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A Member In Good Standing of the Ugly Left

Various and sundry people who hate Confederate heritage -- and, more to the point, who hate the people who honor, support and promote it -- are clamoring for my attention and begging me, after a fashion, to return to blogging. Unfortunately, I can't really accommodate them right now with a total return to Backsassin'.  But I can take time out to relay some recent experiences and observations my readers will no doubt enjoy.

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There's a leftist, community college teacher in a very, very white section of Missouri, Jimmy Dick, whom I've given the moniker Dimmy Jick (because he really is dim, folks) who loves to (figuratively) point at people, open-mouthed, a la Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and shriek "Racist! White supremacist!" We've encountered each other over the years because I'm a Confederate heritage supporter and he thinks Confederate heritage supporters are all racists and he likes pointing and shrieking at us.  We meet up now and then on various blogs, but I can't say we have actual conversations, because he seems incapable of it.

(Dimmy superbly illustrates my theory that leftist, anti-racist jackasses, as opposed to normal people who disapprove of racial bigotry, screech "Racist!" at heritage folks, conservatives and others hoping to distract from their own racism, particularly those who live the kind of lily-white lives most white supes can only dream of. For example, Dimmy lives in a town and county that are basically 98% white, so it probably wouldn't be all that inaccurate to call him Dimmy Jickkk.)

He's not very articulate and seems lacking in ordinary thinking skills.  Like so many leftists, he substitutes feeling for thinking and blathers emotion instead of cognition. But he's not interested in discussion, anyway. He just wants to point and shriek and name-call. He has even stated he won't read my arguments and opinions -- and presumably those of anyone else he disagrees with -- the perfect illustration of  closed mind ... and a scared one. I can't help but wonder if he once had a normal intellect that is now stifled, dessicated and shriveled from leftism, combined with his hot-air balloon ego, to the point that it can't operate properly.

Recently, he has taken it upon himself to dictate to me, because of my American Indian ancestry, and thus to all American Indians, what they must think, believe, feel, support and not support. And even whether they ARE American Indians.*

It started this way. This, um, teacher took it upon himself to inform me that there is, and always has been, more than just white culture in the USA. I told him I knew that, as I was of one of the country's nonwhite cultures ... my grandmother and several other ancestors appear on the government's various Cherokee census rolls and ..."My sister has recently done genealogical research with the Cherokee so we can obtain tribal membership. Didn't know that, did you? Doesn't fit your fantasy, does it?'

This lofty intellect responds:
"What makes you think the Cherokee would want you as a member? Should we contact them and let them know just who you are and let them see your racism?** ... Here's a secret you don't know. If you identify as white, have no connection to Native Americans other than a piece of paper saying one of your ancestors was a Native America, and have no idea of what reservation life is, you are not a Native American. Don't try to pass yourself off as something you are not. Especially after you made so many racist claims over the years like you have."
Isn't that a scream? A secret ... known only to him. The Cherokee Nation doesn't know it. The US government doesn't know it. Nobody knows it but him.

Well, I had to explain....
LOL, Dimmy!  It doesn't matter what they want. Citizenship laws are what matter. If you meet the criteria set by the Cherokee government, you are in. (BTW, your swaggering claims do not determine who is a native American, and it is funny to watch you blow such totally-devoid-of-authority hot air.) My sister and I meet it (her sons, too). She has already applied for, and been granted, citizenship in the Cherokee nation by the government in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. All that remains for my application is to obtain a birth certificate certified by the state of Georgia, and I'll be a citizen of the Cherokee nation, too. I know that distresses you. hahahaah But ya know what? You don't have anything to do with it, and there's nothing you can do about it.  And it wasn't one ancestor ... it was several generations of them.
I wonder if he was on the phone all day that day, trying to get through to Bill John Baker to tell him not to let me in ...

Yes, this is funny, folks, but it is also sobering to think this strutting blowhard has access to young minds in a college classroom.... 

What's really funny, though, is the part where HE dictates what makes one a Native American -- and with regard to the Cherokee, at least, he gets it exactly wrong. Sez he:
If you identify as white, have no connection to Native Americans other than a piece of paper saying one of your ancestors was a Native American  and have no idea of what reservation life is you are not a Native American.
I don't know about other tribes and nations, but that is exactly what makes one a Cherokee, and eligible for citizenship in the Cherokee Nation -- the "piece of paper" being a ***CDIB card from the Department of the Interior, Bureau of Indian Affais, and a blood ancestor listed on the Final Dawes Roll....

From The Cherokee Phoenix:
The Cherokee Nation does not have a blood quantum for citizenship or for holding office. Citizens only need to have a Cherokee blood ancestor listed on the Final Dawes Rolls.
I have a Cherokee blood ancestor listed on the Final Dawes Rolls.

Notice that there is also no requirement for "having an idea of what reservation life is," either.... I wonder what Dimmy would dictate that one must do to "have an idea" about reservation life? Look it up online? Read a book or see a movie about it? Visit a reservation? Live on a reservation????

If it's the latter, if living on a reservation is required to be a native American, then the vast bulk of native Americans are not native Americans

According to the Census Bureau, the American Indian population is 5.4 million, and 22% of them live on reservations. So if living there is what it takes to "have an idea" of reservation life and thus BE American Indian, 88% of the American Indian population are not American Indians....According to Dimmy Jick....

It's obvious that he doesn't know the Cherokee nation has a website for Cherokee citizens who do not live in Oklahoma. The Nation even has a name for them, "Cherokee at Large" and a website:  Recently, Principal Chief Bill John Baker  traveled to Florida, Texas and California to meet with "off the reservation" Cherokees. Hmmmmm, I wonder if he told them, "Sorry, folks, Dimmy Jick says you aren't native Americans...  Turn in your Cherokee cards...."

Since conditions on reservations approximate third-world hell-holes, my sister thinks because Dimmy "requires" NAs to live there to be true NAs, he wants them to suffer privation, disease and hardship.

This guy is making an utter fool of himself, spouting off with his all-emotion, no-cognition diatribes about things he knows nothing about -- just for the pleasurable but ignorant sensation of namecalling somebody, to let himself off the hook for the same infractions.

He's not the only anti-racist jackass who lives a lily white life. They're all very visible online calling heritage folks racists... Since this subset of heritage haters live a far whiter life than we do, I have concluded that these folks believe you don't have to walk the walk, if you talk the talk. You can live in white utopias with a 2% or less non-white populations, be employed in largely white workplaces, hardly ever come in contact with blacks.... as long as you slander Confederate heritage supporters as white supes and racist haters....

Dimmy Jickkk is one reason, among many, many reasons, why I have no respect for lying leftists, especially those obsessed with harassing, bullying, cyberstalking and lying about heritage people, just to stroke their own morally deficient egos....  Their decades long history of  lies and colossal hypocrisy is why the left is decomposing and putting an noxious pall over America...  ah, but think how refreshing it will be when the stench dissipates!

(Note: I may have another post or two before I return to my break from blogging...)

* Note: I don't always use the politically correct term Native Americans because it is a misnomer. Native means "born here." So everyone born in America is a native American.
** Note: the classic tattle-tale component of the leftist mentality.  Apparently, I'm supposed to take that as some kind of threat and start trembling, and getting cold feet about submitting my application....
***CDIB -- Certified Degree of Indian Blood

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