Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Corey In Drag

So David Tatum posts some images of his new ribbons on his blog, and gets a comment from Corey:

It's hard to read at this size, so here's a close up:

If it's still too small to read, it sez, "Not new nor improved. Did you check all your spelling this time professor?"

Dave also made a post about the ribbons at Dixie Outfitters on Facebook, and got a similar comment from one LeAnne Crabtree:
Interesting thing about LeAnne Crabtree. She's a member of George/Corey's Trashing Confederate Flags Facebook group. Her profile page shows some longstanding Corey fake-profile hallmarks. New to Facebook, few friends, little activity...
Another interesting thing about "LeAnne" -- she shows up in a Google image search...  Boy, does she!
Google Image Search

Scroll down past the "Visually Similar Images" and see all the web pages where "LeAnne" shows up!

Soooo, Ms. "LeAnne" joins a whole host of fake profiles Corey has fabricated (Victor Hatcher, Max Webber, Finster Henhawk, and many more). This is the first time I'm aware of that he created a female profile, however. Which leads us to wonder, has Corey developed gender issues? Or does he just enjoy going around in cyber-drag?
This is an example of the ethically challenged person who trashes Southern heritage and who hates and harasses heritage folks like the Virginia Flaggers.  A brother (sister?) in arms with a history professor who writes fraudulent book reviews at Amazon.com (click "Wish List" at bottom right to see who "One Skeptical Observer" really is) and who also hates and harasses the Virginia Flaggers. Big cyber-friends with Kristen "Wonder Woman" Konate who accused two Virginia Flaggers of putting her address online, when she was the one who did that.

Also friends with "Hecate Crowley" or "Crowley Hecate," aka Liberty Lamp(rey), who threatened the VaFlaggers ("Well, they should be scared of us, we win at this game, always have and always will. We would like to help put a stop to this flag going up, but we need a little assistance")and whose Twitter feed revealed a disturbing death fetish (Kill Whitey!). Corey/LeAnne has some bizarre cyber-friends ... not to mention weird alternate personalities....


  1. Can Corey claim all his fake profiles as dependents on his taxes ?

    1. Well, you'd hope so, but the sad fact is they're actually taxed as personal property (rather than being considered persons), either at a fixed rate or market value depending on the state.

  2. Corey simply thinks people are complete idiots.

  3. I don't understand why they care what we do in the South.

  4. I do believe though the picture of him in drag is more appealing to the eye. Damn corey you have a sad life..

  5. "Ever wonder how much time Simpson spends combing the Internet, following links and leads, taking screenshots ... hunting for something he can splatter all over Crossroads to smear the VaFlaggers with? It must take hours and hours. Pathetic, isn't it? I wonder who does his work while he's AWOL looking for mud..."

    Is this other guy still at it?

  6. Corey took down his blog, but he still trolls Confederate heritage blogs and leaves comments. He says he's not a member of George Bishop's Trashing Confederate Flags group, but he posted there.

    1. It would seem that you and David also "troll" sites on the internet searching for blogging material otherwise you would not have this fodder to throw in this persons face. It would seem rather obvious to me that it is quite possible for two people to ask the same question about a similar topic, IE: David's ribbons. I seem to remember a post about them on Professor Simpson's blog. Am I incorrect?

    2. All that double naught spy in' has Corey all worked up into a tizzy.

    3. Part One

      I don't troll sites. As I've said repeatedly on this blog, I monitor a very small handful of anti-Confederate blogs -- Crossroads, Civil War Memory, Student of the American Civil War, and Dead Confederates. I visit a few others very infrequently. I've recenly begun to look in on Spe-lunk-er, but his primary interest seems to be current white supremacy, neo-Nazism, etc.

      When they don't trash the Confederacy and contemporary heritage folks, and stick to "history," I don't defend or counter-attack on my blog, even if I disagree with their "history." There have been the barest few times when this was not the case.

      I also post on comment threads following pertinent news reports. I find out about these almost always from posts on Facebook. I don't usually troll (i.e., do google searches, and image searches, etc.) unless it is in response to an attack, or something, like "LeAnne."

