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Useless Information

More than onece, Brooks Simpson at Crossroads has brought up the subject of white Southerners (i.e., the KKK) killing and terrorizing ex-slaves after the war. Kevin Levin loves to lament the plight of slaves in the Confederacy (he doesn't appear to say much about the plight of these same slaves before the Confederacy) and Andy Hall loves to lament the plight, after the war, of ex-slaves who assisted their masters during the war and turned into pitiable buffoons at veteran gatherings afterward.

Wonder what they'd say about this...
Sick from Freedom shows that as many as 1 million of the freed slaves died from cholera or smallpox while the federal government, controlled by The Party of Lincoln for half a century after the war, did essentially nothing at all about it. Thousands of ex-slaves returned to work on the plantations where they were previously enslaved because the alternative was starvation and death from disease.

The main priority of The Party of Lincoln at that time (from 1865–1890) was its war of genocide against another colored race, the Plains Indians, in order to "make way for the railroad," as General Sherman himself announced. The U.S. army, aided by ex slaves known as "Buffalo Soldiers," eventually murdered some 60,000 Plains Indians, including thousands of women and children, while putting the rest of them into concentration camps known as "reservations."
Unless they can find some way to evilize white Southerners with this information, it's useless to them, regardless of how truthful it is, so I suspect their response to be dead, ringing silence and emain so until hell freezes over...

And there are still folks who say the yankees "shed their sin" of slavery...


Mere hours after my news flash that "Victor 'Vic' Hatcher" was yet another made up profile of Corey D. Meyer, I got a Facebook message from Corey, again denying that he was the porno blogger. The entire thread, including time stamps, is posted at the end of this blog entry.

I figured that by messaging me, Corey was tryin' to tell me something -- he has a track record for telling on himself that way, messaging me when he gets impatient for me to "find" something on my own, just like the first time he messaged me about the porno blog back in March. So I took a quick peek at the Confederate Flagging blog to see what "Victor" was up to and -- lo, and behold! -- "Victor" has disappeared, the porno pics are back up, and the blogger is identified as ... MOI!

Yep, looks like Ol' Victor/Arie has been thrown under the porno bus. Corey is so mean to his fake profiles...uses them and then throws them away like an old Kleenex.

Impersonation is fraud. It is identify theft and strictly against Blogger rules. This case of identify theft has been reported to Blogger. Who knows how long it will take them to do anything about it. Meanwhile, I'm notifying my blog readers and Southern friends on Facebook about this vindictive attempt to frame me.

Identify theft is also against the law. Most statutes criminalize identify theft for the purpose of committing financial OR non-financial fraud.

It's unfortunate if these photos offend anyone -- they certainly offend me -- but I can't apologize for them because I have nothing to do with their existence or their appearance online. This has been somebody else's sick, degenerate project since March. My participation has been limited to denouncing it and attempting to expose whoever is behind it, to the extent that I can.

It's very simple. If Corey is not the porno blogger, all he has to do is post some proof, or at least neutralize the evidence against him I have collected and presented. Instead, he just says he didn't do it. He even tried to pin it on David Tatum, for cryin' out loud.

So now, here's this odious attempt to frame me as the owner/author of the porno blog but I'm not going to whine like Corey. I'm stating flat out, I not only deny owning and authoring the blog, I also denounce the porno blog both for its pornographic pictures -- something Corey did not do; he called them "funny" (and this person who thinks sexually degenerate photos online are funny teaches school kids...) and its denigration of the Confederate flag.

I state again, it is identity theft, fraud and simple hatefulness.


Blogger lists all my blogs on my legitimate profile. The identity-theft profile doesn't show them. It also doesn't show the list of blogs I follow -- and it would if it were legit. Fraudulent profile on left. My legit profile on right.

Click for full-size image

So Blogger has been notified that I'm being impersonated. The porno blog and the message thread have been cached. We'll see what happens next, and how long it takes....


Facebook Message Thread

Kindred Blood
4 hours ago

You are fully obsessed aren't you Connie. I can tell you now and with a straight face...I am not responsible for the "Confederate Flagging" blog you claim I am. I suggest you look closer to home. I don't like using Blogger, but David Tatum has several blogs under his name that use Blogger. To me this looks like an inside job if I have ever seen one. Someone trying to make us look know reverse psychology. Think about it. But I suggest you stop spreading false rummors about me.


Connie Chastain
3 hours ago

Sorry, Corey. I don't care what you tell me and with what kind of face. Your denials are hollow. You promoted that blog to me in this very FB messenger, with your Kindred Blood ID and as Robert Billy. You admitted that Robert Billy was a fake profile you made up to spy on the SHPG. That means everything you said as Robert Billy was a lie. When I recently posted screenshots of the messages where you admitted it, you said I had "photoshopped" it, implying the info was made up. No. You have a track record for lying and you have thoroughly discredited yourself.


Kindred Blood
3 hours ago

Be careful...


Kindred Blood
3 hours ago

You have very little credibility either.

Dixie Bashin': The Ugly, Hate-Filled People of Connie Chastain's "Backsass" Group

A blog that makes fun of those people who embarrass southern heritage by a true southerner. (If that makes me a scalawag, I consider the source.)


Kindred Blood
3 hours ago

OBTW, just because I gave you a link to that site, don't think I have anything to do with it...


Connie Chastain
2 hours ago

Corey, when I accuse you of being a liar, I don't use what someone else claims about you. I use YOUR OWN LIES.

That whole "blog" is Brooks Simpson's temper tantrum because I disrespect him and his hatred of the South. It was created just to attack me, taken from a phrase I coined (Dixie-bashing Bloggers). It is full of lies. You can look at it and call ME obsessed? Only people with little sense and less scruples can take it seriously. Nearly every post over there is an attack on me.

This is just an example: He said I lied about Tyler Ratke's profile disappearing, but I didn't lie. By my experience, Tyler DID disappear, because I didn't know Facebook says "page not found" when you've been blocked (nobody has ever blocked me, so how would I know?).

