Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The liar that keeps on lying

Over at Crossroads, Brooks D. Simpson is still obsessing on the Southern Heritage Preservation Group -- and showing his own hypocrisy in the effort:
The Southern Heritage Preservation Group on Nazis

Recently a poster here deplored the name-calling he claimed went on between various groups in the blogosphere.  The poster in question is a member of the Southern Heritage Preservation Group.

The request seems perfectly understandable. Goodness knows we wouldn’t want to upset anyone.

What request?  

Gary Adams held forth on this very issue yesterday.
Many of you surely have encountered the comparison of the Confederacy with Nazis, since there is no real comparison I can offer you little as how to proceed except again the truth.
Yet on that very newsgroup, within twenty-four hours of offering this declaration, what do we see on the SHPG’s Facebook page?
 Three likes within two hours.  Interesting.

But Kevin’s late to the party, so to speak.  After all, there was this comment yesterday:
Another three likes.
Two posts, two comments and six likes -- from a group of over 1700 members...  This is a perfect example of Simpson's straining out gnats and swallowing camels -- of focusing with dishonest narrowness on a tiny segment/sample in order to falsely defame an entire group.   He continues...
You all will remember Mr. John C. Hall (of Dublin, Georgia) as the member of the SHPG who was obsessed about people’s ancestry, who has made comments about people being Jewish, and who has complained when he is quoted on that score.
Obsessed about people's ancestry?   As far as I know, Mr. Hall hasn't done another person's actual genealogy solely for the purpose of trying to embarrass that person -- which is what Brooks D. Simpson attempted to do to me.  And lied about it, saying he only wanted to give a "more complete" accounting of my family history when, in fact, he had to leave out readily available information about my kinsman in order to make it appear said kinsman helped to "round up" Cherokees for the Trail of Tears.  

I recap this slimy episode from the professor of history, here:

That may not be "nazi-ish"  but it certainly isn't the behavior of someone who is committed to truth and accuracy, and it's appalling, coming from a professor at a major state university. And as long as Simpson practices such dishonesty and basically lies, outright or by implication, with innuendo or or flatout false statements (which he has done numerous times about me), he simply has no moral authority for complaining about the SHPG.

And what's wrong with commenting that someone is Jewish -- if they are Jewish? Apparently, to people like Brooks D. Simpson, who have swallowed the diversity Koolaid in huge gulps, for some people just to mention the word Jew is ... anti-semitic.  
Ah, yes, the Southern Heritage Preservation Group … the gift that keeps on giving. What a way to honor Confederate heritage.
Ah, yes.  Professor Brooks D. Simpson ... the liar who keeps on lying.  What a way to showcase the bias and dishonesty of the educational establishment.


  1. "Two posts, two comments and six likes -- from a group of over 1700 members..."

    And about 17 people ever leave a message or like anything. So I would say that those who do post are speaking for those that don't and if those who don't post don't like it they should speak up or get out of the group.

  2. Well, Corey, what you "would say" is irrelevant and immaterial. You may have appointed yourself a Facebook cop, but nobody has to give your opinions any weight or follow your subjective "group rules." Regardless of how many members post, and how many just lurk, Brooks D. Simpson is attempting to smear them all, usually on the basis of a handful of posts. He's a liar and a busybody and the SHPG, its members and its posts, are none of his business -- or yours.

  3. Why is it none of my business? You make things that we say about the SHPG your business?

    Why the double standard. And I think that is what Facebook is all about...making other people's business yours...hense the like and subscribe buttons...and that little old comment space.


  4. The SHPG is none of your business because your motive is a desire to violate the purpose of the group. Your motive is to tear down, smear, besmirch -- as is Brooks D. Simpson's. It's a subset of the overall goal of evilizing white Southerners, past and present.

    There must be millions of Americans who get history wrong, but folks like you and the memory/era/other stuff bloggers ignore them because focusing on them would be of limited use/value for evilizing white Southerners, so y'all myopically focus on Southern heritage folks and pounce on any little thing that can be magnified into a tar-brush to smear all heritage folks with.

  5. Hey Corey !
    Didja notice a spike in yer blog hits when ya said Good-Bye ?

    I think Coca Cola did the same thing a few years back when they said they would no longer make the original Coke. And quickly changed their tune.

    But I think in your case most folks supported your original decision to quit ! I did !


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