Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A question for Southern Nationalists

Do you agree with one of your fellow nationalists who says,
"The Beslan event was part of the war to rid Chechnya of the Russian hegemony. We Southrons will adopt exactly the same methods if the Untied (sic) States does not withdrawn (sic) from our lands. It is harsh, but will be done." And, "... we'll simply destroy a Yankee school and all that are in it. The Chechens didn't kill Chechen children, those were Russian children and teachers."
The "Beslan event" was the September 2004 siege of a school in Beslan, Chechen Muslim terrorists in which 334 hostages were killed, 186 of them children.
The Facebook thread where these comments occurred is reproduced below. (I mistakenly put 2006 in the initial post. The event occurred in 2004.) The identity and comments of one poster in the thread are blurred because I have not asked permission to reveal his/her identity.

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