He has posted a mountain of lies about me at Crossroads, too -- has claimed two or three times that I've "admitted" stalking him on my blog -- I've made no such admission. You couldn't find it on my blog if your life depended on it. Like you, he lies flat out, and he lies by implication and innuendo. You can't prove ANYTHING about ME by what Brooks Simpson says. He's as big a liar as you are.

I have lots of author services jobs in progress. When I get a little caught up I'm going to rip "Dixie Bashin'" to shreds, just like I ripped your phony porno blog to shreds.

Yes, you gave me the link to the porno blog to try to get a rise out of me. You created it to insult the flag and create anger in Southern heritage advocates, but how would that happen if nobody knew about it? So you started sending the URL around. It's your site. You built it. It wouldn't surprise me if you even took some of the photos.


Kindred Blood
2 hours ago

Connie, call me a liar all you want still will not change the fact that I am not responsible for the blog you claim I am. I have read what is on Dixie Bashin and I believe what that person says. The quotes are taking directly from your blog and Facebook...the proof is in the puddin.


Kindred Blood
2 hours ago

One quick one time in the past when I was using Billy Yank as my handle I got into a heated blasting of Michael Cushman or Palmetto Patriot. Someone then started using that name to post on a porno discussion board and posted comments...about 900 of them under my name...Billyank1864 and when you did a google search for that those post came up first. I never found out who actually did it but I believed at the time it was I began posting stuff on that site under the name Palmetto Patriot and used a big confederate flag as my avatar and even posted a link to his site. He found out about it and blamed me...I denied it and eventually deleted the account.

The point is that I felt bad about doing that to Michael and vowed I would not do it again...and I have not.


Connie Chastain
2 hours ago

If the quotes substantiated anything, Corey, he wouldn't have to embellish them with his lying commentary, now would he? That's just like you and your ilk. You believe it because you share his hatred.

I call you a liar, Corey, not because somebody else says you are, BUT BECAUSE YOU LIED TO ME. Directly to me. Your "Robert Billy" message thread established you as a liar and totally destroy your credibility. As far as I'm concerned, at least, you're beyond rehabilitating.


Connie Chastain
2 hours ago

Nice little story -- told by a liar.

Corey, you do know that re-creating the porno blog and making it look like I did it is a violation of Blogger policy, don't you? Be careful...

Even more proof you're the porno-blogger... Messaging me as soon as you put it online... LOL! You're a depraved person, you know it? What are you addicted to more, porno, lying or your hatred of Southern heritage folks?


Kindred Blood
2 hours ago

Ask Michael...

What are you talking about...


Connie Chastain
about an hour ago

What am I talking about? LOL!!! So is this a collaborative effort between you and Simpson? You know, Corey, for somebody who lies so much, you're not real good at it, ya know?


Kindred Blood
about an hour ago that is funnnnnnnny! They must not have liked what you said about that blog or who they are. You know you are right and wrong. It is neither Prof. Simpson nor I, but I do know who it is. Maybe we should strike a deal?

Oh and you can ask Michael about the story I told you. It is true.


Connie Chastain
about an hour ago

Yup, YOU didn't like what I said about that blog or you. You're giving yourself away again... Messaging me JUST when it goes online. What a coincidence, huh! So, who's the blogger. Victor "Vic" Hatcher???? LOL! You've established yourself as a liar. You are not credible. Get that through your skill. You are a proven liar, and that makes anything you say suspicious. Once you've ruined your own credibility, you can't get it back.


Connie Chastain
about an hour ago

Skull, not skill. You have a skull, real thick one. You don't have a lot of skill, not even at lying.

BTW, Your "Be Careful" warning above is also a dead giveaway.

Corey, why did you put a picture of a family with children on your new porno site?

S'matter? Where'd you go 23 minutes ago? You can't post porno pics on a blog and message on Facebook at the same time? LOL!


Kindred Blood
about an hour ago

Actually I am installing a Train simulator for my kids...that is where I went. Plus I have said over and over that blog is not mine. It appears now that it is yours. LOL...enjoy!


Connie Chastain
about an hour ago

LOL. You're a proven liar, Corey. Installing a train simulator for your kids? LOL. Posting pics of kids on your porno site and now using a reference to your own kids in your lie?

Why did you just HAPPEN to message me today, within minutes of the new porno blog going live? You can't even see how you give yourself away, can you?


Connie Chastain
about an hour ago

Yepper. Not even a good liar, nor good at trying to frame somebody, either. If that was my blog, all my other Blogger blogs would be listed on the profile... Proof I'm being framed by somebody who is really, really inept at it. LOL!

There now. All documented...up to the current minute.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

NEWS FLASH! Vic Hatcher Ain't Vic Hatcher!

Well, well, WELL ... what have we here? It seems that "Victor 'Vic' Hatcher" -- student at the University of Virginia who was so stupid he let his friends upload pornographic photos to his philosophy project blog -- is, in reality race car diver and Hollywood hunk Arie Luyendyk, Jr.

What's that smell coming from your computer? Didn't you notice it, folks? Didn't you notice a powerful and obnoxious odor of mendacity from your computer?... There ain't nothin' more powerful than the odor of mendacity... You can smell it. It smells like hypocrisy -- to paraphrase Tennessee Williams.

This cinches it. There is absolutely no reason to believe a thing Corey Meyer says. He is morally and ethically deficient. A proven liar. Slimy. Smelly.

More info on Arie here: More pics here:

Many thanks to Border Ruffian who brought Arie to my attention two days after the pic went up at the 'Confederate Flagging' blog.. I hardly ever watch TV and I'm not a race fan, so I might not have found him for months, if ever.

