Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hate Rants at the SHPG?

Somebody named Cornbread Bridgeman, who hangs around comment threads at Corey Meyer's "Blood of My Kindred Blog" writes, "Ms Chastain, apparently you are totally incapable of unbiased thought since you can visit the SHPG and not see several examples of hate-filled rhetoric so there is no sense in me communicating with you any longer."

Well, folks -- I cain't see what ain't there. I posted the following at Kindred... It remains to be seen whether it will be approved or censored:
Mr. Bridgeman, just to humor you, I have the Southern Heritage Preservation Group's FB page open in another window. Here's a recap, as of 7:24 a.m. on Sunday, December 11, the first fifty (50) posts to show up, in the order they appear. Not a single hate-rant about yankees among them:

A post that says, "Surprised the camp tonight at the Christmas party with a new flag.......... "(there's a photo of the flag, a First National/Stars and Bars emblazoned with camp I.D.)

A post about the dangers of censorship (re: disputing claims that the right to display the Confederate flag is a defeat for racial tolerance).

A graphic of a battle flag with a poem superimposed over it.

A post reporting that the Southern Baptist Convention is considering removing "Southern" from their name.

Admonition to "Keep it flying!"

A post that says: "Officer on COPS just intoduced himself as a 5th Generation it bad if I couldn't help but wonder if his family were Confederates?"

A satirical post (by me) of a letter to General Forrest notifying him he had been elected, in absentia, as Grand Wizard of the KKK, with instructions to issue orders that will (a) weaken the organization and (2) disband it.

Welcome to a new member.

A post about how soldiers viewed possible disgrace in battle.

Link to a poll about whether there is still unrest between North and South.

Quote from Sam Watkins lamenting the sacrifices of Southern soldiers being for nothing.

Link to a story about the 150th anniversery of the battle of Chusto-Talash, Indian Territory. Confederate victory

Post about income tax imposed in the Confederacy

A member's personal remembrance of ancestors who served

Another member's photo of an ancestor's service record

Post of a photo of the 4th Texas Infantry in battle and the note, "Proud of these men"

A couple of quotes about the venality and arrogance of the British

A post by a new member with no message or image -- presumably a Facebook glitch

A post by a member correcting a wrong assertion about his Cherokee Confederate ancestors.

Two more posts by the same new member with no message or image -- presumably a Facebook glitch

Post by a member acknowledging that we the people of the states will never be free as long as the federal governement remains our master

Welcome to a new member

Link to the (Southern version) of the lyrics to "Root Hog, or Die"

Post about a book by Marx and Engles praising Lincoln

Prayer by the Group Chaplain

Link to story about guns of the CSS Pee Dee being recovered from river

Post announcing Flagging of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts scheduled for 12/10.

Link to a report about a judge censoring the U.S. Flag (Mr. Bridgman, the Southern heritage advocate who posted this line wrote, "Alot of good men, both Southern and northern fought and died under this flag," (Old Glory).

Link to a website about the flags of the Confederacy

Link to a blog post about a young man going hunting with his grandfather

Post of a quote by Jefferson Davis about limitations placed on the federal government by the constitution or organic law

Notice that the Texas SCV is filing suit over the denial of their license plate by the DMV

One member's photo of his Georgia SCV license plate

Photo of a First National flying in Bristol, Va

A post commemorating the anniversary of the Battle of Prairie Grove in Arkansas and Missouri

A post about the Mississippi state flag, hoping it doesn't go the way of the Georgia flag back in 2001

Post to a YouTube video about flagging the VMFA

Post of a vintage postcard showing municipal buildings and Confederate memorial in Portsmouth, VA

Post about saving battlefield land associated with the Battle of Shiloh

Link to a website about Little Big Horn

Post from a member wishing everyone a Merry Christmas

Welcome to a new member

Link to a story about Byron Thomas moving battle flag from dorm window

Link to CW Memory about the dustup between Levin and Sebesta

Post about the History Channel program "Decoded"

Photo and letter about Edmund Ruffin

Welcome to new member

Post with quote from "The South Was Right"

Post about the Cherokee nation siding with the Confederacy

Post reminding members to check the SHPG page itself as relying on News Feed lets some posts fall through the cracks
Not a single instance of a hate-rant -- and these post are pretty much representative of what gets posted there all the time.


  1. Now, let's turn the tables. Kindred Blood and Civil War Memory make a habit out of hate posts - directed at those of us who defend Southern heritage. They need to get the log out of their own before they worry about the speck in that of another. It is the typical liberal, PC mindset to resort to name calling when confronted with truth.

  2. I love how everyone against you is a liberal with a PC mind set. I'm a Ron Paul fan ;)

  3. Ah, Robert -- Stan didn't call anyone liberal. He didn't say "everyone against us" is a liberal. He said it is a typical, liberal mindset to resort to namecalling when confronted with truth. And so it is. You don't have to be a liberal to exhibit a liberal mindset. Our country is so indoctrinated with it, you can be a conservative and exhibit a liberal mindset about some things. BTW, I'm a liberal about some things.

    To be honest, I don't know whether Mr. Bridgeman is a liberal or not. He never posts on a wide-enough range of subjects to tell. He's focused almost totally on "Lost Causers" and the SHPG...

  4. Ah Connie, he used the term in general lumping everyone into one category. Also....a Conservative mindset will also resort to brash insults. So your ideology about what is and isn't a liberal mindset is rather silly.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Sounds like a win win situation.
    All I have ever seen from Cornbread is hate filled rants, so if he will not be communicating with you , thats a good thing !

  7. Rob said: "Ah Connie, he used the term in general lumping everyone into one category."

    Ah, no he did not. Do not substitute your perception for his intention. He said, "It is the typical liberal, PC mindset to resort to name calling when confronted with truth."

    He's describing a *mindset* and presumably attributing it to Mr. Bridgeman, the subject of my blog entry, who namecalls us basically all the time in his comments at Kindred Blood (presumably this is short for The Blood of My Kindred, a blog where Bridgeman frequently posts comments.)


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