on his blog -- I don't care about it, either. Most of the people I know in the heritage community don't know them either. Yes, it is annoying that he uses that crap to attempt smearing good, decent heritage folks but, usually I just remind myself who is doing it and the audience it's intended for.

And, unlike De'Stroy and Simpson and the other floggers and their sick-o-fants, most ordinary folks have sense enough to do a logical assessment of groups of people -- that is, to see how they are both alike and different. And most people with said sense and objectivity know that said assessment will show the groups De'Stroy lusts to lump together don't actually belong together. The superficial linkin' and tyin' type of smear given wide usage by the Socialist Pecunious Lawyer Center has pretty much lost its potency.

The heritage movement only looks like a joke to people artificially portraying it that way. I suppose, if that's the only way to get your kicks ... but you look real pathetic to normal, healthy folks, ya know?

So then he sez Johnny Cooper is my favorite Flagger. I'm sure he knows this isn't true -- I admire Johnny, his march and the reasons he gave for doing it -- but my favorite Flagger, far and away, is Virginia Flagger Susan Hathaway, and coming in a close second behind her is Georgia Flagger Billy Bearden.

So De'Stroy is either lying or mistaken. In either case, do you reckon he will correct his flog?

He also sez "...Johnny is apparently being smeared by the Adolph Hitler loving, Ku Klux Klan supporting, 'Nigger' hating Southern Neo-Nazi Toby Hatfield," a white supe that reportedly marched with Johnny for a couple of days... De'Stroy admits he hasn't been able to verify this with Johnny Cooper...but he posts it as fact and wraps up with, "Now why on earth would Johnny Cooper want to march with this turd?"

(1) Do we know Johnny DID want to do this? (2) Did it actually happen? (3)  If Hatfield did march with Johnny a couple of days, did Johnny even know who he was? (4) And having learned he was Toby Hatfield, did Johnny somehow automatically know Hatfield was a white supe?

See, there's a lot of infantile thinking amongst the Flogger community. Simpson believes if he hasn't read about it on the Internet, it hasn't happened. De'Stroy believes everyone in the Southern heritage community knows as much about white supes as he does. Evidently it never occurs to him that the manure he swims in, bathes in, soaks in day and night, like some kind of crap spa, is sewage to most people and something to be avoided.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Poor Destroy the Honor Blogger ...

For all his night and day combing of the Internet, he sure is prone to getting things wrong. But then, it's probably by design, because if he stuck strictly to the truth without all the phony linkin' and tyin', his blog would be a fraction of size it is now.

In any case, his latest snafu is mis-identifying who/what we love (and admire) here at Backsass. And when it comes to marches to Washington, our salute goes to Johnny Cooper of Hazel Green, Alabama, who not only set out to march from the Heart of Dixie to the District of Corruption, but actually made it.

Along the way, he had bottles thrown at him, and cars tried to run over him. Thankfully, after those instances (which the hate-heritage bloggers are utterly mute about), a group called 2 Million Bikers to DC, which was founded after 9/11 to honor victims and support armed forces, stepped in to provide security for his march. But of course, flogger types don't criticize those who criticize and threaten heritage folks... And they dare not do anything that portrays heritage folks in a favorable light....
You can find coverage of Johnny's 700+ mile walk at the links below.

Of course, Destroy Blogger isn't interested in this. By all accounts I've seen, Johnny is an ordinary, decent person who is concerned about the alarming state of the country and so he is  utterly useless to people like Destroy Blogger whose aim is to smear, slander and, well, destroy. That is why he harps and carps endlessly on the same handful of white supes and does all his phony linkin' and tyin' -- to try to destroy good, decent Southerners whose "crime" is refusing to spit on their ancestors and heritage and, to the contrary, honor them.

Maybe Destroy Blogger doesn't have a  heritage to honor, so maybe he's jealous. That is often the obvious motivator for heritage haters and critics.  Or, maybe they do have a heritage, but it pales in significance to ours, and doesn't provide much incentive for honor...

In any case, read more about Johnny's march here:

A Reply to Kevin Levin...

...that he of course will not post....
The Confederate flag, and other items of Confederate commemoration, have been the targets of a ongoing smear and dishonor campaign for years, in order to make them "deserving" of removal from public sight. The Confederate flag had absolutely nothing to do with the shooting in Charleston; rather, haters of Confederate heritage took the opportunity afterward to use the shooting to further smear and dishonor the flag and step up official censorship of history.