It'll be interesting to see what Corey does with the Confederate Flagging blog now. Will he keep digging himself deeper into the hole and fabricate yet another lie to cover up all the ones that have gone before? Or will man up and admit that he's the porno-blogger and acknowledge all the other lies he's told from his motivation of animosity for the Confederate flag and Southern heritage/

Saturday, June 16, 2012



The following went up on the Confederate Flagging blog Friday, June 15. Time stamp sez 6:10 p.m.
Friday, June 15, 2012

I want to take this moment to put forth my most sincere apology to anyone, especially my instructor and the University of Virginia staff and/or students who, may have seen this site before I actually launched the site. It came to my attention through my instructor as he checked and verified our class blogs that someone had posted inappropriate pictures on my blog. This blog is going to be used as a sounding board for discussion in a class that I am taking this summer in Philosophy dealing with the effect symbols. I chose to do my discussion on the Confederate Flag. To my dismay, some of my friends uploaded an number of saucy images to this page and for that I am truly sorry.

Check back soon for updates on my discussion about the Confederate flag and its symbolism in modern America.

Thanks for your understanding.

Victor "Vic" Hatcher
Aw, the contrition brings a tear to your eye, don't it? I got a lump in my throat....

I do have a few questions and observations, howsomever.

But first, I note the "coincidence" that "Victor" makes his apologetic first post on the very self-same day that Corey Meyer crawls out from wherever he's been to post at The Blood of My Kindred. Ya know, he's been AWOL over there since June 9, 2012 at 9:36 pm when he posted, "Good, let her….she can also take a flying leap off a bridge while she is at it." He was talking about moi... And he hasn't posted on his Facebook wall since June 10...

Interesting how "they" "both" found time to post on the Internet on exactly the same day...

The first thing I notice about University of Virginia student "Victor 'Vic' Hatcher," is that he has the punctuation skills of a elementary schooler, kinda like the grammar skills of college graduate Rob "Tu Quoque" Bakur.... In yer first sentence, Vic, the comma should go before "who" -- not after it. And this phrase -- through my instructor as he checked and verified our class blogs-- should be set off by commas. And didja mean "effect of symbols"? But that's a bit petty, so let's move on.

If the blog is to be about the effect of symbols, and the symbol "Vic" chose is the Confederate flag, why is the blog named Confederate Flagging? Is he gonna discuss the effect of the Confederate flag, which is an object, or of flagging, which is an activity?

If the blog is to be for a summer project, why was it was created in March -- March 12th, according to Blogger. It made the Google index March 27. Our boy "Vic" must've been a Boy Scout, and the motto "Be Prepared" really "took" with him.... He signed up for his blog more than a month before summer enrollment began....

If the pornographic (not saucy, Vic, not "inappropriate" but pornographic) pictures were uploaded, to his dismay, by some of his friends instead of himself -- why did "Vic" create a blog using the name "Rebel Flag" instead of "Victor 'Vic' Hatcher", particularly since it was for a class assignment?

And how did his "friends" happen to have access to the controls for his blog? Was it a team blog? If it was his blog only, did they come up to him one day and say, "We'd like access to post on your blog, not just comment," and did he just up and give it to them?

Fishy. Very, very fishy.

The porno pics -- at least, some of them -- have been up there since Google indexed the blog on March 27, because blog author "Rebel Flag" wrote a description that showed up in the Google index that so indicated... "A Blog About The Confederate Flag & Its Uses. Tuesday, March 27, 2012. Nice & Naughty Confederate Flags. Posted by Rebel Flag at 7:13 p.m."

How come neither "Vic" nor his philosophy instructor, discovered the porno pics until last Thursday, June 9?????

I wonder who his philosophy instructor is.... Here's the faculty and staff of the Philosophy Department at the University of Virginia...

Obviously, Vic isn't a graduate student in the philosophy department, cuz here's a list of their names:

Of course, you don't have to be a graduate student in philosophy to take a course in it over the summer.... but you do have to be a student.... and, when you do a search of all University students with the last name of Hatcher.... guess what! Victor ain't listed!

Here are the folks at the University of Virginia named "Hatcher" (I've marked the students with a big, red asterisk):

Look, I know a cock-and-bull story when I see one. The blog was created by Corey Meyer in March 2012, because that was a very active month for the Virginia Flaggers, and he hates the Virginia Flaggers. In fact, it's a toss up who/what Corey hates more -- the Confederate flag, the
SCV, the Virginia Flaggers, or any Confederate descendant and/or heritage advocate who respects the flag. But he has given special attention to the Virginia flaggers on his blog.

Corey likes pictures of babes in tiny little clothes with Confederate flag motifs. He may like pictures of chicks in tiny little clothes without Confederate flag motifs (or without clothes at all), but of course, he can't use those to besmirch Southern heritage, so we don't see such on his blog. With his "Confederate Flagger" blog, he could kill two birds with one stone...indulge his obsession with near-naked (and in some cases, totally naked) wimmin, and fan his obsession with trashing the Confederate flag.

But...he slipped up. He was too insistent on pushing the porno blog and getting a rise out of heritage folks.

On March 17, he promoted it to me in a Facebook messaging thread using his profile Kindred Blood.

On May 9, he promoted it to me in a Facebook messaging thread using his fake profile Robert Billy -- which he admitted was a fake profile.

And on June 8, he promoted it using his fake profile Tyler Ratke, first on his wall and then in a thread on Backsass, pretending to disapprove of it. He also posted it in another Southern heritage group, pretending disapproval, but it was taken down in that group fairly quickly. It was possibly Southern Heritage, Fight For It or Lose It, because a few days before, "Tyler" had posted on Backsass seeking help to access that group. There's no telling how many others he sent the link to.

Yes, this is not proof. There is a very, very slender chance that the anti-Confederate porno blogger is not Corey Meyer. But given his extremely questionable ethics and his long, smelly, and proven track record for lying, why should anyone believe his denials? Until there is proof that the blogger is somebody else -- not some made-up student with an idiotic "explanation" nobody with sense can believe -- the charge stands.

From a Facebook message thread:

Kindred Blood
March 27
And you thought Ru Paul was bad....
Confederate Flagging

Connie Chastain
March 27
Get off on that site, do you, Corey? You know it's sickening, don't you? So is Rawls putting these pics in the Appomattox Museum?

Kindred Blood
March 27
I made no judgment of the site only noting that if you did not approve of the Paul picture than this should set you on fire...but it is all subjective to you and your ilk. Did it turn you on?

