Monday, April 6, 2015

The Face of Feminism in the UK

"Kill all men" ... "Men are such entitled pigs..."  From tweets by UK feminist leader Sarah Noble, who says there is a  “need to remove men from society.”

A nobody with no influence? Not hardly. Noble is on three Liberal Democrat executive committees and on the policy committee for Liberal Youth.

How long before this dangerous point of view moves across the pond to the USA? Feminist leaders in the US have been moving in this direction for a while, so feminism's true nature -- hatred of men -- will be increasingly revealed here.

Women who love their fathers, brothers, husbands, and sons need to push back, hard and strong, against this hatred.

In related news, female floggerettes at XRoads and elsewhere, who believe no accusations of rape are false, here's a current story for ya: Disgraced Rolling Stone Reporter Will Finally Apologize For UVA Rape Story.


  1. I actually disagree. Nature will simply not allow some kooky left-wing ideological temper-tantrum to interfere with the fierce attraction between men and women, and the necessary result of their union; life. This hate-filled nutty leftist is fighting an unwinnable war and she can be safely and casually ignored.

  2. Perhaps Sabrina Rubin Erdely will receive the Brian Williams Journalistic Integrity Award !

  3. Good point, Dave! Interesting thing I read -- she is gonna apologize to every one except the fraternity boys she falsely accused....


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