Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Andy Hall (Again) -- Lying or Grossly Exaggerating?

Andy Hall, taking another unnecessary dig at Southern heritage folks (are you surprised?) sez, "Southron hearts have been all a-flutter in recent days because Russian separatists in the Ukraine have adopted a banner that looks a lot like the Confederate Battle Flag. Like so many other “heritage” arguments, though, this one requires a certain ignorance of actual history and a willingness to believe pretty much anything that sounds good."

In typical Texas Scalawag style, Andy makes no attempt to substantiate this claim. He doesn't say how many "Southron hearts" have been all a-flutter. He doesn't identify a single person making this "heritage" argument, or where it is made.

Um, my heart is about as Southron as a heart can get, and it hasn't been a-flutter because of the Ukrainian separatists' banner. Several months ago, I did mention somewhere (Facebook, probably) the Confederate battle flag seen in Kiev's city hall, but my heart wasn't "a-flutter" when I did that. (To clarify, I support self-rule for Ukranians -- and most everone else.)

News outlets have attempted to make this connection, though. Here are just two:

The Moscow Times.

PressTV (Iran's state media; now THERE's a reliable, "balanced" source for ya)

There are more. You can find them by Googling.

Now, let's further test Andy's claim of "Southron hearts" being all a-flutter as they make this "heritage argument."

You will note right off the bat that he doesn't quantify this claim, as I've already mentioned. "Southron hearts" is plural, so it would be a true statement if only TWO Southron hearts got all a-flutter making this "heritage argument." But as usual, Andy uses imprecise language in an attempt to smear many/all heritage supporters. So, Andy, how many Southron hearts are you referring to here? (An example of Andy's "plausible deniability" is in his wording -- he's not really trying to smear people [heritage folks, Southrons], only their arguments, their ignorance and their willing dupability.)

It may that some Southrons have referred to this, but the number of Southron references to it that I've encountered is vanishingly small. James Rutledge Roesch writes about it at The Abbeville Institute's blog, but it's a short, rather dry piece that references media reports. Roesch's heart does not seem to have been all a-flutter when he wrote this. (But perhaps heart a-fluttering exists mostly in the eye of the beholder, so Andy "sees" it where other folks don't.)

The SCV doesn't appear to have anything about in on their national website, blog, or Facebook page. Neither do the Virginia Flaggers.

The only thing about it on Facebook's Dixie News and Talk is a reference to the Roesch piece (and Andy's smear attempt itself).

I scrolled through many posts, comments and images at Southern Heritage Preservation Group (FB) without finding any fluttering-hearts references (or any other kind) to the issue. Ditto Southern Heritage News and Views. Ditto Southern Heritage, Fight for It or Lose It. There may have been mentions of this issue on these groups and others, but they've appear to have been overwhelmed and left behind by posts about issues that ARE important to heritage folks.

Of course, these are not all Southern heritage groups, FB groups, blogs, etc., and I don't have time to visit them all. I don't think Andy does, either. I think he probably visits those which are not nearly representative of the community as a whole, but that he thinks are most likely give him ammo to smear the entire Southern heritage community with.

So, does Andy know his smears are not true or, at best, are gross exaggerations, but his hostility for heritage folks outweighs his esteem of truthfulness? Or has his hostility convinced him that his lies and exaggerations are truth, and he sincerely believes them?

I invite Andy to identify the "Southern hearts" that are "all a-flutter" over this, and post links to their references to it in the comments following this post. I mean, presumably, Andy found this "heritage argument" online. If he found it otherwise, he can still identify who, where and how, so that we can attempt independent verification. If he doesn't want to do it here, why not on his own blog?

Of course, hell will likely freeze over first, so if any of my readers run across references to the Ukranian flag issue by Southrons, post links so we can judge for ourselves how "all a-flutter" they are, and how ignorant and gullible are their arguments.


  1. If they haven't got something real to flog about...
    ...they make it up.

    Saw this flag a day or two ago.
    And guess where?

    Heart did not go "all a-flutter."

    1. Andy loves to present his impression of a few things he sees on the Internet as sharp and incisive insight about huge, broad subjects. I guess he doesn't see the problems with that, or if he does, it doesn't matter to him.

    2. BR

      Thanks for posting Baker's link I have been trying to locate it.

      And speaking of Baker, he is on cold Southern Steel trying his best to prove me wrong about my comaprison of the Nazi and neo yankees. I think the boy may blow a head gasket if he doesn't settle down!!!! LOL LOL LOL

  2. Well I suppose that is not so bad. I did make a short post on this very thing yesterday at Cold Southern Steel.

    If there is any meaning read into the symbols I will take the group breaking away. Why you may ask, when out country supports the Ukraine government? Here is why---


    I believe the H. Post is a huge Obama supporter??? Perhaps Hall would like to comment on this story????

