Wednesday, April 4, 2012

And the hate just keeps on coming....

Morons, troglodytes, knuckle-draggers, according to Eric Wittenberg and his myrmidon commenters. Do these people look like that to you? To me, they look like decent, regular, respectable but spirited folks who seek to recognize and honor their cultural inheritance and do not deserve the verbal hatred aimed at them by self-appointed, sanctimonious civil war thought police.

Click here to see more photos of the flagging of the Museum of the Confederacy -- Appomattox on Facebook.

More strident, screeching liberal hatred for Southerners, here:

Mother Jones

Democrat Underground

Leftist hatred. Nobody does it better....

Photo by Susan Frise Hathaway


  1. Yep, those are some rough looking characters right there! ;)

    You know we MUST be doing something right if these folks have their panties in a wad!

    Thanks for staying on top of the leftist haters, Connie! You are my hero!

  2. Looks like working taxpayers to me !


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