This isn't "just happening." It is part of an overall war against tradition and conservatism in the USA. Already, the US flag is coming under fire; Democrats are rejecting association with Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. The White House is lit in the adopted colors of the sodomite movement in celebration of the degradation of marriage; "Black Lives Matter" lawlessness is aimed at both a Republican and a Socialist Democrat presidential candidate. And a lot of paycheck-to-paycheck working Joes are rallying behind a multi-billionaire presidential candidate because he is the only one articulating what they believe.

If you think the war against the Confederate flag is the result of some progressive enlightenment coming at last to the people of benighted America, you are sadly mistaken. It is just one component in a much bigger, much more sobering culture war that brings increasingly dire consequences ever closer. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

They'll Love This at Xroads

Tajaun Boatner, a 37-year-old black man from Racine, Wisconsin, was arrested after he reportedly forced his way into a home to take down a Confederate battle flag hanging in a window, the Associated Press reported They'll Love This at XRoads

Wednesday. Additionally, Boatner is said to have pushed a woman living in the home in an effort to get the flag.

According to reports, the unidentified victim said she was on her porch when Boatner confronted her over a Confederate battle flag hanging in her kitchen window. He allegedly asked her to remove the flag, which she did, placing it in her bathroom window. That, however, did not suit Boatner, and an argument ensued.

That's when the victim asked Boatner to leave, but he refused. The victim said he walked up on her porch and pushed her down. He then entered her home and removed the flag.  Entire article here.
 So much for the It's-Okay-On-Private-Property claims.  You have masses of people out there who either (a) don't understand the concept of private property or (b) don't have any respect for private property. I think a look at Ferguson, Missouri (twice now), Baltimore, Maryland and numerous other places in the USA tells us which.

Floggers and their sick-o-phants aren't going to acknowledge the increasing black violence against Confederate flag supporters, just like they won't acknowledge the extent of black violence, period. Because dat's way-ciss! So even though it's true, ackowledging is way-ciss.

That being the case for them, they would rather focus on slurs/threats yelled by rednecks in flag-festooned pickup trucks (though said slurs/threats cannot be heard on video) or parades of  young, white hicks in flag-festooned pickup trucks driving real slow through black neighborhoods -- thought the vast majority of flag rides and runs do not do that, easily proved by videos uploaded to YouTube.

But perhaps I should cut them some slack because they're terribly confused ... they can't figure out whether they want to believe heritage folks are diabolically evil, or just stupidly incompetent....  Of course, they can't just acknowledge the truth -- that most flag supporters are neither one and just love and support their heritage. The leftist/liberal/progressive/socialist ideology is positively allergic to acknowledging truth....

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mobile, Alabama Jumps the Shark...

...with its new city seal. This eyesore is the result of removing the six flags of the city's history and heritage in the sniveling effort to remove the Confederate flag. 

The old seal, on the left, gave more space behind the inner medallion for the flags. It was balanced, colorful, symbolic and historically correct. The new one increases the size of the inner medallion because you don't need that much white space for just one flag ... a flag that some people say looks like it came from Microsoft Word's clip art gallery.

So the new seal clearly symbolizes not only the city's rejection of its history and heritage -- all the things that made it what it is today. It also clearly symbolizes the city's all too real subjugation by the feds.

How embarrassing for a once proud city, a jewel along the Gulf Coast, to be reduced to being led around by a nose ring...

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Interesting ....

This is the man who took it upon himself to remove the First National flag and thus mangle Pensacola's City of  Five Flags brand....

I don't have a whole lot more respect for the News Journal than I do for city hall, but their questions about this circumstance seem justified so far....

In any case, this will be just one of the mayor's problems soon. People in Pensacola's heritage community have been meeting, networking and are beginning to organize....

We want our flag back, Mr. Mayor....

Friday, August 7, 2015

Many Thanks...

... to all those who stood for the Confederate flag at the Lundy Memorial in Crestview Thursday night.

WEAR-TV in Pensacola reported that more than 70 visitors to the meeting addressed the council about the subject over a four-hour period.

The council will make a final vote on the issue in September.

Image: WEAR-TV

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

A Short Comment Exchange...

