Saturday, May 31, 2014

Big Congrats, VaFlaggers...

...on Flag Number Two in Fredericksburg!

Thanks to Judy Smith for the photo -- which is NOT photoshopped. Ha!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Petty and Childish....

To this post at CW Memory, A Black Confederate For the Intellectually Challenged I left this comment:
It’s mystifying to me why you folks get so bent out of shape over such as this. “He was a slave, not a soldier” you all insist. So? I don’t care what he was called. It seems clear to me that what’s being honored is his service to the Confederate Army, regardless of what status he held while said service was rendered.

Confederates — and you Confederacy bashers — understood/understand the differences between a slave and a soldier? I can, too. But what I can also do, that you folks seem unwilling or incapable of doing, is to discern service to the Army, and to the Confederacy, regardless of whether it was done by a soldier or a slave.
Levin replied to me:   
I don’t care what he was called.
Yes, we know you don’t care about getting the history right.

But what I can also do, that you folks seem unwilling or incapable of doing, is to discern service to the Army, and to the Confederacy, regardless of whether it was done by a soldier or a slave.

 Stover didn’t serve the Confederacy, he served his master. This is what happens when you don’t care about getting the history right. My advice is to stick with making book trailers.
And James Epperson replied to me: 
 So, Ms. Chastain would have no problem if the Japanese erected a monument to honor the British and Australian POWs who “served” the Empire by building the Rangoon railway? The point that she appears to miss is that Robert Stover was *compelled* to work for the Confederate Army by virtue of his being a slave.
And Levin commented to Epperson:
This is a distinction that Connie will never acknowledge, though I find it hard to believe that she doesn’t understand it. The problem is that she views everything through the lens of an assault on Confederate heritage/history. It’s a Holy War. :-)
I responded, but of course, Levin childishly refused to post my response, so here 'tis:
Not caring what one who served was called is not the same thing as not caring about accurate history. By serving his master, who was, after all, serving the Confederacy, Stover served the Confederacy. BTW, I don't take advice from you.

The situation of the POWs you mention, Mr. Epperson, is not comparable to Stover's situation. Yes, some slaves were compelled but being a slave doesn't automatically mean serving is against one's will. People who are drafted into the army in my generation's war, Vietnam, were compelled, too. Does that mean their service is worthless and should not be acknowledged and honored?

From the slave narrative of James Gill:
 "Us was Confedrits all de while, leastwise I means my mammy an’ my pappy and me an’ all de res’ of de chillun ’cause ole mars was and Mars Jeff would er fit ’em too and me wid him iffen we had been ole enough."
From the slave narrative of Charlie Aarons:
When the Master's son John Harris went to war, Charlie went with him as his body guard, and when asked what his duties were, he replied:

"I looked after Marster John, tended the horses and the tents. I recalls well, Madam, the siege of Vicksburg."

The writer then asked him if he wasn't afraid of the shot and shell all around him.

"No, Madam," he replied, "I kept way in the back where the camp was, for I didn't like to feel the earth trembling 'neath my feet, but you see, Madam, I loved young Marster John, and he loved me, and I just had to watch over that boy, and he came through all right."
The problem with you anti-Confederates is your de-humanizing slaves. Considering how you write about them, one has to assume you think being in slavery removed from slaves all their human characteristics except misery. This is necessary because you all seem to think that white evil exists in exact inverse proportion to slave misery, so if your purpose is to evilize white Southerners, the best way to do it is to showcase slave misery.
 Levin knows what I said here is true; that's one reason why he didn't post it. But there's another reason, as well. He will allow a post from a critic, just so he can get his digs in with his reply. But when a critic respond to his insults and misstatements, he refuses to let the second reply through.

Levin is also committed to bashing Southern heritage and its supporters. Hence, the "intellectually challenged" reference in his subject. I've blogged numerous times about the flogger love of denigrating the intelligence of people they don't like -- people who don't see eye to eye with them about history. Here are just a couple of posts about it:

What's Behind Flogger Name-calling

I Told You So

All the floggers exhibit this insufferable need to denigrate the intelligence of those they disagree with, at one time or another, to one degree or another -- especially Southern heritage folks.  You have to wonder, if they're certain of their stances and arguments, why is it necessary to denigrate the intelligence of those who disagree with them (not to mention censor their comments)? Is it really a lack of confidence in their own beliefs? Or is it simply a character flaw, a need to wield the put-down to stroke their own egos?

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Never Trust Those Who Use Tragedies...

