Friday, September 15, 2017

Ridicule and Utter Disrespect -- Hallmarks of the Left

~ ~ ~ “The devil … that proud spirit … cannot endure to be mocked.” St. Thomas More ~ ~ ~ 


Learning from the enemy.... And, yes, they are enemies. Not opponents. Enemies.

At the Pensacola city council meeting last night, I was appalled at a small collection of Take 'Em Downers -- white women, feminists and assorted other leftists in the twenty-something age range, and some black compatriots in the next row forward -- who heckled and disrupted and showed their utter scorn for the rules, the city council and the others attending the meeting.

Their behavior wasn't nearly down to the level of lawlessness seen at some Charlottesville, Va., council meetings, but it was jarring, nonetheless.

After the meeting, when I had a little time to reflect, what came to me is -- we need to rip a page out of their book and use it for our cause.

It's a simple thing, really, but I don't know whether we are up to it. You see, we're Southerners, and our mamas raised us better. But folks, push is rapidly coming to shove and we will have to step outside our comfort zone. Besides, we don't all have to do this ... a handful of volunteers could probably pull this off....

Now, three, maybe four people who addressed the council on behalf of keeping the monument as is, where is, mentioned the dangerous and violent groups taking part in the war on Confederate monuments -- antifa, Black Lives Matter, Democratic Socialists (communists), and World Workers members (also communists).

When these groups were named, the little Take 'Em Downer girls would erupt in peals of laughter, as if that was the most hilarious thing they'd ever heard. The problem was, their laughter was not spontaneous, and they were not amused. They laughed as if on cue. Their performance was well rehearsed.

We need our own peanut galleries to attend city and county government meetings in every city where our heritage is threatened. And they need to erupt into peals of laughter every time some Cotton Candy Kid addresses the elected officials with the words "white supremacist" "Jim Crow" "KKK" "Neo-nazi" "hate" and such.

Of course, the cops lurking inside and outside the council chambers did nothing about these brats. Only one fellow who talked back to them -- said maybe three words, but he said them loudly -- was removed.

So we can expect our hecklers to be removed, and theirs to be allowed to remain and continue to figuratively moon the council members and the public.

In that case, our hecklers should file a discrimination suit.

Most of us can remain magnanimous and above it all, but at least some of us need to show them the same scorn they themselves display.

Ridicule. It is a potent weapon we simply don't use. Either we're scared, or we don't know how...

Uncomfortable or not, we had better learn, and learn fast

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Gettin' Ready to Hit the Sidewalk

Appointment with surgeon coming up soon. Hope he discharges me. Second knee was a lot easier. I've been walking with and without a walker since the day I got home from the hospital. When he lets me go, I'm looking forward to doing some projects around the house that will be pretty physical ... AND ... I'm really looking forward to flagging and handing out leaflets downtown in support of keeping Pensacola's Confederate Memorial in Lee Square.

I have sent several emails to Mayor Lemming-- I MEAN, Mayor Ashton Hayward and members of the city council, plus made the case for keeping the memorial as is, where is, on news report comment threads.

Now, as soon as doc turns me loose, it's time to hit the sidewalk. I will probably take my walker (with a seat added) the first time, because walking from room to room in my house isn't the same as standing for long periods. Plus I can zip-tie my flag poles to the frame to leave my hands free for handing out leaflets. But as soon as I don't need it anymore, back in the closet it goes.  I'm checking on bases for the flag poles, also for hands-free flagging.

I have typeset a few letter-sized leaflets, but there are many more in the works. Here are some samples: