Thursday, April 16, 2015

It's Hard to Make Predictions...

...Especially About the Future" ~Yogi Berra

So Kevin Levin is predicting (again, he does that a lot, and gets it wrong a lot) that Confederate heritage is dying. Because some kid in Texas has been duped into generating publicity by attacking Confederate heritage.

Remember this?

 "Prediction: There will be no Confederate flag on I-95 near Richmond."
~Kevin Levin, August 2013                       

So now some kid in Texas gets his name in the paper for attacking remembrance of Confederate soldiers, and Kevin can't help himself. He just has to predict. (You'd think he'd learn, wouldn't you?)

Meanwhile, Susan Hathaway has so many invitations for speaking engage- ments, she can't keep up. The VaFlaggers have so many offers of land for memorial flags, they can't keep up. And so many requests for help putting up flags from folks in other states, they can't keep up.

Continuing media coverage -- and new coverage -- renews pressure on the VMFA. Every time a flag goes up, the spotlight hits them again -- and gifts roll in to the VaFlaggers. Same thing happens every time the haters publicly attack the VaFlaggers -- clear uptick in contributions.

As a Confederate heritage advocate ... and to paraphrase Sam Clemens ... I say that reports of our impending demise are not only greatly exaggerated -- they are wishful thinking on the part of floggers generally and Kevin Levin in particular -- and completely out of touch with reality.

No wonder the Kevin and the Floggers hate Susan and the Flaggers so much.... 


  1. Opponents of our heritage have been predicting its end since the early 90s. At the time they said it would be gone by the millennium...and they were wrong. Then they claimed before the Sesquicentennial.... again wrong. Then after....nope, sorry Charlie.
    Again and again the reactionary forces of the anti-Southern heritage Establishment have predicted our end, and not only do they look foolish, they continue to underestimate our resolve and the strength of our love for our heritage and identity.

  2. "Texas Unionists"

    Comment at Levin's flog-

    "It seems the Confederate Heritage activist is either unaware or in denial about the First Texas Cavalry USA"

    Such items stir my interest.

    I checked 50 enlistment papers of the First Texas Union Cavalry.

    How many were born in Texas?- Two. Two out of fifty.

    How many enlisted in the State of Texas (indicates they may have been living there)?- 23.

    Like a lot of the "Southern Unionist" regiments it was a sham - an out-of-state creation.

    1. I'm from Grayson County, Texas. But I now live east of there in the Piney Woods. Grayson County voted against secession. But it supplied the 11th Texas Cavalry and at least one regiment of infantry to the Confederate Army, in spite of the vote. On the subject of sham units. Most of the "Missouri" Union regiments were recruited in Chicago from Illinois and Iowa men. Several "Kentucky" regiments came from Indiana and all the "West Virginia" regiments were from Ohio and Pennsylvania. I knew that the "Texas Union" regiments were fake., too. BTW, Quantrill's winter camp was right west of where I grew up., along the Red in Cooke County. Here's a link for you BR.

  3. A few quotes from the Texas Tribune;

    Rep. Ryan Guillen, D-Rio Grande City, the committee's chairman, had to remind the crowd that outbursts would not be tolerated. When Howard, in response to criticism, insisted that the bill was not about political correctness or erasing history, she was mocked by audience members. Those who signed up to testify overwhelmingly opposed the bill, some saying Hale was too young or naïve to understand the impacts of what he was proposing.

    "If we start trying to change the historical record for political reasons, we do great damage to our heritage," said Roy. "I'm sorry to say it this way, but we were not a Yankee state!"

  4. I have a prediction of my own: The Gann Academy will never desegregate. Ever.

  5. Perhaps. But I honestly think don't think she is a student. I think she is a model or an applicant simply posing with all the white students specifically for PR purposes. But in the event I am wrong, where are all the other African-America students? And where are all the Muslim, Asian, and Hispanic students? I'll bet you a fat man she is not a student at Gann.


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