Saturday, April 29, 2017

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Hard-core Commies Against Southern Heritage  (Remember, Communists
murdered almost 100 million people in the 20th Century)

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  1. Not surprising. A lot of people feel this way. Most don't talk about it much. Nor do the media report on it.

  2. Corey, I'm not afraid. I just can't stand you.

  3. Removing monuments or flags from public spaces is worse than slavery? C'mon, Connie.

    1. I've never said that, sledge. What are you smokin'?

    2. "Our Confederate ancestors were no worse than anyone else... Or the people today who are waging a culture war against the heritage they left to us."

    3. I didn't say that what they were doing -- the culture war -- is worse. I said THEY -- the people -- are no better than our ancestors, and they aren't. The antifa are a bunch of sick terrorists; they riot, burn, destroy property and hurt people. They were relatively restrained in NOLA, probably because a lot of heritage folks were carrying.

      TEDNOLA was also supported by hard-core communists who would destroy the USA and its government, to be rid of capitalism and "oppression." Our ancestors didn't try to destroy the USA, had no desire to. In fact, they didn't want to have anything to do with it. What they wanted, and what they tried to do, was to just get away ... to seceded, withdraw, depart, vamoose, head on out, scram, skedaddle, take a powder, r-u-n-n-o-f-t, make like a tree and leave....

      From the masthead of the newspaper that belongs to a commie group that supported TEDNOLA:

      "THE NEW ORLEANS WORKERS GROUP is a multi-national organization of revolutionary workers who understand that the working class struggle for freedom and liberation must be guided by the study of revolutionary theory and commitment to struggle. We are opposed to capitalism and all forms of capitalist oppression including imperialism, racism, sexism, homophobia, and we support full rights for immigrants. We seek to build a new world based on the ending of capitalist exploitation and founding of a genuinely socialist society that guarantees the equality of all working people. Only this future will end US imperialist war and domination and usher in a world of human rights and self-determination for all the oppressed."

      Sounds real good, but the fact is, socialists and communists have never "ushered in a world of human rights and self-determination for all the oppressed."

      "We are opposed to capitalism and all forms of capitalist oppression..." they say, but presumably they're just fine with communist oppression or socialist oppression. Getting worked to death in a Siberian gulag ... getting starved in Ukraine.... What fun to be a Chinese peasant during the "land reform" after Mao took power.

      What the commies did was to murder something like 94 million people in less than a century.

      Yes, our Confederate ancestors were enormously better than anyone who would espouse up that destructive ideology.

    4. Not everyone that wants the monuments and flags down are antifa, socialists, and commies. Or even associate with them.

      I don't agree with, or condone, those groups or their actions. I'm sure you count me as among those "waging a culture war upon you". It seems that any disagreement with you and your heritage is attacked with the same militant rhetoric that you complain is used against you. Some among you even call for the violent defeat of your opposition: Lawmaker apologizes after saying leaders 'should be LYNCHED' for removing Confederate statues

      But, even referring to antifa, socialists, or commies, "enormously better" than people fighting to create a perpetual slave nation? Really?

  4. Corey, you're a teacher and you don't know words can have multiple meanings? From

    Pet -- a person especially cherished or indulged; favorite: especially cherished or indulged, as a child or other person.

    You must have a small, dessicated, shriveled heart from indulging your obsession with looking for the bad in people -- and manufacturing it when you can't find any....

    1. Apparently, a dessicated brain, too.


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