Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who's the new Dixie-Bashing blogger?

On April 30, a new blogger joined the anti-Confederate blogger brigade with a blog titled "Dixie Bashin'." Apparently, that was inspired by my use of the phrases "South-bashing bloggers" and "Bash-Dixie blogs" and similar phrases on my Facebook group, Backsass.

I identified the blogger as new but it may be that only the blog that's new. The blogger is likely one of our regular Dixie bashers playing anonymous. I don't know for certain who it is (or whether it is a he or a she) nor do I really care. But it's fun to speculate.

The likeliest candidate is Cousin Perfesser Brooks Simpson, with Waurene Roberson running a very distant second. The blogger is too glib to be Corey or Rob, and too frivolous to be Andy.

I've made Waurene a possible candidate only because we've recently run cross each other in cyberspace after a few years being out of touch. We go back a long way, to 2000, at least, and used to spar on various pro- and anti-Confederate Yahoo groups. We recently met up again in a comment thread on Cousin Perfesser's Crossroads blog.

Waurene is a self-styled anti-racist from Mississippi who has gone by various internet handles -- Furry Blues, Lazuli Silke, Bluzlover, and others. She was once a member of the ACLU and may still be. She is, or used to be, huffily disapproving of those who honor Confederate heritage.

That means she disapproves of Confederate flag prom dress wearers, and on the Crossroads blog, she recently aimed a great gust of derision at the most recent such prom-goer because of her footwear. Best I can tell, though Waurene seems to run silent on the outlandish and sometimes blatantly immodest pimp-and-ho ghetto prom outfits sported by some African American kids because, well, she apparently doesn't like to criticize African Americans.

My impression from my years of dealing with her is that she thinks blacks have been so mistreated, they should be above criticism, or at least that their criticism-worthy behavior is understandable and whites should be sympathetic to it, or at the very least, overlook it.

I also get the impression that she thinks that a period of being oppressed confers virtue on a people.... But that may depend on who the oppressors and the oppressed are.

She's a weak candidate for the new Dixie-bashing blogger because of timing. She shows up on Cousin Perfesser's blog -- for the first time, to the best of my knowledge -- on April 25 And the Bash Dixie blog premiers with two posts a mere five days later, on April 30.

But Cousin Perfesser is the prime candidate. He's the one who "discovered" the Dixie-bashing blog and posted a link to it at Crossroads on May 5. That alone greatly ups the odds that he's the "new" blogger.

A little background is in order. Back in mid-April, Cousin Perfesser attempted to smear me with a tragic circumstance from my family history. He actually did genealogical research on my family, evidently to prove that my Chastain ancestors had victimized my Cherokee ancestors by participating in the north Georgia removal that led to the Trail of Tears.

I'm not sure what he expected my response to be -- outrage or mortification at his "exposure" of my family "secrets", perhaps. In any case, I wasn't either one, though I was a bit flabbergasted at this latest evidence of his obsession with me. My response was to post a comment with a list other surnames in my lineage, in case he gets the urge to work on my genealogy some more....

He even claimed to have found that we're kin -- that we have a common ancestor back there -- hence, my new name for him, Cousin Perfesser.

In any case, I think some of his regular readers thought that the genealogy thing was carrying his obsession a little too far. I've even wondered if someone at the university might have expressed disapproval of his display of blatant pettiness, but that's just speculation.

Since then, he has posted about seven (7) blog entries bashing Southern heritage, some of them featuring yours truly. But this represents a tapering off. Nineteen other blog posts during the same time period are about other stuff -- his take on the civil war and related matters, as well as hockey, baseball, race (another of his obsessions), and so forth. I don't read his blog posts on those subjects, as they do not interest me. I monitor his blog for Dixie-bashing and that's all. Ditto Corey's and Andy's and Levin's.

So for whatever reason, Cousin Perfesser has been backing off his attacks on Southern heritage and on me. That greatly enhances the probability that he's the new Dixie-bashing blogger, because he's obsessed with bashing Confederate heritage and its advocates -- and if he isn't going to do it on Crossroads, he needs another place to indulge his obsession.

There are other clues, too. After a five-line introductory post, the very next entry is about -- you guessed it -- me! Both It and Cousin Perfesser refer to me as "biker babe," presumably based on this photo of me that I used as my Facebook profile pic for a while.

Both mention the number of members of Backsass. Apparently, they judge success by number of members and/or readers. I judge it by who's reading ... LOL!

Both Cousin Perfesser and It mention my writing, and both mention my current WIP, Sweet Southern Boys by name.

And that's just in the second post...

Next is a post about member of Backsass and his comments about which states have the most hate crimes -- and they ain't in the South. The next is about the Virginia flaggers (also an obsession of Cousin Perfesser). Then there's an irrelevant music video and after that -- guess what... Another post about me!

This one references the term, "sensahuma," that I first used on my blog in September 2011, here. So now It is using a term that Cousin Perfesser already ripped off from me in December, here, here, and here.

In this post, It adds a screenshot of a Facebook comment, which Cousin Perfesser has done repeatedly. Another clue -- both like to denigrate the intelligence of people they don't like.

Then there's a post about the Southern Heritage Preservation Group that It identifies as a "hate" group -- and provides "evidence" (including two more Facebook screenshots) that proves no such thing.

And the current post (as of this writing) It puts up is about -- ME! What a surprise, huh!

The new Bash Dixie blog, despite its limitations, is much better than Simpson's Crossroads blog -- better than Andy's and Corey's and Kevin's, too, because it doesn't try to disguise its purpose of South-bashing behind a phony interest in the civil war....


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  1. I see the rank and file of the
    Anit Southern Society are lined up again Ya, Ya must be doing somethin right !

  2. Every Family has it's crazy member, and speaking as her nephew, I can tell you Waurene Roberson is our family's little loon. (If you think she's crazy you should talk to her oldest son.)

    I'd like to apologize to all the Non-Family members Aunt Crazy has offended with her insane ramblings. I'm sure some of you have embarassments in your family as well.

    Just so you know, most of the family strongly disagrees with her and her hatefilled opinions.

    Feel free to check out MY homepage sometime and see for yourself


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