      See these:






      Corey used to troll the Internet looking for people trashing the Confederate flag so he could accuse people who honor it of hypocrisy. He made a pornographic blog featuring the flag, and when he got hounded for it, he took it down ... (See the "Framed" link above where he changed the owner of the porno-blog to me). But he put it up again (minus the worse pics) under the pseudonym Mark Williams. That has been taken down now, too: http://confederateflagging.blogspot.com/ This removal occurred fairly recently.

    4. Part Two

      As for Simpson's trolling, he probably receives lots of info from others, but he did admit he trolls the internet looking for Southern heritage folks to bash (he called it tiptoeiing through the internet to sample historical understandings about the American Civil War). So he no doubt does a lot of it himself. But not all. For example, it was Ray Ortensie who sent Simpson a paragraph (or link to it) off my author website about Valdosta/Verona, which shows these folks are just interested in bashing, subject matter is of no consequence. See http://mybacksass.blogspot.com/2014/09/ray-ortensies-debut-at-trashing.html and then come tell me what is objectionable about my fictional town, Verona, or my basing it loosely on Valdosta (location, economic base, etc).

      I don't have time to troll the internet for posts that trash the Confederacy or heritage folks. Most of my time googling is spent on info I need for my fiction writing. For example, the temperature and moon phase on January 15, 1994. Took a fair amount of time to find it, but I wanted accuracy for this passage in Sweet Southern Boys:

      A crescent moon hung in the sky ahead, glowing through a hazy cloud cover. It was eight o'clock. The temperature hovered around forty degrees and the three boys wore lightweight jackets over their jeans and shirts.

      The second most reason I surf the net is to confirm or disprove stories found on the Internet, usually on Facebook (like the claim that the photo of a man being tortured is Ambassador Chris Stevens, which an image search reveals was online years before he was assigned the post in Libya or that photos of a field full of charred bodies in Afirca shows dead Christians burned alive by Muslims (that may have happened once, but most of the photos are of people killed by fires involving accidents where gasoline tanks overturned and exploded in or near a village)).

      Being as how I'm a rightwing extremist, I visit rightwing groups, pages, news outlets, etc., so I'm much more likely to run into rightwing conspiracy theories and hysteria than I am to encounter leftwing conspiracy theories and hysteria, but they exists on both sides, sure enough.

    5. So, Mrs. Chastain, you monitor their blogs for attacks while they monitor your blogs and the blogs of flagging groups for what they perceive as historical inaccuracies and historical "violations" similar to what the flaggers call "Heritage Violations? I am not sure where I where the two diverge from one another.

    6. "trolling". she was screwing around on the internet into the wee hours last night making all her screenshots of google searches and other folks' profiles etc. and stringing together this elaborate story of folks dorking around on computers, folks dripping w MORAL TURPITUDE, but no she never "tiptoes through the internet" or trolls sites. she just doesn't have time. she has to research what was the temperature in winter 1994 so she can write her scintillating prose: "it was forty degrees."

    7. Wow, and of course they don't do that in the strange little world of "civil war" hysteria?

    8. My my, Mr. Anonymous, you sound so bitter! Have i pinned your ears back at some time in the past, and you're still smarting from it?

    9. Mr. Lyons, historical accuracy is of very, very secondary importance to floggers and their comment bots, and that is not why they monitor our sites and social media. Their primary interest is in denigration, ridicule, harassment, and persecution of heritage folks.

      They despise our heritage and culture and they denigrate it and us -- most especially us -- for honoring it every chance they get and every way they can.

      A recurring them at flogger flogs is the intellectual insufficiency of heritage folks. They use all kinds of names for us -- stupid, idiotic, lacking intelligence, intellectually deficient.... Read what Erick Whittenberg wrote about the Virginia Flaggers here: http://civilwarcavalry.com/?p=3168

      Is he ranting because of "historical inaccuracies and historical violations"? No, he's calling the Virginia Flaggers morons, troglodytes, knuckle-draggers, and galactically stupid. Why? Because he doesn't like for people to honor Confederates.