...between RBLEE at Destroy the Honor blog and Yours Truly --

HIM/HER: "Among the participants at the rally at Stone Mountain was the Chairman of the Georgia Chapter of the designated hate group, the League of the South."

ME: Designated? What a silly word. Designated by whom? The Southern Poverty Law Center? Leftists who lie for money....

HIM/HER: Stoker and Sargent are both associated with a group called Empower the Youth/Leadership Now which according to its Facebook page, is a Political Action Committee."

ME: Borrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnng.

HIM/HER: A check of the Sunlight Foundation's Influence Explorer yields no results for "Empower the Youth". So is the group really a PAC, is it raising money, and if so, where is the money going?"

ME: Even MORE borrrrrrriiiiiinnnnnng.

HIM/HER: Listed among rally speakers were ... John C. Hall of Dublin, Georgia (although Hall has denied being a member of the hate group in the past). ... Guess who else was at Stone Mountain? Betcha can't guess! Billy Bearden of the Virginia Flaggers and Haralson Invincibles Sons of Confederate Veterans in Stone Mountain, Georgia."

ME: YAY, John! YAY, Billy!!!!! And don't forget that Billy is an ORIGINAL Georgia Flagger! There's lots and lots and lots and lots of info about the rally online that you didn't mention, didn't even hint at -- thus exposing your lying agenda. All in all, sounds like it was a great rally!

HIM/HER: I'm glad you enjoyed it. What I don't think you're going to enjoy very much are your own associations which will be revealed in time. You continue to make excuses and try and FAIL to cast doubt. You were given an opportunity to put distance between yourself and those covered here, just remember that.

ME: Go ahead. Let's have it. Show me some associations, baby. Lay it on me. Lemme see whatcha got.... But please don't make it borrrriiinnnngggg. Pleeeeeze... I have a reputation to uphold....

HIM/HER: 1) I work on my own timetable. 2) I don't take requests. 3) Don't worry, your reputation will definitely be upheld.

ME: Shoulda known. All talk, no action....

About Dylann Roof....

Does anyone have a link to Dylann Roof's manifesto? The total document? I don't know if what I've found online is the complete document and I want to read the whole thing.

Actually, what I'm looking for is anything he wrote about the Confederate flag, whether in his manifesto or anywhere else. The part of the manifesto that I read had nothing about the flag in it. He did have a couple of short passages about slave owning -- he inaccurately said that only a fourth to a third of people in the South owned even one slave; the figure is more like 12%.

The media has claimed over and over that he had an affinity for the Confederate flag. As far as I can tell, he had three pictures made of himself holding a Confederate stick flag, and one of himself on the hood of his car that had a front tag with flags of the Confederacy on it.  In another, he's standing in front of a museum that has Confederate flags around the entrance but he hs not holding any flags, nor are any showing on his clothing. Unless there are many more images, and much more convincing writing in his manifesto, that is not enough to convince me that the flag had any role in motivating him to commit murder.

I've encountered claims online that the images are edited/manipulated, and there certainly appears to be something to that. Moreover, something about the manifesto (at least, what I read; and I don't know if it was the whole document) doesn't ring true.  He seems rather luke warm and blase about something that supposedly moved him enough to murder nine people...

It would not surprise me in the least to find that manipulators in the government and elsewhere opportunistically took this tragedy as a way to attack and remove Confederate heritage and memory -- not  just the flag -- from America. There's a falseness to the images, too, even if they are not photoshopped. He's always alone in the ones I've seen (except after he was taken into custody). Are all these images selfies? Or was there someone else making the photos, and if so, who?

Unless there is more in the manifesto linking him to the flag in a very fundamental way -- in a way that motivated him -- the one or two sentences I read, and the three or so unreliable images are not enough to establish the flag's link to the motivation for murder. And what that means is that the pushback against the destruction of our heritage needs to continue and grow until it wins.

So if you know of a link where Roof's manifesto can be read in its entirety, please put it in a comment following this post. (what I've read is here:  If you know of any other evidence or indications that the link between Roof and the flag have been manufactured, please post it -- any analysis of the photos for manipulation, any further information about him from other sources. Anything at all -- let me know.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


This has turned out to be one of my most popular memes ever. Over 1,000 shares in its first three hours on Facebook.  ~ Connie

over 2,140 shares in six and a half hours..... That's an average of 330 shares per hour, or 5 1/2 shares per minute, or one every ten seconds or so.....

