Tuesday, January 3, 2012

For Your Listenin' Pleasure....

Folks, it's been fun pointing out the perfesser's foibles and talking a little history about General Forrest, but now it's time for a pause.  I'm going on break for a few days to work on some writing pursuits and author services projects (and possibly a companion website for this blog).

Meanwhile, here's another musical interlude for your enjoyment -- this one from the Golden Era of Rock and Roll...

On the Rebound -- Floyd Cramer, 1961
(Country rock, mid-century style.)

My Little Red Book -- Manfred Mann, 1965
(Had to have one group from across the pond.)

Kicks -- Paul Revere and the Raiders, 1966
(How I loved watching these boys pony!)

So Very Hard to Go -- Tower of Power, 1973
(Soul that hits you in the heart.)

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