Thursday, June 12, 2014

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Changing the Military's Mission

Patrick Young must be absolutely ecstatic about this: Illegal alien children** flooding into the country, being housed at MILITARY bases. Folks, the purpose of the MILITARY, as Rush Limbaugh has pointed out for years, is to kill people and break things, not to babysit illegal alien children. Our borders aren't "porous" anymore. They're nonexistent.  Every day, leftist policies eradicate another piece of America's soul... Country can't last much longer.

What they REALLY want

Members of a federal government workers' union at Eglin AFB, Florida, want two senior management officials fired for supporting Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, because these officials, they say,  have "influence" over people who may be homosexuals. Never mind that these officials have no history of being "mean" and unfair to homosexuals. But what this incident shows us -- the same thing that the Chick-fil-A incident showed us, and that the Duck Dynasty/Phil incident showed us, and that the homosexual wedding cake incident showed us, and numerous other "gay" temper tantrums showed us  -- is that what "gays" really want is NOT tolerance, oh no. What they want is to DESTROY ANYONE who does not fawn over them and cheer/applaud their lifestyle. Destroy their business, their job, their ability to make a living, to destroy their reputation...  Destroy, destroy, destroy. THAT'S what leftism is all about.

More dishonesty from the Texas coast

I have made no secret of my disagreements with the direction taken by the League of the South the past couple of years. I would still love to see the South as an independent nation, and I believe in the principle of secession, but my problems with the League are on record on this very blog.

I've been disappointed with the lack of progress made by the League over the past two decades. I believe they have neglected some preliminary essentials, and have taken stands that will not rally the Southern people behind them.

However, that does not mean I support Andy Hall's mischaracterization of Dr.Michael Hill's "Dear Mr. and Mrs. White Southerner" essay.  Andy claims Hill called on “Mr. & Mrs. White Southerner” to take a stand against “blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.“ 

Well, no, he didn't. I don't know if Andy is deliberately lying, and knows it, or whether he sincerely believes his own untruths. However, Dr. Hill's essay (posted in its entirety below) doesn't call for taking a stand AGAINST anyone, but taking a stand FOR white Southerners. Not exactly the same thing. In fact, not anything LIKE the same thing.

What Hill wants is for white Southerners to control their own society and prevent a nightmare from becoming a reality. What nightmare?  Minorities becoming a political majority and voting to raise your taxes, take your property, and leave you without social services or retirement income.

You may or may not agree that such would come to pass, but Hill believes it will. And THAT -- having your taxes raised, your property taken, your social services and retirement income done away with -- THAT is what Hill plainly says he wants to "stand against."

And just as plainly, he is talking about survival. Again, people may or may not agree that survival is at stake, but it is clearly dishonest to equate advocating for survival with "standing against" any particular people.

Did he ever acknowledge the dismissal?

You may remember the scrutiny Andy Hall gave to the Paula Deen scandal -- presented on his blog with appropriate anti-white Southerner sneers leftists sooo love to showcase in themselves, the better to conspicuously parade their own tolerance and moral superiority....  But did he apologize when she was cleared by a court? Did he even ACKNOWLEDGE it? I checked his blog a couple of times and I never found it. If he did, and you've found it, send me a link. But I won't hold my breath.


Dr. Hill's essay:

What will you do, Mr. & Mrs. White Southerner, when minorities--blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc.--become a political majority and vote to raise your taxes, take your property, and leave you without social services or retirement income? And don't say "this will never happen," because it will. The deep-seated desire to "get even" with the White Devils is quite strong and is being reinforced in young minorities everyday.

The reason The League advocates a free and independent South is simple: so we can control our own society and prevent this nightmare from becoming a reality. Is this "racist?" We really don't care if it's called that or not. The stakes are too high to be worried about silly name calling. We are standing for the survival, well being, and independence of our people--the Southern nation.--Michael Hill


** Separating children from their parents -- isn't this what leftists say those evil, evil Southern white slave-owners did?

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