.... to push their own radical agendas.

I found the above comment on Facebook, in reference to this: 
3 Myths About Isla Visa Killer Elliot Roger That the Left Wants You to Believe

But it's equally applicable to this: 
Virginia Flaggers in the News

Starkly demonstrates Simpson's agenda, doesn't it.

Stick With History, Simpson

Simpson tells Tripp, "... we know you don’t care who stands with you," (at the VMFA).

Howsomeever, Tripp didn't say anything about "standing with him."  He said, "We don’t care who’s there," which is not the same thing at all, is it? Do you suppose somebody of Simpson's intellect and edumuhcation doesn't know this? Can't tell the difference?  Of course he knows; this kind of deliberate pretzeling of the truth isn't attributable to a deficiency of intellect or education, but to a deficiency of integrity.

It's the same deficiency that enables him to keep harping on Tripp "embracing" Matt Heimbach, when neither Tripp nor any other VaFlaggers did that. Simpson knows this, too. He has read my repeated substantiation of this truth on my blog, but he chooses to continue repeating this lie. Beats all you ever saw... and I can't help but wonder what it does for him to perpetrate lies like this.

Then he sez, "So you now don’t care if there’s a person who’s kidnapped a child among your supporters?"

I'm not sure who he's talking about. If it's CC Lesters, there's no indication he has kidnapped anybody. If Simpson is talking about the child's mother, well, she's the child's mother. As for the mother being a supporter of the VaFlaggers, does being the girlfriend of a Flagger automatically make one a Flagger supporter? Especially when that Flagger and girlfriend live approximately 950 miles from Richmond, the VaFlaggers' location, and especially when her "support" consisted of attending two events in Virginia?

There's nothing to indicate that Tripp doesn't care about who supports the Flaggers. But taking enjoyment from seeing a crowd on the sidewalk, which is a visible thorn in the side of the VMFA, whether they're all Flaggers or not, is hardly the same thing as not caring who supports the Flaggers. It's another thing Simpson knows is not true .... but if he wants to hold the Flaggers to that ridiculous standard, he has to apply it to himself ... and thus, he does not care that in the past, he has had among his blog supporters two convicted pedophiles...

Now, I don't know about y'all, but to me, for sheer smear-worthiness by association, pedophilia convictions far and away trump a mother, distraught about her child's welfare, fleeing in a misguided attempt to protect the child -- IF that's what happened, but at this point, who knows?  Only an idiot would imagine they have the whole picture about a domestic dispute from what's reported in the media.

Then Simpson gives a truly bizarre display of an intellectual or ethical deficiency (or both) when he sez, "No wonder the SCV wants to drum you out (yes, folks, he’s out now … as of April 13, 2014)." 

Hmmm.  April 13th, huh? Which predates the current domestic incident Simpson has posted about by a full month (as the graphic accompanying the report plainly showed), and Tripp's issues with the SCV go back much farther than that.  Thus, the news story could not possibly have had a bearing on the issues between Tripp and the SCV. How ethical is it to attempt connection between two obviously -- nay, conspicuously -- unrelated things?

And Simpson ends with these bits of moral lapses.

"And how are those legal cases going? You said you were suing an officer, remember?"

Unless you're in the SCV, Simp, this ain't none of your business.

"Say hello to Rob Walker."

You're still wandering in the Arizona desert bleating "Rob Walker! Rob Walker!" huh? Are you sincerely unaware that nobody cares about this but you? Maybe you should cover your head with a big, wide-brimmed hat, as the desert sun seems to be baking your brain. Which just goes to show you that the sickening hate-mongering you engage in, your bizarre displays of intellectual vacuousness and your conspicuous lapses in integrity, can at least have a comical facet.

Yes, do go back to history, and relieve yourself of counterattacks by moi. Remember, I monitor your blog for attacks on Southern heritage and its supporters. Stick with history and, regardless of how biased it may be, I will leave you alone.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Video Trailer for Southern Man

This is a mockup ... just a test, so some of the images are low-rez comps. The image quality isn't great on YouTube and I'm not sure what to do about it. Most of the images are hi-rez. I didn't do a lot of stretching in Movie Plus.  I used the "yt:quality=high" tag at YouTube, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Will keep working on it until I figure it out.


Had to temporarily remove my mockup .. and I have the completed video ready to go, but there's a problem with the music, per YouTube. They say it belongs to a certain artists, who holds the copyright, and Jewel Beat, where I downloaded it, says they own it. I've emailed Jewel Beat, but it's a holiday, so I'm not expecting to hear from them today.

