Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Perfesser Unhinged!

It looks like closing my group has had a terrible effect on the perfesser... He feels abandoned and has become totally unhinged -- doing my GENEALOGY and posting it on his blog!!


How do you spell obsession?   B-R-O-O-K-S   D-O-N-O-H-U-E   S-I-M-P-S-O-N

Careful, perfesser. Those nice young men in their clean, white coats could show up at your doorstep any moment!

 He even looks kinda like the perfesser, don't he?


  1. That was a cute video Connie. Thanks for the entertainment. LOL

  2. So I guess Brooks demonstrating that the concentration on your genealogy. is also a concentration on his genealogy makes this post a moot point. Definitely falls in line with the rest of your posts being attack attack attack without any critical thought or original material.

  3. Rob. Pay attention.

    The Catholic Knight wrote (posted at Crossroads): "I do confess to having a strong biological connection to Southern culture through my mother, both in Southern English, Irish and Scottish descent, as well as a strong Cherokee ancestry which is deeply connected to Southern history."

    Perfesser Simpson replied: "Someone ought to fill him in on who advocated the removal of the Cherokee Nation."

    Thus, Simpson implied (1) the Catholic Knight didn't know about the removal and (2) having both Southern (white) ancestry and Cherokee ancestry requires a person to choose one and reject the other.

    I simply addressed that cockamamie idea by showing I'm a person with both in my ancestry, and I reject neither.

    He went on to attack me and my ancestry with the post about Fort Chastain, saying I lived in a "white washed fantasy" because I hadn't mentioned it with my earlier comments about my Cherokee ancestors.

    Thus, he's saying that if you mention ANYthing about your family history in blog comments, you're trying to conceal EVERYthing that you DON'T mention.

    My genealogy is not his genealogy. That we share a common ancestor (who is not even in my direct lineage) ten generations back or so does not change the fact that he's a liar and a hatemonger.

    He attacks. I defend.

  4. To clarify. The Catholic Knight did not post his comment at Crossroads; the nutty perfesser did.


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