Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Andy's At It Again ...

... doing two of the things he does best -- being a hypocrite and wielding his two-fisted double standard like a Highland claymore. Problem is, it rarely makes contact, let alone draw blood.

His current effort is to chronicle Flagger "failures" to get Mimi Elrod voted out of office, or to pressure Lexington businesses economically to support ending the city ordinance that bans flags (except official state and local flags) from flagstaffs attached to city-owned light poles.  I left a comment on his blog, but of course, he won't post it.  He's very thin-skinned that way...

My comment:
Andy, you're mighty eager to pronounce flagger efforts as failures because they don't accomplish within months what will likely require years; and because they don't accomplish within years what may take decades.

Do you know how long it took flag attackers in South Carolina to get the flag off the dome? How many years they introduced legislation to remove it that produced no result, session after legislation session? Did you counsel them to give up because they didn't get the flag removed the first time they tried?  Did you tsk-tsk the NAACP for hurting South Carolina's economy with their boycott. and post charts on line about it?

You seem disappointed that the flaggers and other heritage defenders are not short sighted and are in it for the long haul -- but mostly because they don't pay any attention to your periodic, very transparent -- but ultimately irrelevant -- carping meant to discourage them.

Hope you get some kind of enjoyment calling city officials in a state you don't live in and posting your little charts here because, as material meant to discourage flaggers, your efforts are a total bust (though it might get you some atta-boys and cyber slaps on the back from your fellow floggers).

BTW, if the flaggers -- many of whom are citizens of Virginia --  have no business being concerned with Lexington, how is it that you do? 
Wouldn't you love to hear Andy's answer to that last question?  We may as well forget about it, though. Hell will freeze over before Andy explains his penchant for engaging in what he berates others for.


  1. Once again, Connie, you have nailed the Floggers on their ridiculous double standards.

    Honestly, I would not even know what these clowns were up to if not for you, and you can't know how much I appreciate the work you do keeping them honest (well, let's not get carried are good, but a miracle worker...?)

    Once again, Mr. Hall, like his fellow Floggers, has spent much time and effort to criticize and "pooh-pooh" a group of people who he will turn around in the next post and declare are COMPLETELY INCONSEQUENTIAL.

    Are the Flaggers making a diffrence? We know that we are and we see the proof every day. It is kinda nice though, in a twisted way, to have the Floggers confirm it by the constant attention they give us.

    We don't need to waste time discussing the victories the Flaggers have achieved, but I will say that causing these floggers so much consternation and watching them moan and wail definitely ranks at the top of the list. ;)

    Enjoy your time with the irrelevant, Mr. Hall.

    Onward we March!

  2. Don't expect that coward to offer a response, he doesn't have the courage to even engage any one of us in debate.

  3. Connie,

    What happened to your link to "Boot Elrod"?

    SC SCV's and LoS says that the NAACP boycott did not hurt anything and the flags still came down.

    You and yours failed to boot Elrod...or are you waiting until she does not run again to claim victory? many weeks have you been on the streets?....75? Amazing.

    I for one would love to hear about the flagger you have any? I contacted Susan about providing her side of the flagger debate to give to my Current Events class to help them with a persuasive paper on the Confederate flag...but alas not response.

    Well Susan...any thoughts?

  4. Corey, re: my Boot Elrod banner -- perhaps it slipped past you, but the election took place last November -- four months ago..

    The flag came down in SC after a particularly vicious and nasty and dishonest campaign by the leftist and mainstream media. Yes, the NAACP boycott had a negligible affect on the economy; that doesn't change the fact that they were attempting to hurt South Carolina economically -- the point being that if Andy disapproved of the Flaggers working against Lexington's economy (regardless of how successful or not they were), did he also disapprove of the NAACP working against South Carolina's economy?

    Yep; Elrod is still mayor. Why are you amazed at how long the Flaggers have been demonstrting in Virginia? The battle for Southern heritage will be long and arduous, because its opponents and critics are vicious, well-funded liars who are dedicated to foisting their PC worldview off on the public.

    Corey, why in the world should anyone tell you anything about the flaggers and their accomplishments? You're not asking in good faith. You're openly hostile to them so you're not as; You're not asking Susan to provide her side of the flagger debate for your current events class. You are seeking information that you can mischaracterize on your blog.

  5. Corey Meyer said, on March 21, 2013 at 8:55 am
    I don’t remember advocating for placing a gay rights flag on the chapel.

    Dave Tatum said, on March 21, 2013 at 3:07 pm
    “kindredblood said…
    Stand firm VMFA…you are in the right. Don’t let the Lost Cause Traditionalists push you around or trample on you property rights. So you removed some flags…at least the shrine to R. E. Lee is still there. They should be content with that. If they complain any more I would start displaying Gay & Lesbian art inside the chapel…
    November 14, 2011 at 10:21 PM

    My Mistake, you did not say Flag !

  6. Connie don't waste your time, Hall, Meyer, and Baker are all a bunch of cut-n-paste wikipedia historians who talk only to get praise from within their own very little bubble of like-minded tools.

  7. Connie, I’m a bit confused by Corey’s suggestion that Gay and lesbian Art be put in the Chapel .
    Just who is he trying to insult ? The Confederate’s or the Gay and Lesbian community ?
    Since Gay and Lesbian folks are now allowed to serve openly in the armed forces and surely there were Gay and Lesbian folks who served the South in the WBTS who is he trying to offend?
    If this is the logic of a “Historian / Teacher” I have grave concerns for his students.
    If he were to discover that one of them were Gay how would that effect the interaction between student and teacher ?
    I guess you can’t hide hate, it’s just a matter of who Corey hates more, Gay’s and Lesbians or Confederate soldiers.

  8. Interesting post. It's gone from a post about Andy, who won't ever respond, to bashing people. Very content driven indeed.

  9. Rob, there are nine paragraphs in the post. In which one do you imagine the bashing begins?

    The post is not TO Andy, it's ABOUT him, so a response from him isn't necessary. Besides, he visits this blog often, so he knows I know where he's coming from. That's sufficient for me.

    My blog is as content driven as any flogger's. And if my post about Andy is "bashing," his post that I'm responding to does far more bashing than mine.

  10. Perhaps you should read more carefully.

    "Interesting post. It's gone from a post about Andy,..."

    Notice I used the word about. Whether the post is "ABOUT" Andy, which I said it was already, or "TO" Andy, is irrelevant. He can respond to either, though he won't. Which is why I said, "...who won't ever respond,"

    " bashing people."
    Very apparent in the comments section which, thanks primarily to the blog including comments in the ever evolving post, makes it a part of the message/dialogue on the subject.

    "Very content driven indeed."
    Again the, "look at what they're doing" strategy is, and always has been, a logical fallacy. Andy's blog shows time and time again as one that covers numerous aspects of the Civil War, including memory. That includes all symbols and their current advocacy and meanings. So these events fall within his scope.


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