Saturday, April 6, 2013

Not Thinkin' Things Through

Flogger comments on my novel, Sweet Southern Boys:
"I’m usually against things that have 'sweet' and 'boys' on them. It sounds
sort of creepy." ~Rob Baker

"Yeah, I know…writing about young
boys...sound funny to me."  ~Corey Meyer
Well, well, well....  Sometimes floggers, in their zeal to wield the put-down, don't think their comments though....

When Rob says "things" does he mean just novels? Or also movies, songs, poems, sports, articles, anything else...  Is he against --
Boys' Sweet Sixteen basketball tournament
Sweet Boys Diner in Bowie, Texas
Sweet Boys Cupcake Bakery
Sweet Boy of Mine (boy's clothing website)
Sweet Boy's Life, Kohitsuji Hokaku Keikaku (Japanese anime fan book)
Little Boy Sweet, June Pointer (song)
Sweet Little Jesus Boy,  Trisha Yearwood, Kenny Rogers, Andy Williams and others (song)
Sweet Little Baby Boy, James Brown (song)
And I wonder if Corey thinks these "writings" about boys sound "funny."

Tom Sawyer
Huckleberry Finn
Lord of the Flies
David Copperfield
Oliver Twist
The Yearling
The Jungle Book
Old Yeller
Peter Pan
Great Expectations
The Outsiders
To Kill a Mockingbird
Where the Red Fern Grows
The Back Stallion
The Hardy Boys
Harry Potter
Friday Night Lights
The Catcher in the Rye

For floggers, it's not about history -- it's about hostility, it's about the put-down, the insult, ridicule, mockery ...  And they pursue it so eagerly, they don't always think through the larger ramifications of what they say. Just like another critic of mine who wrote --
See, Connie’s in denial about some of those sweet southern boys and what they do when they walk along Bourbon Street and peek in the windows while collecting their beads.
Peeking in windows on Bourbon Street? Sounds like he knows this from ... experience, don't it?


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  2. But Corey, your comment didn't say a syllable about titles, or what the stories are called. You said, "...writing about young boys...sound funny to me."

    And all the books and stories in my list include, or comprise, writing about young boys -- which is what you specified -- regardless of their title.

    Oh, yes, I get it. You bet I do. You floggers are all about criticizing anything -- ANYTHING -- Southern heritage advocates do or say (like your gratuitous insult of the coat of arms I displayed here once, which served no historical or other purpose whatever -- except to gratify your craving for a put-down, ANY put-down.

    You say you're about correcting bad history -- so what's the bad history in my novel, and how does your gratuitous insult correct it?

  3. Corey once made a comment about putting Gay and Lesbian art work in the Pelham Chaple, who was he trying to insult ? Gay's and Lesbians who now serve openly in the Armed forces ?


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