I'm going to try to show it from my website server while this YouTube issue gets resolved. May not work.  We'll see...

Heck, I couldn't stand that stopping to buffer... here's a YouTube version with substitute music. It's very, very similar to the tune I originally used. So far no notices from YouTube about this one. Hopefully, I'll hear from Jewel Beat tomorrow and can get this resolved.

Friday, May 16, 2014


Report comes from the Daily Caller. Read it here.

SunTrust felt the Chick-fil-A effect... Ha!  Chalk up one for decency, liberty and religious freedom.  A well-deserved setback for homosexual fascism and the Gay Gestapo (or, as Mike Church calls it, The GayKK).

Friday, May 9, 2014

Okay, if HGTV Is Too Bigoted...

...and anti-Christian to do it, SOMEbody else PLEASE, PUT THESE GUYS ON TELEVISION!

I will make an exception to my avoidance of TV to watch them! Really!

Real Men. Family Men. Christian Men....  Southern Men.

Meet the Benham Brothers from Benham Brothers on Vimeo.

See photos and more videos here:

Another Book About the South That Yankee Editors Love

Bill Sheehan's review in the Washington Post of Natchez Burning, by Greg Isles:

Some excerpts from the review (which should establish why I won't be reading this book) --

"Weighing in at nearly 800 pages, Natchez Burning is the first volume of a projected trilogy that addresses the racial history of the American South."

Racial history of the South. Of course.

"He came hoping to find peace and a fresh start, but instead became embroiled in a series of violent investigations that illuminated the darker side of life in Natchez, past and present."

Darker side of the South in Natchez. Of course.

"Among the events recounted or referred to here are the 1968 murders of two black civil rights activists, Luther Davis and Jimmy Revels, and the brutal gang rape of Revels’s sister Viola."

Civil rights violence. Of course.

"These and other atrocities were carried out by the Double Eagles, an ultra-violent splinter group of the Ku Klux Klan that plays an increasingly significant role in this saga."

KKK. Of course.
You have GOT to know the editors at HarperCollins/Morrow just LUUUUUV him. He's got the formula (trash the South, demonize white Southerners) down pat for getting his book noticed and  published by a New York-based Big-Six publisher, don't he?

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Be Strong and of a Good Courage by Will Osborne

Book Review

Enjoy reading stories about the Civil War? Let me suggest Be Strong and of a Good Courage by William Osborne. Subtitled Southwest Virginians in the War for Southern Independence, the novel tells the story of the war as it was experienced by the Fletcher family of Clinch Valley -- Tom and Ruth, and their daughter and four sons.

The novel is more than a rip-snorting war drama, all cannon smoke, bloodshed and the cries of men in battle. Certainly, there are accounts of battles, but we see the other realities of war, as well, in the experiences of the "messmates" in camp, their day-after-day drills, the sometimes humdrum routine, and their campfire meals. But sometimes, the story reads more like a memoir than a novel. That's because Osborne drew from his knowledge of his own family and others -- the generations who settled the mountain South, the way of life in Appalachia, the faith, joys and hardships of the hardy Scots-Irish stock who people his novel.

As a writer, Osborne's greatest strengths are characterization and dialog. The brothers Fletcher and their compatriots in the Confederate Army are personable young men who know how to fight and know what they are fighting for. Exhilarated by victory, stoic in the face of loss and sorrow, they remain true to their cause throughout the ordeal of war. Their story is told primarily through the narrative of the oldest son, Thomas, whose account of a July 1914 monument dedication and reunion is a fitting, and very moving, denouement.

Osborne's deferential treatment of the most catastrophic event in American history, his skillful portrayal of the human side of war, are certain to please history aficionados and Confederate heritage defenders alike.  ~Connie Chastain

Author Comment:

 This novel is ...  historically accurate and will make you laugh, cry, and reflect. The raid on Washington and the burning of Chambersburg along with the second Valley Campaign are covered in detail. The characters are very human and believable. One word of warning for my yankee friends -- it is written from a southern point of view, but I think you will enjoy it nonetheless.
Reader Comments:
This is a great book! It's filled with history of our heritage growing up in the hills of Southwest Virginia. It is set in the Civil War.... It sure opened my eyes to our history and heritage.
* * *
Finished reading Will Osborne's book "Be Strong and of Good Courage" last night. It was a real page turner. Once I got started I couldn't put it down (stayed up way passed my bedtime to finish it). Congratulations Will on penning such an inspirational piece. I look forward to future works by you!
* * *

Well done, Will Osborne!

