Monday, August 13, 2012

The Next BIG THING... evidently me Tweeting.

Apparently Brooks Simpson (aka "BS" to his pet white supe) finds it blog-news worthy that I've opened a Twitter account for Backsass called "mybacksass" (named My Backssass because Blogger said "backsass" was already in use.)

I'm not sure why Backsass (and now its associated Twitter feed) would be of interest to his readers -- although I note one of them was impressed enough to consult Google about my site, and report what she found to Simpson. Here's her comment:

Ironic … when you Google “mybacksass”, you don’t get her blog. You get porno pages saying … well, I’m not gonna say what they say. But it’s racial.
Actually, when I Google "mybacksass" here's what comes up (click the image for a larger version):

I dunno. Maybe she has her Google ... trained differently.... than I do. Even when I searched just "backsass" without the "my," no racist porno links showed up.

I do note that on the second page of the Google index, there are a couple of entries that look like they could lead to erotic sites, but I can't say for sure since I didn't click the links.

In any case, I note that Simpson's attempts at satire fall totally flat. He followed me over to Kevin Levin's blog and left some sour-grapes comments that sounded quite bitter. I wonder if he's jealuth of the SCV Commander in Chief's association with Hollywood....

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