Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How a Liar Lies, Part Deux

Corey Meyer has a long history of creating fraudulent IDs on Facebook (and earlier on Yahoo Groups) in order to gain access where he is not wanted and collect info on Southern heritage folks he can lie about and/or besmirch them with on his blog.

He claims he is only interested in "correct history" but then complains about, oh, the SCV Mechanized Cavalry not showing proper respect for the Confederate flag, which he says is contrary to claims by Southern heritage advocates that the flag should be respected.

That's not history, but it does showcase Corey's leftist preoccupation with demonizing white Southerners, or a subset, Southern heritage folks. His blog is full of crap harassing and lying about Southern heritage folks that has not one iota to do with correct history.

He has made so many fake profiles and tried to friend heritage folks and join heritage groups with them, I've forgotten a lot of them. Robert Billy, Hunter South, Hunter Sounderland, and the newer ones, Fenster Henhawk,Tyler Ratke (now spelled Ty Raktee, or some such), and Max Weber. They all have certain markers and are easy to identify as (1) fake, fraudulent and (2) Corey's.

One of the frauds Corey perpetrates that I want to talk about today is the fake profile, Max Weber.  Here's a photo of Max Weber from his fake Facebook page:

 One of the interesting things is the names Corey chooses for his fake IDs. The real Max Weber, of course, was not Hispanic, as this young man seems to be, and he lived and died some time ago..  From Wikipedia:
Maximilian Karl Emil "Max" Weber was a German sociologist, philosopher, and political economist whose ideas influenced social theory, social research, and the entire discipline of sociology. 

I started wondering about this photo of "Max." It is obviously not a stock photo such as Corey has used in the past for his fake IDs, such as the elderly colored gentleman, Fenster Henhawk (whose name came from this  children's book). Here's "Fenster" at Fotosearch.

So I decided to do a reverse image search on young Max here to see what I could find. Tin Eye found nothing, but Google directed me to THIS. Scroll about halfway down the page to "Instructor and Teaching Assistants." Lo! and behold! One of the teaching assistants, who looks just like "Max Weber" is actually Dan Aremdariz.

Once I had a name, all I had to do was Google, and I found these:

THIS appears to be his personal page. Young fellow makes good pictures. Look at his courses. I think his pay grade is a little higher than a high school social studies teacher.

You can even see and hear him talk in this video (he starts at about the 30-second mark) titled Browser Walkthrough.

And here's his Facebook page. Since Facebook images are not copyrighted, I'll post a partial of the cover photo here:

And here's the fake Facebook page of Max Weber, who is using Daniel's likeness...fraudulently, presumably. Anybody wanna contact Daniel and see if he gave Corey permission to use his likeness?

And if you scroll down a ways, you will see another Corey hallmark -- a babe showing her naked buttocks.

Above the photo is a link for "Paiman Cah Bagoes". Click it at your own risk, and make sure no kids can see  your screen.

Corey has a history of posting or linking to photos of scantily clad babes, especially if there's a Confederate flag in the photo somewhere. He had an entire blog of photos denigrating the flag, with perhaps five photos of extremely lewdly posed nude women.

No wonder he wouldn't have a problem teaching "The Bluest Eye" to his unfortunate students.

Corey also said he had deleted all his fake FB profiles, but later amended that, saying the gave some of them to friends. GUFFAW!!!!!

So was he lyin' when he created the fraudulent IDs? Or was he lying when he said he got rid of them?

Lying then? Or lying now?

Ha. Both. That's how a liar lies....


Well, would you look at this! Just since I took a screen-shot Max Weber's Facebook cover pic and posted it here yesterday, Max's profile pic now says "Max Gregg Weber," although the Facebook account is still listed Max Weber -- just as Ty Raktee's account is still Tyler Ratke. 

Interesting how this got changed after Corey's lies got exposed here.

And here are some more interesting things....

Max Weber posted a pic of a girl with her posterior exposed, and above it is a link to some foreigners' timelines (Paiman Cah Bagoes, Jose Antonio Calderon, Jose Antonio Zamorano) full of pics of raunchy, nasty floozies....

Marcus Gimblee, another fake profile with Corey's MO, has a pic of a big-busted babe, and above it is a link to some foreigner's timeline (Jose A Lopez) with pics of raunchy, nasty floozies.

Marcus is friends with another Corey fraudulent profile, Jeffery Reynolds. Jeffery doesn't have photos (yet) of big-busted babes showing their be-hinds, but he does have photos of Miley Cyrus twerking (sick, and ugly). Jeffery also posted a link to Mark's Confederate Flag blog (http://marksconfederateflag.blogspot.com/) but if you follow the link, you'll see that the blog has been removed. It has not been deleted, though, because if it had been, the notice would say that the address is available. Since it isn't, that means the blog owner is still holding on to the name.