Update: 3,962 shares in twenty-four hours..... This one speaks to and for a lot of people!

The Real White Supremacists

 I have given this a lot of thought, and I have concluded that leftist heritage-haters either can't read or else they're baldfaced liars.

Take this from the "Destroy the Honor" blog.... S/he writes, "Stone Mountain has always been linked to the Ku Klux Klan." Always, huh....

I left a comment, saying, "I grew up in Georgia and visited Stone Mountain several times, the first when I was third or four grade. There was no "link" to the KKK then, or when I visited there in college, or any other time I visited. The KKK's association with the mountain was generations ago, liar."

When  my family visited there in the late 1950s, there was no theme park but there was a small building where a guide gave us info about the mountain and the carving. And there was no mention of the KKK whatsofreakingever -- not by us or anyone else we encountered of anything "linking" the mountain to the KKK. There were no KKK rallies or other KKK events while we were there, and not a glimpse of any Kluxers walking around.

Ditto when I was in college and a buddy and I went to Atlanta, stayed with my aunt, and visited Stone Mountain. We had a picnic and then climbed the mountain and made photos. No mention by us or anyone else we encountered of anything "linking" the mountain to the KKK. There were no KKK rallies or other KKK events while we were there, and not a glimpse of any Kluxers walking around.

An occasional KKK event  at Stone Mountain doesn't "link" the mountain to the KKK. There have been far more people visiting to ride the train, so you could say Stone Mountain is "linked" to railroads.

Anyway, this dipstick at Destroy the Honor posts this whopper of a lie: "Connie Chastain wants the world to believe that Stone Mountain, Georgia IS NOT linked to the Ku Klux Klan, an indisputable fact that even racists admit is true."

First, I'm not telling the world what to believe -- that's more the thing of megalomaniacs like Destroy the Honor and the Floggers. Second, I don't care what racists admit. And third,  I AM disputing the claim. It is not a fact. It is somebody's opinion.There have been some KKK events there? Whoopdedoo. There have also been birthday parties, family reunions, school outings, family vacations, concerts out the ying-yang... and many more things that could just as legitimately be said are "linked" to the mountain.

People like "Destroy the Honor" and Simpson and Mackey and others who have such a deep and abiding investment in pointing at others and calling them racists are really telling on themselves. They are most probably themelves white supremacists, and they're guilt-ridden over it because white supremacy is the worst thing you can be in our culture. So they try to salve their conscience by combing the Internet day and night -- I mean, they're OBSESSED with it -- looking for somebody they can point to and screech, "RACIST!" and ease their own guilt....

Doesn't work. We see through y'all...

Monday, August 3, 2015

A New and Powerful Meaning....

By now we have a pretty good idea about what will happen. The once-surging tide will now begin to recede … not because Confederate heritage advocates have prevailed (they have lost serious ground) but because people soon get interested in other things. ...  in fact it remains to be seen whether the discussion that commenced on the heels of the Charleston murders will persist before people grow tired of it or turn their attention to the Kardashians or Donald Trump. Certainly the debates have grown predictable once more (and a little boring); while I expect to see a few more flashpoints in the fight over Confederate heritage in the coming weeks, I think the front is stabilizing, so to speak, as people sort out gains and losses.  ~ Brooks D. Simpson
The discussion? There are not just discussions. There are rallies, rides, runs, protests, demonstrations... There are shows of support for Southern heritage, and they are occurring from one end of Dixie to another. They are big (a 4,000-person ride in central Florida) and small (a few folks flagging from an overpass in Arkansas).  On the surface, they are in support of the Confederate flag, or targeted monuments, or Confederate soldiers, or just Southern heritage.  "Not hate," as many of them have made clear to the media.

But there is a deeper symbolism to the flag, and that is what's being championed at these rallies  -- which are indeed a surging tide that, contrary to Simpson's wishful thinking, are increasing, not receding. And despite the wish of assorted leftists and self-styled "anti-racists," this show of support is not just a new manifestation of "racism" and "white supremacy." There may be a few people with that motivation, but they are the very small exception, not the rule.

