Simpson On Cliven Bundy

Simpson says Bundy was sharing his thoughts on "blacks and slavery." He sez it's racist. Of course, "Racist!" is the liberal knee-jerk reaction -- their programmed response --  to any discussion of minorities that isn't wholly uncritical and doesn't ooze sympathy. This is particularly true of the liberal media and leftist academics..

But anyone who actually listens to what Bundy actually said realizes that he's criticizing something else -- not minorities (he's actually laudatory of hispanics). Bundy's opinion is that the welfare state and the feds (he says bureaucracies) have destroyed the work ethic in those it has victimized.

And not only that, he shows HOW they've been victimized -- girls having abortions, boys going to jail (and those are by no means the most horrific ways they've been victimized) -- because they never learned to work ... he calls it "picking cotton" (another phrase guaranteed to send the media and fellow critics into a mindless, pit-bull style verbal frenzy) and asks whether blacks were better off as slaves.

Anyone with common sense realizes it is a rhetorical question and that his point is not about blacks, but about the government welfare state, which is a type of dehumanizing enslavement that reduces people to a purposeless life with negative consequences. But then, bandwagon-style anti-racists appear to have willingly sliced off and jettisoned large portions of their common sense for acceptance in the leftist in-crowd.

Simpson and his followers are typical of this crowd.

Derrick Grayson (TMOT), a black man, agrees with Mr. Bundy

I've said the same thing as Mr. Grayson -- that federal "poverty" programs have been devastating for blacks. They've sent the black illegitimacy rate from skyrocketing from 13% to a breathtaking 73% -- something you never hear addressed or even acknowledged by Simpson, AHall, Mackey, Levin, and any of their "RACIST!"-screaming floggerettes like Dick, Foskett, Rogers, Lamprey, Konate, etc. -- More people are realizing it, and saying so, all the time, but don't expect the floggers and floggerettes to join them.

Leftists who have amputated their common sense for acceptance and the false warm fuzzies of fake moral superiority, will continue to cling to this meme, of course. And make themselves look dumber and increasingly out of touch as more people realize and accept the truth.

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