Connie Chastain
March 27
It made me sick. I see it's brand new, dates from this month, it's anonymous, and named to insult the Flaggers. Is it your site? Did you make it? Is this site going into the Museum of the Confederacy at Appomattox, like the Ru Paul display?

Kindred Blood
March 27
I did not make it...I stubbled on it looking for other stuff...I think it is pretty funny many different views of the rebel rag in all its glory! LOL...someone has a sense of humor!

Connie Chastain
March 27
You stumbled on it? LOL!! Somebody's attempting to purposely denigrate the flag, and you're lapping it up like a kitten. It's not funny, and if you think sexual degradation like that is funny, you need to not be teaching children.

Image Credits:
Bull -- Malene Thyssen on Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license.
Rooster -- Žiga on Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Kevin Levin Ain't the Voice of God

Kevin Levin writes:
I suspect that the Confederate flag story out of Lexington will go viral by the end of the day. No doubt, we will be treated to the standard mainstream media narrative of an unfinished Civil War as well as the overly defensive posture of the SCV. Already we’ve heard from Brandon Dorsey, who is the local SCV commander in Lexington:
As far as I am concerned, this is little different that some states shutting down all their public schools to avoid desegregation and then claiming their motivation for closing them is of no concern because they screwed over everyone.
Oh brother. Pass the hyperbole. The SCV and other heritage groups have staked everything on the display of the Confederate flag. It’s all or nothing. Any attempt at limiting its visibility is seen as an attack on their history and heritage as if they alone have a monopoly on the Southern past.
What tripe! Just because the SCV's defense of the flag is the only thing Kevin Levin pays attention to does not meant that's the only thing the SCV cares about or works on. Sheesh.
The days when the Confederate flag represented a people, a culture, and a history are over. Thankfully, we now live in a time when an ever wider spectrum of voices are able to make their voices heard and they are adamant that the flag ought not to be displayed on public property and/or supported with taxpayer dollars. Why? Because of its history and nothing the SCV or anyone else says or does can change the flag’s symbolic connection to a history of violence and racism. I suspect that most reasonable people would agree that there are settings in which its display is appropriate and even necessary, but that is a discussion the SCV will not consider.
The days when the Confederate flag was connected with violence and racism are over. Today, hysterical charges of racism are the last gasp of the sick and weakened left struggling for relevance. Thankfully, we now live in a time when all voices are supposed to be heard. Unfortunately, people like Kevin Levin apply that principle selectively. Regardless, Southern heritage advocates are slowly turning the tide of public opinion despite the best efforts of Dixie-bashing bloggers like Levin to prevent it. Keeping Southern history and heritage "evil" is what "memory" type blogs like his are all about.
This has nothing to do with hating the South or “evilizing” the Confederacy. That is as unimaginative an argument as one can make and as we have seen it will lead to the SCV’s continued marginalization in society. The SCV’s decision to stake everything on the flag reflects a simplistic understanding of the very history and heritage that they claim to defend. Instead of wasting limited resources on court cases, television ads, and airplane banners they should be thinking of creative ways to share the rich history of the Confederacy and their ancestors in their local communities.
It has everything to do with hating the South and evilizing the Confederacy, which is Kevin Levin's whole motivation for teaching, blogging and writing. The SCV isn't marginalized in society because of anything it does; it is marginalized for the same reason family, religion and tradition are attacked and marginalized by the insidious forces participating in Gramsci's long march though the institutions. Moreover, the SCV hasn't staked everything on the flag. The are defending it because it is the number one target of the heritage erasers....
When it comes to the Confederate flag the SCV is doomed to fail and they deserve everything they get.
Ah, yes. The hubris... the arrogance. Spoken as if by someone who thinks it's the voice of God speaking...

It ain't.

He doesn't seem to realize that the courts aren't the only legitimate way to change things.... There's already efforts organizing to replace at the ballot box Lexington's elected officials who are evilizing the South and its history and heritage by targeting its symbols for erasure.

Strange blog fellows....

There's a discussion in the comments at Crossroads about Brooks Simpson's pet white supremacist, Hunter Wallace. Apparently some of the regulars over there aren't comfortable with the forum Simpson gives to Wallace. One of them asks, "Any chance of him getting permanent deleted?"

Simpson pontificates, "I make my decisions on a case-by-case basis. In this instance Mr. Wallace has not attacked another poster and has offered an explanation of a term much in use in some places. Should I ban the posting of comments with which I disagree simply because I disagree with them?"

Why not, Simpson? You ban mine because you disagree with them.

He continues, "I suspect that Mr. Wallace is not making any converts here; what interests me is how much he has in common with those Confederate “heritage” advocates who feel uncomfortable about his acceptance of the role of white supremacy in the Old South and the Confederacy. I suspect they share much more in common when it comes to present-day attitudes about race, as we’ve seen."

Wonder which Confederate "heritage" advocates he's talking about. I haven't noticed that many of us feeling uncomfortable about Wallace's acceptance of the role of white supremacy in the Old South and the Confederacy. I think, quite the opposite from what Simpson suggests, it's that most Confederate heritage advocates do not share his blatant racism and resent his using Confederate heritage to promote it.

Most of us know quite well that white supremacy existed in the Old South and the Confederacy. We also know it existed in the north and the USA as well, and we simply don't relate to folks like Brooks Simpson and his Dixie-bashing brethren giving the north a pass by ignoring its white supremacy and its crucial role in slavery to focus their total evilization campaign on the South.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More Devious Deception from Brooks D. Simpson

(So, what do y'all think the D. stands for, Devious or Deception?)

Here'a a stellar example of how Simpson lies. And so many of them in such a short space!