For decades, the war on Southern and Confederate heritage has proceded at a steady but slower pace. Although it appeared to be spearheaded by the NAACP, it was really orchestrated by the larger forces of leftism in the country that have taken hold of increasing segments of US culture since World War Two.

We have watched our heritage get erased across the South.  Dixie, both the song and the word (remember how many businesses in the South used to be named Dixie?) pretty much disappeared. "Rebels" team mascots in high schools and universities, were replaced. Streets, parks and schools named for Confederate heroes were renamed. And the flag was warred against incessantly. 

This occurred mostly in silence, mostly with little or no protest. It was partly because we believed the claims that these things were "racist" and blacks were genuinely offended by them. And though floggers and their ilk would never believe it, Southerners are a considerate people and don't like to offend others.

But there was also another part to the equation. If you did not go along with the evilization of your culture and the erasure of your heritage, you were a racist, which is the worst thing a human being can be (except slave-holder) these days.  We did not want to be labeled "racist" -- first because it was almost always not true and second because being so labeled could be charged with serious consequences -- failure in school, or loss of one's job, etc.

So we remained silent as the destruction of our heritage continued. But our silence did not mean we agreed with it or liked it, only that we accepted it because circumstance dictated that we must.

All of that changed in the aftermath of Nikki Haley's removal of the battle flag from the Confederate soldiers memorial on the capitol gounds in Columbia.  Having successfully, though falsely, tainted the flag with the responsibility of the horrific murders in Charleston, Haley precipitated a new, stepped up war against flag that quickly widened in  scope to include anything Confederate, particularly monuments.

And suddenly, across the South, from one  end of Dixie to the other, the silence was shattered, and Southerners began to stand up for their heritage with rallies, rides, demonstrations, protests, and more.  On July 28, The Huffington Post claimed that there had been 132 proConfederate flag rallies since the shooting in Charleston.  Several people on Facebook said they knew of rallies not counted in the 132, so there were actually more. (Pensacola's run and rally on July 19 was not included). And they continue, with more planned and more successfully held every week.

In the early days of this stepped up war against the flag and our heritage, when retailers were removing flags from their shelves and catalogs, the outpouring of support for the flag was astounding. NASCAR's announcement discouraging flag displays at its races went ignored; even die-hard fans were ready to give up their interest in NASCAR and posted they would be supporting smaller races at local tracks instead.

It was the same story when Alabama football coach Nick Saban issued a statement against the flag. Judging by comments on social media, very likely he changed nobody's mind, and I suspect that Confederate flags will blanket the stands at Alabama games this fall.

Despite this, Simpson is predicting that the "surging tide" of support for the flag will recede.

It won't, it will just change character, and here's why.  Despite flogger desire to believe this is a slight inflation of heritage-as-usual that will shrink back to normal, it is not. Of course, the rallies and demonstrations cannot continue as they are now. Fall will be here soon; the kids will be back in school, and one of the busiest holiday seasons of the year will occur.

But what's different is that people attending the rallies are no longer cowed, and they are meeting people who, like themselves, are stepping up to the plate to support their heritage. Basically, they are networking. And the next step is organizing -- to protect the visible artifacts of our heritage, flags, monuments and names, but to strengthen the whole of our culture. To keep the South Southern.

Which leads me to a comment from the American Thinker article by Richard F. Miniter I recently linked to. The awakening of average Southerners to the targeting of their heritage, particularly embodied in the Confederate battle flag, means that the current campaign may indeed, wind up "...infusing the Confederate battle flag with a new and more powerful meaning." 

"...a new and more powerful meaning..."

This would be the death knell for those who are striving so assiduously to confine the total meaning of the flag to slavery and racism, and flogger types are not going to like that.

It will not only reinforce the flag as a symbol of "a unique regional identity." The flag will in turn reinforce that identity. As Miniter said, that “unique regional identity” is a fork in the liberal’s eye.

What is it besides flags and monuments that makes up this unique regional identity? Miniter identifies it as the South's "abiding esteem for bravery, property rights, guns, business, and traditional families."  It is a "vibrant culture offers an attractive alternative civilization to the one the liberals have been so carefully crafting elsewhere."

He continues,
To the disgust of liberals, the young people there seem to want to grow up to be just like the older folks they’re dancing next to.  And you can’t stop them.

And that’s why liberals want to kill the Confederate battle flag.

