Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Have the Floggers Gone Psycho?

The bizarro world of the floggosphere has grown even more bizarre than usual of late. Lemme tell ya what I'm talking about.

So Susan Hathaway, Head Flagger in Charge and Expert Roadside Flag Raiser, posts on the VaFlaggers blog about the disappointment of Richmond's underwhelming, slavery-obsessed Sesquicentennial, as opposed to the very successful Civil War Centennial fifty years ago, and what happens?  Kevin Levin gushingly posts about the activities planned for 150th anniversary of the Richmond's fall and liberation (sic). He would love to be there, etc., blah blah blah.

I can't help myself. I post a comment: "The ongoing and accelerating evilization of white Southerners, past and present. No, thanks."

Levin sez, "With all due respect, sometimes you just sound like a bitter old women (sic). There is a link to the schedule of events Perhaps you can share with all of us which events (organized by white and black southerners) ‘evilize’ the white South."

I reply: "A certain amount of bitterness is understandable and justified.         The sesquicentennial of the civil war wasn’t particularly about the war — especially in Richmond, from reports I’ve received. The war was of very secondary importance to the anniversary. The sesquicentennial was about slavery, slavery, slavery. And discussions of slavery that I’m familiar with, by academics and other assorted leftists, are nearly always conducted for the purpose of evilizing Southern white people."

Levin returns: "'A certain amount of bitterness is understandable and justified.' Only if you can provide some evidence, which you have failed to do. Put up or shut up, Ms. Chastain. Don’t bother sending in another comment. It will not be approved."

We see what's wrong with this hysterical piece right away, don't we?  First, how many commenters does Levin demand "evidence" from? Second, do we see the inherent contradiction in "Put up or shut up, Ms. Chastain. Don’t bother sending in another comment."

And then there's the mystery of the disappearing post. Just one day earlier Levin had uploaded a post titled 'Honor Restored' in Lexington, Virginia, ostensibly about the civil war museum loaning a flag for display at the Lee Chapel museum, but the true purpose of the flog was to smear the VaFlaggers. But for some reason, that post disappeared from the blog. It still comes up in a Google search index, and can still be seen in Google's cache here:

One can't help but wonder why Levin took it down... (Cue Psycho music.)

I've already covered Simpson's latest temper tantrum, wherein he tries to deflect attention away from his own lapses by focusing on what he says are the lapses of others.... Of course, his lapses are real, ongoing and documented; the lapses of those he attacks are not.

But enough of him. Let's move on to this one by scalawag flogger Andy Hall. Of the Virginia Flaggers and their highway memorial flag project, sez Andy, "The highway flag project is about marking territory. That’s it. Anyone who’s ever owned a tomcat understands what’s going on there."

Well, golly geeper, Andy, that's pretty much the purpose all flags serve, iddinit? And none moreso than this one:

Marked territory

Marked territory

Marked territory

Marked territory

 Really marked territory

Really marked territory

Really, really marked territory.
If this tomcat behavior, can you imagine the stench?!

More marked territory

Grinning tomcat in Confederate gray....

Of course, sometimes it means more than marked territory. It means conquest, as in the conquest and wiping out of the Branch Davidians by the feds... See the ATF flag? The stench is even worse here; the smell of explosives, smoke, tyranny and murder by government....

But of course, in the bizarro world of the floggosphere, there just about ain't nothing worse than Virginia Flaggers raising flags and eating hotdogs.

Images: Andrew Kuznetsov via Creative Commons License; Morguefile; Pixabay.


  1. Corey, people make assertions at CWM all the time that Levin doesn't ask for evidence of. And the huffiness of his reply betrays his state of mind when it was written.

    Yes, flying the national flag is marking territory. The US flag is the primary flag of the government (it has many others). It is supposed to identify federal government facilities but when it flies over state, county, municipal or private property, it is not only marking territory, it's a visible sign of subjugation of what's beneath it. And if you think the federal government doesn't pee on those it subjugates, ask any veteran who has been peed on by the Veterans Administration; ask any citizen who's been peed on by Lois Lerner's IRS.

    Corey, you really must learn to not auto-think like conclusion-jumping grasshopper liberal. I happen to believe the Davidian beliefs were/are religious error. That did not justify the government torture and murder of the group, or using them as a test case to study how people behave under seige, or how the public will take the government besieging, torturing and murdering innocent civilians. Oh, and they didn't kill ATF employes without provocation. They were exceedingly provoked.

    I'm not surprised you'd put the government ahead of, or above, citizens, though. You have an authoritarian mentality. You display little regard for liberty. You think people should be subjugated and forced to do what the government says... I don't know if you are a conspiracy theorist who believes in FEMA camps, but I'll bet you are an enthusiastic supporter of the concept of FEMA camps jam-packed with people who see things differently than you.

  2. Corey, certainly I think there should be rule of law in this country. You can't find any place where I've said there shouldn't be. However, "rule of law" is not a synonym for "tyrannical government." I do not believe in tyrannical government. You apparently do. That's why you so love the yankee side of the civil war. It represents the triumph of tyrannical government over a free people.

    Yes, the Branch Davidians were tortured -- prevented from communicating with the outside world, deprived of sleep by blinding flood lights and deafening music, plus recordings of rabbits being slaughtered for. weeks. on. end. If the idea was for them to come out and surrender, why were they always shot at when any of them stepped outside?

    And initially, they were provoked when the innocent little ATF agents there to "serve warrants" (in their SWAT uniforms, brandishing their SWAT gear) SHOT THEIR DOGS. That was not only animal cruelty (and traumatic for those who cared about the dogs), the shots alarmed the people inside, made them fear for their lives, and they shot back.

    Yes, you have an authoritarian mentality. You are a civil war thought cop. You believe people should not be allowed to THINK differently about the war than you do.

