Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bears Repeating

Simpson knows this -- has known it a long time, but he prefers to spread disinformation and/or misconceptions (kinda the way he likes writing fraudulent book reviews and posting them on

1. I am not the webmaster for the Virginia Flaggers.

I routinely upload content they email me to their blog host (Blogger) but all content is provided by them

A couple of years or so ago, Susan Hathaway contacted me to ask for information about setting up a blog on Blogger (which hosts all my blogs). I advised her of some things I had learned working with Blogger, and offered my help to set up a blog for the Virginia Flaggers.  Knowing how busy she is, I also offered to upload blog posts. I also offered to monitor comments once the blog went live, but someone else does that.

I have uploaded quite a number of blog entries since then, but others have also added content. All the posts I have added are identified with my name.

None of the content originates with me and never has, with the exception of the first post (the Welcome post) and the composition of post titles when posts come to me (via email) without one. Since post titles comprise the blog index, I compose the title based on the content.

2. I am not a spokesperson for the Virginia Flaggers.

Susan Hathaway's statement that she leaves the "heavy hitting" to me was simply a jocular Facebook acknowledgement that (a) she doesn't read blog entries, Facebook posts, Tweets, etc., from critics and attackers and (b) she knows that I not only read them, but defend or counter-attack.

Why Brooks Simpson, presumably an intelligent, educated adult, would attempt to give this frivolity serious significance is mystifying. In fact, why he, Andy Hall, Kevin Levin and their followers would pay any attention at all to Southern heritage groups on Facebook and heritage activists like the Virginia Flaggers is itself a mystery.

My posts at Backsass, all my other blogs and websites, and on Facebook, Twitter and anywhere else, are my own. Unless otherwise noted, I am always speaking for myself only. Nobody else.

3. I am not a part of the Virginia Flaggers organization.

I enthusiastically support their mission, and I've offered to assist them in whatever ways I can, but I am not a Virginia Flagger.  I live in Florida, about 900 miles from Richmond, and I have limited contact with them. If memory serves, I have had about three short telephone conversations with Susan; other than that, my contact with the group has been via text messages delivered by email and messaging.


  1. "why [Simpson], Andy Hall, Kevin Levin and their followers would pay any attention at all to Southern heritage groups on Facebook and heritage activists like the Virginia Flaggers is itself a mystery."

    They're "doing their part" in the culture war - playing the historian game. But polls indicate it hasn't been a very effective game.

    How many books did Levin sell last year? 209 was it?
    He seemed to be happy about it.
    I was amused.

    1. Yes, you're right about the culture war, BR. They do what they do in service to their ideology, which they're devoted to.

  2. I understand your feelings, I made a post the other day about placing "Remember" coins at the graves of Confederate Soldiers,
    I attacked no one, made no snarky comments about Yankees or anyone else.
    Yet I got a comment from a Flogger who said I was littering.
    Jumpin Jack Rabbits, are the Floggers so filled with hate they can't be respectful ?

    1. The coins are not litter. Per a Google search, litter is "trash, such as paper, cans, and bottles, that is left lying in an open or public place." And Wikipedia sez, "Litter consists of waste products that have been disposed improperly, without consent, at an inappropriate location."

      So Corey is either showcasing his ignorance, or pretended ignorance -- i.e. sacrificing his intelligence -- or else his lack of integrity -- he know the coins aren't litter but he's lying and calling them that in order to attack you. That's a hallmark of anti-Confederates -- assassinating their own intellect or their own integrity in order to attack heritage folks.

    2. They are not even respectful to the Northern dead entirely.

    3. Some folks in Waynesboro, Virginia use my coins in a ceremony today, I happy they thought enough of my efforts to include them in the event.

  3. Repetition is the only way little kids -- or in this case adults with little kid-type mentalities -- can learn anything.

    1. Absolutely right, Carl. Except some of these folks have already made up their minds not to learn what they don't want to learn.

    2. the basis for these attacks is history does not favor their side. Hall, Simpson, Levin and Meyers know they will lose any factual debate, so their only option is to attack the messenger.


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