Because Texas is more fun than Chicago, Wyoming than the Bronx, the Shenandoah than Oakland.  ... Your home, your church – more fun.  And safer is more fun, too, than the blue-state liberal view of crime as a sociological phenomenon best addressed by counseling. 
And just when everything looked like it was going the left's way. Leftist America now has gay marriage, gay Scout leaders, taxpayer-funded baby-parts trafficking, a pro-Muslim, anti-Israel federal government that enables Muslim terrorists, an emasculated and decimated military, no restrictions on the flood-tide of illegal immigrants, and on and on.

And now this, this flag rallying.  Darn.

What those people at all those flag rallies really represent to leftists is a brake on their headlong rush to America's demise.  That is the  "... new and more powerful meaning..." of the flag -- America, as it was originally intended, good and strong and free....

So "Destroy the Honor" and Simpson and the floggers and their followers can sift the Internet with a fine-toothed comb to find and focus on a hand full of "racists" and "white supremacists". They can use these nobodies in an attempt to taint the vast legions of good, decent folks who support the flag and its emergent new and more powerful meaning. But they won't be successful.  It's way, way beyond them now. The genie is out of the bottle, and there is no going back...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

The Odious Andy Hall

Over on Kevin Levin's flog, following a post about the rally at Stone Mountain, Georgia, the odious Andy Hall, holds forth with several comments, including this one:
... The response over the last few weeks seems to be to do more of the same things that haven’t worked much before — new Facebook groups, more flagging for “fredom,” and terrorizing children’s birthday parties.
"...more flagging for “fredom,” and "terrorizing children’s birthday parties..." are links, and the second one links to this:

Yes, that is indeed a still image of a pickup truck with flags in the truck bed and the driver giving a "thumbs up" sign. That really proves terrorization of a child's birthday party, doesn't it?

He provides no other links, but presumably he's talking about an incident in Douglasville, Georgia reported about in this abysmally slanted NY Daily News article.

Here's another:

But the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's coverage acknowledges that there are a conflicting stories.

And the other stories somehow didn't mention that rocks were thrown at the trucks... an activity we've seen in another video made in South Carolina -- a video you will never see at Levin's flog, or Odious Andy's, and that Odious Andy will never comment on at other people's flogs (except, maybe, to justify black brick-throwing).

Moreover, there is some question about the accuracy of these party-terrorizing reports. Look at these comments, edited from a Facebook thread posted by a heritage supporter:
OK Y'all, More research on the story from Douglasville yesterday about flag waving rednecks crashing a birthday party while wanting to 'kill n*****s".

The claims broadcast Monday of a bunch of racists driving onto private property of a black family who were hosting a birthday party on Chapel Hill Road seem to be falling apart under scrutiny. Please allow me to assist in that effort.

When you saw the 2 videos from yesterday, 2 things were obviously missing - 1) any racial slurs supposedly uttered, and 2) any pictures of a birthday party.

Watch the videos again. The truck drivers were in an open field separated by almost 200 yards distant, hidden by a stand of trees and a paved 2 lane road.
No footage of a birthday party, no children, no cakes and ice cream, no party hats... AJC quotes the party giver as saying, "… If they want to make a statement that these flags mean something to them, I’m OK with that. But you’ve got to do it right. You can’t go around just blatantly terrorizing people.”

I see no "terrorizing" in the videos, either. The response from the "party-goers" is not the response of "terrorized" people, but infuriated, almost out-of-control people. As far as I can tell from the videos, the trucks are just driving past. There are some words exchanged, but it's impossible to tell what the people in the trucks are saying because of the angry screeching of the party-goers.

But you know Odious Andy. Truth doesn't matter to him. Smearing heritage folks is what matters to him, even when it has to be done with, well, lies....

A Spot On Article in the Daily Thinker

Full of information floggers and their sick-o-fants either don't know, or don't want to know and thus ignore.  Highlighted areas are items I particularly agree with and points I have made myself....  CChastain
 July 26, 2015
Is the Battle Flag More Fun?
By Richard F. Miniter

Why is the left is so intent upon removing the Confederate battle flag from public display?  After all, everybody knows that outside a handful of skinheads, people don’t display the Confederate battle flag in order to celebrate America’s “original sin.”  We’re long past slavery.  Well, not the race hustlers like “they’re going to put y’all back in chains” Joe Biden or his boss – not to mention perennial White House guest and tax cheat Al Sharpton and spiritual counselor to presidents Jesse Jackson.  But, by and large, everybody else is past slavery.

