Wednesday, May 23, 2012

When Outsider Interference Is ... A-Okay

Ya know how Dixie-bashing bloggers have complained in blog posts and comment threads about "outsiders" attempting to interfere with the Confederate flag restrictions in the City of Lexington, Virginia? The local community, they say, should be able to decide whether they want Confederate flags on the flag staff attached to city light poles...

Well, I guess it depends on who the outsiders are. Check out this excerpt from a recent comment thread on Andy Hall's blog...


BILLY BEARDEN -- The issue in Lexington was initiated by W&L Prof Anna Brodsky, certainly an outsider, being all Russian and stuff. She was the only woman to complain to the media “I am offended in front of my students” and “I have embarrassed feelings” was her quotes. Certainly the stuff that subjects others to lose rights and subjects cities to lawsuits.

She alone initiated the 350 anti flag petition, signed by her students (95% intenerant) and fellow staff members

I have a copy of an email from City Manager Ellistad that states until Brodsky, not a single complaint was lodged about the flags.

Not even the main complaining Lexington store owner, Mr Hockaday, resides in Lexington. But he does sell numerous Confederate items….


ANDY HALL -- But Brodsky is a resident and (I presume) a citizen and a voter, regardless of where she was born. The assumption that her voice in this is somehow invalid, or less important, than those of non-residents who feel like they have some connection to the flag, is problematic for me. Brodsky may have initiated the petition, but I still don’t believe it would have (A) gotten traction, and (B) passed overwhelmingly without wide public support.


BILLY BEARDEN -- Traction without wide support?

Yes, a small segment of well connected lefties brought about September 1st, 2011.

To fully appreciate the current situation in Lexington, you have to go back just prior to 2001…

During his tenure, a former W&L President with the assistance of his wife removed much of the artifacts related to the military career (both USA and CSA) and life history of Robert E Lee from the Lee Chapel. That President passed away in 2001. His name was John William Elrod, and his wife was Mimi Elrod. :O

At the bottom of the obituary for President Elrod, it was requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent in his name to the Southern Poverty Law Center. :O

Mrs Elrod entered local politics after statewide attempts failed. As a Councilman in Lexington, hers was the leading voice against the location of the proposed satillite of the Museum of the Confederacy. Even Waite Rawls attempts to appease her by dropping the name “Confederacy” from MoC failed. :O

It was during these hearings in 2007 that 2 local citizens, Mary Alexander and George Pryde made media reports by also speaking against the MoC as racist. :O

Professor Brodsky certainly had a friend in Mimi Elrod. All of the staff signatures on the 350 name petition knew her very well. Quid Pro Quo. :O

By September 1st, 2011, Councilman Elrod is Mayor Elrod, and Alexander and Pryde are now councilmen. I can personally vouch for the fact that Mr Pryde’s vehicle sports an Obama/Biden bumper sticker. :)

I can only assume there are more than double 350 individuals at W&L University. I can also safely guess that whatever the number who spoke up at the council meeting that night for the flag ban, it wasnt even 2% of Lexington’s 7,000+ residents. :)

What is overlooked in all this is the Pro-Flag 1,670 name petition, which wasn’t even considered in the vote that night. :(

It was a well connected stacked deck of Obama Democrats who made it happen. Now the city is made to suffer. :(

Come November 2012, a new day will dawn on America, and the largest removal of one party will occur with the removal of the Obama progressive liberal elites. Mayor Elrod and her heritage haters will have to seek honest jobs. :D

(End of excerpt.)


So somebody wanna explain to me why outsiders (many of them Virginians) protesting the flag ordinance is bad, but student outsiders (many from out of state) signing a petition in support of it is okay?

One of the most reliable things about anti-Confederate, Dixie-bashing, self-appointed civil war police is their adherence to a blatant double standard.

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