* * *

This book is a must read for anyone who is interested in the history of southwest Virginia, in the War Between the States, or for anyone who wants to know more about mountain people and how they lived in the mid-19th century. ...  Will takes the reader through the trials of a mountain family as they experience life on the farm, a war, death, and the intense and satisfying love and support that only family can give.
Book Details and Purchase Information:
    Paperback: 212 pages
    Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 inches
    Publisher: Osborne Publishing (August 2013)
    Language: English
    Price $20.00 (includes shipping and handling)

Books can be ordered through PayPal at or directly from the author at 1436 Horton Ridge Rd. Swords Creek, Va. 24649

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Multiculturalism = Cultural Insensitivity ...

 ...Diversity = Racism

Calling Pat Young! Calling Pat Young!

What is HAPPENING in the nutty northeast?

Buncha sorori-chicks and frat boys at Dartmouth College (Alpha Phi sorority and the Phi Delta fraternity) throw a fundraiser (for cardiac care) with a fiesta theme. They called it a "Phiesta."

Phi-esta? Get it?

Planned party fare: virgin Pina Coladas, strawberry daiquiris, chips and salsa, homemade guacamole and burritos. (I'm not a drinker, but the rest of it with a little sweet tea sounds good to me!)

So student Daniela Hernandez, a self described "Mexican-born, United States-raised, first-generation woman of color," pitches a hissy fit about it.

Cultural insensitivity? What hooey. Would I get upset if they had a cracka themed fundraiser with pulled pork barbecue, corn on the cob, baked beans, potato salad, deviled eggs, corn bread, Texas toast and a huge glass of sweet iced tea, followed by a cold, juicy slice of watermelon? Why, no. I'd figure they were getting an educated palate.

See, this is what happens when you encourge "offendedness" over things that don't amount to a hill of refried beans (or blackeye peas, for that matter).

Thanks to taking "diversity" and "multicultural" to wild extremes, this country has become a parody of itself.

What's next on the cultural-sensitivity agenda? Closing down Taco Bell?  Guess I'd better go scarf down an order of Nachos Bell Grande, just in case.

Thanks to Todd Starnes and Fox News for reporting on this bit of multicultural insanity.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Possible New Flogger

Backsass extends a very, very tentative welcome to Professor Carl Denbow of Ohio University, who replied to Carl Roden's challenge by not answering a single thing Mr. Roden asked.

Due to the nature of his response, and his employment as an establishment educator, I am giving him probationary status as a flogger.

I discovered this admittedly meager information about Professor Denbow with a Google search. Among other things, I found out he received his master’s degree from Ohio State University (not to be confused with Ohio University, where he now teaches. I think).

Ohio State.... Hmmm, that reminded me of something I had not thought about in years -- musician Kim Pensyl -- Columbus, Ohio native and an absolute virtuoso smooth jazz man ... or he was when I discovered "Monterey Magic" in the early 1990s -- my absolutist favoritist song for a good while back then. The CD cover read, "Produced, performed, written and arranged by Kim Pensyl."

So I got nostalgic and looked it up on YouTube. Now, for everyone's listening pleasure, here's Kim Pensyl playing Monterey Magic... remember, this is all performed by one guy. One guy....

Man, oh man. Listen to him burn up those 88s starting at 2:56 in....(If you don't like smooth jazz, you can skippit.)

 Official Kim Pensyl website:

Sunday, May 4, 2014

A Simple Challenge

By Carl W. Roden (esq) ~ The man the Deniers fear the most.

I address this one to those who oppose the continued display of our Southern Cross banner, and condemn those of us who make the "horrible sin" of honoring it and the good memories of our honored Southern dead.

Click here to continue.

Any who wishes to answer the challenge can do so in the comment section following this post.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

B. Parks, It's May...

...and I'm still heeee-ere.

If you're gonna "remove" me from the Internet in 2014, time's slippin' away, gurl.

Friday, May 2, 2014

This 'n' That, May 2, 2014

How many times have you encountered the claim that Kevin Levin's blog is for the purpose of studying "how the civil war is remembered"?

Of course, that's not what it is for. That's funny, what a joke, hahaha.

Kevin Levin is a self-appointed civil war thought cop. His blog is not for studying how the civil war is remembered. It is his vehicle for PASSING JUDGMENT on how the war is remembered. What he approves of, he praises. What he disapproves of, he maligns.

