Thursday, October 25, 2012

He just can't get enough of lyin'

Brooks D. Simpson must be addicted to lying.  He just can't seem to help himself.  At Crossroads blog, he post a comment he lifted from the Southern Heritage Preservation Group, and adds this commentary afterward:
Those nasty abolitionists … and those wonderful, caring slaveholders … and fate intervening (why would fate have to intervene if slaveholders were so wonderful?)

Wouldn’t it be nice?
The only problem -- the original commenter said absolutely nothing about wonderful, caring slaveholders.

The poster does mention "the bond of eternal friendship between the former slave and the master" that might have occurred had slavery been ended a different way, but the "masters" (i.e., Simpson's "slaveholders") are not described in any way whatever; no adjectives, good or bad, modify the term.

You have to wonder, if the comments of heritage folks are so awful, why does a professor of history at a major state university find it necessary to lie in order to create or magnify the awfulness?

Here's the comment as it appears at Simpson's blog:
The worst thing to ever happen to the American Negro was the abolitionists. But for them ever agitating to free the Negro slave forthwith, the issue MIGHT have been resolved in such a manner so as to prepare the Negro for the duties and responsiblities of liberty and citisenship. Thus ensuring the bond of eternal friendship between the former slave and the master.

But alas, such was NOT meant to be. For had fate intervened, mighten not American liberty, and responsible citisenship been taught to these unfortunates? And mighten not this continent been spared the evils of “”civil war”" such as been unseen? And the resulting consequences?

And was not this to have been the greatest yet legacy? The handing down of the prepared ctitisenship responsibilities to a formerly subjugated race, properly readied for the awesome tasks of American liberty?

The whole world would yet be praising us for this deed, some 100/150 years later.

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