Friday, June 27, 2014

Blocked! by the Oh, So Tolerant Left

At the Americablog, somebody named Chris Trejbal has written an article complaining about the "Redskins Caucus" in Virginia.

Commenters were uniformly disapproving of the "caucus" and the name. I couldn't help but set some of them straight, and though my comments weren't insulting or offensive, I guess truth was too much for the Americablog, and I got blocked....

(Click images to see full-size.)

More proof that they don't want dialog, or an exchange of ideas. They believe they are right, and they brook no differing opinions.

It's a ruse. It's a lie. It's a joke.

~~~In Other News~~~

Like some other folks, Corey Meyer is not going to be happy until some Southern heritage folks, particularly the VaFlaggers, are attacked and injured, possibly killed. I won't elaborate on what has occasioned this observation. Suffice it to say he's an evil person, in my not so humble opinion.


  1. I got the same treatment Connie, and they didn't even bother to post what I wrote. I wasn't blocked, but my post stayed in limbo apparently.

    Same thing happened over on Liberty Lamp's pathetic excuse of a blog.

  2. Commenting on the Corey thing, I've met enough people from Illinois to know that I like neither them, nor their state.

    1. Furthermore, that tourism commercial with the screaming Lincoln doll is quite obnoxious.

  3. Not unusual.

    I have found that leftist "moderators" on message boards routinely violate forum rules.

    It seems the designation is just a license to do whatever they wish.

    But if you break the rules, you are either banned or blocked....
    ...or just posting facts can get the same results.


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