Friday, July 8, 2016

Fun with the Loony Left

Rob Baker thinks because I've taken a break from blogging that I've hidden in the woodwork, and Simpson's most recent attacks on Susan and the VaFlaggers have brought me out of it.  To which Simpson replied "Dance, puppet, dance."

LOL! I'll bet he stands on the corner in Gilbert, blowing a trumpet to keep the elephants away, too.

Simpson knows, and has known for a long time, that it is supremely possible that I will defend or counterattack when people of his ilk attack. For a number of weeks he's been posting a bunch of stuff about history at XRoads. Although I don't agree with a lot of what leftist bloggers claim about the South, the Confederacy and the war, my primary concern is the lies and attacks on Southern heritage. If he's not attacking that, I will likely leave him alone to mangle history as he sees fit.

But the recent attacks by Simpson at his own blog, and at a hate-and-attack blog I call Destroy the Honor, deserved responses, so I responded. Pissed him off, too. He got pettier and meaner with every comment at Destroy, and, at his own blog, succumbed to his usual cowardliness in not posting a comment from me. There are certain comments by heritage folks he is simply too scared to let his readers see....

Rob "TuQuoque" Bakur, I am only taking a break from blogging -- I'm still online everywhere else.  I will resume my recess in a few days, probably, and hope to return full time in early 2017.  But meanwhile, why don't you get some hate on and see if I stomp on-- I mean, "dance" for you.

Found at XRoads:
Mr. Ortensie is an academic ... or he used to be.  Presumably he still is. But like so many leftist, antiConfederate academics, he either has terrible reading comprehension skills, or else he assassinates his own intellect in order to wield the put-down.

Below are two paragraphs from the VaFlagger blog post Ortensie is referring to.
I have, sadly, come to expect a steady stream of slander, baseless personal attacks, defamation and libel from several leftist, amateur historian bloggers who just can’t stand the fact that we won’t sit down, shut up, and believe exactly as they say we should. Shamed by their own repeatedly incorrect predictions, childish accusations, immature posts, and utter failure to accomplish anything other than drive more and more folks to our side with their antics, they had, for a period of time, retreated and attempted to refocus their blogs on their twisted view of “history”.

In recent months, a new crop of bloggers has made their presence known. These folks are made of leftist extremists of the “social justice warrior” nature. Their hate blogs, (or at least the ones we know of) are written anonymously, so there is absolutely no accountability, and are apparently authored by folks who have nothing else to do all day besides sit in their parents’ basements and look for “gotcha” moments on social media… and finding none…choose to fabricate their own, all the while hiding behind a fake identity.
Note in the first paragraph the reference is to, "amateur historian bloggers" who, for a while "retreated and attempted to refocus their blogs on their twisted view of 'history'."

The second paragraph refers to "a new crop of bloggers..." who are leftist extremists of the “social justice warrior” nature and whose blogs are anonymous.  These are the folks who are described as sitting all day in their parents' basements looking for "gotchas" on social media.

My question is, what do you suppose is the case with Mr. Ortensie? Does he have terrible reading comprehension skills, or is he assassinating his own intellect in order to wield the put-down?

This isn't my first experience with Mr. Ortensie's put downs ...  Let's go for a stroll down memory lane...


Hope I can be around for a few more posts, but it depends on other things going on in my life. Time will tell....

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