    On another note Forester did come to my neo-yankee & Nazi post. After reading it, threw him a hissy fit and left to cry on Levin's shoulder. Faced with 10,000 Negro Confederates that he could not prove supported the Confederacy was just to much for his delicate feelings!!! LOL LOL LOL

    1. Hall comment on that story? Don't hold your breath.

      And George, I think Forester is a gurl, like moi. Not that being a gurl indicates delicate feelings. All of the floggers show some level of intolerance for disagreement or criticism.

      Perhaps Forester is of a later generation than I. I think she's torn between being "cool" and "in" (i.e., professing a liberal view of the war, race, etc.) and her Southernness....

    2. A gurl really????? I would have never guessed.

      The Kinks Lola (revised a bit)--

      I'm not dumb but a can't understand why she walks like a gurl but talks like a man.

      Lola La La La Lola

      LOL LOL

    3. So I was Googling my name on your blog to see if there were any other posts I should respond to.

      No, I'm not a girl. I am in fact a man, a very large six foot five man at that. Sigh. This is where it gets embarrassing.

      You're probably remembering some posts around 2012 where I was an ardent defender of modern feminism. This was a phase I hit in my early 20s, and I liked the idea of being a "better," more evolved man. I was also trying to impress a girl at school, who is now married to someone else anyway. Like I said, it was an embarrassing phase.

      Around 2014 there was a conflict in video game fandom that made me distance myself from the contemporary feminist movement. I came to see them as rather toxic, abusive and I got tired of feeling guilty about my gender. So I just backed away from the whole thing, declared myself a neutral party ... neither pro or anti-feminist.

      When I discovered medicine was my real passion, I decided to pour all of my energy into studying math and science, and I stopped caring about that sort of thing. I took EMT training and realized I wanted to be even more than a paramedic, I wanted to be a real honest to God doctor. And so I channeled that desire to "save the world" into medical studies and left the feminist social issue stuff behind.

  3. Hall is a dirty liar. He cannot identify so much as a single Southron whose heart was "all a-flutter" over the Russian separatists and their flag.

    1. If you can post to Hall ask him to comment on the Huffington Post article.

      I would but I am banned from his blog.

    2. I think pretty much all of us are banned from Andy's blog, along with some other flogger blogs. They doesn't like us talking to them.

    3. They fear debate, hence they won't come here - that they generally leave to their useful idiots like BParks or Miss Ku...um, Kontate (yes spelled it right that time!) who end up losing in the arena of ideals and morality and disappear.

    4. I am banned from the blogs of Hall, Simpson, Mackey, and baker. levin will let me post once or twice but that is about it.

      Heck I am banned from most Civil war talk forums!!!!

    5. I'm also banned from The Atlantic because I once PWNED that no-talent, grocery-store checkout line magazine second stringer Coates in a fair debate on his own forum.

  4. Here's another shot at Hall, just because he deserves it. On a few occasions, I have mentioned that Hall publicly humiliated his own mother-in-law to earn a few guffaws from his fellow limousine-liberal Floggers. This was in the context of Hall mocking her complaints that so many illegal aliens in Texas do not speak English. And this was, in fact, pursuant to all the Floggers cheering the multi-lingual Coke commercial which ran during the Super Bowl. Yup, their little limousine-liberal hearts were "all a- flutter" at the ad.They all just adored the commercial.

    So, why has Hall not posted in a language other than English at his blog? And Hall also has a new book out called "Civil War Blockade Running On The Texas Coast". Anyone wanna bet that this book is available in English only? Anyone wanna bet that Hall's earlier book is also available only in English? The miserable fraud.

  5. Yesterday Hall offered a commentary on the celebration of "Juneteenth Day". Today is the anniversary of West Virginia being admitted to the Union as a slave state. Shockingly, Hall has not mentioned it at his blog.

  6. "Heart's all-a-flutter"?

    Um, Andy Hall is a guy right? I mean I know he's not a "man" in the sense of the term, but I assumed he was male at least. Not so sure now.

    1. I saw of picture once that he says is him and he had a beard. Of course the way the beard looked he may have pulled a cat over his head.

  7. Hall reeks of hypocrisy. Over at his blog, he is effusively praising the Juneteenth celebration, and has even posted a photo of the historical marker placed by the Texas Historical Commission. Now remember, Hall claims to be a multi-culturalist, and the historical marker is written in English. Hall positively adored the coke super-bowl commercial, and he becomes positively indignant when the Hispanic population of Texas is marginalized. So why did Hall not bitterly and sardonically protest the fact that the Juneteenth historical marker excludes the non-English speaking population of Texas? Wait, I know. It's the same reason Hall writes his books, and his blog, in English; he is a phony, grandstanding, limousine-liberal fraud.


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