From Crossroads:
"Seems there’s been a call to denounce “Confederate Flag porno blogging,” whatever that is; failure to do so, we are told, means “Silence Equals Consent.” So this is evidence that I haven’t been silent (I have no idea what this is about).
Whatever that is? When Simpson goes jackbooting through Confederate blogs and groups in order to find stuff to lie about and heritage advocates to savage, does he even read what he's lying about? Confederate flag porno blogging is clearly explained and identified in the blog entry he's verbally brutalizing.
"I haven’t see “Confederate Flag porno blogging” denounced by the Virginia Flaggers, so I guess they are expressing consent."
Members of the Virginia flaggers reported the porno blog to Blogger and so noted on Facebook. That's not silence, and it is most definitely denouncing. That Simpson doesn't know about it is yet another example of his infantile attitude that if he doesn't know about it, it doesn't exist.
"I’m afraid to ask why certain folks are so excited by this 'issue.'”
Denouncing pornographic filth created to denigrate the Confederate flag and heritage advocates (and misportray them) is not being excited, it's being concerned.

Seeking to identify the person who did it and concluding from the available evidence that it was probably an outspoken critic of Southern heritage (who has a track record for lying just like Brooks D. Simpson does) is not being excited. It is pursuit of truth.

Perhaps Simpson, a professor at a major state university, doesn't know the difference between excitement and concern. Nah. More likely, he's playing dumb in order to lie. He's done that before.
"Maybe they’re interested in new images for their ever-changing cover art."
If Simpson is talking about me, he's lying. (What a surprise, huh?) My cover art is not "ever-changing." One of my three published covers has been changed.

However, even if it was true, my book with a redesigned cover would be in good company:

To Kill a Mockingbird covers:

Obviously, this unwarranted criticism about cover art (he'd call it satire or parody to cover his sorry behind) is just gratuitous irrelevancy of a very mean-spirited kind, and illustrates just what a petty little man he is.
"The same blogger insists that the Virginia Flaggers are achieving great things, only we don’t know about them. I’d say they are well-kept secrets."
Lie #1. I didn't insist anything. Didn't use the word "great," either. I said they are effective. As they are used here, "insist" and "great" are manipulative words designed to wrongly influence Simpson's readers. Judging by past comments, some of them are quite gullible and thus easily swayed by his manipulative language.

Lie #2. I didn't say we. I said, "A lot of hard (and effective) work takes place off the sidewalk and many successes aren't known to the public."

Lie #3. I said," But the major visible accomplishment of the Virginia flaggers is that they are desensitizing the public to the image of the flag that has been the object of removal campaigns from one end of Dixie to the other. In the minds of observers, they are associating the flag with ordinary, decent folks and not the scum-sucking racists people have been conditioned to associate with the flag." This is hardly a well-kept secret.
"Of course, this is the same person who has already testified about the ineffectiveness of Confederate heritage groups."
Blatant.baldfaced lie. I said, to paraphrase, one particular Confederate heritage group on Facebook is ineffective against the powerful forces arrayed against Southern heritage and I clearly explained why -- they're informal discussion groups without funds or legal status.

My exact words:
I think it's very important to fight the efforts of those who war against Southern heritage. What I said was that the Southern Heritage Preservation Group does not have the power or influence of, say, the SCV, which has tens of thousands of members, a treasury, and a legal arm for use of the courts. The SHPG is a Facebook group. It has officers, but no legal status, no dues collected from members, no treasury... and it takes money to fight the powers and principalities arrayed against us, make no mistake about it. Individual members of the group may be very effective in fighting those who war against Southern heritage; they may be members of other organizations that are also effective. But the SHPG itself is for the dissemination of information and sharing of opinions.

I've also stated that that my own personal efforts -- this blog and my proSouthern novels -- also have little to no power or influence. I'm just one person. I also don't have a lot of money. My outside activism is restricted, as I cannot walk or stand except for very brief periods. I do what I can online, and with my writing. Thus far, my writing has had little effect. So why do I perist? Because I have faith. I may never accomplish great things for Dixie -- but who knows but what something I write will inspire someone who can, and will, accomplish great things for the South?

* * *
Simpson's finale:
"The war within continues."
There is no war within, only people in Southern heritage that have differing opinions. There are, however, vicious verbal attacks from without, rooted in hatred (you got a better explanation?) and a totalitarian mindset that reviles anyone who dares to see things differently -- at which Brooks D. Simpson is a master.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What the Virginia Flaggers Are Accomplishing

Listen to Dixie-bashing bloggers like Kevin Levin, Andy Hall, Brooks Simpson and Corey Meyer and you'd think the Virginia flaggers are completely ineffective activists or self-absorbed attention seekers.

The flags aren't back up at the Pelham Chapel. The UDC has sicced the law on the flaggers. The MoC/Appomattox has ignored them. Thus, flagging is unproductive.

What we have here is the infantile mindset, "If I don't know about it, it doesn't exist.," or " hasn't happened."

We also see among the critics folks whose patience isn't as long as their p--pinky. Changing public perception and opinion doesn't happen overnight, or in a few months, and sometimes not for years. I'm sure the Dixie-bashing bloggers know this, but when your aim is to insult and denigrate, truth is the last thing you care about.

If the experience and history of the Georgia Flaggers are anything to go by, there's more to the phenomenon that staging public flaggings. A lot of hard (and effective) work takes place off the sidewalk and many successes aren't known to the public.

But the major visible accomplishment of the Virginia flaggers is that they are desensitizing the public to the image of the flag that has been the object of removal campaigns from one end of Dixie to the other. In the minds of observers, they are associating the flag with ordinary, decent folks and not the scum-sucking racists people have been conditioned to associate with the flag.

That has to be distressing to folks are dedicated to dishonoring and evilizing the flag to justify its removal from the Southern landscape. There's nothing they'd like more than to see it stashed in the bottom drawer in the dank, cobwebby basement of some museum.

The emergence of the flaggers means the accomplishment of that goal is no longer as certain as it once was.


Photo source: Confederate Flaggers Facebook Group

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Oh, What a Tangled Web They Weave...

Coupla days ago, somebody using the Facebook profile Tyler Ratke posted on his wall, and on Backsass, a link to a blog titled "Confederate Flaggers" which combines hatred for the flag as well as hatred of Southern heritage and its advocates, with pornographic filth.

