Tuesday, March 14, 2017

DeStroy's Desperation

This is in response to DeStroy's Desperation, found here:  http://restoringthehonor.blogspot.com/2017/03/the-sulser-files-sunday-june-28-2015.html

In the comments of my previous post here at Backsass, I noted that months ago, I challenged DeStroy to list all the events two fellows, Sulser and Durham, organized that the VaFlaggers attended and VaFlagger-sponsored events Sulser and Durham attended (NOT other people's events they both attended). The Flaggers have confirmed that, of over 700 events, Sulser attended perhaps three. THREE.

DeStroy forgot my challenge for months and months. Or ignored it. He'd put me off when I asked about it. But now he's been caught, pinned to the wall, and his desperation is showing in his post at the link above. He claims to have 2 gigs of data proving what he claimed, hahaha. Presumably, this is his first post of "proof."

Sez he: This rally took place on Sunday, June 28, 2015 in front of the Stafford County Courthouse. Although it is unclear who organized this rally, it is believed that it was organized by Dennis Durham, the Virginia State Chairman of the League of the South, a white nationalist hate group (Emphasis added.)

Unclear who organized it but it is believed????   UNCLEAR? BUT IT IS BELIEVED?  BELIEVED BY WHOM? YOU???? No, no, no, DeStroy. We're not looking for "unclear" and "believed" because that is not PROOF.

He continues: The Stafford Light Artillery SCV Camp shared Jason Sulser's photo, apparently taken at the June 28th event. According to tagging, Sulser had shared the same photo previously on the Virginia Flaggers Facebook page. It is unclear if Sulser attended the rally himself, or was simply sharing the photo. Due to the SCV Camp's comment under the post, we know that about 15 people attended the rally. (Emphasis added.)

Apparently taken June 28? APPARENTLY????? We don't want APPARENTLY, DeStroy. We want ABSOLUTE PROOF. That was the deal, remember? PROOF

Unclear? UNCLEAR???? You are unclear, again???? We aren't looking for unclarity, DeStroy. Why are you mentioning it? CLARITY is what we're after.

Dennis Durham and Jason Sulser are listed as hosts on a Facebook event for a Confederate flag rally at the Stafford County Courthouse. 

Well, well, well ... so they are .... on a screenshot dated JULY 3, and said screen designates TOMORROW (July 4, 1 p.m. - 4 p.m.) as the date and time of the rally. Following the screenshot of the announcement for the July 4th rally, you post:

Only 5 days after this rally, Durham hosted another rally at the same location, Jason Sulser was listed on the event as the co-host. 

So you mentioned TWICE that Durham and Sulser are "hosts" for the Stafford County Courthouse rally July 4th....  Are you really so mixed up that you didn't realize you had mentioned it already? Or is this just a really, really failed attempt at obfuscation?

Dennis Durham shared two photographs taken at the event as seen above. Bill West and Gregory Randall are both tagged in Durham's post. West can clearly be seen in one of the photos, and although it isn't clear due to the low quality of the photograph, it appears as though Randall is in another. Randall, we learned later, is or was a member of the white nationalist hate group, the League of the South, just like suspected rally host Durham.

(Yawn.) You learned LATER? How MUCH later? AFTER you made the ridiculous claims? If so, it doesn't count. Is or was? Which is it?

UPDATED Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 6:06pm EST. The photos above were just located. It shows Dennis Durham, and what appears to be Gregory Randall holding a League of the South banner at the rally. Durham is wearing a League of the South polo shirt. This post now confirms that this was a League of the South led flag demonstration

Ridiculous. It confirms two guys, a banner and a couple of flags. So you think your post "now confirms" that this was League of the South led flag demonstration?  WHAT was a League led demonstration? I don't see a crowd being "led." I don't even see 15 people being "led."

But, FINALLY, by March 14, you think your frantic searching paid off, huh?

I also don't see a date stamp on the picture. Even if the pic was made at either the June 28 or the July 4th events, it doesn't prove either event was "League led."  It just proves that a couple of guys showed up at the courthouse in League shirts and posed for a photo with a League banner.

You're gonna have to do better, DeStroy. If this is a sample of your "2 gigs of data" you've got 2 gigs of worthless crap. Remember, "apparently" "unclear" "believed" and similar linguistic silliness are not PROOF. You are supposed to be supplying PROOF.


  1. The biggest shocker is that someone actually takes that basement dwelling Morlock's blog seriously. I mean the twit even posts comments and reviews ON ITS OWN POSTS! Sometimes the Morlock is the ONLY ONE who posts anything in response. Now that is truly pathetic.

    1. I wonder who he imagines is paying attention to him, beaides Corey/Chump and, occasionally, sledge and simpson

  2. Most posts on DeStroy's blog get zero comments. That blog isn't even worth paying any attention to.

    1. Probably, but I like to tweak him...

    2. Yet Connie post comments there daily...they just don't get through.

    3. Most days I don't even visit that blog. Don't have time for DeStory's hate.

    4. LOL....you just don't like that he/she has your number and the 411 on the flaggers...LOL

  3. Your rants are becoming more and more desperate...and funny

    1. You find the truth desperate and funny... not a bit surprising, Corey/Chump

    2. When have you posted the Truth?

    3. You post what you want to be the truth yet Destroy seems to always contradict your version of the truth with actual facts, images and quotes...how come?


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