How HE remembers the civil war is his business. How anyone else remembers it is not. But you can't get that simple truth across to a leftist. They are constitutionally incapable of minding their own business.  They can't even grasp the concept, mind your own business. They mind everyone's business  BUT their own.


The floggosphere is getting nasty, folks. For some reason I haven't yet run across, these folks red-hot angry and they get mean and nasty when that happens. Expect more and nastier attacks on Southern heritage, especially Facebook folks and the VaFlaggers.

Does anyone else find it ... telling ... that floggers and floggerettes don't complain about any kind of reenacting except civil war reenacting?  Renaissance Fair? Not a peep out of them. Revolutionary War reenacting? Not a peep out of them. The Battle of Little Bighorn has reenactments. WWII has reenactments. Vietnam War has reenactments. If reenactments are so disrespectful or useless, why no complaints about these others?

Yes, chirren, that is a rhetorical question. We KNOW why, don't we?

I’ve said it before, but I find most Civil War battle reenactments to be disrespectful to the memory of Civil War soldiers. ... Is there really no other way to honor these men?
K. Levin       
Sure there is. But it's being prohibited, punished, erased, etc. (See efforts at Washington and Lee University.)

So don't worry and be patient a little longer, Levin. The day you long for is coming -- the day when honoring these men in any fashion whatever -- at least, the Confederates -- will no longer be allowed.


An excellent rebuttal to a recent tirade by Al Mackey's is posted at the Cold Southern Steel blog  Check it out here.


As my readers are probably aware of by now, I monitor the flogger flogs for gratuitous attacks on Southern heritage and its supporters. I don't care what these  rascals say about other things. They seem to think that because I don't pay attention to what they say about history, I'm uninterested in history, and don't know much about it.

Let me put it this way. I'm uninterested in THEIR versions of history, and their flogs are the LAST place I will look for it, because history is not their true interest, and what they say about it is not reliable. They get all bent out of shape when Confederate heritage supporters post mistakes about history on Facebook and elsewhere. But hey, mistakes are much more forgivable than the flogger practice of deliberately misinterpreting history in order to use it as a club to bash people they don't like.

You CAN Learn Something At Flogger Flogs

So Simpson posts this cartoon on his blog explaining free speech rights. He has apparently blocked some comments from visitors to his flog, and they complained about his restricting their freedom of speech.

One point made in the discussion is that the First Amendment gives you the right to speak; it doesn't guarantee that you'll have listeners.

It's a very timely flog post, because Simpson has a brand new floggerette in his peanut gallery, a veteran of the W&L comment threads at, a left-liberal by the name of Sandi Saunders who is possibly a retired ol' broad like me, since she posts at at all hours.

One thing she said was that the W&L students who make up "The Committee" -- the ones attacking Robert E. Lee -- have a right to be heard.

Nope. Their right to say what they want does not include the guarantee of listeners. Look at Simpson's cartoon, Sandi, and learn.

Whew! I'm glad we got that settled!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Is Kevin Levin Channeling Brooks Simpson?

Sez the post at Kevin's flog:

Update From Washington and Lee University

April 30, 2014

The group of students known as “The Committee” which recently published a list of demands regarding the place of Confederate flags and Confederate heritage generally on campus has met with school administrators. While I shared some thoughts about the scope of their demands I believe these students have every right to express their concerns about the state of their school.

Now word comes that Confederate heritage groups are planning their own protest on campus on September 1, which is both the deadline that students set for the administration to take action as well as the anniversary of the city of Lexington’s decision to ban Confederate flags from city poles. One can easily anticipate that the Sons of Confederate Veterans and Virginia Flaggers will make their way to campus.

This is going to be a real whoot to watch because it is so easy to imagine how this is going to play out. The fastest way to rally the entire W&L student body behind “The Committee” will be if Tripp Lewis, Brandon Dorsey, Karen Cooper, Susan Hathaway and the rest of the traveling circus that is the Flaggers and SCV shows up on campus. Perhaps they will bring along some of their Southern Nationalist friends.

One thing is for sure, they will do more to bring down the flags from Lee Chapel than these students could ever do.
Oh, I do hope they bring their video recorders.
By "channeling Brooks Simpson," I mean the style and snark, not necessarily the content, cuz over at his Crossroads flog, Simpson sez:

Virginia Flaggers Offer Robert E. Lee Half-Hearted Support

Posted on April 29, 2014    

You knew it would be only a matter of time before the Virginia Flaggers would express themselves on the recent kerfuffle about how Washington & Lee University handles issues of Confederate heritage in the wake of a protest by several law students about the presence of Confederate symbols on campus.