I followed a link to this blog from one of Corey's fake profiles some months back, and it was the same porno blog that he'd had up under another name. Same background wallpaper, same photos, same captions...

There are no telling how many fake profiles Corey has made going back how many years, and how many blogs he has made but has not uploaded content to.  Yet.

Slimy. Scummy. Liar.


  1. 1. Connie, how do you know that the supposed Dan Aremdariz is not using Max's picture. It is a possibility.

    2. And if you look at Max's info. you will see, if it is still there and it should be or was the last time I chech since others like Susan have claimed that I am him, that his full name is Maxcy Gregg Weber. Named after the famed Confederate General who was killed at Fredericksburg in 1862. Why do you focus on his appearence of being hispanic...is his race as issue? And since you think that I am fully capable of producing fake profiles, what makes you think Daniel's real...seriously...I mean beyond a reasonable doubt.

    Strike one...

    3. You can continue to claim that I am these people but it is mud on your face for I am not them. Did you ever think that maybe I told you I deleted them just to get you off my back or to keep you guessing. I mean really...how much time do you think I have on my hands to really create all those different profiles?

    Strike two...

    4. Congrats on putting up a sexy picture...I be you wish you had an ass like that. However I don't think that is a hallmark of mine since I don't think you will find a single scantally clad woman on my blog or my facebook page.

    Strike three...

    You're out!

    But nice try. And again Kudos on the girl in short shorts...I do love a beautiful woman who is not affraid of what others like you might think. If I had known you like these photos I would post more on you FB timeline. But, I am not sure how this girl's image relates to a book of modern fiction. But you like to make connections that are not there and deny connections that are there...Matt Heimbach.

    Again, nice try but all you have done is create more questions than you have proved anything.

  2. 1. Not likely; it's on an official page of UC Berkeley.

    2. I'd have to friend him to see his fraudulent information, and I'm not going to do that.

    His race is not an issue to me, but race IS of UTMOST importance to you floggers. And you have a history of creating IDs using images of people of a different race. Fenster Henhawk ring any bells?

    I KNOW you are capable of creating fake IDs because I've encountered them online since about 2000. I've never even heard of Daniel until yesterday when I found him; I don't know a thing about him except what I've read online since yesterda, but I already find him many times more trustworthy than I find YOU.

    3. You created them, and they're fake. That is fraudulent right there and that fraud means everything else you say is suspect. I have no idea why you told me you deleted them (and even "apologized" for making them in the first place). But I don't believe you.

    You get on the Internet during your WORK hours. You have time.

    4. So you've cleaned up your blog? And you're denying your raunchy FB pages? LOL! I have screenshots of your entire porno blog, remember? I also have screenshots of where you lied attempted to frame me with it. You remember that, you scumbag?

    From Your Blog

    This one was just the easiest to find. Unless you've gone through and deleted them, there are more.

    There were many more on the fake profiles of Robert Billy and others.

    I haven't make the connection between your internet presence and pics of lewd/nude women -- you did that. And I haven't denied any connection between the VaFlaggers and Heimbach. I've clearly stated he attended a couple of their events, and that's the extent of it.

    What I've done, Corey, despite your lame, substancless rebuttal here, is shown you to be a liar and a scumbag.

  3. Connie, Connie Connie....

    Oh dear. You are so very funny and sad at the same time. I mean seriously, I find stuff on the flaggers by mistake or just happen to run into it. I don't search the interwebs to find stuff. I cannot believe you spent the last day and a half trying to prove this Max Weber guy is me...LOL...that is sad.

    As for the girl on my blog...I had forgotten about her, but I was making a point...I did not add her just for the sake of oggling at her.

    Again you think I have had a porno blog...which I never have. You cliam that I outed myself...I only listed the names that you gave me as the ones I "got rid of" just to keep you from making a bigger fool of yourself...but you just keep doing it.

    Honestly I don't need fake names for finding the info. I might need. I have enough friends...so within the Va. Flaggers... and enough of the websites on FB or open so why would I really need to make a fake profile.

    I have used Billy Yank before since it is my email but from there it has been all your imagination...and I laugh each time you claim a new find.

    It is obvious that my presence here has sent you into some type of mental breakdown and for that I am sorry. Maybe you sould go out for a nice meal tonight with your hubby...remind him he is number one in your life...not me.

    Oh and BTW, I cannot make fake FB profiles at work since FB is blocked where I work. But thanks for playing.

  4. Just checked...other than the occasional picture of Susan Hathaway and the rebel bikini pic there are no other skanky women on my blog...


