Saturday, June 28, 2014

Silence Is Golden

Most of my regular readers know that I monitor the floggers for attacks on Southern heritage and its supporters. As long as they stick to their cockamamie version of history and refrain from such attacks, I say nothing about them, even when I think their "history" is more agenda and prejudice than fact and truth.

For the past few weeks, master flogger Brooks D. Simpson has been strangely (one might even say suspiciously) silent in his attacks. Actually, this man, who has posted 170 attacks (either his or his commenters') on the Virginia Flaggers over a period of two and a half years, abruptly ceased comments about them on April 29, and he didn't mention them again until May 24 and June 19.

On June 27, a day before this writing, he makes a post about the Point Lookout Pilgrimage taking place this weekend. Of course, some peanut gallery commenter can't resist the opportunity to mention "Sweet Sue" but at least there's no outright attack.

Then we have the usual mental vomit from Jimmy Dick, who spews, "Looks like another 'No Historical Facts Allowed' gathering for the low wattage crowd."

Now, I ask folks to look at the pilgrimage flyer and try to find a single syllable that would substantiate Dick's risible claim (click image to see full-size):

There is, of course, nothing. So Dick's claim is coming from his own bigotry and prejudice.

Then we have the telltale flogger hallmark, the denigration of the intelligence of people they don't like, in his "low wattage crowd." I've discussed the floggers' irresistible desire to denigrate here:
    ....disparaging the intelligence of people they disagree with is a front-line attack of the flogger mentality....they throw around terms like "lunacy" and "clown" and "idiots" -- or, in the case of Eric Wittenberg and his sycophants, "galactically stupid" and "troglodytes" and "knuckle-draggers." And we can't forget Brooks D. Simpson and the Crossroads crew -- "rampant idiocy" and "ignorant morons" and "cretins" -- and that's just a tiny sample....  (Note, we can now add Dick's "low wattage crowd" to this galactically immoral list. --cw)
With ...  floggers, it's not history, either -- it's a craving to insult and hurt people ... an unquenchable thirst to denigrate others ... an insatiable hunger for the put-down. It's about alleviating your doubts about your own questionable beliefs by lying about others. It's about inflating your own questionable and sagging moral authority by fabricating somebody "worse" than you are." (Ever seen a better description of Dick's attacks on Southern heritage folks? --cw)

More here:

What I find fascinating about Dick, though, among other things, is his monotonous "no history" claim about people he doesn't like. Fascinating because (1) he rarely if ever attempts to substantiate it by pointing out what history is missing or mis-represented and (2) he rarely if ever presents history himself.

His belligerent posts remind me of a hot-air balloon. Well, no, actually, they remind me of giant, helium-filled holiday parade balloons.  Oversized, plastic, substanceless "entities" floating around a designated route with never-changing "expressions" on their "faces" and tenuously connected to the ground (truth, fact, common sense) with almost invisible wires.... Dick's helium, imo, is his ego. His very fragile ego that has to continuously be refueled with denigration and putdowns of others....  And funniest of all ... you KNOW he doesn't see any of this, though its obvious to those who care to look with objectivity.

It remains to be seen whether Simpson will stick to "history" (as he as done for all of two months) or whether these three recent posts signal a return to the denigration and persecution of the VaFlaggers and Southern heritage supporters in general that has characterized his blog for the past two and a half years....

Remember -- "History" posts/comments results in no backsass. Attack posts/comments results in backsass and blistering counterattacks.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Blocked! by the Oh, So Tolerant Left

At the Americablog, somebody named Chris Trejbal has written an article complaining about the "Redskins Caucus" in Virginia.

Commenters were uniformly disapproving of the "caucus" and the name. I couldn't help but set some of them straight, and though my comments weren't insulting or offensive, I guess truth was too much for the Americablog, and I got blocked....

(Click images to see full-size.)

More proof that they don't want dialog, or an exchange of ideas. They believe they are right, and they brook no differing opinions.