The wall post included Tyler's very poorly feigned "outrage" over the site ("What a damned disgrace of our Noble Flag. Is there anything that can be done about sites like this?" (

Now, I and some others had long suspected "Tyler Ratke" of being yet another in a long line of fake Facebook profiles for ultra-Dixie-hater Corey Meyer. I also suspected the pornoblog of being Corey's creation because (1) he has a track record of obsession with scantily clad babes and (2) because back in May, using his fake profile as "Robert Billy," he had contacted me via Facebook messenger promoting the pornoblog for inclusion on the Backsass list of Anti-Southern Heritage Blogs. He called it my "list of prey," which, of course, would have outed him as an anti-Confederate right there, if he hadn't already outed himself. I advised him that site was not prey, it was carrion.

Never again heard from "Robert Billy".

So a day or two ago, when "Tyler" posted a link to the same pornoblog in a Backsass thread, I asked him a few leading questions. He gave some really lame answers, disappeared from the thread for a while, and then returned to announce that the site was gone.

Click to see full size image.

"It does not seem to work now. Maybe blogger pulled it due to its content not being set as 'adult'. Gone. Good enough for me." Interesting that he has such knowledge of Blogger, but elsewhere claimed to not know much about Facebook because he was "new" (a claim not unlike one "Robert Billy" made to me).

In any case, he (Corey/Tyler) was completely wrong (as he well knew). He didn't originally set the pornoblog as "adult" because the people he wanted to insult with it generally don't/won't visit blogs when there's a pre-warning like Blogger's, telling them it's an "adult" (i.e.,filth) blog. And we know Blogger didn't just up and decide to pull it, because some Southern heritage folks had reported it to Blogger some time ago, and it stayed up until yesterday, when "Tyler" got skeered of being outed as Corey-the-porno-blogger and took it down in a state of panic.

He put the blog back up in a matter of hours, but with the filthy pictures removed! It now displays some SCV symbols. It's still built on a lie, though. The anonymous blogger, named "Rebel Flag," purports to be a charter member of the Virginia flagger -- none of whom are anonymous.

"Tyler" disappeared again, along with all his messages on Backsass. Too bad; I was going to show some of the similarities between his comments and those that "Robert Billy" messaged to me. I'm thoroughly convinced they're one and the same, but perhaps not everyone is. So the similarities would have greatly heightened for the uncertain the probability that "Tyler" is Corey Meyer. How? Well, because Corey admitted to me in a message thread that "Robert Billy" was a fake profile he made to get access to, and spy on, the Southern Heritage Preservation Group, from whom his actual profile (Kindred Blood) and previous fake ones had been blocked.

I took screenshots of the message thread where Corey admitted being Robert Billy and posted on Backsass a link to the resulting graphic.

Click to see full size image.

Shortly thereafter, in a comment thread on his blog, Corey waxed indignant:

"You are hereby banned from The Blood of My Kindred. You continue to accuse me of doing things that I have not done. Your latest is a photoshop image of a Facebook page where I “claim” to be a person named “Robert Billy”…nice bit of work Connie, you should work in the computer industry for some two-bit dictator doctoring documents. From this point on Connie you will have no access to comments on this site…post all you want, none of them will see the light of day."

Yep, it's photoshopped, no doubt about it, and I have no problem whatever admitting it. I had to put two screenshots together to show all the related messages, and that required graphics processing. I smeared out the info on my left sidebar. And I put a big red border around Corey's admission that Robert Billy was his fake profile. But not one word of the text was changed.

Since he had lied about me on his blog comment thread, I emailed to him (and to one of his buddies, the Dixie-bashing, self-styled "intellectual" -- Mr. Tu Quoque himself -- Rob Baker) the actual messages off the Facebook thread, using Facebook's email.

So far, he hasn't accused me of hacking Facebook.

In any case, I sufficiently established that Corey Meyer/Robert Billy were the same "person" and while Robert Billy's promotion of the anti-Confederate pornoblog is not proof that Corey is the pornoblogger (and very likely "Tyler Radke," too) it shows extreme probability that he is.

It'll be interesting so see whether Cousin Perfesser, in his usual persona or his attempted disguise persona, will condemn Confederate Flag porno blogging, whether or not he agrees with my conclusion that the pornoblogger is his good friend Corey Meyer. Be interesting to see if Andy Hall and Kevin Levin have any thoughts on Confederate Flag porno blogging, too.

Frankly, I expect dead ringing silence from all of them. And you know the saying -- Silence Equals Consent.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Cousin Perfesser Lyin' Again

Cousin-Perfesser-trying-to-be-anonymous is doing what he does best -- lyin' like a rug....

My blog essay about the sins of the USA absolving the Confederacy for the "sin" of slavery did not make the point "two wrongs make a right (or make the first one right)," as he's trying to claim, and was never intended to.

I've had others disagree with my opinion, and that's fine. It is just my opinion; and when the disagreeing is civil and thoughtful, I don't mind the challenge.

What makes the sins of the United States government relevant in this issue is that the Union made brutal war on the South. It wasn't without sin but it cast the first stone at the Confederacy, and then, buried the South with boulders of brutality -- why? For being no worse than the union. And then the United States went for a hundred and fifty more years accumulating more sin -- one of them the continued economic and social oppression of Southerners.

The reason I originally put "sins" in irony quotes is because the people (with a handful of exceptions) who convicted the South of this particular sin never considered it a sin when THEY were doing it -- and thus had no moral authority for their barbaric war on the South. All the sins of the USA that came afterward just underscores their unfitness for taking it upon themselves to judge and punish.

But maybe the simplistic notion of two wrongs don't make a right is the greatest depth of complexity Cousin Perfesser can conceptualize. If that's the extent of his analytical abilities, attempting to explain it to him will be futile. It's hilarious, though, in view of his talking about seeing "how someone's excuse for a brain works."

He loves to disparage the intelligence of people he hates, and does it in both of his blogs. I guess calling other folks "stoopid" gives people like him a boost of confidence about their own ... intellectual abilities....and feeds his self-aggrandizement. Wonder if he does it to students in his classroom....

