Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Oh, my GOSH! Me, kin to Perfesser Simpson? That's what the perfesser revealed on his blog today....

The kid in this video very closely approximates my reaction when I found out....

How embarrassing! I won't be able to show my face amongst good Southrons anymore! I'll have to get a hat with a veil, which will no doubt bring on more snide posts at Crossroads attempting to liken me to the KKK.

Actually, as one of my group members (a life-long New Yorker pointed out) it's not our ancestors who discredit us, though out descendants might. That's a moot point for me, since I'm not leaving any descendants.

Still, it's sooooo embarrassin', having yankee ancestors. Until now, my research showed my northern-most ancestors were the Silvers, in Maryland and Pennsylvania... Of course, that's direct ancestors. Rebecca Denton is not a direct ancestor. She married Benjamin Chastain, who was a cousin to my direct ancestor....

Perfesser Simpson says he wasn't "using facts about the Chastain family simply to make fun of Connie (as opposed to revealing the important difference between history and heritage."

What horse hockey. The perfesser implied that I was attempting to hide something about my family in this remark: "Connie Chastain delights in telling us of her Cherokee heritage. But she’s declined to reveal the role of some of the members of her family tree in deporting other members of her family tree … or perhaps she never knew about it."

Somehow, the perfesser construes that if you mention anything about your family history, you're trying to conceal everything that you don't mention.  Apparently, if you mention anything about your family's past, you have to post your whole, entire family  history ... in blog comment. Yeah, right.

Let's remember how this whole discussion came about. The perfesser posted excerpts from a blogger known as The Catholic Knight. Said exerpt included this, "I do confess to having a strong biological connection to Southern culture through my mother, both in Southern English, Irish and Scottish descent, as well as a strong Cherokee ancestry which is deeply connected to Southern history."

To this the perfesser snidely remarked, "Someone ought to fill him in on who advocated the removal of the Cherokee Nation." Implying (1) he didn't know and (2) having both Southern and Cherokee ancestry/heritage requires a person to choose one and reject the other.

I simply addressed that cockamamie idea by showing I'm a person with both in my ancestry, and I reject neither.

Now the perfesser sez, "Perhaps next time some folks will refrain from assuming certain motives before they know the complete story."

Oh, please, perfesser. Your blog is continuously telling the complete story and continuously revealing your motive of animus for Southern heritage advocates in general, and me in particular. You know it and we know it.


  1. I wonder if the Prefesser would do mine, I wonder if Channing Tatum is any relation too me ?

  2. Interesting. You once again create a straw man argument to tear down. I can say I am incredibly pleased you have no descendants.

  3. Well Rob I can go back as far as the Dooms Day book with mine. what about you?

  4. "The Domesday Book was commissioned in December 1085 by William the Conqueror, who invaded England in 1066. The first draft was completed in August 1086 and contained records for 13,418 settlements in the English counties south of the rivers Ribble and Tees"

  5. I can officially by documentation go back to the day my ancestor got off the boat in Virginia, as well as who is sponsor is. I cannot find the name of the Boat. I've only got speculation on that and without that connection pretty much everything back to the Dooms Day Book is speculation without proof.

    However....I'm taking a guess that you are talking about ancestors and not descendants.

  6. Rob says, "I can say I am incredibly pleased you have no descendants."

    I expect such cold-heartedness from indoctrinees like you, who are taught that sympathy is only appropriate for certain groups, and only for political reasons. Personal experience just zooms right past you.

    Of course, the sorrow my husband and I experienced over our childlessness happened a long time ago... before you were born... So enough time has gone by and I've seen enough of the next generation to know that, given the chance of having a child that could turn out like you, God bestowed a blessing on us by saving us from that fate.

    In other words, I can say I'm incredibly pleased that I have no descendants like you.

  7. "Straw man argument" -- an argument that goes over Rob's head.


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