It's a ruse. It's a lie. It's a joke.

~~~In Other News~~~

Like some other folks, Corey Meyer is not going to be happy until some Southern heritage folks, particularly the VaFlaggers, are attacked and injured, possibly killed. I won't elaborate on what has occasioned this observation. Suffice it to say he's an evil person, in my not so humble opinion.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Andy Hall (Again) -- Lying or Grossly Exaggerating?

Andy Hall, taking another unnecessary dig at Southern heritage folks (are you surprised?) sez, "Southron hearts have been all a-flutter in recent days because Russian separatists in the Ukraine have adopted a banner that looks a lot like the Confederate Battle Flag. Like so many other “heritage” arguments, though, this one requires a certain ignorance of actual history and a willingness to believe pretty much anything that sounds good."

In typical Texas Scalawag style, Andy makes no attempt to substantiate this claim. He doesn't say how many "Southron hearts" have been all a-flutter. He doesn't identify a single person making this "heritage" argument, or where it is made.

Um, my heart is about as Southron as a heart can get, and it hasn't been a-flutter because of the Ukrainian separatists' banner. Several months ago, I did mention somewhere (Facebook, probably) the Confederate battle flag seen in Kiev's city hall, but my heart wasn't "a-flutter" when I did that. (To clarify, I support self-rule for Ukranians -- and most everone else.)

News outlets have attempted to make this connection, though. Here are just two:

The Moscow Times.

PressTV (Iran's state media; now THERE's a reliable, "balanced" source for ya)

There are more. You can find them by Googling.

Now, let's further test Andy's claim of "Southron hearts" being all a-flutter as they make this "heritage argument."

You will note right off the bat that he doesn't quantify this claim, as I've already mentioned. "Southron hearts" is plural, so it would be a true statement if only TWO Southron hearts got all a-flutter making this "heritage argument." But as usual, Andy uses imprecise language in an attempt to smear many/all heritage supporters. So, Andy, how many Southron hearts are you referring to here? (An example of Andy's "plausible deniability" is in his wording -- he's not really trying to smear people [heritage folks, Southrons], only their arguments, their ignorance and their willing dupability.)

It may that some Southrons have referred to this, but the number of Southron references to it that I've encountered is vanishingly small. James Rutledge Roesch writes about it at The Abbeville Institute's blog, but it's a short, rather dry piece that references media reports. Roesch's heart does not seem to have been all a-flutter when he wrote this. (But perhaps heart a-fluttering exists mostly in the eye of the beholder, so Andy "sees" it where other folks don't.)

The SCV doesn't appear to have anything about in on their national website, blog, or Facebook page. Neither do the Virginia Flaggers.

The only thing about it on Facebook's Dixie News and Talk is a reference to the Roesch piece (and Andy's smear attempt itself).

I scrolled through many posts, comments and images at Southern Heritage Preservation Group (FB) without finding any fluttering-hearts references (or any other kind) to the issue. Ditto Southern Heritage News and Views. Ditto Southern Heritage, Fight for It or Lose It. There may have been mentions of this issue on these groups and others, but they've appear to have been overwhelmed and left behind by posts about issues that ARE important to heritage folks.

Of course, these are not all Southern heritage groups, FB groups, blogs, etc., and I don't have time to visit them all. I don't think Andy does, either. I think he probably visits those which are not nearly representative of the community as a whole, but that he thinks are most likely give him ammo to smear the entire Southern heritage community with.

So, does Andy know his smears are not true or, at best, are gross exaggerations, but his hostility for heritage folks outweighs his esteem of truthfulness? Or has his hostility convinced him that his lies and exaggerations are truth, and he sincerely believes them?

I invite Andy to identify the "Southern hearts" that are "all a-flutter" over this, and post links to their references to it in the comments following this post. I mean, presumably, Andy found this "heritage argument" online. If he found it otherwise, he can still identify who, where and how, so that we can attempt independent verification. If he doesn't want to do it here, why not on his own blog?

Of course, hell will likely freeze over first, so if any of my readers run across references to the Ukranian flag issue by Southrons, post links so we can judge for ourselves how "all a-flutter" they are, and how ignorant and gullible are their arguments.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

This 'n' That

Changing the Military's Mission

Patrick Young must be absolutely ecstatic about this: Illegal alien children** flooding into the country, being housed at MILITARY bases. Folks, the purpose of the MILITARY, as Rush Limbaugh has pointed out for years, is to kill people and break things, not to babysit illegal alien children. Our borders aren't "porous" anymore. They're nonexistent.  Every day, leftist policies eradicate another piece of America's soul... Country can't last much longer.

What they REALLY want

Members of a federal government workers' union at Eglin AFB, Florida, want two senior management officials fired for supporting Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, because these officials, they say,  have "influence" over people who may be homosexuals. Never mind that these officials have no history of being "mean" and unfair to homosexuals. But what this incident shows us -- the same thing that the Chick-fil-A incident showed us, and that the Duck Dynasty/Phil incident showed us, and that the homosexual wedding cake incident showed us, and numerous other "gay" temper tantrums showed us  -- is that what "gays" really want is NOT tolerance, oh no. What they want is to DESTROY ANYONE who does not fawn over them and cheer/applaud their lifestyle. Destroy their business, their job, their ability to make a living, to destroy their reputation...  Destroy, destroy, destroy. THAT'S what leftism is all about.