I don't like throwing off on people's mental capabilities except as satire, as it was in this case. Generally speaking, people have no control over the level of their intelligence. Anyone who sincerely and seriously denigrates another person's intelligence is behaving reprehensibly, the same as making fun of someone who is mentally retarded. So I confine my comments about Cousin Perfesser's intelligence to satirical counter-attacks -- i.e., in response to his attacks on other people's intelligence.

I know he's intellectually capable... That's why I prefer to keep my genuine denigration of him focused on something else -- his questionable ethics, basically, his lying about me, about Southern heritage, about others he takes a dislike to -- sometimes with big, baldfaced lies, sometimes with sneaky, snide innuendo...

Of course, he can't do satire -- slapstick schtick is as close as he can come -- so lies are about the only thing he has to fall back on...

So he lies like a rug....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dixie-basher Makes Mendacity an Art Form

Cousin Perfesser continues to violate the copyright notice on my blog, copying and pasting my original content to his bizarro Crossroads blog. This is obviously his admission that he doesn't take copyrights seriously, and his permission for me to violate his copyright notice and copy-paste content from his blog to mine....

It's always fascinating to see his smear-by-association attempts (even when it's a fabricated association that exists nowhere but his imagination). Take this comment, for example:
I find this an absolutely bizarre statement, but I also find it a revealing one. **After all, I’ve also come across declarations from fans of the Confederacy about the policy of the United States government towards Native Americans as offering what these folks think is some absolution of white southerners for slavery.
As if what other "fans of the Confederacy" do is relevant to what I posted... What's really interesting his how he goes on to "refute" a claim I never made -- that two wrongs make a right. An honest reading of my essay will reveal no such claim. It just another of his noxious fabrications he couldn't prove if his life depended on it.

What do I care what he has "come across"? I didn't mention native Americans in my blog post Besides, I've rarely run cross heritage folks who use the Confederacy's policy toward Indians as some kind of absolution of Southern whites for slavery.

What Cousin Perfesser, and all the other Dixie-bashing bloggers can't seem to grasp (or pretend that they can't grasp) is this (pay close attention folks):
I do not point out the Union's sins/flaws in an attempt to absolve white Southerners of slavery. I simply note that those Union sins do absolve the South. I note that the Union's sins do establish that the Union had no moral authority for making brutal war on the South ... no moral authority for devastating the South economically and culturally far above what was necessary to win a war, out of a motive of sheer, frenzied hatred...and no moral authority for continuing the economic and cultural oppression of Southerners and their region for generations after the war -- from the same motive.
To reiterate: The Union's sins rendered it morally unqualified to punish the South -- for slavery, secession, or anything else.

Then, predictably, Cousin Perfesser puts forth another irrelevant tangent after posting this passage from my blog essay:
In any case, Confederate heritage advocates know the Union did not have the moral authority to make brutal war upon the South in the 1860s, and it has steadily degenerated into further evil since then. The whole purpose of evilizing the South is so “good Americans” won’t have to face up to their country’s ongoing malevolence.
Cousin Perfesser writes,
"Oddly enough, this sounds like Hugh G. Lawson, a retired history professor trained at Tulane and who taught at Murray State University. You can still come across Professor Lawson, now retired (and prematurely so) if you want to visit usenet’s alt.war.civil.usa, where for years he offered as original with him the notion of “the South as Other” until it was revealed that he was engaged in presenting a rather well-known argument advanced by others as his own. This has not stopped him, although he was forced to admit his attempt at deception (guess what else we call this practice? Hint: it begins with a “p”)."
It may sound like that to Cousin Perfesser, but I doubt it. As I've never heard of Lawson or what notions he offered as his, I see this for what it is -- another malevolent attempt on the part of Cousin Perfesser to perpetrate guilt-by-association, and it's particularly revealing of the depths of dishonesty his animosity takes him to.

Then he goes on to try amateur psychology with this:
"Beneath all this, however, rests a feeling of guilt and a need for absolution … sometimes by pointing out that someone else does it, too. "
Cousin Perfesser, don't quit your day job indoctrinating students in your classes in PC-approved history -- you're too dishonest in your approach to practice psychology. Pointing out that "someone else does it, too," (which I didn't do, by the way) isn't guilt OR the need for absolution. It is simply pointing out (and I say it again, though I have no hope it will sink into a mind encased in hardened liberal concrete) that the Union's sins rendered it morally unqualified to punish the South -- for slavery, secession, or anything else.

Cousin Perfesser probably does not realize it, but his statement -- "... it’s who we need people in the past to be for our own purposes, not who they really were..." -- is far more applicable to him and his fellow Dixie-bashers and self-appointed civil war thought cops than it is to Southern heritage folks.

He wraps up with more fabricated guilt-by-imaginary-association and ends with a typical, but still breathtaking, lie:
One is responsible for one’s understanding of history and for one’s use or misuse of that understanding. When one resorts to distorting that understanding of the past in order to seek absolution for sins, real or alleged, then we know where the problem lies.
The observations of the participation of others in slavery is not an attempt by Southern heritage folks " not accept responsibility for and make restitution for their kind’s generational race crimes...." It is stating that people who practiced such things had no moral authority to destroy others for the same or lesser practices.

Nobody's seeking absolution. Noting that the Union's sins -- worse than the Confederacy's and ongoing to this day -- rendered it morally unfit to make war upon the South, is not "seeking" anything. It's just stating reality.

I predict dead ringing silence from the self-appointed civil war thought police and Dixie-bashers over this:
I do not point out the Union's sins/flaws in an attempt to absolve white Southerners of slavery. I simply note that those Union sins do absolve the South. I note that the Union's sins do establish that the Union had no moral authority for making brutal war on the South ... no moral authority for devastating the South economically and culturally far above what was necessary to win a war, out of a motive of sheer, frenzied hatred...and no moral authority for continuing the economic and cultural oppression of Southerners and their region for generations after the war -- from the same motive.

** Note: When you see him start a sentence with, "After all," know he's about to go off into an irrelevancy designed for no other purpose than bashing or lying, and someimes both.

Vampires in D.C.

I recently read this somewhere, in connection with the movie about Abe Lincoln hunting vampires....
"In May, while making a first person Lincoln simulcast presentation to three middle school classrooms, I was asked at the very end of the event, ‘Are you a vampire hunter?’ I responded with: ‘All men are created equal in the fact that all men are entitled to the wages earned by their labors. If some one steals your labor then they are stealing your work, your sweat and blood. Whether it is just your work and sweat or just your blood, the thief may be understood to be a vampire.’ Light bulbs came on over the heads of the students and teachers."

I guess that makes the U.S. government a vampire, since it steals people's labor -- their work, sweat and blood -- for about a third or more of every year....

Monday, June 4, 2012

The Sins of the United States Government

In my opinion, the federal government's involvement in, and sponsorship of, the CIA's Project MK Ultra and similar horrors (the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments, for example) completely absolves the Confederacy of whatever "sins" it may have incurred from slavery.
The published evidence indicates that Project MKULTRA involved the use of many methodologies to manipulate people's individual mental states and alter brain functions, including the surreptitious administration of drugs and other chemicals, hypnosis,[5] sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.

Once Project MKULTRA officially got underway in April, 1953, experiments included administering LSD to CIA employees, military personnel, doctors, other government agents, prostitutes, mentally ill patients, and members of the general public in order to study their reactions. LSD and other drugs were usually administered without the subject's knowledge or informed consent, a violation of the Nuremberg Code that the U.S. agreed to follow after World War II. The aim of this was to find drugs which would irresistibly bring out deep confessions or wipe a subject' s mind clean and program him or her as "a robot agent".[28]

Efforts to "recruit" subjects were often illegal, even though actual use of LSD was legal in the United States until October 6, 1966. In Operation Midnight Climax, the CIA set up several brothels in San Francisco, California to obtain a selection of men who would be too embarrassed to talk about the events. The men were dosed with LSD, the brothels were equipped with two-way mirrors, and the sessions were filmed for later viewing and study.[29] In other experiments where people were given LSD without their knowledge, they were interrogated under bright lights with doctors in the background taking notes. The subjects were told that their "trips" would be extended indefinitely if they refused to reveal their secrets. The people being interrogated this way were CIA employees, U. S. military personnel and agents suspected of working for the other side in the Cold War. Long-term debilitation and several deaths resulted from this [28]

Given the CIA's purposeful destruction of most records, its failure to follow informed consent protocols with thousands of participants, the uncontrolled nature of the experiments, and the lack of follow-up data, the full impact of MKULTRA experiments, including deaths, will never be known.[20][24][43][44]

Forty-four American colleges or universities, 15 research foundations or chemical or pharmaceutical companies and the like including Sandoz (now Novartis) and Eli Lilly and Company, 12 hospitals or clinics (in addition to those associated with universities), and three prisons are known to have participated in MKULTRA.[60][61]
As one CIA reviewer wrote: "Precautions must be taken not only to protect operations from exposure to enemy forces, but also to conceal these activities from the American public in general. The knowledge that the agency is engaging in unethical and illicit activities would have serious repercussions in political and diplomatic circles."
Joseph Mengele did similar work, experimenting extensively with children and adults using mescaline, electroshock therapy, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, torture, rape, starvation, and trauma bonding. He was so successful with the latter technique that survivors expressed strong affection for him.

The CIA and US military copied the Nazi methodology through numerous programs, including MK-ULTRA, MK being an abbreviation for words "mind control" in German. According to obtained documents, it works best when severe trauma (such as rape) occurs by age three, the result often causing the personality to split or dissociate (called dissociative identity disorder or DID) to repress painful memories.
Developed at the cost of billions of dollars, the CIA's method combined "sensory deprivation" and "self-inflicted pain" to create a revolutionary psychological approach—the first innovation in torture in centuries. The simple techniques—involving isolation, hooding, hours of standing, extremes of hot and cold, and manipulation of time—constitute an all-out assault on the victim's senses, destroying the basis of personal identity. McCoy follows the years of research—which, he reveals, compromised universities and the U.S. Army—and the method's dissemination, from Vietnam through Iran to Central America. He traces how after 9/11 torture became Washington’s weapon of choice in both the CIA's global prisons and in "torture-friendly" countries to which detainees are dispatched. Finally McCoy argues that information extracted by coercion is worthless, making a case for the legal approach favored by the FBI.

Scrupulously documented, A Question of Torture is a indictment of inhumane practices that have spread throughout the intelligence system, damaging American's laws, military, and international standing.

"An indispensable and riveting account of how monstrous CIA-funded experiments on psychiatric patients and prisoners in the 1950s turned into a template for what he calls 'no-touch torture.'"—Naomi Klein, The Nation

"From the start of the Cold War to the early nineteen-sixties, the C.I.A. spent billions of dollars developing psychological tools for interrogation. The agency cast a wide net, funding a Canadian study that involved administering electric shocks to subjects in drug-induced comas, and recruiting people like Kurt Plotner, a Nazi scientist who, in his search for a truth serum, had tested mescaline on Jewish prisoners at Dachau. The eventual conclusion was that cheap, simple methods (for example, enforced standing) worked best, and were also more acceptable to the public than outright physical violence. McCoy skillfully traces the use of these methods from the Phoenix program in Vietnam—which was designed to ferret out high-level Vietcong, although of the more than twenty thousand people it killed most were civilians—to the actions of agency-trained secret police in Honduras in the nineteen-eighties, and the treatment of hooded detainees at Abu Ghraib."—The New Yorker
Declassified documents

We will never know how many people, including children, were tortured and experimented upon by this agency of the United States Government, because the vast bulk of the records were destroyed by the CIA when they were about to be exposed in the 1970s.

In any case, Confederate heritage advocates know the Union did not have the moral authority to make brutal war upon the South in the 1860s, and it has steadily degenerated into further evil since then. The whole purpose of evilizing the South is so "good Americans" won't have to face up to their country's ongoing malevolence.