Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Backsass to Tim Wise

(the "anti-racist" who reportedly lives in a lily white section of very black Memphis)

Tim's unwise comment here: http://oldgoldandblack.com/?p=31560&cpage=1#comment-72601

My reply (which they likely won't post):

I'm a "neo-Confederate," Mr. Wise, and I never say the war had nothing to do with slavery or racism. I do say most Confederates were fighting to save their families, homes, communities and territory from a barbaric invading army. 

Their willingness to carry out one of the responsibilities of manhood -- that of defender/ protector -- and their doing so despite horrific suffering, is primarily why I honor them

My position is that the north had no moral authority for invading the South, and I honor my Confederate ancestors for standing against the invasion. Don't think for a moment that just because some northern states abolished slavery (to diminish or eliminate their black populations) that they were not armpit-deep in slavery.

"Abolitionist" Julia Ward Howe wrote in "A Trip to Cuba" (Google it) a passage that could mirror Stephen's Cornerstone speech. (She also said aboes wanted to, and tried to, "blow up the union.") Northern maritime interests got rich shipping slave-grown cotton to Europe. Northern industrialists got rich processing slave-grown cotton in their textile mills, and making/selling finished goods from slave-grown cotton. Northern banks got rich lending money for plantations and slaves, and northern insurance companies got rich off premiums that insured slaves.

Lincoln's call for volunteer military oppressors to invade the South doesn't say a syllable about slavery. That didn't become a factor until well into the war.  For the north, the reason for brutalizing the South back into the "union" (i.e., no longer a volunary republic but a prison for states) was because they couldn't make it as a nation on on their own.  It only required nine states to create the union by ratifying the Constitution, and there were 22 states in the union after the South seceded  -- more than twice nine.  But even with that many states, they knew they didn't have what it took to be a successful nation without the South.

Mr. Wise, you have a leftist (socialist/collectivist) political agenda -- leftism is one of the most destructive philosophies in history.  Igor Shafarevich, a Soviet mathematician, wrote that socialism  has been obsessed with material equality, and with the eradication of individual and gender distinctions, and with the abolition of religion, throughout history (long before it was called socialism). It wars incessantly against the normal. Shafarevich concluded that a “striving for self-destruction,” for nothingness, for the “death of mankind,” was the true goal of socialism. Instinctively, without stating it or even seeing it as the conscious goal, the socialist phenomenon seeks the death of the human race. http://www.sobran.com/hive/hum.shtml

How does it feel to be working toward the death of the human race? And you get your jollies denigrating and lying about decent, ordinary, better-than-you Southerners, past and present, because some of them owned slaves 150+ years ago, and fought against a barbarous military invader?

You are a huge part of the problem bringing about the downfall of America, Mr. Wise. You don't constitute even a particle of the solution.


  1. I don't follow how you argue about what the war was about and then drop off into a rant about socialism. How do the two connect in you little mind?

  2. Speaking of little minds, would you please explian this --

    “kindredblood said…
    Stand firm VMFA…you are in the right. Don’t let the Lost Cause Traditionalists push you around or trample on you property rights. So you removed some flags…at least the shrine to R. E. Lee is still there. They should be content with that. If they complain any more I would start displaying Gay & Lesbian art inside the chapel…
    November 14, 2011 at 10:21 PM

  3. (1) There was an article in the Wake Forest student newspaper critical of the Confederate battle flag. Some of the subsequent comments included references to the war.

    (2) An excerpt from an essay written by Tim Wise, which called the Confederate cause "evil," was posted anonymously.

    (3) My response was about (a) the war and (b) the philosophy/ideology (ultra-liberalism, e.g., socialism, a much greater evil) that produces Tim Wise's much-touted "anti-racism."

    If you genuinely "don't follow" that (and you're not just pretending to not understand so you can indulge your need to insult), perhaps you are the one with the "little mind."

    Stop sending gratuitous insults in your comments, or they will no longer be posted or answered.

    BTW, my response is no more a rant than Tim Wise's writings (or yours).

  4. Connie,

    What business is this of yours?

  5. Corey, it's MY heritage that Sonia Kuguru and Tim Wise attacked.

    What business is it of yours that somebody photoshopped Susan Friese Hathaway onto the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia?

  6. Actually Connie it is History that they are discussing. Your points against thier position is simply your opinion and not fact.

    So once again Heritage is truely not History and you keep proving it over and over.

  7. Corey, you asked me what business it is of mine, and told you...

    It's MY heritage that Sonia Kuguru and Tim Wise attacked.

    You haven't told me yet what business is it of yours that somebody photoshopped Susan Friese Hathaway onto the seal of the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you want to keep seeing your comments posted here, answer that.

  8. I thought it was very interesting that some one would pose Susan inside the state seal and obviously since Susan has not commented on it in a bad way she must love it...so as a person with an opinion and a blog I posted the image for all to see.

    It is as much my business since it was posted in a public place on the net.

  9. And it is MY history you are making a mockery of...so I comment.

  10. Corey, you didn't say on your blog that Susan must love "it" (the photoshopped image). You said "She Does Love Herself…Don’t She…" and it was intended as criticism and insult.

    By your reasoning, everything posted in a public place on the net is your business. So, out of all that, why did you pick this to post on your blog?

    Do you love yourself? You should. Normal self-love is natural and healthy. Do you think no one else should love themselves?

    You're just jealuth because nobody has photoshopped you onto a historical imag-- oh, wait. Yes they have! http://atrueconfederate.blogspot.com/2013/04/just-like-his-hero.html

  11. Your history? (Smirk.)

    You don't give a rat's patootie about history.

  12. Yeah, Connie, don't give a rat's ass about history...that is why I chose to become a History Teacher.

  13. Just because you teach it doesn't mean you care about it. You demonstrate that you care a lot more about shooting off gratuitous insults than you do about history. This dig at Susan demonstrates it, and it's just one example. There are many others.

  14. Ok, Connie...keep thinking that.


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