More dishonesty from the Texas coast

I have made no secret of my disagreements with the direction taken by the League of the South the past couple of years. I would still love to see the South as an independent nation, and I believe in the principle of secession, but my problems with the League are on record on this very blog.

I've been disappointed with the lack of progress made by the League over the past two decades. I believe they have neglected some preliminary essentials, and have taken stands that will not rally the Southern people behind them.

However, that does not mean I support Andy Hall's mischaracterization of Dr.Michael Hill's "Dear Mr. and Mrs. White Southerner" essay.  Andy claims Hill called on “Mr. & Mrs. White Southerner” to take a stand against “blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.“ 

Well, no, he didn't. I don't know if Andy is deliberately lying, and knows it, or whether he sincerely believes his own untruths. However, Dr. Hill's essay (posted in its entirety below) doesn't call for taking a stand AGAINST anyone, but taking a stand FOR white Southerners. Not exactly the same thing. In fact, not anything LIKE the same thing.

What Hill wants is for white Southerners to control their own society and prevent a nightmare from becoming a reality. What nightmare?  Minorities becoming a political majority and voting to raise your taxes, take your property, and leave you without social services or retirement income.

You may or may not agree that such would come to pass, but Hill believes it will. And THAT -- having your taxes raised, your property taken, your social services and retirement income done away with -- THAT is what Hill plainly says he wants to "stand against."

And just as plainly, he is talking about survival. Again, people may or may not agree that survival is at stake, but it is clearly dishonest to equate advocating for survival with "standing against" any particular people.

Did he ever acknowledge the dismissal?

You may remember the scrutiny Andy Hall gave to the Paula Deen scandal -- presented on his blog with appropriate anti-white Southerner sneers leftists sooo love to showcase in themselves, the better to conspicuously parade their own tolerance and moral superiority....  But did he apologize when she was cleared by a court? Did he even ACKNOWLEDGE it? I checked his blog a couple of times and I never found it. If he did, and you've found it, send me a link. But I won't hold my breath.


Dr. Hill's essay:

What will you do, Mr. & Mrs. White Southerner, when minorities--blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.--become a political majority and vote to raise your taxes, take your property, and leave you without social services or retirement income? And don't say "this will never happen," because it will. The deep-seated desire to "get even" with the White Devils is quite strong and is being reinforced in young minorities everyday.

The reason The League advocates a free and independent South is simple: so we can control our own society and prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality. Is this "racist?" We really don't care if it's called that or not. The stakes are too high to be worried about silly name calling. We are standing for the survival, well being, and independence of our people--the Southern nation.--Michael Hill


** Separating children from their parents -- isn't this what leftists say those evil, evil Southern white slave-owners did?

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Andy Hall Hates Southerners

Or, rather, he loves to ridicule, denigrate and belittle them, which sure ain't no sign of love, or even tolerance.

Rob "Tu Quoque" Bakur is working on a thesis or something, and he posts a snippet of it on his blog. The very first entry in the comments is this:
Andy Hall says:   
June 5, 2014 at 11:09 PM

Ah, serious academic writing.
Once I asked a True Southron his opinion of Chicago Style, and he replied that he preferred thin crust instead.
Perhaps if Andy had asked the question correctly -- What's your opinion of the Chicago Manual of Style?" or "...the Chicago Style Manual?" -- the "True Southron" would have known what he was talking about.

After all, Wikipedia tells us that "Chicago style may refer to several things:"
~The Chicago Manual of Style, a guideline for writing documents and news reports
~Chicago school (architecture), a style of commercial buildings
~Chicago school of economics, a school of thought among economists and academics
~Chicago blues, a genre of blues music
~Chicago-style dixieland, a genre of jazz music
**Chicago-style pizza, a deep-dish variety of pizza**
~Chicago-style hot dog, an ingredient-laden variety of hot dog
Was this "True Southron" supposed to read Andy's mind (what a horrible thought) and just know which one he was talking about?

The most telling thing about the Texas Scalawag's comment, however, is his deliberate choice of a "True Southron" to denigrate -- specifically, the denigration of intelligence, which is a hallmark of flogger thought, and the flogger approach.

My question is, how many True Hispanics would give Hall a similar answer to his ambiguous question? How many True African Americans? How many True Gays, True Feminists, True Socialists? And since a great many of them would likely get it wrong, would he find it necessary to denigrate them in some blog comments somewhere?

Americans have never been dumber. Google it to see just how dumb. That Andy deliberately chose a "True Southron" to ridicule for something that is far from uniquely "Southron" showcases his animosity for Southerners. It tells us a lot more about his decency and integrity, or lack thereof, than it does about "True Southron" ignorance.