And so they have … it’s another fabulous “Call to Action!”

Surely the Flaggers will mount up and go to Lexington and flag the Lee Chapel to make their opinions known, right? After all, the Lee Chapel’s not the VMFA, so Susan Hathaway can make the trip … and speaking of trips, Tripp Lewis can model his new shades in the spring weather.

What’s that, you say? All they want people to do is to send e-mails and letters? THAT’S ALL?

So much for restoring the honor.

This, frankly, is a disgrace. If Susan can travel across the South spreading the word, she can go to Lexington. If Tripp can get arrested in Richmond, he can get arrested in Lexington. If the Flaggers can gather in a trailer park to celebrate the erection of a flag pole that will soon be obscured by spring foliage, they can go to Lexington. But they won’t.

Robert E. Lee deserves better. Really. What a shame.

Looks like they forgot to coordinate before postin'.

There are a few things that deserve comments or replies, either stuff written by Levin and/or Simpson, or a floggerette.

Levin --  I believe these students have every right to express their concerns about the state of their school.

THEIR school? What have they done for W&L to make it theirs? What have they done that even comes close to being a remote puff, a far-distant whiff of what Robert E. Lee did for the school that BEARS HIS HAME?  THEIR school wouldn't EXIST but for the man they're attempting to besmirch, and attempting to coerce the University and others to accommodate and enable the besmirching, and join with it.

Pat Young -- Interesting how many of the messages sent to the members of The Committee suggested that these students leave if they were not happy with the contemporary commemorations of Lee on campus.

Makes sense to me. If you don't like it, go some place else.

 Kevin Levin --  The presence of the Flaggers and the SCV on campus will provide the most obvious reason to get rid of every last reminder of the Confederacy on campus.

Well, he sez it's obvious, but he doesn't say what the reason is, so it's not that obvious at all, is it? I mean, if he can't even identify it. That's because there IS no reason, just his demented way of looking at things, and of course, he's not going to actually POST that.
 Rob Baker -- Agreed. They will only hurt their own “cause” in the process.

Big talk, but notice neither he nor Levin explain or identify HOW their cause will be hurt.

Kevin Levin -- Their response will be to put up an even larger flag along a Virginia highway. :-)

And it just kills ya, don't it, Levin? Those big flags by the highway really stick in your craw, don't they? In all flogger craws... No matter how much you try to hide it with denigration and minimizing, it really, really sticks in your craw.

 Al Mackey -- I see one of their respondents wants a form letter he can copy and paste as if it were his own. How typical–not bright enough to write his own letter and dishonest enough to take credit for another’s work.

One? One? Well, Al, at least they're not going about it the left-liberal way -- filling buses full of people (who don't have to work) to show up to "protest" and paying them with cell phones and cigarettes. Besides, you don't know why the person is asking for a form letter, so your denigration tells us a lot more about you than it does about him.

 Rob Baker -- They need to leave well enough alone. The University is handling this appropriately.

Spoken like a true authoritarian citizen of the former USA.

Meanwhile, reports:

W&L spokesman Brian Eckert said the university has received comments from around the country.

“Because we want to hold civil discussions within the university community, we’re not tallying them, but we are listening to everyone concerned enough to contact the university,” he said.
This smells. What has one got to do with the other? What has tallying the comments, pro or con, got to do with holding discussions within the university community? Does counting the comments somehow prevent holding discussions within the university community? How does that work, exactly? By what mechanism?

Nah, my guess is that the University officials are indeed tallying responses "from around the country" and they are solidly in favor of the University not caving to these ridiculous "demands." They're just not reporting the numbers.

As one commenter at said, 'Very interesting that they are "not tallying them"...the input, that is. I think we all can guess what that means. :)


 If this disgusting effort by these PC warriors and whoever is behind them manages to be successful in disgracing Lee, nothing Confederate is safe anymore, anywhere. (I even wonder if this is some kind of "test case.") The war against our heritage will escalate and intensify to a mindless frenzy. But if it is nixed, don't imagine for a moment that the war to erase Confederate heritage from the South is over, and those warring against it will finally shut up and move on... they will not. Their hatred will keep them in the fight.  Count on it.

And despite Levin's wishful thinking, the reports of the demise of Confederate heritage are greatly exaggerated. We are defending, and mounting a counter-offensive. Count on it.