Monday, January 16, 2017

Believe It

If the Virginia Flaggers and other Confederate groups announced that from here on, they would no longer commemorate Lee-Jackson Day, or any other public event, in Lexington, CARE would vanish into thin air. Anyone who thinks they marched in Lexington to "honor King" is seriously, deeply hoodwinked.


  1. Regardless of their kept the Va. Flaggers sidelined for the weekend.

    1. Really?
      So you're saying that the big parade of Virginia SCV and UDC members the following Sunday afternoon were "sidelined" also? Really?
      Also consider that the intent of CAREless was to stop those honoring Lee and Jackson...and they failed at that. In spite of all the threats, the Flaggers did show up on Saturday and the SCV showed up on Sunday. There you see the TRUE spirit of those who fought for civil rights.

  2. And, as usual, the Virginia Flaggers took the high road and favorably impressed a lot of people -- except, of course, for haters who already hated them anyway, like you and Levin. And even from the sidewalk, they looked great, far better than the interlopers.

    CARE showed itself to be typically leftist -- sneaky, underhanded, intolerant and exclusionary, making their lip-service to King hollow and hypocritical.

  3. Interlopers? How many of the Flaggers are from Lexington? What's good for the goose must be good for the gander eh Connie?

  4. How come CARE invited out of towners to the parade? Their website sez, "Would you like to host a cadet or out-of-town visitor for the parade? If you would be interested in hosting a VMI cadet or someone coming in from out of town to attend the parade, please let us know."

    Also, CARE lies. It talks about "inclusion" but it came into existence to exclude Confederate heritage people from participating in or holding public events.


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