Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Am I Right? Or Am I Right?

Brooks Simpson recently posted a rant against the Virginia Flaggers on his blog titled, "An Expression of Total Indifference." I left a simple comment in the form of a question: Why do you care about the Flaggers? Why even mention them on your blog?
Pissed him off.  REALLY pissed him off.  Here's his reply (and my response that, predictably, didn't get posted there):
Him: Why do you care? Why are you obsessed with me? And … who cares? Other than Matt Gallman, that is. :)
After all, why do you care what the people of Lexington want to do? Why do you care about what the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts does?
You can answer those questions on your blog devoted to me and to the other objects of your obsession. Or maybe it’s time to update your Facebook rants. It will be more of the same, I wager. Exactly how many people live rent-free in your head, anyway? 
I find the “Flaggers” reside at the crossroads of pathetic and unintentionally funny, in the structure reserved for the ludicrous shop, led by a person whose understanding of history is sadly lacking and whose embrace of heritage comes at the expense of truth.
Now start raising money for the Tripp Lewis Defense Fund. Maybe y’all can sell some sunglasses. Make sure to post video of the event.
Nice to see you’re still reading. Bye.

Me: I care about Lexington and Virginia and what's going on in many other places, because I care about Confederate heritage and I care when it's being lied about, trashed, attacked and suppressed.
Whatever gives you the idea that I'm obsessed with you -- I mean, besides you're own gargantuan ego? I monitor your blog for denigration of Confederates, Confederate heritage and people who honor it. When I find it, I often comment on it, as you well know from your frequent visits to my blog. I don't read your blog, I skim it, and when I don't find denigration of Confederate heritage and its advocates, I ignore you and your blog.
You didn't answer the question. Why do you care about the Flaggers? Why even mention them on your blog?
I also posted an update in Backsass here: http://mybacksass.blogspot.com/2013/03/its-not-history-its-anti-heritage.html
Didn't I tell ya? These flogger guys feed off each other's blogs -- NOT about history, but about attacking heritage. Today, Brooks D. Simpson has joined in the current round of bash-the-Flaggers.  With references to Kevin's and Corey's posts on the same subject, he's posted 370 words of claimed indifference about a subject about which he has shown almost morbid interest in the past -- just like the other floggers.

One thing these floggers have never done, however, is explain WHY they post about the Flaggers -- or any other heritage advocates and their activities. The flogger claim is that they're interested in HISTORY. The Virginia Flaggers are CONTEMPORARY. Heritage activities are CONTEMPORARY. Why are these guys so eaten up with obsession -- and animosity -- for the flaggers?

Judging by the tone of his post and comments, Simpson has been about to bust a gut to post a derogatory critique of the Flaggers throughout his recent series of long, boring posts about the future of civil war history, and his trip to Gettysburg. His animosity for Southern heritage and those who honor it is so great, is such an obsession, he can't keep it contained with pretended indifference, and it just has to burst forth onto his blog from time to time.
One wonders why he even pretends indifference. The other floggers, while often touting their interest in history, don't try to hide their compulsion to denigrate heritage folks, most especially the Flaggers.  Especially when his indifference is so poorly executed and displayed. (3/30/13)
Welllll, that just made him go ballistic, and he exhibited all the things I have described before about what REALLY interests floggers, which I noted in a comment to Corey Meyer and perhaps other floggers, some weeks ago -- 
With ...  floggers, it's not history, either -- it's a craving to insult and hurt people ... an unquenchable thirst to denigrate others ... an insatiable hunger for the put-down. It's about alleviating your doubts about your own questionable beliefs by lying about others. It's about inflating your own questionable and sagging moral authority by fabricating somebody "worse" than you are." (See Comment Bot Anger)
 and ....
....disparaging the intelligence of people they disagree with is a front-line attack of the flogger mentality....they throw around terms like "lunacy" and "clown" and "idiots" -- or, in the case of Eric Wittenberg and his sycophants, "galactically stupid" and "troglodytes" and "knuckle-draggers." And we can't forget Brooks D. Simpson and the Crossroads crew -- "rampant idiocy" and "ignorant morons" and "cretins" -- and that's just a tiny sample.... (See: Flogger Namecalling)
Now, see for yourself if my description is not right on the money.  This is his latest comment (as of this writing) in the "Indifference" comment thread:
Well, as I’ve argued before, Connie Chastain’s predictable and not very bright [disparging another's intelligence]. As expected, she ranted on her blog about this post, demonstrating in the process that her reading comprehension skills remain sadly lacking [more disparaging another person's intelligence] (which helps to explain why she’s had to resort to self-published e-books … no editor would waste time with her muddled prose) [self-aggrandizing ego pretending to know the minds of all book editors -- and untrue, to boot].  Apparently she can’t tell the difference [more disparaging another person's intelligence] between my indifference as to whether a Confederate flag is flown outside the chapel (I just don’t care) and the fact that I find the “Flaggers” amusing because of their antics (and that amusement is a sign that I’m not indifferent about them, although I confess they are rather easy targets). It’s a sign of the intellectual incoherence and incompetence  of the “Flaggers” [more disparaging another person's intelligence, this time the Flaggers'] that they embrace the befuddled [more disparaging another person's intelligence] Chastain as their most able defender [untrue statement].
First, I suggest that everyone visit Amazon, and see who the publisher is of my second novel, Storm Surge (it's not self-published, folks). Storm Surge at Amazon  You can also see my novel at the publisher's site here:  Storm Surge at Desert Breeze Publishing.

Now that that's out of the way, what I really want to call to people's attention is Simpson's overwhelming need to denigrate people's intelligence -- for no reason. Read the crap he wrote under the title "An Expression of Indifference." The post is not about flags at Pelham Chapel, or his indifference to them. It's a rant against the Flaggers. He can claim otherwise all he wants but there's nothing wrong with my reading comprehension. I can discern clearly what he wrote about.

He screwed up. Either he meant what he wrote, and was embarrassed at getting caught obsessing on the Flaggers and had to change his story after the fact ("It's about the chapel flags, not about the Flaggers!") or else he realized his rant is what's really incoherent, and if he truly meant to state his indifference to the flags, his obsession with the Flaggers got in the way, took over, and transformed his post.

What's wrong here is not me or the Flaggers -- it's Brooks Simpson's compulsion to demean the intelligence of people who he disagrees with or doesn't like, and his slavering lust to vilify those people themselves....

I have to wonder -- if he truly believes people whose intelligence he disparages are intellectually deficient, then it is truly a mystery why he post about them on his blog, particularly in such a derogatory manner.  What's next?  Rants against people with Down's Syndrome? Put downs of kids with autism?

Keep in mind that this person is a professor of history at a major state university. Breathtaking, isn't it? Would you want your kids in this man's classroom, being exposed to his questionable ethics and odious disparagement of others?

Note: I have taken on several author services jobs that will take me away from blogging for a short while. I may be able to make short comments here and elsewhere, and visit Facebook as I can, but I'll be spending most of my time at Word Slinger Boutique for a couple of weeks, maybe longer.

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