Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Hits Just Keep On Coming (Updated)

Some time ago, a group of people rallied for the Confederate flag in a park in Washington, D.C.  They were met by a pack of rabid social justice warriors who exhibited uncivilized behavior, provocation, thuggery and threats -- and also displayed extreme disrespect for the police, screaming in their faces, attempting to block their passage, etc., (behavior that would be echoed later by the paid thugs wreaking havoc at Trump rallies.)

When the rally attendees left the park, they were followed, surrounded, screamed at and harassed. Some had their vehicles keyed and at least one had his flag stolen.

One of the attendees was a Jason Sulser.

Subsequently, Susan Hathaway complimented Sulser in a Facebook post for his restraint in running the rabid "antifa, anti-racist, heritage-hating" gauntlet. This comment was screenshot and posted July 5th (about ten months later) on a hate blog called Restoring the Honor run by a cowardly anonymous blogger I call DeStroy.  Though he denies it, the purpose of the blog is to incite hatred for the Confederate heritage community, most especially the Virginia Flaggers.

Interestingly, DeStroy's screenshot doesn't show when the comment was originally posted, or where, except that it is obviously a Facebook post. However, the D.C. rally was September 5, 2015. Susan's comment to Sulser appeared thereafter. Apparently, DeStroy is using that comment to imply that heritage folks knew about Sulser's association with pornography but remained buddy-buddies with him because he displays a Confederate flag.

In fact, info about Sulser's arrest did not become public until June 23, 2016, about nine months after the D.C. rally. And since people who traffic in porn don't normally go around bragging about it publicly, it is likely that few, if any, heritage folks knew about it. I guess DeStroy thinks Confederate heritage supporters gaze into crystal balls or throw chicken bones they can read the minds of anyone who attends heritage events. And why not? DeStroy believes he can read the minds of people in the Confederate heritage community, so maybe he thinks everyone is so equipped.

Nevertheless, DeStroy does not know everything that happened in the heritage community after news of Sulser's arrest became known, regardless of his apparent belief in his own omniscience. This is typical.  Belief in miraculously acquired knowledge -- aka, mindreading -- carries some kind of mysterious and powerful mojo in the antifa, anti-racist, heritage-hating community....

In another interesting turn, DeStroy links to a report about Sulser in Idavox, a "news center" for the One People's Project. You don't have to read the site long -- just a few paragraphs -- to realize it's not a news site at all. It's just more antifa, anti-racist, heritage-hating clap-trap. I'll have more to say about Idavox in a later post.

It's interesting that I found this tweet from Simpson as I was composing this blog entry, because DeStroy's and Idavox's use of Sulser to attack the Flaggers reminds me of something else -- the child porn trafficker and the convicted sex offender who posted at Simpson's blog for years without a peep outta him. We can give Simpson the benefit of the doubt and say he didn't know ... but we all know heritage peeps can't expect that same kind of fairness and restraint in return from DeStroy, Simpson and their ilk.

Wanna read about Simpson's blog comment buddies?  You can here:

As you will note right off, the difference between my outing Simpson's sleazy blog buddies and DeStroy's attempt to smear the Flaggers with Sulser's situation is that I didn't do it with glee...

(Note: this blog entry does not signify the return to regular postings at Backsass ... it's just that one can remain silent for only so long in the face of lies and attacks from people who are no better than those they attack, lie about, smear, ridicule, harass and persecute. It may be that I will make a few posts here in the foreseeable future, but they will likely be quite infrequent.  --cw)


Simpson  comment at XRoads:
Let’s just note for the record that Chastain says absolutely nothing about the victimization of children through pornography but a lot about the Virginia Flaggers as victims. Then again, she had notjhing supportive to say about Lilly Baumann, either. We next expect this expert on “false rape accusations” to defned Sulser as a victim as well. Maybe she’ll write a novel about him.
Just for larks, folks, go here:   and see if you can find anything about the victimization of children through pornography, or anything that even smells like sympathy for those victims. As I've already noted in the comments, Simpson's "sympathy" for those he deems to be victimized goes unfelt and unexpressed, unless he can use it to smear the VaFlaggers and other heritage folks. 

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  1. As usual, Simpson only shows sympathy for kidnapped children or victims of child porn if he can use said "sympathy" to smear, slander, accuse, harass, persecute and stir up hatred for Southern heritage folks, most especially the Virginia Flaggers.

    Remember when he was putting all his sympathy eggs in the Lilly Everett basket, and ignoring the other 400,000+ children kidnapped per year?

    Simpson embraces ugly, ugly motives....


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