Wednesday, July 6, 2016

A Little Digging...

What I've learned the past few hours looking into the tempest in a teapot created by the heritage-hatin' bloggosphere.

1. Contrary to an anonymous post at yet another hate-blog, the Virginia Flaggers have not been "rocked" by the news about Sulser.

2. Sulser never was a VaFlagger and never claimed to be. He has never been a "prominent face" or a "regular fixture" at Flagger events. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of photos taken at Virginia Flagger events and posted online that show neither hide nor hair of Jason Sulser.

3. The second anonymous blogger posted this grammatically convoluted false accusation: Despite pronouncements that they are not a hate group, it is Sulser, along with his friend League of the South’s Dennis Durham, who organizes the rallies in the state of Virginia that the Flaggers attend.

Who's pronouncements? The Flaggers themselves have no need to make such pronouncements about themselves; one need but look at their activities to see they are no hate group.  Sulser and Dennis Durham did have a group called S.O.U.T.H. They did organize rallies in Fredericksburg. For the most part, Flaggers stayed away. Most events Flaggers attended were their own, or those of groups like the Heritage Preservation Assocation, the Tomato Festival and other such venues.

The anonymous blogger who made this accusation needs to list all the Virginia rallies Sulser and Durham organized, and identify the ones the VaFlaggers attended. But I won't hold my breath while waiting.


  1. Never heard ole Simp denounce what goes on at...

    (Google it:) "Barrett Honors College" and "sexual abuse"

    There are even Facebook pages-

  2. There's even a Federal investigation...

    (posted on Facebook page January 11, 2016-)
    "Here's the latest on the federal investigation, ASU's response, and sexual predators at Barrett, Honors College.

    Although the investigation began in 2012, the administration did not take meaningful steps to prevent and respond to sexual violence until it appeared publicly on a list of colleges and universities under federal investigation in July 2014. In response to this suddenly public revelation, President Michael Crow formed a task force to address ASU’s rape problem in August 2014, a full two and a half years after the federal government opened its investigation, and five years after ASU settled a major Title IX lawsuit.

    Kamala Green, the Title IX Coordinator who mishandled sexual violence complaints against Barrett professors, was replaced by Jodi Preudhomme, who previously served on ASU’s legal team defending ASU against rape victims in at least three Title IX lawsuits.

    ASU continues to place the responsibility to prevent rape on victims, rather than potential perpetrators through the promotion of self-defense classes, and sexual violence “Crime Prevention Tips” (p. 37 of ASU’s 2015 Security Report).

    Students are still reaching out to SDASA when they encounter hostility from the ASU administration after reporting sexual violence. While we are glad to assist both undergraduate and graduate students encountering a hostile educational environment, we hope for a day when we are no longer necessary.

    Since our petition and federal complaint, several Barrett professors have been removed from campus, ASU strengthened its policy to protect students from abusive relationships with professors, and the Phoenix New Times dedicated its first 2015 cover story to exposing Barrett’s rape culture.

    Barrett professors and ASU administrators participated in retaliatory legal action to silence Sun Devils Against Sexual Assault. Despite an internal investigation by ASU confirming SDASA’s claims about Barrett professors sexually abusing students, Barrett faculty, led by Professor Jacquelyn Scott Lynch, attempted to smear SDASA’s founder and damage SDASA’s credibility. The federal government’s investigation of Barrett (including sexual harassment complaints against Dr. Lynch) is ongoing. The Barrett administrators who allowed rape culture to persist for the past decade are still in power."

  3. Simpson doesn't care about that. What he criticizes in others is OKAY when HIS SIDE does it. That is the left in a nutshell.


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