Then there’s the point where the campaign may backfire – indeed, wind up infusing the Confederate battle flag with a new and more powerful meaning.  After all, there’s a towering example in what happened when the Confederates, refusing to leaving well enough alone, fired on the Stars and Stripes at Fort Sumter.

Yet the left is resolved.  And the real reason is not all that difficult to puzzle out.  Indeed, Richard Fausset puts his finger on it at the New York Times (July 7, 2015) when he writes that the Confederate battle flag is “a revered symbol, not only of the Confederate dead, but of a unique regional identity.”
That “unique regional identity” is a fork in the liberal’s eye.
  Liberals have somehow gotten their teeth into the idea that if they can destroy the Confederate battle flag, it will go a long ways toward getting the South to shut up, to abandon that unique regional identity.  Not all at once – not even the most fervent de Blasio supporter or dug in Marin County Socialist would hope for that.  But at least start chipping away at the South’s pantheon of heroes, its foundation myth, its speech, its cooking,  its music, its literature, and its  engrained and peculiar  affection for the Christian religion and ornery individuals.

But much more importantly, ever so much more importantly, liberals hope that if you take that flag away, the South can be made to begin shedding its abiding esteem for bravery, property rights, guns, business, and traditional families... (Complete article here.

Worth the read, folks....

Fit for Dixie

The following is edited from an article that appeared in the December 2000 issue of 180 Degrees True South.

Anda one anda two anda breathe, breathe

Have y'all noticed that our "period dress" would hang on our ancestors like a croker sack?  New commitment for Southerners -- get slim and trim, lean and mean and ...  

by Connie Chastain

I don't remember when I first noticed it.  Maybe it was when my sister suggested that we do some proSouthern demonstrating in Pensacola -- wearing Confederate period costume.  I was skeptical.  Ladies back then had a thing about having a waist -- which I don't have at the moment.

Then, it would catch my attention again when I compared War photos with reenactment snapshots. On average, we have grown substantially w-i-d-e-r than our Confederate forebears, even as they were before  the Yankees tried to starve them out.  They were not only lean -- they were strong and possessed awesome endurance.

They worked hard -- in fields and mills and on the railroads.  They plowed with mules, gathered their own harvest, shoveled coal, felled trees.  Women, too, worked hard taking care of home and children,  feeding livestock, drawing water, cooking meals over wood-burning stoves in heavy iron cookware.  They ate simple foods, most of which they raised themselves.  They rose before the sun and retired early, because a life of physical work demands good physical rest. Their work hardened their muscles and made them strong.

Few of us work like that today.  Fewer of us cook and eat like that.  As subjects of the Empire, we work at sedentary jobs and and partake of sedentary leisure.  We spend hours watching the Empire's vacuous television programs without moving a muscle.  We pop Lean Cuisine into the microwave and call it supper.

We have a tough row to hoe ahead of us, if saving our heritage iis truly our goal.  We will need not only our wits about us -- we will need that awesome physical endurance demonstrated by our Southern and Confederate forebears.

Let's do it, folks.  Let's swear off the Twinkies and Ding Dongs -- yes, even the Moonpies and Goo Goo Clusters, temporarily.  Let's get Dixie slim and trim, lean and mean -- because someday, our strength and endurance may be the only thing standing between us and the gulag.

If you are like me -- a little too much of a Southerner -- let's make a commitment to become a lean, strong Southerner.  I won't tell you how to do it -- what diet to try, what exercise regimen to follow.  Find whatever works for you.  Develop your own. If you've bought into the Imperial attitude about health -- that you must have someone's permission to try anything -- ask your doctor for advice. The most important thing, though, is to commit to improving your physical strength and endurance.

Let's create a great wave of health and fitness across the South, not as a trendy fad but as a national characteristic, based not on gimmicks, machines and pills but on our own good sense and commitment to excellence.

If we won't get fit and healthy for any other reason, let's do it for Dixie!  

Saturday, August 1, 2015

More Evidence of a Hate Agenda....