      When mission creep began to grow very visible at the Museum of the Confederacy (for example, a lifesize poster of Ru Paul in Confederate drag planned for the opening of the MOC Appomattox branch) and people protested, Mr. Whitteberg and the whole anti-Confederate bloggosphere nearly blew a gasket.

      Look at the left sidebar of this blog and scroll down to see all the posts (and sometimes comments) at Simpson's Crossroads attacking and denigrating the Virginia Flaggers. He despises the VaFlaggers, especially Susan Hathaway, and denigrates and ridicules them over little to nothing. Simpson actually bellyached on his blog about Susan wearing red tops.

      These people want artifacts of Confederate heritage removed from public view and either destroyed or hidden away in a dusty drawer in a museum basement somewhere. They want this most especially for the Confederate battle flag and they cannot abide the VaFlaggers making it oh, so visible in Virginia.

      Simpson and Levin make a show of yawning re: the Virginia Flaggers and their giant-sized flags beside highways, and Simpson calls the Flaggers boring. But before the Chester flag went up, he did everything he could to stop it, joining forces via the interwebs with the Kristen Konate and her "RVA United" bunch to prevent it's going up; tried to sic the Richmond media on it, accused the Flaggers of digging a flag pole hole amidst Confederate graves... he was just mad to stop the project. He lost. It went up anyway, and now he pretends they're no big deal, they're boring, etc.

      If you think the clashes between us and them is over whether history is accurate or not, you have a lot to learn. You can start by reading these:




  7. @ Craig Lyons, I respond to comments made at my blog, & I do check Simpson's trough.
    I've been dealing with Corey Meyer for a few years, he has a pattern to his comments / post and I can detect it. It's kinda like a fingerprint.
    He has soooo many false names that sometimes he slips up and makes a comment and forgets which name he is using.
    I'm glad he is on the other side !

    1. He sounds like he is quite the character. Has anyone ever made a list of those aliases? It might be useful to develop such a database for new readers to use in combating this person.

  8. Yes, there's a list. One handle on that list, an old one, is Billy Yank. Using that handle, as far back as 1999, he would get into proSouthern yahoo groups to troll.

    I used to have an ezine back then titled 180 Degrees True South. I wrote about him a couple of times. I dug out the articles some time back and uploaded them to my website. You can read them and see that he hasn't changed a bit in the subsequent fourteen years:

    Billy Yank

    Digital Billy

  9. So lets begin this alias Database.

    Corey Meyer is...

    Billy Yank
    LeAnne Crabtree
    Victor Hatcher
    Max Webber
    Finster Henhawk

    I seem to recall reading another one here, but alas I cannot find it. Can anyone else add to this list?

    1. Kindred Blood
      Hunter South
      Hunter Sounderland
      Tyler Ratke
      Ty Raktee
      Fenster Henhawk
      Max Weber
      Jeffery Reynolds
      Mark Alan Williams
      Billy Robert
      Frank Woodford
      Robert Billy
      Deion Magnafici
      Marcus Gimblee
      Sammy Vantano
      George Bishop
      Caleb Granger
      Greg Johnson

    2. These are fraudulent Facebook profiles.

    3. BTW, as far as I know, all of them have been removed from Facebook except George Bishop, who has me blocked, and who has made his and Corey's trashing Confederate flags group closed, so I can't see either one. But before I was locked out, Mr. Bishop, of California (smirk) who tried to sound soooo levelheaded and logical, really lost it, a la Corey, sinking into extreme vulgarity... This was on his wall. I don't think he lost it like that on the trash group.

    4. Well, that is quite some list. Honestly it is a bit disturbing if you ask me. What do you attribute to his motivation, other than disparaging southerners?

  10. He claims his motivation is rooting out inaccurate history.

    1. He's motivated by the fact that the North lost the War by losing the Peace. Seeing Southern symbols and Confederate Soldiers lionised and honoured means his Union ancestors essentially fought and died for nothing. In the introduction to his blog, he states that he believes that the Confederacy receives undue attention that shouldn't exist, because the South lost. He's a sore winner. It's not enough that his state, along with the other fifteen Northern states, has reduced the South and the West to the status of colonial possessions and retains total control of the Federal Government. He has to stamp out anything Southern and anything that isn't Northern.