    Regardless, Levin and Simpson -- and lesser floggers like Andy and the usual suspect commenters -- hate the Virginia Flaggers, lie about them, attempt to smear them, and try to provoke hate for them in others. Given Simpson's massive and ongoing lapse of integrity displayed on his blog, he is the last person who should be criticizing other people.

    1. Corey is in favour of tyrannical government as long as the Northern people are the chief beneficiaries of it. If his, and the other fifteen states that make up the North, were equal to Texas, or North Carolina, or New Mexico, he and his fellow Northerners wouldn't want the "Union" anymore. What's Union to a Yankee, if he can't enjoy conqueror's rights? What's equality if he can't be more equal than others? Or law, if it's not his personal instrument for power and coercion over others? Especially if he regards those others as inferior beings who have no right to complain about what their Yankee betters do to them.

  3. Corey. The yankee side was the hypocrisy side. The double standard side. And it still is. That the yankees were on the "right side" of history is sheer propaganda. And no, slave holders weren't the ones "yelling most" about freedom. You have drunk deeply of the yankee koolaid. There isn't much help or hope for you.

    "Commonly accepted history" doesn't mean it is right or correct. So much flogger "documented proof" is just somebody's interpretation. Besides, why should I accept your "documented proof" when you don't accept mine? Yes, you are a 1984-style thought cop. The very fact that you feel you have the authority to go around "providing proof" to people who have absolutely no obligation to listen to you proves it.

    Yes, people are lying about the VaFlaggers. Bigtime. Just one very recent example. Ohioguy: "Oh, I forgot, these guys and gals want to live in the Old South with slaves to do their bidding and be their underclass." Ah, no, they don't, Ohioguy. So that's a lie. I don't know whether Ohioguy is an idiot, and believes what he said, or whether he knows he's lying. Either way, it's a lie; the kind of lie that gets perpetrated about the VaFlaggers a lot by the scum on your side, Corey.

    And Simpson has posted so many lies, half-truths, innuendo, etc., you could say his whole flippin' blog is one big lie about the VaFlaggers. (The rest of his "history" posts are just uploaded to provide plausible deniability..."Why, no, it's not all about the VaFlaggers, see?") And the hotdog thing? That is such a non-issue. You know it, I know it, Simpson knows it, everybody knows it. If Barry had slipped around and given money to Mimi Elrod's campaign, or wrote Letters to the Editor in support of The Committee at W&L, we could question his commitment. But he didn't do that. Everybody knows Barry is committed to our ancestors and heritage.

    The whole thing with Simpson -- besides his visceral infuriation at the overwhelming success of the VaFlaggers -- is that he's been caught lately in some unflattering circumstances himself: (1) posting on Amazon bad reviews of my books that he hasn't read; (2) claiming to "not care" about the VaFlaggers when his obsession (250+ blog posts) proves that's a lie. So, he's got to try to save face by making somebody look worse than himself ... even if it's not true. (No matter the falseness of it; his followers will lap it up like kittens lapping cream. Veracity doesn't seem to matter much to that crowd.)

    And now, oh king of the false, lying profile, the one who longs for Susan to get punched in the face... Don't lecture me about integrity.

  4. I watched the whole Branch Davidian incident on local news out of DFW. It seems, according to newspapers here in Texas, that Koresh was in the habit of hanging out in bars in Waco. If they really wanted him, the FBI could have simply gone in and arrested him at anytime he was in town clubbing. Everybody in Waco knew it. Even the FBI agent I went to church with at the time knew it, and we live up here on the Texas side of the Red river. That's what upset everybody in Texas. The Feds conducted a wasteful siege instead of a simple arrest. They even ignored and insulted the local FBI agents and LEOs, who already had an arrest plan in place. As an aside, Corey's attitude is typical of people who are raised to believe that there is no material difference between themselves and the Federal Government and that people who live south of the Ohio river/Pennsylvania and west of Minnesota, Iowa and Illinois don't count, either as Human Beings or Citizens. I've seen this attitude enough times to know it's real. Not only is it real, it's gotten worse over the years.

  5. Ms Connie
    Arguing with Simpson and his bunch is like wallowing in the mud with pigs sooner or later you will realize the pigs are enjoying it. You will never get them to admit that they are wrong about anything even if you have unrefutable evidence. So my point is don't get muddy. As for myself I don't plan on getting muddy any more.

    1. You're right, Jessie. They'll never admit they're wrong, but that's not really my purpose in arguing with them. It's just a marvelous method for getting them to show who and what they really are. I have to admit, though, that some things they do anger me.

      First, when they attack and slander the Virginia Flaggers. Of course, the VaFlaggers themselves take it all in stride, and simply continue on, increasing their successes and putting their few, minor setbacks behind them. I need to take a page from their book and proceed accordingly...

      Second, when they attack heritage folks, and mischaracterize their arguments, beliefs, and motives.

      Third, when they smear Southerners, past and present, and their culture and heritage. And I mean white Southerners, especially those who have roots here, because flogger types hold to an ideology that not only doesn't allow smearing non-whites and newcomers ... it requires elevating non-whites and newcomers far above the level they realistically occupy.

      And fourth, when they trash Confederate soldiers, their memory and the Confederacy while refusing to acknowledge the same or worse sins in the north/union.

      I think I'm justified in being angered. But you're right that arguing with those people, who are wrong about these things, doesn't accomplish anything.

  6. I do understand how you feel, Simpson tried to goad me into commenting on his blog by calling me a coward and that I was not brave enough to insult him on his blog, well I didn't fall for his bait. If he wants to discuss courage I will gladly compare my military service record with his if he has one.
    Keep blogging and keep getting under their skin thats a good thing.


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