Monday, July 29, 2013

Andy's On A Roll

This entry was posted at Andy Hall's blog July 29th. At first glance, it seems remarkably forthright -- somebody at the Southern Heritage Preservation Group mis-identified the depicted monument as honoring Black Confederates when, in fact, it honors two black Union outfits, and Andy put forth a correct identification of the monument. 
Andy quotes the mistaken SHPG member:  
With the push to purge this country of Confederate Memorials, I must wonder if those politically correct thugs would dare tear this monument down? It commemorates the bravery and courage of the Black Confederate Regiments in Mississippi that dared to do their solemn duty to their country and defend Vicksburg from the foreign invaders from the North! My hat’s off to those who fought and gave their lives in defense of our Country!
He follows with this observation: 
This monument stands in Vicksburg National Military Park. It was dedicated in 2004 to two Union regiments, the 1st and 3rd Mississippi Infantry (African Descent), that were later reorganized as the 51st and 53rd U.S. Colored Infantry, respectively.
I have often wondered why, if they are only concerned about accurate history, floggers exhibit the overwhelming need to denigrate those who are mistaken about some aspect of  history... or to denigrate those they simply disagree with.  It's seems almost an obsession. So this straightforward post of Andy's was like a breath of fresh air ... except ... he couldn't resist the urge to denigrate, after all, beginning his post with the derisive comment, Can't make this up -- a phrase Andy apparently likes and uses quite often.

In this post, that phrase is a hyperlink, and if you follow it, you will go to the thread on the Southern Heritage Preservation Group at Facebook where the error about the monument is made.

The SHPG has 2,148 members. Eight of them commented on that thread. I'm sure Andy would consider it significant that 37 of them "liked" the post, although there is no indication whether the "like" means they don't know the monument is mis-identified, or whether they simply agree with sentiments expressed in the post about honoring the bravery of Mississippi's black Confederates.

In any case, Andy doesn't mention that two commenters in the thread corrected the mis-identification of the monument. You have to follow the link and read the thread to discover this; and somehow, I don't picture Andy's followers doing that. They're likely quite satisfied that what he's posted on  his blog is all that's necessary for them to know.

For those who are interested, I have given my views on the Black Confederates issue  HERE and HERE.


  1. I messaged Gary Adams about it, also gave him the links.

  2. This is sooo lame. Andy is really showcasing his desire to denigrate on this one. I guess it doesn't even occur to him to wonder WHY somebody thought a monument to black Confederates might be in danger of removal. But it's entirely possible that the person who made the claim had himself been given erroneous information.

    Very likely, people who read the original comment had no reason to question it, either, since Confederate monuments, street names, parks, flags, etc., are under ceaseless attack.

    It's one thing to be mistaken about history. It's a MISTAKE that can be caused by any number of reasons.

    But the desire to denigrate, deride, ridicule, mock and make fun of ... that is not a mistake. It is a character flaw...


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