    2. James,

      I came across a gentleman who had saved some of the posts from Mr. Meyer's now defunct blog and while I understand this will not be popular on this blog, Mr. Meyer did show a fairly balanced grasp of the history in which we discuss. I think one of the things that detracted from his effectiveness was letting his emotions get the best of him and that naturally took away from his arguments. I do not get from his writings that he wished the Confederacy never existed but only that those who support it now, or honor it now would do so in a historical context in which he saw the war. That viewpoint is, I believe, shared by a great many scholars today. That the central tenant of the war was slavery and the effects it had on southern life prior to the war.

      I also see something in his writings that seems to fit into my understanding of the war's history. The idea that during the twentieth century the war's memory was defined by those who lost the war. Today, however, there is a tendency to return the war to a more Emancipationist view and that seems to come into conflict with folks like yourselves that would prefer to cling to the myth of the Lost Cause.

    3. Well, Mr. Lyons, it isn't any of Corey's business, or anyone else's, how I honor the Confederacy, or how I see the war. And how scholars see it is of pretty much zero concern to me.

      Emancipationist view.... what an interesting euphemism.

      I will address this more later. I'm trying to write right now. I have Spendel in my earphones (to keep from disturbing my husband's sleep) and Leslie is being threatened by the red-eyed creatures. I will have to get back with you when I get to a stopping place.

    4. Mrs. Chastain,

      I apologize for taking so long to respond to this comment. It appears that I have written so much here I have lost track of all my comments.

      So how do you see the war if you are not willing to take modern scholarship into consideration? I know you don't really care for the opinions of Mr. Meyer or other "Floggers" but I does surprise me that you are so quick to dismiss actual scholarship. I would appear to me that you make up your history as you please and the rest be damned. Not really the way to approach historical quandaries.

      This lack of understanding of modern historical interpretation must be what led you to claim the Emancipationist view of the war as a "Euphemism". Are you familiar with the Emancipationist View of the War versus say the Lost Cause View of the War? They are not Euphemisms.

    5. I see the war the way I did before the Emancipationist view became en vogue, but it wasn't the Lost Cause view. It was MY view, developed partly from what I learned in school, partly from what I picked up just living where I lived (e.g., Dalton, Georgia, Montgomery, Alabama). Understand that my education about the war was not about battles, commanders of the battles, troop strength, length of battles, who won, etc. I know some of that and it is interesting. I'm primarily interested in the overall motives of each side, the personal motives of individuals, their conduct in war, etc.

      In my opinion, modern scholarship, like higher education (and even elementary and secondary education), has become the province of leftism. That means education and scholarship are more for the purpose of ideological indoctrination than learning about history, except in the sense of control ... i.e., who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.

      Also, in my opinion, the emancipationist view is a euphemism for "post-civil-rights view" and exists for two primary purposes: (1) demonizing white Southerners, past and present, and (2) appeasing/lionizing black folks, and both fostering and bolstering the black victim mentality. As such, it is a subset of a greater political correctness (demonizing ALL whites and catering to the black victimizatin mentality).

      Screams of "Racist!" and "Racism!" to commence in 3... 2... 1....

  11. What's the current temperature and moon phase?

    1. Current? That's irrelevant. The story opens on January 7, 2013 (date of the national championship between Alabama and Notre Dame). The weather for Catesville, Chatahoula County, Alabama on that date, (found here) was temp 39 degrees, precip 0.05 in. and wind speed 6.56 mph, but in the story its colder, and a deluge is underway. It's not visible due to the massive cloud cover, but the moon is a crescent sliver...

      The fictional Catesville is located roughly where Grove Hill, in Clarke County, is located. The main part of the story takes place in tiny Sommers, which is 10 miles south of Catesville. The fictional Chatahoula County is bound on the west by the (real) Tombigbee River and on the east by the (real) Alabama River, and is bisected by the (fictional) Crow River and the (fictional) Hatchet Creek.

      Anything else?


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