Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Once again, Brooks D. Simpson proves that liars gotta lie....

He posts a comment I made in a thread following a video, here: http://www.lifestyleandlove.com/southern-belle-video-extra-itvs/, and pumps his commentary about it just chock full of lies...

It's interesting to picture him desperately searching the Internet for something  he thinks he can smear me with...  How petty and pathetic....

Allow me to correct him, and once again show him for the gargantuan liar and filth-smearer that he is....

First, I'm not in hot water.

Second, Pat Hines is not my buddy. Anyone who reads the comments between Pat and me on Backsass can see that he and I have quite a history of clashes and disagreements. 

Three, I haven't defended Pat so much as I've pointed out lies people have told about things Pat posted: http://www.facebook.com/groups/272315346193652/permalink/312837125474807/

Four, the date on my comment on the Southern Belle video page is wrong. My comment was posted months ago.  In fact, all the time stamps on on all the comments on that site are wrong.  It indicates I replied to JohnsonJohnson1 a full 43 minutes before he posted....

But here is Simpson's Big Lie (at least, in this post): "First she tells us that the Confederacy ended slavery in 1864."

I do not say anywhere that the Confederacy ended slavery.  The words "Confederacy ended slavery" appear absolutely nowhere in my comment.  That is N-O-W-H-E-R-E.  Nowhere. 

What I said was that slavery was legal in the Confederacy from 1861 - 1864.  The last date is a typo, and should have been 1865 -- but the "four years" should have given Simpson a clue that what my comment indicated was that slavery was legal in the Confederacy only for a long as the Confederacy existed, simply because it couldn't possibly have been legal in a nation that had ceased to exist. 

Look at it again.  My dates indicating the time period that slavery was legal in the CSA included a typo; Simpson's claim that I said the Confederacy ended slavery is a flatout, slimy, baldfaced lie.

This also applies to the United States.  Slavery couldn't have been legal in the United States before the United States came into existence, which it did in 1788 when the ninth of the nine states required to ratify the Constitution did so.  It was legal in the various individual states prior to that, but the various individual states were not the United States.

Yes, the reference to the 14th Amendment rather than the 13th was a mistake.  Even so, it remains a fact that United States did not legally and constitutionally end slavery until AFTER the Confederacy ceased to exist -- whether it was months after or years after -- it was still AFTER.

Then Simpson asks the remarkably irrelevant question, "Does she forget that between 1788 and the secession winter/spring of 1860-61 that those United States included her beloved South?" 

Nope, I haven't forgotten. But the subject wasn't "the South."  It was the entities of the United States and the Confederate States and the time periods that slavery was legal in each of them. 

Pity how a college professor has to mangle his own intelligence by pretending to misunderstand something that's perfectly clear despite some minor errors --  all for the sake of denigrating another human being -- a pasttime he absolutely loves.

Such a petty, petty little man....

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