Saturday, June 28, 2014

Silence Is Golden

Most of my regular readers know that I monitor the floggers for attacks on Southern heritage and its supporters. As long as they stick to their cockamamie version of history and refrain from such attacks, I say nothing about them, even when I think their "history" is more agenda and prejudice than fact and truth.

For the past few weeks, master flogger Brooks D. Simpson has been strangely (one might even say suspiciously) silent in his attacks. Actually, this man, who has posted 170 attacks (either his or his commenters') on the Virginia Flaggers over a period of two and a half years, abruptly ceased comments about them on April 29, and he didn't mention them again until May 24 and June 19.

On June 27, a day before this writing, he makes a post about the Point Lookout Pilgrimage taking place this weekend. Of course, some peanut gallery commenter can't resist the opportunity to mention "Sweet Sue" but at least there's no outright attack.

Then we have the usual mental vomit from Jimmy Dick, who spews, "Looks like another 'No Historical Facts Allowed' gathering for the low wattage crowd."

Now, I ask folks to look at the pilgrimage flyer and try to find a single syllable that would substantiate Dick's risible claim (click image to see full-size):

There is, of course, nothing. So Dick's claim is coming from his own bigotry and prejudice.

Then we have the telltale flogger hallmark, the denigration of the intelligence of people they don't like, in his "low wattage crowd." I've discussed the floggers' irresistible desire to denigrate here:
    ....disparaging the intelligence of people they disagree with is a front-line attack of the flogger mentality....they throw around terms like "lunacy" and "clown" and "idiots" -- or, in the case of Eric Wittenberg and his sycophants, "galactically stupid" and "troglodytes" and "knuckle-draggers." And we can't forget Brooks D. Simpson and the Crossroads crew -- "rampant idiocy" and "ignorant morons" and "cretins" -- and that's just a tiny sample....  (Note, we can now add Dick's "low wattage crowd" to this galactically immoral list. --cw)
With ...  floggers, it's not history, either -- it's a craving to insult and hurt people ... an unquenchable thirst to denigrate others ... an insatiable hunger for the put-down. It's about alleviating your doubts about your own questionable beliefs by lying about others. It's about inflating your own questionable and sagging moral authority by fabricating somebody "worse" than you are." (Ever seen a better description of Dick's attacks on Southern heritage folks? --cw)

More here:

What I find fascinating about Dick, though, among other things, is his monotonous "no history" claim about people he doesn't like. Fascinating because (1) he rarely if ever attempts to substantiate it by pointing out what history is missing or mis-represented and (2) he rarely if ever presents history himself.

His belligerent posts remind me of a hot-air balloon. Well, no, actually, they remind me of giant, helium-filled holiday parade balloons.  Oversized, plastic, substanceless "entities" floating around a designated route with never-changing "expressions" on their "faces" and tenuously connected to the ground (truth, fact, common sense) with almost invisible wires.... Dick's helium, imo, is his ego. His very fragile ego that has to continuously be refueled with denigration and putdowns of others....  And funniest of all ... you KNOW he doesn't see any of this, though its obvious to those who care to look with objectivity.

It remains to be seen whether Simpson will stick to "history" (as he as done for all of two months) or whether these three recent posts signal a return to the denigration and persecution of the VaFlaggers and Southern heritage supporters in general that has characterized his blog for the past two and a half years....

Remember -- "History" posts/comments results in no backsass. Attack posts/comments results in backsass and blistering counterattacks.


