Tuesday, June 6, 2017

ANNOUNCING The Dixie Flyer

An underground newsletter dedicated to supporting and promoting Southern and Confederate heritage.
The Flyer is single-fold, letter-sized, to be printed front and back, and photocopied for distribution. Content is focused on current heritage battles.

It will be professionally digitally typeset and made available for download as a PDF file. It can be taken on disk or thumb drive, or uploaded, to quick-print shops for photocopying. (If you photocopy it yourself, make sure you know how to do two-sided copying.)

A digital version of each edition will be available for reading online.

The Flyer will be a cooperative, volunteer project, at least for the foreseeable future. To be successful, I am looking for:
1. Writers/content providers. Content should fit one of these categories:
A. successful strategies for counter-attacking opponents, short of violence. The Flyer will not endorse or encourage violence.
B. neutralizing the arguments of critics, offline and online, particularly on social media,
C. persuading authorities and the general public,
D. "Did you know" features -- interesting historical tidbits (a few sentences) not generally known.
E. inspirationals, to combat discouragement.

Writers' guidelines will be posted in the future.
2. Original artwork and photography related the Flyer's mission and/or a specific article or report.

3. Advertisers -- Since the Flyer will be small -- 5 1/2 inches wide by 8 1/2 inches tall, and four pages (front, back, and two inside), ad space will be minimal -- one column inch per ad, two ads per issue. Ad costs are not set at this time, but will also be minimal, to defray the cost of web hosting and a domain name.

4. Distributors. In addition to activists who will hand out Flyers at gatherings and pass them out at city and county council meetings and other venues, we need heritage-friendly businesses to make space for a Dixie Flyer display rack. Acrylic bi-fold-sized racks are cheap and work fine. If you don't have a business but you know of one, ask if you can set up the displays and keep the rack stocked with Flyers. 
Southern heritage supporters, visit the new page for The Dixie Flyer at It's Our Heritage webpage. Read the preliminary issue of the Flyer online, or download a PDF. The downloadable version is in two pages (front/back and two inner pages) for printing out, photocopying and distribution. If you use a quick print shop, ask them to show you how to do two-sided copies; then, a single fold makes the Flyer ready for distribution.

Plans are to put a new issue online every two weeks. Content will relate directly to out endangered monuments, and how to fight back.

Meanwhile, here's the preliminary version:

The Dixie Flyer

If you download, print, and distribute, please let me know your experience, not only with the printing, copying, etc. (in case I need to change anything) but also what kind of reception you get.

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