I gave this subject some coverage in the comments following an earlier post, but it needs more discussion so...  More from Simpson's agenda of hate found in a new post at XRoads.
Word comes from Atlanta that several Confederate flags popped up at Ebenezer Baptist Church and the Martin Luther King Historic Site, where the civil rights leader was buried.
It appears that the flags didn't "pop up." There were four or so small ones that appear to be the size of stick flags used to decorate headstones. They were laid flat on the ground at various places around the church.

Was anyone hurt? Chased and beaten up? Had bricks thrown at their vehicles? Were any symbols torn from their building?  People supporting their heritage and flag have been hurt, chased, beaten up and had bricks thrown at their vehicles. Flags have been torn down from homes and vehicles.  Do we see the difference between this, and laying some small flags on the ground?

But the media focuses on the flags at the church like it's another shooting, and minimizes the attacks on flag supporters, when it's reported at all. The news of many of these attack had to be reported by alternative media since mainstream news outlets minimize or ignore them.
And so the exchanges continue, with damage being done to Confederate monuments and reports of a series of incidents (several of them videotaped) of people going after Confederate flags, stealing them, defacing monuments, and so on. (And beating people up. Don't forget that, Simpson. Physical violence.) All of this is counterproductive, foolish, and wrong … not just some of this, as someone from Pensacola insists on her hate blog.
I haven't insisted that only some of it was wrong. My emphasis is on those who minimize or ignore when it happens to flag supporters. Simpson has been beating a couple of dead horses (one of them Mr. Agnor's ad, which would not prohibit Karen from attending a flag event on his land; I guess Simpson never heard of exceptions to the rule....) and ignoring the media's winking at the attacks on flag supporters.
As she declares: “I haven’t seen where Simpson condemned or disapproved of threats to people and damage to property connected with the war on Confederate heritage.” I guess she overlooked the posts about “Anonymous CSA,” where someone made threats due to the current controversy. But in the screecher’s world, #onlyConfederateheritagematters.
No, those are the ones I'm asking about because Simpson has ignored them, the same way the mainstream media ignores or minimizes them. Besides, there was no indication that Anonymous CSA hurt anyone, chased and beat them up, threw bricks at them, tore any symbols from their buildings... and the Virginia state police said THERE WERE NO LAWS VIOLATED AND NO THREATS MADE, so his posts about it didn't really condemn or disapprove of threats to people and damage to property because there were no threats and damage.
Nor is she a careful reader … but enough with such tripe.
Well, one might conclude that somebody who misses a highly relevant passage in a news report (that the state police said there were no threads made and no laws violated) is not a careful reader; but I don't think Simpson missed that passage from lack of careful reading. He is ignoring them so he can paint whoever Anonymous CSA is as some evil, sinister, malevolent threat.
Someone please explain to me how what happened at Atlanta reflects paying homage to the service of Confederate soldiers. You would think that if the Sons of Confederate Veterans deplores the incorrect use of the Confederate flag, the new chief of heritage operations would be on this in a flash.
It is a misuse of the flag but more than that, it is likely a crime, and the cops are on it. Simpson loves to attribute thoughts and beliefs to people he can then use to denigrate or condemn them, but I have seen nothing from the SCV indicating that they approve of such misuse of the flag, and that's enough for most normal people who don't have a smear agenda....
I suspect we’ll hear someone declare this is a “false flag operation.” We’ll see.
It's certainly a possibility and so it can't be ruled out. But this is another case where it is best to wait and see what the investigation by proper authorities discovers....

I can't close without including this comment at XRoads by the schizoid Sandi Saunders:
As I always say, they are their own worst enemy and they are too damned stupid to realize it. They shame the Confederacy and the South.
"They" who, Sandi?  You sound like you know who "they" are.  So, do you know who did this? Have you reported your knowledge to the authorities in Atlanta? Or are you following the bigot's path and lumping all heritage folks -- the tens of thousands of them you have never met and don't know -- in with whoever did this incident at the church, based on your whim, or on the influence of your flogger and floggerette friends?

She claims that she loves the South and honors Confederates the RIGHT way, but what's really funny is that the people she hangs around with online -- the civil war left -- hate the Confederacy, its soldiers and everything connected with it. They believe the South and the Confederacy were evil, demonic, and should be hated and dishonored and all memory of them eradicated. I wonder if she sincerely cannot see that....