  1. All the floggers are lying hypocritical ass-clowns, but Jimmy Dick is especially fun to taunt and belittle. Recently I recently had an opportunity to thoroughly humiliate him over at Levin's blog. During a discussion on secession, Dick became enraged when I pointed out to him that he himself had written, as recently as the fall of 2012, that the American colonies had seceded from Great Britain in 1776. By the way, about the same time he had published this, Simpson and the brainless floggers at "Crossroads" were all busy trying to square the circle by "arguing" that the colonies did not secede. What makes all of this so funny, is that Dick, at the time, immediately, and rather pusillanimously, excitedly joined the oafish floggers and insisted that the colonies did not secede. So when the discussion resurfaced at Levin's Nazi-style blog a year and a half later, I quoted Dick from his published paper in "Saber and Scroll". This is what Dick wrote:

    "...“The United States was created through the Declaration of Independence in 1776 during the American Revolution. THE REVOLUTION WAS IN ITSELF AN ACT OF SECESSION FROM GREAT BRITAIN…”

    Dick of course, was thoroughly humiliated, and he immediately went into a wild-eyed foaming-at-the-mouth rage. Typical Dick.

    1. He actually committed himself to posting some history? I guess his self-contradiction is why he normally avoids doing this.

    2. Austin,

      If Dick's article is online, please post a link.


  2. Simpleton claimed he would show up there possibly. I just wonder if he managed to drop one single ball long enough to do so. I'm sure that "Sweet Sue" would still be more than man enough to school the old pompous fraud.

    1. He's not going to show up for an event swarming with proConfederates... They'd rip him to shreds and he knows it.

    2. Verbally speaking I trust, LOL!

  3. Spot on. Simpson is indeed a "pompous fraud", and he would undoubtedly be schooled and shredded by a pro-Confederate audience.

  4. Speaking of secession, in Simpson's chat room there is a discussion. A personnamed Carmichael took all comers a part. Needless to say the two of us got banned, butit was expected.

  5. Just a few historical facts a for Jimmy Dick to consider:

    1. The constitution does not prohibit secession.
    2. Abraham Lincoln explicitly stated that the war WAS NOT being fought over slavery.
    3. Abraham Lincoln routinely referred to blacks as "niggers".
    4. Ulysses Grant routinely referred to blacks as "niggers".
    5. William Sherman routinely referred to blacks as "niggers".
    6. Ulysses Grant was a slave-owner
    7. Throughout the entire war, slavery was legal in the Union
    8. In the middle of the war, a slave state was admitted to the Union
    9. Slave-owning Union General William Harney once beat one of his female slaves to death
    10. Abraham Lincoln was a white-supremacist

    Go ahead Jimmy boy, tell us all how the war was being waged by morally superior Northerners to eradicate slavery and racism.

    1. I have documented in Southern Heritage Advancement Preservation and Education(SHAPE) "Yankee Atrocities" website an incident that happened in Louisiana during Gen. N. Banks invasion of that state. It seems that after he left Louisiana and the Confederates came in behind him they found over 2,000 unarmed Negroes had died because of Yankee abuses.

      Depending on the source used this is more people than what the USCT lost in combat during the entire war!!!!!

  6. I must confess that Carmichal was my screen name in that debate. In fact, in that debate Jimmy Dick displayed his ignorance of constitutional law in a manner that was positively breathtaking. When I casually mentioned that the constitutional powers held by the federal government are powers that are either carefully enumerated or granted by necessary implication, he accused me of "making stuff up". I was stunned that Dick would be thoroughly ignorant of this very basic principle of constitutional law.

    1. Excellent job!!! Darn good. I always wondered who "Carmichal" was . I have no idea of the law, but I can read. Oh well we both got banned in the process!!! LOL LOL LOL

      On another note Baker at tries to tie the Tea Party, Confederacy and slavery into one neat little knot.. Jimmy Dick throws in the KKK just to make a mess of things. As usual both ruin what started out to be an excellent article.

      Anyone notice that Mackey no longer makes any of his hate filled, fact twisting posts? Lately he has been making posts that refer to NPS guides or some historian. Is that is so he can walk back any statement we challenge? Hummm


  7. Simpson, Levin, Hall, Mackey, Dick, &c are Court Historians. If the Rebels of 1776 had lost their war, they would be denouncing them just as much as they now denounce the Rebels of 1861.

  8. Simpson at a pro-southern event ?
    That would be like a Vampire at a suntan competition !
    POOOOF !


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