Saturday, September 24, 2016

Juicy Tidbits from Andy Hall's Hate Blog

In a recent comment thread, Andy quotes one of his visitors: “As a bit of a side note, I can’t help but notice the responses posted by dixie supporters (and heritage types in general) use terms like liberal, PC, socialist, communist, and butthurt in reference to people on the opposite end of this issue. There’s also a lot of unhenged emotion on display.” Andy replies:

Much of that is cliched jargon, repeated so often it doesn’t have much real meaning anymore.
 Really? Kinda like right wingnut, fascist, racist, white supremacist, extremist, inbred hick, toothless redneck, etc. Kind of like those words that don't have much real meaning anymore, especially when they are wrongly applied so the name-caller can get some warm-fuzzies of "moral superiority?

Confederate heritage, as it manifests itself online, is what academics would call a form of cultural, political, and religious tribalism. It’s about both defining one’s own group, as well as the “other” — the latter, in this case, being political correctness, liberals, communists, academics, craven politicians, Black Lives Matter, etc. If you follow these folks on social media, you’ll see that they spend a lot of their time identifying and targeting various people and organizations who (they’ve decided have betrayed them in one way or another. Vanderbilt University, Jack Daniels whiskey, and the Southern Baptist Convention have all been added to the list recently. It’s a very long list

And if you listen to liberals, leftists, you will hear people -- oh, say, the Democratic candidate for president -- claim that conservatives, traditionalists, Christians, Southerners, etc., are "deplorables" -- racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic -- but of course, people like Andy and his blog visitor probably think that the reverse namecalling is accurate and thus okay. (It isn't accurate. Most of the people labeled as "racist," and these other epithets, are not

I note that y'all spend a lot of time "following" and obsessing over heritage folks on social media. Don't y'all have lives of your own? I follow some of these people on social media because I'm part of the heritage community, and I think Andy is seeing what he wants to see and expects to see, and his expectations makes them materialize. Most of what he calls "identifying and targeting" usually occurs after some big media splash, like Kaepernick getting his 15 minutes of fame, or, with heritage folks, after some piece of our heritage is targeted for vandalism, or worse, removal.

But this still doesn't explain why so many leftist civil-war hate bloggers are so obsessed with heritage supporter, to the point of diving into social media to follow them, and then to write about them on their blogs. Is it truly hate? Or is it jealousy? There's a new meme out that shows a Confederate flag with the caption, "They hate us because they ain't us..."  So why zero in on Southern heritage people? There are groups out there that are far more racist, far more homophobic, far more sexist... why not pour over their Tweets and Facebook groups?

Andy continues,

They often assure each other that their movement enjoys wide and deep support, and that a day of reckoning will soon come when the Sons and Daughters of the South will rise up in their millions and put an end to the cultural genocide supposedly being inflicted on the South.
It may happen yet, Andy. Southerners really are fed up with being made the scapegoats for a country where other regions are as bad or worse. But people have to work, to make a living, and being called a racist in the South, even when it's not true, can have serious repercussions. If those repercussions ever lighten or disappear, you can bet people will be much more vocal about their affinity for, and support of, their region and its heritage and culture.

But in truth, these very loud folks are very few in number, and while they believe passionately in their cause, all they are really accomplishing is to isolate themselves further and further from the rest of the world.
Ah, if that were true, you, Levin, Simpson, "RBLee" and numerous others wouldn't have blogs...  Leftist blogs that purport to be about the "civil war" are really about culture, race, politics TODAY, and if the people you all target and marginalize on your blogs were to disappear into isolation, you and your buddies would freak out with withdrawal....

Andy, you and your commenter buddy might want to consider checking your arrogance and judgmentalness to a reasonable, human level. Those feed hatred...  And hating is just as wrong for you as it is for some hood-donning Klucker....

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  1. Andy Hall secretly envies us because we have a sense of pride he sorely lacks.


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