  5. "Okay, I created this fake ID, and this one, and this one, but not that one, and not that one, and not that one."

    LOL! Corey, lying (creating a fake ID) makes you a liar. Being a liar makes "...but not that one, and not that one, and not that one," extremely likely to be lies, too.

    You have been thoroughly discredited.

  6. Discredited...LOL...go back and read the last post from above called "framed" and read what I said happened to Michael Cushman and myself.

    People started posting images of me and my children. I vowed never again at that time and I have held up my end of the bargin.

    You just cannot accept the fact that you are wrong. Did I once state in a IM on FB that I deleted those...yes...to get you off my back and try to end this obsession of yours.

    Good grief...get a life.

    Oh and have a nice Thanksgiving...really...do have a nice holiday Connie.


  7. Re, Billy Yank. When Billy Yank would get blocked from one of our proSouthern groups, you'd make up "Bill E Yank" and Billyank" and such.

    You have a long, long history of perpetrating fraud to get access to proSouthern groups, forums, and now FB pages.

    And now, in order to cover your sorry behind, you say you have "friends" in heritage groups that spy for you? (1) I don't believe it. They're just more of your fraudulent IDs. And (2) If it IS true, how honorable is that? Next time you want to besmirch the honor of heritage folks, clean up your own fraud and lies first.

  8. There's a spark trying to ignite in me ... a little spark of sympathy for Skid and the Burtons....

  9. Corey, what you said about you and Cushman came from the keyboard of a liar, and it offers no credibility whatever for your fraudulent FB profiles, your lies, and your porno blog.

    Remember, by "owning up" to Victor, you have owned up to owning the porno blog. I have the screenshots to prove it.

  10. Wow Connie, and to think this guy teaches high school kids too.
    Another sad example of the state of our education system when a perverted lowlife like this can get a job as a teacher.

  11. Connie,

    LOL, I owned up to knowing. I simple said I was several of the more common names you posted and went with it.

    You know what is the funniest thing...that despite doing nothing other than years ago using Billy Yank and yes Billyank/Billyank1864..which is my email...and Kindred Blood which is my Blog...I have you questioning everyone who likes you or comments.

    I have you chasing your tail without doing any real work.

    Just like I got Mike Lamb to rant about my Avatar...puppets on a string.

    Again...have a nice Thanksgiving.

  12. Corey -- LOL, I owned up to knowing.

    You owned up to having aliases -- i.e., fraudulent profiles. "...all my aliases from the past are no longer in my hands," you said.

    Corey -- I will own up to Tyler Ratke, Fenster, Robert, Hunter and Victor...

    By owning up to Victor, you admitted that you were the porno blogger.

    Corey -- I have you questioning everyone who likes you or comments. I have you chasing your tail without doing any real work. Just like I got Mike Lamb to rant about my Avatar...puppets on a string.

    What I've done, Corey, is expose a fraud and a liar. Just like those of your other flogger buddies, your claims of caring about history are just another of your many, many lies. What y'all are all about is hatred of Southern heritage, and slander, harassment, persecution of people who care about and support it.

  13. I really mean this... it is a JOY to sit here , sip coffee, and watch connie wipe the ground with you corey.

  14. 800, really, you like watching poor Connie come unglued?


  15. I don't usually make a point of talking to ol' corey but when I do, he usually just got verbally beat up by a girl.. stay thirsty my friends...

  16. Well, well, well I see you are using your photoshop skills again and this time you are trying to frame me. Nice. I think you are the one telling the fib.

    I wouldn't doubt that this Max is not one of the flaggers or even Tatum or Roden.

    But like I said, Connie is fixin' to lose her mind, so I am done.

  17. Hey Corey, on Nov 22nd 1963 I was in room 204 at Deep Creek Elementary School, in Chesapeake VA.
    Just in case you try to blame me for Kennedy's assassination !

  18. Ah yes Dave, you are fond of the photoshop too...was this your idea?

  19. Corey Darling,
    Ms. Connie just made you prove you are a liar. You can rant and make excuses about the IDs all you want, but it doesn't change the fact you admitted you was a liar.

    As for me, "
    Just like I got Mike Lamb to rant about my Avatar...puppets on a string."

    Sure did, and it does show you to be *lacking*, and I explained why. But what's worse is the fact you don't know squat about a *Caption*. You don't even know a caption from a Photoshopped picture.

    But I understand how desperate people will do desperate things in order they be taken as truth. Talk and make all the excuses you want, but now not only are you ignorant, but you are a liar as well.

    Michael-- Deo Vindicabamur

  20. I have NEVER posted anything using photo shop, I use photo-suite and collage creator - Thank You !


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