Thursday, December 29, 2016

They Gon' Shut Us Down? Ah, No

Anti-fa = communist.

Communist governments murdered an estimated 100 to 150 million people in the 20th Century. These figures don't include war deaths. These were deliberate murders.

So a bunch of anti-fa whack jobs that worship mega-murdering communism are saying they want to "shut down Southern heritage" --by what method? If last century's communist leaders are the example, they did it with extremely brutal mass murder.

There may be somebody or some thing that can shut down Southern heritage, short of mass murder, but not these whack jobs. The yankee army couldn't do it. The one-nation indivisible United States couldn't do it. The weaponizing of our language using authoritarian political correctness couldn't do it. The left, with which these anti-fa whack jobs are associated, or at least in tune with, couldn't do it.

So much for that subject.

But Southern heritage isn't the only thing in their sights.  They're agin' white supremacy and patriarchy, too. That's probably not a surprise. But they're also against.... Well, here, let them tell you: "...we are an anarchist movement for the full abolition of capitalism and the State..."

Abolish capitalism and the State? That will take more than a few out-of-touch dreamers in Virginia. (Or are they, more accurately, nightmare-ers?)

Here's part of the nightmarish quality to their ideology (idiot-ology?) -- they say they're non-violent ... then say they use violence, but "liberatory" as opposed to "dominating" violence.

Violence is violence, particularly to its victims, regardless of the intent or attitude ot the perpetrator.

Looking over their online presence, I see photos of people whose faces are hidden behind bandanas. I see fake names. Hiding, deceit and destruction are their hallmarks. Hiding faces and identities indicates shame, fear or both.

Fearful and ashamed destroyers who hide and deceive and perpetrate violence.

Their hate and violence makes white supremacy look not-all-that-bad by comparison ... and patriarchy is largely responsible for the success of mankind.  But leftists, commies, anti-fas, aren't interested in success. The left is all about destruction.

As Igor Shafarevich concluded in his book, The Socialist Phenomenon, a "striving for self-destruction, for nothingness, for the 'death of mankind,' was the true goal of socialism. Instinctively, without stating it or even seeing it as the conscious goal, the socialist phenomenon seeks the death of the human race." (

Remember that next time these nutcases march somewhere in Virginia...

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  1. Probably none off them are native Virginians or Southerners. One hundred and fitysix years later and Northerners are still inferring in our political matters. Notice that none of the characters want to abolish the Yankee state, or Yankee Capitalism. Else they'd be n Pennsylvania or Ohio, where they belong.


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